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"Guilty conscience: How Britain betrayed Ukraine"

"... ‘Britain is open for business.’ This is a nice slogan. But when in practice it means that Ukrainian political bosses and police chiefs with blood on their hands can safely hide stolen assets in the UK the globalisation glitz turns an ugly color...."
     Don't worry, they have assassinated general Sikorsky, then for fifty years helped USSR deceiving on Katyn and today turning the head from the other side when the whole ruling elite of Poland - country member of EU, of NATO and of UN -  was murdered four years ago.


Guilty conscience: How Britain betrayed Ukraine

23 Feb 2014
Darkness, fire and screams: Kiev’s gun battles have horrified Britain. But one of the most sinister – and important – scenes of Ukraine’s political violence took place much closer to home, in usually-peaceful Knightsbridge.
Chanting ‘shame on you’, more than 150 protestors crammed onto a cold London pavement. But they had not chosen either the Ukrainian embassy or the Houses of Parliament to demonstrate. They were protesting outside Number One Hyde Park. As they shouted, the Ukrainian protestors craned their heads upwards to the metallic balconies of this hulking icon of a new London. London buses, not Berkut troopers, hummed passed. Then began the singing for the dead.
To the British, Number One Hyde Park is a symbol of what David Cameron as prime minister and Boris Johnson as mayor envisage for London. This glinting billion-pound development was built to reel in foreign billionaires.
To the Ukrainian demonstrators below, Number One Hyde Park is a symbol of impunity. The protestors were not calling out to the ether. They were shouting up to the apartment of the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.
This man is worth more than $15 billion. But calling him an oligarch misses the point. He is also a political boss. Akhmetov controls more than 50 lawmakers from the governing party – the Party of Regions – whose leader Viktor Yanukovych is responsible for more than 100 deaths in downtown Kiev.
Akhmetov is only the best known of the Ukrainian politicians with British residency. He is only one of the Yanukovych-loyal billionaires to have a London address. Ukrainian government contracts have enriched these men, which is why they want to keep the Yanukovych government going.
The protestors also cried ‘criminal elite’. The Ukrainian establishment, like the Russian establishment, has moved its fortunes, wives and children offshore. The entire elite has money in the EU: from powerful ministers to pliant spy chiefs, from provincial governors to heads of the military police.
Moving between the protestors – young and old, nationalist and democrat – I try to make sense of what they thought of Britain. The answer is not pretty.
On the topic of the UK, those protesting at Number One Hyde Park think exactly like those protesting in Kiev and Moscow. They think it is hypocritical for Britain to speak out against corruption when trillions of dollars of corrupt pillage find safe harbour in British tax havens and London’s property market. Pillage, not Putin, is the reason Yanukovych has ordered his security forces to shoot in Kiev. There is nothing idealistic about the Ukrainian president; there are no romantic notions of Russia in his government.
The figures speak for themselves. The president’s son, Oleksandr Yanukovych, has seen his wealth increase by well over 7,000 per cent since his father took office. He is now worth more than $510 million. Like any Ukrainian with money, he operates through foreign holding companies based in the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Ukraine’s elite would never dream of hiding their wealth in Russia. They have it hidden in Britain, its tax havens, and elsewhere in the European Union. Forced to choose between London security and backing Kiev bloodshed, they go for Number One Hyde Park. But this makes them extremely vulnerable, should London and Brussels ever decide to visa-ban them or block their banking activities on account of politics back home.
The Knightsbridge protest is part of something bigger. Russian and Ukrainian activists have been campaigning non-stop for the UK to stop making it so easy for criminal officials to hold their assets in London. The fact that nothing has been done means Britain is now seen not only as cynical but as complicit in their plunder of Ukraine.
‘Britain is open for business.’ This is a nice slogan. But when in practice it means that Ukrainian political bosses and police chiefs with blood on their hands can safely hide stolen assets in the UK the globalisation glitz turns an ugly color.
The Conservative party will not review its vision for London as a no-questions-asked destination for foreign capital. This is evident in its response to the city’s housing bubble and in its refusal to listen to Russian and Ukrainian pleas to restrict UK access to criminals.
The Labour party needs to acknowledge what David Cameron and Boris Johnson cannot: that turning London into a free-trade zone for mafia-politicians makes a mockery of Britain’s mission to fight for human rights around the world. Then it needs to restart its debate on foreign policy. It should publically challenge the hypocritical gap in our rhetoric – damning corruption while accepting the proceeds of corruption – and put forward a new UK visa policy that blocks human rights abusers from entering the country and using our banking system.
The policy answer might look something like this. Labour should propose that Britain – along with any other EU state willing to ally itself with us – will sponsor an independent commission of senior former judges, which would make annual recommendations to the European council on who should be barred from entry on grounds of rights violations. The council already has the power to decide who may or may not enter its territory, so no new EU legislation is needed.
This must happen on a European level. Labour should propose that this policy be adopted by the party of European socialists in the upcoming European elections, as a progressive answer to a morally corrosive issue.
Darkness, fire and screams: Kiev has turned into a nightmare. Doing nothing now to begin restricting the access of mafia-politicians to their fortunes sends a hideous signal: that Britain is open for business.

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"......Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Skeletons' Wardrobe Of The Little Fuhrer Of Russia Hidden In Switzerland?

This is an old message of Dec 22 2007 on The Unhived Mind. It's time to put it again at the light of the day, to show how much it was prophetical. One of the most incredible......
And now, let's see what happens after 90 years:,00.html

He told the Guardian: "Putin's name doesn't appear on any shareholders' register, of course. There is a non-transparent scheme of successive ownership of offshore companies and funds. The final point is in Zug [Switzerland] and Liechtenstein. Vladimir Putin should be the beneficiary owner."

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Lady of War flying over Ukraine?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

 The spy who came.

"There was no air crash; it was all a hoax. False flag. TV show. The real action was in Warsaw and it was a coup d'etat, whereby contrary to the constitution a new "president", totally loyal to Moscow, an ignorant buffoon and a patent idiot, was installed. Russian circus, my friend. That's what it was. A cross between a circus, an operetta and bloody murder, Bolshevista style."

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The spy who came - III


  1. I wonder how far will Putin's march go in Europe. . .
    Half Ukraine
    All of Ukraine?
    the Ukraine + the baltic countries?
    the warsaw pact countries?
    all the orthodox countries?
    all eastern europe?

    If my version of the events is correct (probably doesn't look so as I have made conclusions based on movies) they need to turn Putin into a monster in the eyes of the democratic majority, before they can humble Russia. And China be the "saviour". In the event of Putin leading only economic war(no hot war following), then China can't possible be the "saviour", because it can't supply the gas/oil, of course if it doesn't somehow do it via the arabs. It can only attack Russia. There must be some boundary the jesuits have set for putin, for example Poland or Kazakhstan (genocide against Catholics or?) for him to overstep and turn into the bad guy(if my assumptions are correct). But even shutting the gas can serve as the start of his transformation into the bad guy. The question is can they have two bad guys at once - now having USA and later joined by Russia and will they clash them one against the other or only crush them through proxies/revanchism/neighbours one at a time.

  2. One thing is sure, on how much Western world is allowing Putin's expansionism. Another "Afghan trap"? Is it possible that they are so stupid at the Kremlin? But probably they have their account in the Western world too much filled with money to be true Russian patriots.
    As regard China, she did a very important deal with Emirates etc. two years ago, practically invested much money in the countries of Al Qaeda... to help Putin's Syria [i think I should publish the old post from which comes the below links...]:

    "....... February 6, 2012, 7:07 AM

    Russia, China Veto A Second UN Resolution On Syria

    By Samuel Rubenfeld

    Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution against Syria for the second time in four months.

    SAUDI ARABIA etc.:

    " URL:
    "......Can China Benefit From Growing U.S.-Iran Tensions?

    By Austin Ramzy

    January 16, 2012

    "...But even as China appeared to reject U.S. calls for reducing its purchases of Iranian oil, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao traveled to the Middle East, where he discussed plans to boost Chinese energy supplies. In Saudi Arabia, China’s largest foreign oil supplier, Wen told Crown Prince Nayef that both countries “must strive together to expand trade and cooperation,........"

    And Vatican (still attentions to the dates):

    ".....»17/01/2012 08:57
    Rev. Savio Hon: Freedom for the bishops and priests arrested, is also good for China
    by Bernardo Cervellera
    Even if the government does not give answers or to the Holy See, or diplomats, or to friends of the Vatican and China, it is important that "no one will forget." The Chinese government's official response when you ask about is always: "We do not know." "We need to pray first," "but we must also appeal to those who hold them."

    Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "China should free the bishops and priests arrested because it would make good on China's international image." Rev. Savio Hon Tai-fai, secretary of the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, AsiaNews commented on the campaign for the liberation of the bishops and priests have disappeared in police custody or detained in the camps........"

  3. Anyway your lecture of the movie Gravity with the China/Fatima/Queen of Heaven etc. could give the key


    Above image - "Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (C) is welcomed by Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum (L) after arriving in Abu Dhabi, Jan. 16, 2012.

    Read more:

    " URL:

  5. here a better URL for the image:

  6. btw about heathenism and the linked evolutionism, in that page there was the announcement of the discovery of the "missing link" between fishes and amphibians:

    ".......The Real Darwin Fish
    Why creationists HATE Tiktaalik.
    By Chris Mooney ......"

    Here the answer Institute for Creation Research (an excerpt):
    "......A lobe-finned fish
    We are reminded of the history of a lobed-finned fish called the coelacanth considered by evolutionists to be an index fossil that would date sedimentary strata to millions of years (the Devonian, a period in the Paleozoic Era). However, in 1938 a coelacanth was discovered alive off the coast of South Africa. Since then, others have been filmed and coelacanths have recently appeared in the South Pacific. Tiktaalik had lobed fins like the coelacanth and it “would have breathed like a lungfish”, says senior assistant curator Jennifer Clack of Cambridge's University Museum of Zoology (Owen 2006).
    Evolutionist Michael Denton states ........."

  7. The sci-fi movies/space operas etc are only plays with the RC as the good guys and a celebration or a nod to each other, because they are thinking they will escape God's judgment/will soon.

    The inner fish huh, a sublime way to reintroduce the Dagon, that "god" of the middle east they adore in the mitre of the pope (under the guise of science, as usual)

    Starting tommorow, there's a series of blood moons/tetrads that some brethren believe are a sign of the second coming/rapture, I'm not so very sure, but lets hope, it doesn't hurt. We have the earthquakes, the rumors of wars as well. Such a combination of events have been observed in the past, although not with such intensity. . .

    I will make a more detailed exposition of this move(gravity) + probably another movie, but for now no time. It seems that the jesuits are frustrated with the west ...
    In the Gravity movie, sandra bullock mentions that the Chinese unit is her "last ride".

    I have another one - in the movie "2012" directed by german sodomite Roland Emmerich, the american protagonists fly with a russian plane to Tibet/China where the "arcs" that are used to save people from the flood are built by the Chinese government.

    For the record :I don't like this vigilant citizen website. They are actually very superficial in their analysis of movies and do not grasp(or don't want to) the religious dynamics, instead only babbling about masons/illuminati/secret elite government tales - eyes pyramids, childish things fed from the jesuitical occult circus.

  8. Also the character played by George Clooney in Gravity, is called "Kowalski"....some polish guy?


    Corvin in spacecowboys, Kowalski in Gravity

  9. He was awarded by Lech Kaczynsky some months before to die. Even more interesting the soviet polish war:

    Józef Kowalski (2 February 1900 – 7 December 2013)[1] was a Polish supercentenarian and the last surviving veteran of the 1919–1921 Polish-Soviet War.

    "The Polish–Soviet War (February 1919 – March 1921) was an armed conflict that pitted Soviet Russia and Soviet Ukraine against the Second Polish Republic and the Ukrainian People's Republic over the control of an area equivalent to today's Ukraine and parts of modern-day Belarus. At some points the war also threatened Poland's existence as an independent state. It followed on from the Soviet westward offensive of 1918–19.
    Poland's Chief of State, Józef Piłsudski, felt the time was right to expand Polish borders as far east as feasible, to be followed by a Polish-led Intermarium federation of East-Central-European states as a bulwark against the re-emergence of German and Russian imperialisms...."

  10. Yes, I expect Douglas to chime in

    For at least thirty years until his death, Piłsudski pursued, with varying degrees of intensity, two complementary strategies, intended to enhance Poland's security: "Prometheism", which aimed at breaking up, successively, Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union into their constituent nations; and the creation of an Intermarum federation, comprising Poland and several of her neighbors. Though a number of his political acts remain controversial, Piłsudski's memory is held in high esteem by his compatriots.


    ".......Międzymorze (Polish pronunciation: [mjɛnd͡zɨˈmɔʐɛ], known in English as Intermarium, was a plan, pursued after World War I by Polish leader Józef Piłsudski, for a federation, under Poland's aegis,[1][2][3][4][5] of Central and Eastern European countries. Invited to join the proposed federation were the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia),[6] Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.[7][8]

    The Polish name Międzymorze, which means "Intersea" or "Between-seas," was rendered into Latin as "Intermarium." [9]

    The proposed federation was meant to emulate the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, that, from the end of the 16th century to the end of the 18th, had united the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

    Intermarium complemented Piłsudski's other geopolitical vision—Prometheism, whose goal was the dismemberment of the Russian Empire and that Empire's divestment of its territorial conquests.[10][11][12][13]

    Intermarium was, however, perceived by some Lithuanians as a threat to their newly established independence, and by some Ukrainians as a threat to their aspirations for independence,[14][15][16] and was opposed by Russia and by most Western powers, except France.[17][18]

    Within two decades of the failure of Piłsudski's grand scheme, all the countries that he had viewed as candidates for membership in the Intermarium federation had fallen to the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, except for Finland (which nonetheless suffered some territorial losses in the Winter War)......."


    "............."In the aftermath of the Polish-Soviet War (1919–21), Piłsudski's concept of a federation of Central and Eastern European countries, based on a Polish-Ukrainian axis, lost any chance of realization.[47]

    Piłsudski next contemplated a federation or alliance with the Baltic and Balkan states. This plan envisioned a Central European union including Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Greece—thus stretching not only west-east from the Baltic to the Black Sea, but north-south from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.[47] T

  13. Aha, so that is why "Kowalski" was killed, the fight of Poland for a commonwealth revival against Russia is killed as we speak. . . .

    "....................."The concept of a "Central European Union"—a triangular geopolitical entity anchored in the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic or Aegean Seas—was revived during World War II in Władysław Sikorski's Polish Government in Exile. A first step toward its implementation—1942 discussions between the Greek, Yugoslav, Polish and Czechoslovak governments in exile regarding prospective Greek-Yugoslav and Polish-Czechoslovak federations—ultimately foundered on Soviet opposition, which led to Czech hesitation and Allied indifference or hostility.[47] A declaration of the Polish Underground State from that period called for the creation of a Central European federal union, without domination by any single state.[51][52]

  15. And here an evidence which from 18. century fragmentation of Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth leads to the Smolensk 2010 air crash:

    "................."Other forms of the concept have survived into the late 20th and early 21st centuries, including regional-security proposals that were not framed as being Polish-led. Poland's NEIGHBORS, however, continued to perceive the idea as IMPERIALIST.[53]

  16. Paradoxically today Putin is doing what theorized by Pilsudsky, with the fragmentation of Ukraine in her ethnic components Putin is applying what Pilsudsky proposed to be applied to the Russian empire, to be fragmentated in his national/ethnic components. Also now exactly like at the end of WWI (first World War) the Western decisively is on the Kremlin's side....

  17. I ask myself why Vatican didn't support decisively Pilsudsky's Catholic Empire? Maybe here Avro Manhattan is a little deceiving. A Catholic Central Eastern Empire would have meant a third part between Protestants and Orthodox who are 'heretics' and should kill one each other?

    "............."The Vatican counted, then, on a Russian collapse in order to execute its policy of a forced Catholic domination of the Balkan peninsula through the sword of Pilsudski. The creation of the Catholic Danzig-Odessa Polish Empire would have meant one thing: the death of Yugoslavia and other Balkan Orthodox and Protestant countries. When, however, Pilsudski's bloody adventure terminated and the Allies' efforts to destroy Bolshevik Russia relaxed, the Vatican changed its tactics and embarked on a new policy: destruction of[11/16/2013 1:10:16 PM]
    13. The Vatican's Holocaust by Avro Manhattan Orthodoxy by penetration, instead of by force. Consequently, when in 1920 Pilsudski's Catholic Empire vanished, and the Pope set out to convert Russia, a parallel policy was pursued in connection with Yugoslavia.

  18. Piłsudski catholic vatican jesuit:


    Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr., 73, is suspected of fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather in the parking lot at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City campus in Overland Park then gunning down a woman at Village Shalom, a retirement community that is several blocks away from the center, law enforcement officials said.

    At Least 3 Dead in Kansas Jewish Center Shooting
    Nightly News

  20. It was a paramilitary organization with an ideology influenced by the Christian Identity theology. Miller was the leader and principal spokesman for the organization until his arrest in 1987, after which the organization soon dissolved.

    Miller’s campaigns have included promises to “work … to expose the jewish domination of the US government, the mass media, the federal reserve bank, and the decadent American culture.” He has also called for incentive payments to white Americans to produce white children.

    1. ".....Miller’s campaigns have included promises to “work … to expose the jewish domination of the US government, the mass media, the federal reserve bank, and the decadent American culture.” He has also called for incentive payments to white Americans to produce white children. .....".

      A good smokescreen to hide the silent indefatigable work of Jesuits to unbalance the religious partitions of America in favor of Catholicism?

  21. Notice that the shooting killing three Jews came approx in the time area of the welcome-mass of the American bishops to the Catholic immigrates... er,.. a sort of physical pressure in order to soften Jews and make them more in accomplishement with the Jesuit politic of immigration, elsewhere "KKK may come back".

  22. from above mentioned url, see how well the term "Jews" and "white men" is working:

    ".......In His Own Words:
    “White men [Christians?] have become the biggest cowards ever to walk the earth. The world has never witnessed such yellow cowards. We’ve sat back and allowed the Jews [Jesuits?] to take over our government, our banks, and our media. We’ve allowed tens of millions of mud people to invade our country, steal our jobs and our women, and destroy our children’s futures. America is no longer ours. America belongs to the Jews [Jesuits?] who rule it and to the mud people who multiply in it.”
    – U.S. Senate radio ad, 2010........."

  23. Yes, Jews are probably being controlled by telling them "see these KKKs and NEONAZIS in the white countries? If you don't agree with out politics, we will support THEM!" Preciselly how they are making them swallow putin/yanukovich in Ukraine. Putting protestantism and Jews one against the other. Only left are the "evil Zionist" americans. . .like those "faddists" remaining in the end time in the Catholic "Lord of the world" book. And they used "Lutheran" or rather "Protestant" theologicians to destroy the credibility of the Bible in the 19 and 20 century with the Alexandrian bibles and "textual criticism". . .

  24. "see these KKKs and NEONAZIS in the white countries? If you don't agree with out politics, we will support THEM!"

    Yes this is the preferred Jesuits' way when they have NOT in mind to completely exterminate an enemy. Because Sun Tzu manual of war for the first time translated in Western world by the Jesuits teach to leave to the enemy a way of escape in order he does NOT struggle till the last drop of blood and breath.