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Informers and stabbers-behind.


"...Just look on how works the Mafia of this  Roman church-controlled society... I wanted to sell some models on eBay but eBay didn't work and they refused to answer to me for months.... then I put a list of the models in a local railroad club of my city but there the list disappeared.... The man of my sister openly provokes me on themes about Christendom and Jews (whom he hates) with bully attitude even within the house where I live.... He is a well known man full of friendship in this city... It smells to me that all this strategy of strangling me as a Mafia octopus is coordinated between the archbishopric of the city and his bishop, and the Jesuits of the city, whose seat is in Ronco street 12....".

Above image -
[this map contains an error, the church s. Antonio doesn't represent Hercules but Ophiucos. I had to correct the map but I should do many other things also. Here Ophiucos: ]

    In the seventies there was in my city the process against the resonsible of the local Nazi concentration camp "La Risiera di S. Sabba". During the process it emerged on how the same head of the Nazi concentration camp was disgusted in to see how much informers and stabber-behind were in this city and who were denouncing with anonymous letters etc. people in order to get rid of them for the most various reasons causing them to be sent in an extermination camp. Basically the Jesuits were untouched by the Nazis:

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