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After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils still scares Catholic Italy

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 Above image - six years ago, nine centuries after the Bogomils were sending their apostles in missionary activity in Italy, the Catholic Whore is still at full work to slander their spiritual heritage under the joke of the "Balkan criminal immigrates", "rapers" and "killer" of Italians. [link to the original post at the bottom]
25 Nov 2015 - He takes in surprise three robbers in the house, shoots and kills one: "I just wanted to protect my family"Before shooting to one of the criminals to defend themselves he fired a shot in the air"My version is documented, is that they will see the investigators in the boxes of the surveillance system." He said Rodolfo Corazzo, the jeweler who killed with a shot gun one of the three robbers entered his house in Milan. "The robbers asked me to remove the video surveillance system after about an hour from when they entered the house."(....)They were armed - The three assailants, said Corazzo, had a gun and a knife, with which they held under threat of death to him, his wife and 11 year old daughter for an hour and a half. Among them, said Corazzo, two (including the one killed) "spoke Italian with a foreign accent, while the other has never spoken, communicated only with gestures." The escape on foot, the criminals took away the stolen goods (watches, jewelry and about four thousand euro in cash) and also one of the guns that Corazzo collected in the vault. "I feel anguish and annoyance for killing. I did not try I this story, but I had no way to avoid it," said the jeweler.(.....)"I do not feel like a hero - continues Corazzo - I shot him in self-defense and what has happened does not make me feel good." This is yet another case after one of Vaprio d'Adda (Milan), where a man shot him, killing a young Romanian who had entered his apartment. [my note: about a month ago, still in MILAN, and the governor of the region offered to pay the judicial expenses of the man who killed the Romanian intruder in his home]Gunman killed was wanted - the identity of the robber killed the police in Milan and Monza came thanks to the fingerprint after taking the fingerprints on the corpse and compared them with the database Afis. The gunman killed was well known in the environments of investigation because he had been arrested by police right in the area of ​​Cassano d'Adda (Milan), after his escape took place on Feb. 2, 2013 from prison in Parma. It had been tracked down by police on August 14 after wearing a Beretta charge. Frrokaj was also wanted for a murder committed 23 July 2007 in Brescia against a compatriot stabbed and for which crime was sentenced to 'life imprisonment. Albanian, he  is also known to be part of clans of robbers in his criminal history also has a second avoidance of 7 May 2014, the home district of Palermo.(......)

  Some people noticed on how the South East criminal immigrates target the North Italy and not the South Italy. One explanation says that in the North there's more wealth. Another says that the criminal organization of South Italy would suppress other foreign criminal activity. It remains the religious explanation, where again, after 900 years, North Italy and the Balkans are still linked but with a path of death instead of life as happened nine centuries ago. The Catholic revenge behind the great scheme lying at the basis of the immigration of many criminals from countries like Romania and Albania, is quite clear and visible: heinous acts of felony by immigrates from the Balkans must terrorize the populations of the regions of Italy where once the Patareni and Valdesi, whose churches and spiritual fervor were kept alive by the arrival of Bogomil missionaries, were seriously shacking the evil power of the Catholic church. Robberies, murders, violence in Milano and surrounding today,  is a Catholic attempt to turn upside down the judgement of GOD on the Catholic Whore for having slaughtered those ancient Bogomils in repeated Crusades. Whose Ghosts continues to populate the nights of the "pious" Jesuit White and Black Popes:

"The Albigenses—so called from the province where they first appeared in considerable numbers—and the Patarenes—probably from the name of a suburb of Milan in which they were very numerous—were the spiritual descendants of the Bulgarian Bogomils and the first-fruits of their missionary zeal."


 "two (including the one killed) "spoke Italian with a foreign accent,"

"These were their leaders, or elders, and their devout women. They went forth to teach by twos, like the seventy sent out by Christ." [same URL as above excerpt, Bogomils part II]

 Everything is clear now after six years, when I was asking myself which concept or entity the continue acts of criminality by the Romanian immigrates in Italy, had to destroy by an association of guiltiness. I wrongfully wrote...:

4) Orthodox Christians = 'heretics', 'assassins', 'rapers of the Roman Catholic women', who are stopped only by the 'virgin Mary - virgo Fidelis blessed', (Constantinian order and Jesuit order ruled) military Carabineers Army.

 ......without to be fully aware that the Catho-Orthodox Whore was already in the path of unification. Those "Orthodox" Rumanian didn't represent the Orthodox church, but the BOGOMILS, who helped to keep alive the spiritual flame of the Christendom in Europe, till the regions of Great Britain Island - but no Protestant church, no Reformed church will recognize it. At the time I wrote that post the supreme commander of Carabineers was a knight of the Constantine Order, gen. Siazzu. Today it is clear which is the central purpose of an order - Constantine - allegedly founded by Byzantine nobles escaped from the the invasion of Islam. It is not the fight against the Orthodox world, at the opposite, the aim of this order is to continue the old alliance between Rome and Constantinople in the name of a ruthless war of extermination of the common enemy: the Bogomils, be they real or a Ghost that history continually erupt in the face of the Catho-Orthodoxism.   I therefore thank GOD for having made me partaker of a very little grain of His immense holy wisdom - Amen:

 Above image - radical left wing violence, squatters, etc., an allegory artificially fed up by the secular apparatus of the Italian state, a blind bull kept by its testicles by the Jesuits and the Vatican, eternally instigating the instinct of rebellion and subversion in the Italian youth, brainwashed by the Socialist ideologies of the Popes (Fascism and Communism). A Catholic allegory of the "Italian disciples" of the "Bogomil missionary zeal".

Above image - And here you have the boss of the "disciples", Ceausescu, the "bloody tyrant", a perfect incarnation of the Catholic slander of the old "Bogomil ban" (prince) in the Balkans. The grotesque post-mortem figure is born in the perverse mind of the Catho-Orthodox crusaders, and in their desire of reversing the GOD's judgement on them and their churches.

In 1966, the regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu decreed a ban on contraception and abortion with the aim of increasing Romanias population. At the age of three years the children were medically examined. Disabled and orphaned children were in huge numbers brought into homes like Cighid or psychiatric hospitals, where they lived under inhumane conditions.
 ".... the P2 lodge was active in USA, Uruguay, Brazil etc. , in many European countries and last but not least in Rumania, the Rumania of bloody communist dictator Ceausescu".
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 Eurogendfor & Romania (& Turkey):

The EGF is based in Vicenza, in northeastern Italy, and has a core of 800 to 900 members ready to deploy within 30 days. The member forces are:[14]
An additional 2,300 reinforcements are available on standby.


  • Lithuania Lithuanian Viešojo saugumo tarnyba (Public Security Service)[15]


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