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ROMAN CATHOLIC Romanov soon on the throne of Jesuits' Kremlin [H. Stiliyanov confirmed]

    "The brothers were raised Russian Orthodox, but converted to Catholic, with their parents in their teens".

    Above image - it is confirmed. Thanks to hints and info brought by Hristo now it can be  affirmed with the most complete reliability that if, and I say "if" only for a formal question of language, the Romanov monarchy will be restored, it will be a Roman Catholic "Romanov" monarchy, of course disguised by an 'Oriental' rite, but of solid Counter Reformation (evil) roots. 
   Therefore to talk about Western and Eastern Roman empire is not void chat. Simply Counter Reformation re-built an Eastern empire at his command to then play the theater of the "reunification" with a liutenant or better a sort of Jesuitical "Lord Protector" (Putin) of the Geo-politic gloabl interests of the Counter Reformation (of which I believe you are sufficiently informed from my and others' blogs), keeping the throne ready for the coming  Catholic "Romanov", a Jesuits' king.
    Hristo brought to me much information about the triple consecration of Russia to the 'immaculate' Mary/Madonna/Queen of Heaven and now I think it is time to tell which is the true secret behind the Satanic farce of Fatima. But not only. Also what I wrote on April 2011 unfortunately (or not, it could fulfill Revelation) holds. It deals about the Big Enlargement of Roman Catholicism from Ireland to the straits of Bering of which you'll find the old original post reported in the link at the bottom.  Here the comments of the last previous post:


  1. Meanwhile, in Babylon.....

    This popish person has a website on Fatima
    There is growing support within the Catholic Church now for a FIFTH(FIVE POINTED STAR OF VENUS???) and final Marian dogma to be proclaimed, that Mary is Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces and Advocate.

    It is the opinion of many that when this dogma is proclaimed, the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart will begin which she predicted at Fatima as a result of the Consecration of Russia

    "..... salvation will come from the East, and particularly, from Ukraine and from the State of Russia itself, which is extraordinary"

    have you heard of malachi martin, the prophet?

    By far the most creepy video I have seen, I will write more on it later

    Everyone a slave to the self proclaimed "thou art Peter" or "you-peter" or Jupiter and a happy ending for Satan. Can't help but notice the common outcome of a future MONARCH in the Catholic prophecy and in the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX prophecy:


    1. Yes there are NO doubts about that. Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire now re-united, meanwhile the last Christian bulwark, USA, is colonized by Catholicism from South. Then it will be the turn of China, with the fall of Communism and the declaration of Democracy. Consumerism and materialism created much existential problems in China which will be exploited by the church of Satan or the Roman Catholic pope's church. Truly the Planet of the Jesuits
    2. I think when they declare that "fifth" dogma, it might be time for the Second Coming. . .

      Isaiah 47:7 And thou saidst, I shall be A LADY FOR EVER: so that thou didst not lay these things to thy heart, neither didst remember the LATTER END of it.
      8 Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart,I AM AND NONE ELSE BESIDE ME; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children:

      4+7+8= 55

      Revelation 18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

      18=666 / 5
    3. In fact I see it from the opposite, the strong macho male at the power of the Kremlin, Putin, as to search a wife for him..... I mean, spiritually... Meanwhile in the Western world the Cushites (Jesuits as most powerful expression of those ancient worshippers of the Great Adversary/Satan) have literally cutted away the male attributes of the politic, just look at an Obama who more than to be blackmailed for his gay sauna (in Chicago if not wrong) it seems to be used to allusively praise the homosexuality at the power in the Western world... Just in these latter days I was thinking on how the masses have been deprived of charismatic male leader (who could be also female but with attributes and characters) in the Western world, as to push them in the arms of the P2, alias Pope & Putin.... If the secular power in Russia has been overwhelmed with masculine attributes....

      ["putin macho" : ]

      ..... the SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS sphere of Russian is now hungry of a FEMALE FIGURE.... practically what you are indicating since many posts, the coming Mediatrix etc. aka the Whore of the Hell, Immaculate Mary.
    4. " it seems to be used to allusively praise the homosexuality at the power in the Western world"

      "I am Chelsea manning..I am a female"
  2. Yes, as they say "a marriage made in heaven" also, recall the underlying theme in movies of the "get back together" or amnesia of two lovers, who are reunited at THE END. This is the perversion (celebration) of carnal Adam and Eve, or Christ and Church as the redeemed Adam and Eve. Accordingly Satan and His church will be reunited in a "marriage made in HELL" just before the marriage in heaven. The Goddess and God, Nimrod Semiramis Osiris Isis etc.

    But the beauty(Roman Catholicism harlot) must meet the beast(the east) by saving him from his fall - the woman who saves the day.
  3. In the meanwhile my family is hit by 'crisi': in 2012 two apartments and paid 2600 Euro for gas heating... then changed the supplier from Acegas to Blue Energy, result: in 2013 we paid 3170 Euro for heating gas... then changed for new supplier, from Blue Energy to Enel, result: in the first month of 2014, if the the last bill will be confirmed and not re-calculated, we have to pay near what we paid the entire 2012, or 2200 Euro for four months... This is Famine or Red Horsemen.... all for the sake of the "immaculate" heart of the 'virgin'... don't worry, I too feel and not a little as living in Greece or your Bulgaria.
  4. The economic sword weights heavily.... I remember in the beginning of the 90s the lines at the food banks, when we only ate a bowl of soup and an orange. The mafia got very rich then and most people lost their savings. . . of course these godless tyrants will be judged for their atrocities...

    In the video at minute 26:45
    [ ]

    ----it is mentioned the future persecution of christians and jews under the iron boots of the revived roman empire they are soon to create. The good old days of dark ages and barbaric and gruesome tortures of those who are of the Spirit.

    at 30:55 ---The return of the romanovs at heads of state. Remember that the Orthodox prophet monk Raphael said in that interview that "I even know several such persons ready to take part in the Monarchy".

    41:20 "the media will be accusing the pope of religious intolerance and antisemitism"--- Of course the catholic antisemitism isn't as open, it is selective in that the court servile jews will be spared, as opposed to those pesky orthodox and messianic jews/ usurers.

    45:22 Referendum of Russia for monarchy "will of heaven" ---- DECEMBER 2015 By this point Russians have been so brainwashed by anti western propaganda and false hopes/ revanchist dreams that they gladly accept anything that bolsters their pride.

    46:20 honeymoon cruise - starting at YALTA

    48:05 Coronation in the Cathedral Jesus the Saviour, Finally the pope is openly over the caesar, like the good old days. .

    49:10 Kingdom of mammon(USA+ partisan protestants(this time including orthodox(welcome to the club)) is enraged at the prospect of Russia spreading Catholicism in the world.

    Russia will then reevangelize the world , world peace is too follow.

    The sequel explores the period of peace

    Notice the Bruce W Walters guy who wrote this book is a psychiatrist . . .
  5. "..."I am Chelsea manning..I am a female".....".

    Ah I forgot this! OMG This fits very much with a counter-figure like Putin, macho from East... the game of the opposites with the 'virgin' as Mediatrix
  6. "The economic sword weights heavily.... I remember in the beginning of the 90s the lines at the food banks, when we only ate a bowl of soup and an orange. The mafia got very rich then and most people lost their savings. . . of course these godless tyrants will be judged for their atrocities... "

    Now it's my turn here. Caresty has been planned politically to support the Vatican's Peasant Wars but especially to arise wickedness of the masses, delivering them in the hands of Satan. This is why it must be democracy, you deliberately chose in the name of your greediness your preferred candidate to satisfy the exact opposite of what you need, the word of Salvation of Jesus.
  7. Thanks for the info. Yes it definitive. You are right, they'll put a ROMAN CATHOLIC Romanov dinasty... if those guys are for real of the Romanov bloodline or are only from pure Catholic families, cultivated since the Bolshevik revolution by Jesuits in order to play the role of "desendents of Romanov", I ll leave to you to decide.

    Did you read also the picture on screen at 30:55???...

    -----> "His younger brother Fr. Kiril Romanov" is a traditional (diocesan) Catholic priest, and consummate musician, at Our Lady of Fatima ("Cova") church in Detroit"....

    here we have our Fr. Kiril...:

    ".... Father Kiril Romanov, the Cova’s pastor, is a solidly-orthodox CATHOLIC priest and a talented musician who keeps the classics of great polyphonic Catholic music alive in the context of a weekly high TRIDENTINE MASS. ...."

    Tridentine Mass ---> full Counter Reformation:

    "....The Tridentine Mass is the form of the Roman Rite Mass contained in the typical editions[1] of the Roman Missal that were published from 1570 to 1962. It was the most widely celebrated Mass liturgy in the world until the introduction of the Mass of Paul VI in December 1969. In nearly[2][3] every country it was celebrated exclusively in Latin, but the use of many other languages was authorized both before the Council of Trent and in the course of the succeeding centuries leading to the Second Vatican Council.[4]

    The term "Tridentine" is derived from the Latin word Tridentinus, which means "related to the city of Tridentum (modern-day Trent, Italy)". It was in response to a decision of the Council of Trent[5] that Pope Pius V promulgated the 1570 Roman Missal, making it mandatory throughout the Western Church, excepting those regions and religious orders whose existing missals dated from before 1370.[6]......".

    ...and here, "for dummies":

    "...The COUNCIL [OF TRENT] had three sessions, with a rather important interruption in the middle:.......1562–1563: Third session: This third session summed everything up in the definitive Tridentine (meaning "from Trent") Decrees:

    One single, uniform LATIN TRIDENTINE MASS for use throughout the world — and every Sunday, too, not just Christmas and Easter. The Tridentine Mass remained unchanged until the 1960s........"

    ...if interested see other more detailed info in the book:

    Liturgical Space: Christian Worship and Church Buildings in Western Europe ...
    By Nigel Yates
  8. Oh, I didn't read the below lines, still at 30:55, full confirming... ----> "The brothers were raised Russian Orthodox, but converted to Catholic, with their parents in their teens".

    The URL is the same of above in your comment:
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 
Russia Duma approves bill with restrictions on bloggers [from online news

*   *   *
"....The church of Rome must absorb the remains of the Schismatic churches of East Eurasia. She has just agreed the conditions for the end of the Schism with the Orthodox Russian elite which is the most important controller of the rest of the Orthodox world in East Europe. The head of Russian Orthodox church, plus the actual usurpers sitting on the once throne of Romanov in Kremlin (shortly the group Putin & Medvedev) are just completing their final requests to the pope of Rome before to officially be part of the immense future Roman Catholic super-empire with more than 1,5 billions inhabitants (*). ...."

[in: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the worl]

 see it reported in:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lady of War flying over Ukraine?


  1. Tridentine Mass-----

    The Tryzub in the Coat of Arms of UKRAINE, adopted 1918


    It is a representation of the seal-trident of Vladimir the Great.

    The trident was not thought of as a national symbol until 1917, when one of the most prominent Ukrainian historians, Mykhailo Hrushevsky, proposed to adopt it as a national symbol

    Also, he stressed the national aspect to the Ukrainian renaissance of the 16th and 17th centuries and thought the great revolt of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Cossacks against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was largely a national and social RATHER THAN SIMPLY A RELIGIOUS phenomenon

    As a political leader, Hrushevsky first became active in Austrian Galicia, where he spoke out against Polish political predominance, AGAINST RUTHENIAN particularism, and in favor of a national Ukrainian identity which would unite both eastern and western parts of the country. In 1899, he was a co-founder of the Galician-based National Democratic Party.

  3. Found this , if history can help to understand:

    "...... Enjoying independence from the Roman authority and free from tenets of Latin learning, the East Slavs developed their own literature and fine arts, quite distinct from those of other Eastern Orthodox countries.[citation needed] (See Old East Slavic language and Architecture of Kievan Rus for details ). Following the Great Schism of 1054, the Rus' church maintained communion with both Rome and Constantinople for some time, but along with most of the Eastern churches it eventually split to follow the Eastern Orthodox. That being said, unlike other parts of the Greek world, Kievan Rus' did NOT have a strong hostility to the WESTERN WORLD.[96]........."


    Putin: The Internet Is a ‘CIA Project’

    1. page open with description "page not found" but on the right page, it is impossible to scroll down the page.

      I accidentaly added a "|"

  5. Ah OK here it is, and is creepy, this guy will infect all the Western world I fear. EU is the first who wish to adopt the Putin's methods on Freedom of Speech:

    "....Putin: The Internet Is a ‘CIA Project’

    Noah Rayman @noahrayman

    10:59 AM ET
    Russian President Vladimir Putin called for his country to "fight for its interests" on the Internet, which he believes is a CIA project. Earlier this week, Russian parliament passed a law requiring social media websites to save information about their users for at least half a year

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at a media forum in St. Petersburg that the Internet is a “CIA project” that is “still developing as such,” the Associated Press reports.

    Putin called for Russia to “fight for its interests” online amid an ongoing effort by the Kremlin to gain a larger grip on the Internet, according to the AP. A law passed by the Russian parliament earlier this week requires that social media websites keep their servers in Russia and save all information about their users for at least half a year.

    Putin’s statements come days after he told former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that Russia does not intercept citizens’ data en masse during a live broadcast. Snowden, living in asylum in Russia, drew criticism for asking Putin a question some regarded as an easy set-up for Putin.


  6. Its about that double headed eagle representing a unified Western and Eastern Roman Empire:

    1. Yes, definitively, the re-unification.


    Forgot about this one from Rivera:

    "....But we haven't seen anything yet. The Jesuits have their Virgin Mary scheduled to appear four or five times in China, Russia, and major appearance in the U.S."

  8. Egyptomania on the rise(Egypt being the chiefest followers of satanic pre-flood religion?)

    And the other one:


    Scott is producing a movie about the Exodus and at the same time a project about how captivating Egypt is. . . obviously he's not working towards the biblical view, but rather pharaoh's view. . .

    I remember even in the days when there was a lack of mass media (mid 90s)everyone regurgitated the theory that the pyramids were built by aliens (and not on the back of millions of slaves including jews).

    Lets hope that the final "Exodus" of the Jews is soon to come.

  9. When i see such satanic spectacles like million of people trampling the ashes of the true saints, those millions burned by their Catholic church and of whom the Vatican is plenty, in worshipping Antichrists (the four popes), more than Revelation it is for me the most telling the Exodus (maybe because I am still studying the first books before to to deepen the rest of Old Testament):

    Ex:9:16: And in very deed for this cause have I raised thee up, for to shew in thee my power; and that my name may be declared throughout all the earth.

  10. This is perfect for the popes.

    As regard Rivera i found KJB site where they attack him, telling he never was Jesuit priest, but they say that he told true historical facts. Rivera could be truly a Jesuit priest, but what told about Islam is damn fitting with the reality. Substituting Isaac with Ishmael was a cunning way of Satan to try divert people from the messianic mission of Israel, the woman who had to born the Saviour of the world

    I m very happy now, last sunday my mate joined thanks the uncle, the baptist community and received a KJB in visayan.

  11. Well, that is great news, are you both baptised?
    And have you found a good church?
    We are going to start a service in our neighbourhood soon, prayers will be much needed.


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