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Roman Catholic church put on trial Italian journalists [don't fall in this Jesuitical trap]

> [edited: I am displeased to waste time energy in such gossip like the argument of this post, energy & time I will be very glad to devolve to the memory of Bogomils & Vaudoises. But the emergency of this Catholic dictatorship of the Italian Jesuit reducion, constrain me to do this. Soon post on the Ghost of Bogomils today]

I smell a great game of the Jesuits using these Italian journalists. Don't fall in the trap. We have the "heroic" Italian journalist now "unrighteous" at trial in Vatican for having revealed scandals, and for this reason the "hidden" opposition within the Catholic church, working against the "efforts" for a "reform" by the "pious" Pope Francis SJ, is now "attacking" a "poor journalist", who tried to "help" Pope Francis SJ in to "wipe" away the "corruption" within the Catholic church.
Don't fall in the trap of this miserable Jesuitical theatre. The Council of Trent also reformed the Catholic church, meanwhile at the same time was attacking the Protestants:

The Council was postponed indefinitely on 21 May 1539. Pope Paul III then initiated several internal Church reforms while Emperor Charles V convened with Protestants at an imperial diet in Regensburg, to reconcile differences.
Protestantism was only a single moment in history, when Luther hammered the 95 Thesis. The moment when GOD touched the Catholic Whore with an hair (from a wonderful description by C. Stiliyanov). After that moment it was only a long-lasting decay, because you cannot reform what is not reformable, you cannot protest against what will never hear you. But the glory of the world was too much fascinating for the "Protesters" and today they are only a mummy of the past (soon to be exhibited in the Vatican museum).

Why you are worried by the scandals of today's church when you don't care about the blood of the saints, and of the martyrs of Jesus, the Catholic whore is drinking all along this 17 centuries of anti-Christian crusades? I am not with your "civil struggle" for the "freedom of expression". When the Whore will satisfy your desires, will clean some corrupted functionaries, will give you what you want, free gay marriage, transparent accounting, substances, everything you desire and with which she will buy your soul, you will kiss her beatiful a**, and say goodbye to the million of martyrs of Jesus, slain by the Catholic Whore.

BUT the blood of those martyrs - is not for sale. 
And WE - the Christians - are not for sale.

Your freedom is NOT my freedom.

But we have the mind of Christ, the rocky faith in Him and we don't fall in this devilish trap. Amen.

 Vatileaks 2 trial begins against Nuzzi and Fittipaldi
They 'a process "to press freedom," say the two journalists. A judgment also Monsignor Balda, former number two of the Prefecture for Economic Affairs, and Francesca Chaouqui, an expert on public relations: both were part of a commission established by Pope Francis to study economic and administrative reforms. The bar also an employee of the Holy See. They are accused of spreading confidential information. VIDEO

Vatileaks 2: trial begins at the Vatican, present Nuzzi and FittipaldiBefore sitting for escape of documents in the Vatican court
http://www.askanews.it/top-10/vatileaks-2-al-via-il-processo-in-vaticano-presenti-nuzzi-e-fittipaldi_711670086.htmVatican City, November 24 (Askanews) - At the start, this morning in the court of the State of Vatican City, the process for the disclosure of confidential documents of the Holy See (Vatileaks) that the defendants are three Vatican officials and, for "complicity in the crime," two Italian journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi, authors of two books, Via Crucis (Chiarelettere) and Avarice (Feltrinelli), who report those documents. And 'the second trial in a few years for apparently similar events, after that the butler of Benedict XVI, Paolo Gabriele, who in 2012 was convicted and then pardoned, for spreading other confidential documents, finished in a previous book of the same Nuzzi, His Holiness. Since then, in fact, much has changed: a few months after the first trial resigned Joseph Ratzinger, was elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who, besides having promoted a crackdown on criminal law Vatican against the disclosure of confidential documents, in 2013, he has embarked on a major reform of the economic and administrative structures of the Vatican documents to the center of the discussion come from the Commission Coordinator of Study and address on the Organization of Economic-Administrative Structures of the Holy See (Cosea) that, at the beginning of his pontificate ( 18 July 2013 to 22 May 2014), instructed the reform. In early November, the Vatican has arrested two officials of the same Cosea, the Spanish monsignor Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, close to Opus gods, and "pierre" Francesca Immaculate Chaouqui, pregnant and soon released because it started to cooperate with the investigators. Since then Msgr. Balda is under arrest in Vatican. On Saturday, finally, with a statement the Vatican court "effected the service to defendants and their lawyers of the request for indictment presented by the Promoter of Justice at the end of the preliminary stage of the proceedings for the unlawful disclosure of news and confidential documents. " Chaouqui, Balda and his collaborator Nicola Maio are recognized, at the request of the promoter of justice (pm) Gian Pietro Milan, "because within the Prefecture for Economic Affairs and COSEA were associated with each other, forming a criminal organization organized, equipped a composition and autonomous structure, whose promoters are to be found in Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda and Francesca Immaculate Chaouqui, to commit more crimes of disclosure of information and documents concerning the fundamental interests of the Holy See and the State. " The two Italian journalists, Nuzzi and Fittipaldi, because "solicited and could pressure, especially on Vallejo Balda, to obtain documents and information confidential, then partly used in the preparation of two books published in Italy in November 2015". Today the first session of the process, the court presided over by Giuseppe Della Torre, it could be completed by the start of the jubilee (December 8). There have been protests against the Vatican. The Board of Directors of the Foreign Press in Italy, for example, "expresses its strong concern at the fact that Italians are processed two journalists at the Vatican. Remember that the various declarations of human rights, such as the 'European Convention Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms' contain not only the 'Freedom of Religion' (Article 9), often referred to by the Catholic Church and the Vatican, but also the 'Freedom of expression' (Article 10). On this law, the Convention expressly says: "This right includes freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. Certainly, the Council of the Foreign Press confirms that the media information to be obtained in a legal and legitimate. But in any case, if there are any wrongdoings are not the journalists' fault that they find and professionally and have a duty to publish them. The problem however is that those irregularities 'misdeeds' have committed them and who created and tolerated the structures that maybe favor of misconduct. The role of the media and journalists is to make public the problems, to give in this way contribute to overcoming them. And 'concern that the exercise of our profession is considered a crime ". Chaouqui rest has known, with a post on Facebook today that the Vatican has rejected the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno that she had chosen, but that is not accredited tirbunale at the Vatican: "A few hours to the process. I pray and I wonder why Jesus I going to have this test. We will be in six tomorrow. There is a mini accused of 17 mm that will go with her mother in the courtroom without his trusted lawyer Giulia Bongiorno who had chosen to entrust nn a criminal trial but that the soul of a Christian to the Pope would give the life and who is now accused of betraying him. I had done not only because the lawyer Giulia is more good in Italy, but for humanity, the strength, the courage of this woman. One of those people with whom you tackle the storms. A holding the straight bar always. Loyal, strong, yet sweet. A giant like I always say. She would trust my destiny without thinking. And tomorrow in the toughest test of my life and that of my family, the Vatican sends me without her. Cue from this mutilated arm would get the same result. Tomorrow I resubmit the request to have my lawyer at my side in this test, if not welcome the Vatican stain of the crime of me denied in a process vital the only person I wanted with me. "Last night Nuzzi tweeted: "And now here I turn off the light: tomorrow I will be a long day, tiring but happy. Why do what you believe makes you happy #viacrucis ". Nuzzi and Fittipaldi arrive today at 10.15 at the Vatican. In the afternoon at 15 Nuzzi holds a press conference at the same venue of the foreign press, Fittipaldi Feltrinelli in Rome at 18. Ska-Plg

"....At trial with me is the freedom of the press in Italy [= freedom of press is aligned with the Jesuit Pope's efforts of reform of the church]
Send by email
November 23 201


Dear Editor, I was writing Avarice, the investigative book in which the story economic scandals and the financial secrets of the Vatican, I never imagined that after its publication would come under investigation, sent to the bar and tried in the courts pontifical. On trial accused of a crime that carries a sentence ranging from 4 to 8 years in prison.

According to Catholic doctrine greed is one of the seven deadly sins that separate man from God. I was sure that he had called so the volume would not jump with joy the hierarchy of the Roman Curia, whose misdeeds and whose ambiguous relationship with the money are the focus of my journalistic investigation. I knew perfectly well that reveal that the apartment of Cardinal Bertone was renovated with money from the Foundation of the Child Jesus - institution for the care of sick children - would

institution for the care of sick children - would have unnerved those who knew each other for years, and kept hidden. I foresaw that describe the funds millionaires filled with charity of the faithful and used for the needs of the cardinals would put in grave embarrassment who among prelates and monsignori prefers transparency invoked by Bergoglio the ancient custom of washing their dirty linen in the shelter of walls leonine. But I hoped that the book, instead of being put on the Index as at the time of the Holy Office, also provoke a constructive response on the part of the ecclesiastical world, a debate on the difficulties that Pope Francis is meeting in the path he embarked on "a Church poor and for the poor. " Instead, the opposite happened: apart from notable exceptions such as Nunzio Galantino ("there is a need for purification of the Church through such scandals" reasoned the Secretary General of the CEI) most of purples have closed like a clam, and finally it has run even preferred not incriminate the merchants of the temple, but those who have unmasked. A paradox also need to draw attention away from the buzz of the community (and shame) of the facts narrated."The truth will set you free", Jesus says in the Gospel according to John. In my case lead the investigative work, check with patience hear from dozens of different sources and cross data for months to publish true stories led me to defend myself from serious charges, and - according to the rules of the Italian courts - illiberal .Because I have not blamed for defaming anyone, nor for writing falsehood: so far not even a line of Avarice was denied. I was indicted because a new article of the Criminal Code Vatican, approved by Pope Francis in July of 2013, provides for severe penalties for anyone who "reveal information or confidential documents."The jurisprudence Vatican considers a crime the very essence of our business, namely the duty to publish the facts that power, whatever form it takes, wants to keep concealed from public opinion. Not only. I was accused of having put at risk "the vital interests of the Holy See", but really the news about real estate Vatican (equivalent to 4 billion euro in buildings and apartments in Rome, Paris, London and Switzerland) or on the costs to relatives and religious orders to canonize their favorite (do a saint can cost three to four hundred thousand euro) undermine the national security of the Holy See? I have my doubts.Journalists working for the primary interest of the readers, and it is no coincidence that the freedom of the press and the right to information is protected in every country that wants democracy. Vatican to date there is no law that can be compared to Article 21 of our Constitution, or paragraphs in defensethe freedom of the press, or codes of conduct that allow the journalist to oppose the professional secrecy to protect its sources. Tomorrow begins the debate and I will be in the classroom. But this is not a process that starts with me. It is a process to free press.....".

"The Vatican puts on trial journalists Fittipaldi and Nuzzi three alleged inside sourcesThe tribunal of the Holy See, surprisingly, has indicted the author of "Avarizia" [="Greed"], the book-scoop on the financial scandals of the Curia. His crime: having "divulged confidential information." Risks from 4 to 8 years. The bar also Monsignor Vallejo Balda, Chaoqui Francesca and Nicola Maio, accused of conspiracy. The first hearing Tuesday, November 24
http://espresso.repubblica.it/attualita/2015/11/20/news/il-vaticano-manda-a-processo-fittipaldi-1.240263The Vatican sends to process journalists Fittipaldi and Nuzzi three alleged inside sourcesEmiliano Fittipaldi, L'Espresso journalist and author of "Greed"The Vatican sends to the bar our journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi, the bestselling author of "Greed", the investigation has revealed that scandals and riches of the Holy See with the publication of secret papers and surveys on exclusive IOR, investment abroad monsignori and affairs of the cardinals. It is the first time in the history of the Vatican that a journalist is impeached in the courts of the pope.The first hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24.Prosecutors Oltretevere concluded the preliminary investigation, and decided - surprise - to use strong and send process is Fittipaldi is the counterpart Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of "Via Crucis", for disclosing "confidential." It is, for the Vatican penal code, of a serious crime: in the section on "Crimes against the Fatherland" in July of 2013 was in fact entered a new article, 116 bis."Whoever procures illegally or reveal information or documents whose disclosure is prohibited, shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to two years or a fine of EUR thousand to five thousand euro" reads the norm. "If the conduct has related to information or documents relating to the fundamental interests or diplomatic relations of the Holy See and the State, the punishment of imprisonment from four to eight years."Fittipaldi and Nuzzi are not the only indicted. The courts were also sent two alleged journalistic sources: Lucio Vallejo Balda, Spanish monsignor named by Pope Francis and Cosea secretary of the committee contact person who conducted the survey on the finances of the Vatican, and Francesca Immaculate Chaouqui, a member of the same committee . It will be the fifth trial investigated: Nicola Maio, a former collaborator of the Committee representative on the economic and administrative structures of the Holy See (Cosea).Against these three accused the judiciary Vatican also challenges the crime of criminal association. 

"I am incredulous. It is not a process against me, but against the freedom of information, "explains Fittipaldi in" L'Espresso ". "All over the world journalists have a duty to publish news and secrets that power, whatever it is, he wants to keep hidden to the public. Show confidential documents and inform people of the misdeeds of the powerful is the essence of our work. I understand that in the Vatican are in serious embarrassment for what I told, because they could not deny anything of what I reported. But I did not expect it would open a criminal case against me and Nuzzi. "The trial could begin as early as next week, and completed in record time, before the start of the Jubilee of Mercy scheduled for 8 December.

"Maybe I'm naive, but I believed that they would investigate of those who committed the offenses that I complained, not of those who have revealed" continued Fittipaldi "What will I do now? I do not know. Tonight I will speak with my lawyers. But the fact is that the Vatican press freedom is not adequately protected. Within their jurisdiction there is nothing similar to Article 21 of our Constitution. The promoter of justice and the men of the gendarmerie they had raised the possibility of ending up in trial? No. interrogation last Monday were respectful and courteous, but the question I have opposed the professional secrecy. Do not have them, but with a law that I consider unacceptable and illiberal. How you can defend in court that if the Vatican there are no guarantees for the free journalism? ".  .".

"........ Pope Francis has launched high his cry of pain, talking about martyrdom vastly more serious and extensive than that of the early years of Christianity.
if a load of other Catholics suddenly started beheading and shooting people in the name of my religion in this modern age, falsely claiming papal authority to do so,....."

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  GREEN, WHITE, RED - the colors of the Italian flag.

 Thursday, November 19, 2015
True colors of the Catholic Whore - every day more visible

6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.


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