Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pope Francis, the banality of Evil.


The Pope Francis SJ often marked how to kill in the name of God is a blasphemy. Well. So If you kill NOT in the name of God, the assassination is acceptable to the eyes of God. Better, you are immediately pardoned. Because "God is merciful". Could God contradict Himself and not pardon you for a true felony? How could then be named "the merciful"? The trick is very easy. Just become Catholic and "believe in God". But when you kill someone, never kill in the name of GOD. God pardon you immediately: "OK, you can kill, but but we do not know each other, I never saw you OK?". Very strange God this one. Wait a moment, it resemble more the Padrino of the famous movie. Evidently when Pope Francis SJ speaks he has in mind  the Padrino, and surnames him "God".

"“(Jesus) stands against false prophets, against the visionaries who perceive that the end of the world is near, and against fatalism,” the Pope said, explaining that in every age the Lord seeks to rescue his disciples from “curiosity, dates, projections, horoscopes,” and to help them focus on the present."
Using God’s name to justify violence is 'blasphemy,' Pope Francis says
Vatican City, Nov 15, 2015 / 05:55 am (CNA/EWTN News).
Naturally enjoying the Pope the glory of this world, he doesn't like to think about the future, when he will face God: "let us eat and drink; for to morrow we die." (1 Cor 15:32). But he is not the only one. It is understandable that every time Satan hear about the end of the world, he becomes very nervous, bringing sufferance to our poor Jesuit Pope. But the Pope, like a a thoughtful butler, is very considerate in serving him, taking care that no one troubles Satan, remembering his fate.

Pope Francis SJ, aka: the banality of Evil.
  Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
Philippians, 3:13
 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Luke, 9:62


  1. Pope hates eschatology. The cathorthodox hate eschatology. Thats why they are post-mil, although many now are pre-mil. Of course, they hate "fatalism" or predestination, because their predestined damnation in the bible burns their eyes, and they love the teaching of free will, that human beings can perform divine purpose with their free will (that is save themselves and do the works), because they are the dispensers of divine purposes through their councils, decrees anathemas, holy wars etc. So they can always devilishly appealingly say to the individuals, whose brains they pollute to use as puppets "it is your decision, you are important, you make the choice" etc etc matrix-style propaganda, while that person's mind is firmly in the hands of Satan.

    As Cosmas said that man can only serve the devil if he goes to him (?!), in the mind of catholics and orthodox the only satanists are those with the openly sinful lifestyle, atheists, paganist clowns who make them feel righteous.

    1. ''who make them feel righteous.''.

      It seems to hear the Pope: ''thanks god, we have ISIS''. Not only Cstho-Orthodox but every hypocrite athrist now is praising the Pope.
      You evidenced their stategy, always instigate evilness in the world to then appear ''good'', and the Bogomils of every age which dont respect this coreography of the Devil, to accuse them of falsity and duplicity.

    2. ''the Lord seeks to rescue his disciples from “curiosity, dates, projections, horoscopes,”

      ''Vatican city, November 15, 2015 / 05:55''


  2. Beware also today Sunday a perfect day for a terrorist attack to Bergoglio in Africa, the opening of Jubilee year. "Wounded Russia" ("Turkey's stab at the back") + "Wounded Pope" = great deal for Satan!

    1. Below the scheme of a post but no time to complete it,maybe useful info - my hypothesis was: A contemporary terrorist attack by ISIS to the Pope and to the civilian of Russophones secessionist Republics of Donbass, etc.

      In the same time-line or period of time of the terrorist attack to Pope Francis SJ (in Africa or Italy), from which he (thanks the use of 'sosis' and special effects) "resuscitates" from death (see the gossip I heard about the sosia of Wojtyla at the Agca shooting), in the Final Blaspehmy to show himself as an heathen "Jesus Christ" coming back from the death, some other traumatic events must occur in order to definitively change the World Order [as righteously pointed out once by C.Stilyian., i try to use the less i can the term "Putin", just in order to not supply the Gnostic agenda of the villain archon with other deceptive terminology]:

      1) The Kremlin - after tens of Russian civilian casualties by "Chechen" aided ISIS - has the alibi to invade Ukraine and at the same time a global propaganda (aided by his fake enemy C.I.A.) based on "Ukraine supplied ISIS via Qatar with the missiles which downed Kogalimavia flight", gives him a global legitimation: in three days occupy great part of Independent Ukraine treating it like dealt with Eastern Prussia.

      2) Then the Kremlin, supplied with the alibi of the "stab at the back" by Turkery, start an ethnic cleansing of the Turkomans of Syria, with open, clear purpose to provoke Turkish Military to intervene in Syria, and have the alibi to militarily answer with a massive bombing by cruise missiles from Black Sea's Russian Navy, over the principal military bases of Turkey.

      3) At the same time N.A.T.O., who already previously showed clearly the will to expell from the membership Turkey....
      Friday, October 9, 2015
      TURKEY BACK-STABBED BY N.A.T.O. (already predictable one year and half ago)
      ---------------------------------- a true Mafia guy, turn the head from the other side meanwhile the member of her the same organization NATO, is carpet-bombed by the Kremlin's military forces - thanks that at head of NATO, there's a trustful economical and military ally of the Kremlin the same, Jens Stoltenberg.

      4) Other heavy terrorist attacks in EU and new economical crisis pushing for the intervention of Russia in EU as a "Lord Protector" of the "Christian" (read: Catho-Orthodox blasphemy) 'civilization'. Putin, short after these facts dies in an aircrash for which is blamed ISIS. Great troubles arises in Russia, putting in danger the "holy crusade" of "holy mother Russia" against the "evil Antichrist in Turkey", but a newly found 'heir' of Romanov (of Loyola) is found in Jesuitical USA, and put on throne, saving Russia & the World from the "Sunni Antichrist".

    2. HERE THE SCHEME --->


      But just because Putin is a villain archon, he must start the war against Turkey. To start a war is never a good thing, even if for good reasons, better to assign this role to an archon. Then, in the middle or little after the beginning, you pull him out the scene for example with an aircrash.

      Beware that now "Mother" Russia is wounded:

      Turkey downing of Russia jet 'stab in the back' - Putin

      24 November 2015

      From the section Middle East

      What else better association now, if not a stab to the Pope in Africa? Or during the Jubilee in Rome?

      "“We are preparing for a Jubilee in the time of ISIS,” Italy’s security czar, Franco Gabrielli, who has been given the daunting task of managing security for the event in Rome in the absence of a mayor, said at a press conference laying out the 128-page dossier of plans Friday. “We even have 2,000 extra men dedicated to security.”"

    3. Global Research is a front organization to cover the criminal information-media network operating in the Western world, in order to implement the Eurasianism, the Geo-political horse troy of the Gnosticism. It is significant that just in the month when the Kremlin was preparing the invasion of Syria, two articles of disinformation appeared on that Catholic site (indeed Michael Chossudovski is a Catholic guy):

    4. In the above comment substitute the point 1) with a new edited one underlining that "ISIS" (GRU/FSB) terrorist attacks against Russian civilian will be performed in the secessionist Republics of Ukraine:

      1) The Kremlin - after tens of Russian civilian casualties by "Chechen" (GRU/FSB) aided ISIS, attacking the Russo-phone secessionist republic of Ukraine - has the alibi to invade Ukraine and at the same time a global propaganda (aided by his fake enemy C.I.A.) based on "Ukraine supplied ISIS via Qatar with the missiles which downed Kogalimavia flight", gives him a global legitimation: in three days occupy great part of Independent Ukraine treating it like dealt with Eastern Prussia.

    5. Btw Russia really is committing large scale war crimes in Syria against the sunni turkmen, killing many children and using high powered bombs and phosphorus (napalm-like) drops. Therefore the rage of the turkmen against Russia is justified, whether or not they are radical islamists.

      The Russians have always had zero regard for human life, what a goldmine for the purposes of the catholic bloodthirsty whore.

    6. You cannot expect mercy at the hands of the cathorthodox. They are the antipode of christianity.

    7. The russians are like an apple - they are either rotten to the core or harmless like lambs. It is too bad they don't have none of the grace of God, they would've been great missionaries for Christ, with their selflessness and obedience. (Romans 10:2)



    9. ISIS use RUSSIAN encrypted messaging....


      Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service that focusses on privacy and multi-platform availability. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, OS X, Linux).[10][12] Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type up to 1.5 GB in size. Telegram also provides optional end-to-end encrypted messaging with self-destruct timers.

      Telegram is supported by the Russian-born entrepreneur Pavel Durov,[13] who is now living in exile

      In September 2015, Telegram's Pavel Durov stated that he had no issues with terrorists using the app, as privacy is paramount and terrorists will always find another way to communicate.[64][65] Telegram has been recommended by the terrorist organisation ISIL[66][67] and in October 2015 they were able to double the number of followers of their official channel to 9,000.[68] In November 2015, Telegram announced that it had blocked 78 channels linked to ISIL, based on reports to the company's abuse email.[69][70] Telegram's public channels allow broadcasting messages to an unlimited number of people and were used by the IS to spread propaganda.[71] Telegram's usage by ISIL for propaganda purposes has reignited the encryption debate.[72]


      Pavel Durov was born in Leningrad (now known as St.Petersburg), but spent most of his childhood in Italy, in the city of Turin. His father Valery (who holds a PhD in philology) was employed there


    10. LoL: it was the guy who developed Russian facebook - VK.Now helping ISIS!

      He is not jewish Zuckerberg, so he won't have a chance to be a part of truthloser digestion.

    11. many thanks this is truly interesting news:

      "VK in Italy can not be reached. Needless to try to connect. It was obscured in November last year at the request of the Court of Rome for copyright infringement. On the site of Durov, in fact, it was loaded the last film Checco Zalone "Sun in buckets." The allegation of Medusa Film was immediate, and the judges gave reason to group company Mediaset placing the darkening of the site and ordering all Italian ISPs to block connections to VK. And if the most obvious question may be "but what goes to make us an Italian on a Russian social network", the answer seems to come out from contents VK offers its users. Because unlike Facebook, the social network of Durov seems not regulated. On message boards she ends of all: music, movies, prohibited content. A place decidedly anarchist, in strict Putin's Russia.

      So the episode that touches Italy is added to the category of cases that feed the fantasies even more weird. Some believe Durov a man Putin, so that the social network would have banned groups against the Russian president. Who, on the contrary, he sees this as a permanent danger for the Kremlin. A type of control. A loose cannon, but the Russian secret service, as you might expect, they would have approached several times."

    12. "Finally, a detail that Pavel Durov seems to take particular: the team that manages Telegram is in Berlin, and the servers are spread around the world. Nothing at all in the shadow of the Kremlin. Apparently so Pavel sleep more soundly. And if he says so ..."

    13. Interview:

      "If its history were not enough to make a character out of the ordinary, Pavel Durov, born in Leningrad 30 years ago, he knows how to seem so. Total black ordinance, the choice to live as stateless shortly after selling the remaining shares of the company he founded, the anecdotes that tell how eccentric and unpredictable. And his fight, sincere, revolutionary and wealthy, for individual freedoms. "The West is less free today than it used to be. We are closer to Orwell's 1984 than they were in 1984 ". Said eternal gratitude to Edward Snowden, the American computer that revealed plans to mass surveillance of the American government and the British. Today, its priorities are privacy and security in sharing information. And 'why we launched in 2014 Telegram, which is why that Snowden is his muse."

    14. I posted your comments on the "WHAT?!" discussion, because i put answers there

    15. I added this info there:

      "Privacy is ultimately more important than our fear of bad things happening, like terrorism," Pavel said, according to VentureBeat. "If you look at ISIS, yes, there’s a war going on in the Middle East. Ultimately, ISIS will find a way to communicate with its cells, and if any means doesn’t feel secure to them, they’ll [find something else]. We shouldn’t feel guilty about it. We’re still doing the right thing, protecting our users’ privacy."

      Христо Стилиянов1 декември 2015 г., 3:13,_%D0%92%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B9_%D0%A1%D0%B5%D0%BC%D1%91%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87

      His father - the most prominent specialist on Latin and Roman history in Russia..........


      Russian facebook was financed by.....

      Lev Leviev and the son of this guy

      Mikhael Mirilashvili, born May 1960, is an Israeli-Georgian billionaire and philanthropist, based in Russia and Israel. Mirilashvili’s business enterprises operate primarily in the real estate, construction of shopping malls, casino chains, petroleum industry, diamond and renewable energy sectors, as well as in new media. Mikhael is the president of the Saint Petersburg Jewish Congress.

      ] Last year, the family also began to invest in gas drilling projects in Israel.[5]

      and in 2012 he provided the planes for a delegation of doctors and paramedics who rushed to aid the victims of terror in Burges, Bulgaria.[
      Христо Стилиянов1 декември 2015 г., 3:21

      Pavel Durov smells of gnostic collaborationism from afar:

      A handsome, 28-year-old onetime tech prodigy, Durov is an obsessive fan of the Matrix movies.....

    16. "Who uses it? "Especially influential people, high profile politicians and businessmen. Many in Russia and Italy. In short, people who have something to hide, "jokes Durov. No advertising, no business model, no will to make profit. Telegram is "done to make us our right to privacy. It 'a gift to those who want to get out of the surveillance system. ""

      "Under pressure from the Kremlin, April 16, 2014 the Russian government denies information on Chechen rebels. The board of VK is chaos. By now the majority is on the side of Putin.
      Five days after he resigned as CEO and let the company is acquired by businessmen close to Putin."

      "No desire to return to Russia. "There, the rules are not clear, you can not have a company that works on the Internet in an unstable country with a fragile currency and where the rules are constantly changing." And if with Telegram has had similar problems to those in the West had with Putin in Russia responds: "Yes, the British government asked us information about suspected militants Isis, but is information that simply could not provide.""

    17. Yes, Gnostic collaborationism, masked by the circus of Matrix - a sort of Russian alternative/collaborant to Anonyomous/Guy Fawks masks:

      "The link to the Russian anarchists (and Matrix)

      The black clothes approached him a little 'style of anarchists of the 19th century. The Russians and the Italians, who had made the black bow a symbol of recognition. But also introduced him to Neo, the hero of the Matrix, which has never hidden to be a big fan. A pantheon of revolutionary united by the instance of freeing humanity from the control. The power of the matrix, the surveillance."

    18. What do zionist jews, the fsb, the jesuits and ISIS have in common? "St PETERsburg".

      Please, beside the name, what does these images bring to mind?:,_Saint_Petersburg,_Russia.jpg

    19. Look, i believe he is simply a Gnostic bait, to drag world youth within the spiritual brothel of the Catho-Orthodox Whore, just reading a bit this article, all smells how he could be sincere, but manipulated by far greter than him players:

      "By early 2013, they came after the entrepreneur with what appeared a well-coordinated smear campaign. It began with the publication in Russian media of a series of alleged "hacked" emails between Durov and the Kremlin strategist Surkov that claimed to show VKontakte had long been cooperating with the FSB, something Durov insists "never happened.""

      You fake some mails then you reveal they are false and Durov is the star of the victims of the Kremlin.... simply psychological game.

      A long way from Moscow
      'Russia's Mark Zuckerberg' took on the Kremlin - and lost his country and the business he built
      by Christopher Miller

    20. "He had lost control of VKontakte but NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's flight to Moscow that year combined with his own experience with the Russian authorities had given him a new business idea: an encrypted messaging app called Telegram.

      "We learned that [security] isn't just our problem in Russia,” he says, “it's a global concern.""

    21. I think he is just playing the "barking dog" part ("left hand path/red pill"). Black robes? Anarchists? ISIS? All centripetal forces for the antichrist.

    22. What do zionist jews, the fsb, the jesuits and ISIS have in common? "St PETERsburg".


      "what does these images bring to mind?:"

      Look bro, before you posted that pics, I had the SAME impression when i saw the picture in the above quoted article by Christopher Miller :

    23. Look at his father, a specialist in LATIN language and ROMAN history, lived in Torino for a while . . . .

    24. "Last December, the Russian authorities ordered Facebook to block a protest page related to Navalny – and the American company complied with the government's request, blocking access for users in Russia.
      Durov tweeted that "Facebook has no guts and no principles.""

      Yes a confirmation of the planned fall of the Villain Archon Putin.

    25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    26. Of course Durov is "in exile". Putin simply follows the orders and methods of the clever jesuits - externalizing and distancing his agents through ideological opposition to avoid culpability.

    27. Other arrests in Italy of ISIS linked Jihadists, they said "this will be the last Pope" (the "last boy scout" like Bruce Willis???)

      "This will be the last Pope": four arrests for terrorism
      "This will be the last Pope": four arrests for terrorism

      Accusations of apology of terrorism and incitement to racial hatred. Propaganda through social networks with photo dressed for war slogans and jihadists. Who are the four arrested in anti-terror police raid in Brescia

      It might interest you:
      Follow us on Facebook:
      "This will be the last Pope": four arrests for terrorism

      ROME - "They threatened the Holy Father Bergoglio, praised the recent bombings in Paris and threatened the former US Ambassador to Kosovo." So Carmine Esposito, superintendent of Brescia, spoke at Agora RaiTre, he said the anti-terrorist operation "Van Damme" announced this morning.

      "In the houses raided in Kosovo as part of the operation - performed simultaneously on the Italian territory and Kosovo - they were found weapons. That achieved in the night is an operation following an investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Brescia, from Digos and in close collaboration with the International Special Prosecutor of Kosovo and the National Counterterrorism Directorate of Kosovo. It is risk profiles in relation to drift Islamic terrorist with particular reference to conduct propaganda, recruitment, financing the self-styled Islamic State " .

      Four of those arrested, all Kosovo citizens held liable for offenses of instigation to terrorism and incitement to racial hatred. What is the alleged mastermind of the group, a Kosovar citizen who has lived for some time in Italy, was arrested in Kosovo by the authorities of that country, while the other three were arrested in Italy, where he lived for some time. Simultaneously arrested, investigators have triggered a series of searches in Brescia, Vicenza and Perugia.
      "This will be the last Pope": four arrests for terrorism
      "The operation, say the investigators," has allowed us to unravel a terrorist team that, through the use of social networks, propagated the ideology of jihad. " Investigators found phrases like "this will be the last Pope." The members of the group, armed jihadist Web propagated ideology praising the Islamic state. In particular, the responsibility of one of the detainees has been prepared, for the first time, the measure of special surveillance for terrorism, on request made directly by the national anti-Mafia prosecutor and counterterrorism. "