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After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils - part 2: paramilitary 'Bogomils' terrorizing Milano

> + below a report on the Vatican trial on Italian journalists - an attempt to attack the freedom of speech in Italy. 

 You have to read before the Stiliyanov's post:

петък, 20 ноември 2015 г.
Woe to those who say God is the Devil

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     One of the features of the crimes committed in Italy by the SOUTH EAST EUROPE IMMIGRANTS, coming from the area historically the homeland of the Bogomils, is to be committed in a sort of waves, like the famous "UFO flaps", when the phenomenon start, increase, and then disappear. Of course today we had not a criminal episode, occurred the previous year, but it has been evidently planned to be brought judicially at the attention of mainstream media just the day after the murder (by defense action) of a very dangerous life-sentenced ALBANIAN, escaped from an Italian jail. Such features smell to be obeying a pre-planned scheme, whose goal is to burn in the mind of the public opinion, in an subliminal way, the strong impression that those criminals from the Balkans, are coordinated among themselves, and have a sort of "mythical" leader hidden in the woods and forests of the Balkan mountains. Deja vu?

"...Jewelery robbed in downtown Milan. Grip band paramilitary RomanianCommentsEight men misrepresented, armed with guns, axes and machetes, broke into watchmaking Pisa, in full "fashion district", and took watches worth more than 820,000 Euros.


Eight men misrepresented, armed with guns, axes and machetes, broke into watchmaking Pisa, in full "fashion district", and took watches worth more than 820,000 Euros.Milan, November 26, 2015 [= the day after the killing of another "Bogomil" character, see previous post] - They are part of a criminal organization with a Romanian paramilitary group, the robbers who last Dec. 1st attacked the jewelry Pisa, in the 'fashion district' in Milan. [= read: the Patarenes/Bogomils of the Patareni surrounding of Milano, the "Bronx" of the city, attacking the citizens of the Milano which respect the Catholic authority] The eight authors of the robbery, and their leader, who has never left Romania, were arrested after nearly a year thanks to the investigations of the State Police in cooperation with the Romanian authorities. According to investigators the organization would have been responsible for many robberies in several European cities and in Milan would also responsible for two robberies at the jewelers 'Franck Muller'. The organization trains its members in wooded areas of Romania 4-5 months: learn to use weapons and to live in tents in the cold. The band also has a handbook of rules of conduct to hold. [= THE ONLY SCRIPTURA ALLUSION]The course of action is always the same: when they are ready they reach the area where it is planned the robbery with travel two or three days by bus or train. They sleep in tents in remote areas and come to town a few days before. They make several site visits and then pass to the action. The command is divided into 'gunslingers' and 'binders'. The first, armed with firearms, have the task to scare and keep shooting people inside the room; the latter armed with axes and clubs, breaking the windows and take the stolen goods. Immediately after the robbery, they return to Romania. [= read: in the BALKANS of BOGOMILS]...".... etc etc etc.
So let's see again the key features of such criminal groups:

"The eight authors of the robbery, and their leader, who has never left Romania,.....
.....The band also has a handbook of rules of conduct to hold......
Immediately after the robbery, they return to Romania."

Deja vu?....

"......and Matthew Paris and Ralph of Coggeshale, trusting probably to the misrepresentations of some of the Romish inquisitors, relate that the Albigenses, Waldenses, and other heretics of France, Spain, and Italy had a pope of their own, who resided in Bosnia, that he created a vicar (apostolic?) in Toulouse whose name was Bartholomew, and that these heretics went annually to consult their Bosnian pope on difficult questions of faith and doctrine."

"......This was not the first time that the Bogomils had been accused of hypocritical meekness and gentleness. Three centuries before, the presbyter Cosmas had said, "When men see their lowly behavior, then think they that they are of true belief; they approach them, therefore; and consult them about their souls' health. But they, like wolves that will swallow up a lamb, bow their head, sigh, and answer full of humility, and set themselves up as if they knew how it is ordered in heaven." And to the same purport Euthymius, the scribe of Alexius Comnenus, who furnished the evidence on which the Bulgarian elder was sent to the stake, says of them: "They bid those who listen to their doctrines to keep the commandments of the gospel, and to be meek and merciful and full of brotherly love. Thus they entice men on by teaching all good things and useful doctrine, but they poison by degrees and draw to perdition." We could hardly ask for stronger evidence than these hosthe popes and priests supply of the purity of the lives and doctrines of those whom they persecuted."

[Edited] Above image - taken fro above linked Stiliyanov's post - is it clear now why all this social psychodrama centered on the "criminal" immigrate from the Balkans? ---> "Here, bunny refuses to believe the boogeyman has returned after they defeated him in the Dark Ages. (!!!!)".

Today the figure of Bogomil is represented allegorically by the one of the immigrant, always charged by the accuse of duplicity and falsity. Jesuits and the Catholic church cannot go in the past ("Back to the Future") to create a fake army of Christian Bogomils, to bring 'em in the present across a Wormhole,  in order than, like they do with Al Qaeda and ISIS, to instigate them to commit murders, massacres, rapes, etc. (strategy of Provokatsiya). Also today the Jesuits have not at disposition a fake Bogomil congregation, and they are NOT able to create it for at least one reason: to create them again would mean to self-accuse the same Catholic church, it would mean to spread again the awareness about the Satanic and heathen origin of the Catholicism, therefore would mean a suicide. 
The contradiction is easily solved by the Jesuits and all their Gnostic cronies, (among the apostate Jews and Protestants but moreover atheists and materialists): to create a sort of "middleman" in the present time, a sort of cross-over between the secular features of the Bogomils (precarious life, at the mercy of the society,  etc.) but well purged by any of the sounding  Christian doctrine they professed, and another figure, with the religious features of the Islam.
Islam,  being far distant from Christendom, cannot arise doctrinal doubts and Christian awareness about the target, the Catholic church, but at the same time present the same features of the Christian doctrine, which requires trtrustfulness to the word of God.  When it deals with the immigrants from the Balkans, the religious Islamic feature is replaced by the ethnic origin feature - the same ethnic, national geographical origin of the Bogomils - creating a sort of "Frankestein Bogomil", whose old features, after being disassembled by centuries of bloody history (eradication of Christendom and substitution with Orthodoxy and Marxism, etc.) today in the countries of Europe and Italy, thanks to the surgery of the immigration, have been again assembled together, but with in the opposite spiritual order than the one of 1000 years ago. 
The "Bogomil" Terminator, coming today from the dark forests of Balkans is here, and is a trustful spiritual cyborg of the never died but still alive-and-kicking Catholic Inquisition:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils still scares Catholic Italy
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I was partially wrong in the previous post. Yes such machinations (a church "hostages" of the ones who don't want to "reform" her washing of the "corruption")  is present in this trial, but at the same time there's present another kind of manipulation.
In Italy there's a crawling  attack to the freedom of Speech by the Vatican. Complete silence of the press and politicians except the Corriere della Sera:

"The silence of the politician on the trial in the Vatican  by Sergio Rizzo - If there is one thing that politicians do not deny anybody is a statement of solidarity. Which makes it all the more disconcerting silence of rulers, ringleaders and even party peons [the low manpower of political parties] , in front of the story that involves Emanuele Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi. Two Italian citizens indicted in ways absolutely specious by a foreign judiciary for revealing facts in their books, which has never been proven wrong, of absolute public interest for all those who claim to be Catholic: at least one billion people [1,4 billion]. Even without wanting to revive the ghosts of the Inquisition, there is no doubt that the indictment prepared by the Vatican judges for two journalists accused of only doing their jobs give off an unpleasant odor of Chancellery and burning of books placed on the Index. All the more so that our fellow citizens are deprived of some basic rights of the defense provided in a democratic state. They can not be represented at the trial by lawyers of confidence, but only by those who follow the cases before the Roman Rota. Nor can they read the papers outside the offices of the lawyers, let alone have a copy. ] THE DAY OF ITALICSThe silence of the political process in the VaticanSergio Rizzoshadow

You can read the rest translating it in Google translator - URL:  

avlesNovember 26, 2015 at 3:28 PM

Since yesterday 25 November my parents were harassed by phone calls of people talking in bad Italian language, not understandable what they asked for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Roman Catholic church put on trial Italian journalists [don't fall in this Jesuitical trap]



  1. Material on the bogomils and Patarenes


    1. Zigabenus explains how they operated:

      In the beginning they teach the newly converted simply, exhorting
      them to believe in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, to
      know that Christ was incarnate and gave the sacred Gospel to the
      Apostles. They order them to keep the precepts of the Gospel and to
      pray and to fast...and to live in purity and be long-suff ering and to repent and to tell the truth and to love one another...As time goes by they sow tares in the wheat. When they have made the poor wretches tame and obedient, and got them within their nets then, indeed, they give them the deadly potion, blaspheming openly and initiating them into the teaching of the Devil.

      Pathetic slander. They teach the trinity openly but then secretly they teach gnosticism. Pure idiotism from the cathorthodox cretins. Anyway, the book is useful for historic info and first hand accounts

    2. ".As time goes by they sow tares in the wheat. When they have made the poor wretches tame and obedient, and got them within their nets then, indeed, they give them the deadly potion, blaspheming openly and initiating them into the teaching of the Devil."

      Yes, this is Satan which literally goes out of head and reveals himself at the beast in the Catholic slander. Exactly at the opposite of the Gospel because they even don't believe their Pope to be vicarious of Christ:

      -----------------------------------------Mark ch. 9
      38 And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us.
      39 But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me.

      Clear why they say "blaspheming openly and initiating them into the teaching of the Devil"? Because the work of spreading the Gospel and causing many people to be born again in Christ was/is a work of blocking the influence of the devil on the people, and saying that it is like the Pharisee telling "he casteth out the Devils because he hath a Devil".

    3. The video disappeared....

      "...28 June 1914 Paulicians start First World War to create the League of Nations in 1918


    4. I will put in a post again this comment in the post:

      avlesNovember 26, 2014 at 5:03 PM

      Western and Eastern churches united against Patareni, Bogomili, Paulicians - I have still less doubts about the operation "pervert their belief and denounce them as NOT Trinitarian", in other words: fabricate alibis to kill 'em all:

      ".....Hugh Etherianus or Ugo Eteriano[1] (Pisa, 1115–Constantinople, 1182), was an ADVISER on western church affairs to BYZANTINE emperor Manuel Comnenus
      He and his brother Leo Tuscus,[2] were Tuscans by birth, employed at the court of Constantinople under the Emperor Manuel I Comnenus. Hugh was a Catholic theologian and controversialist, who became a Cardinal at the end of his life.[3]

      He is notable for his work CONTRA PATARENOS ("Against the Patarenes") which is a treatise against CATHARISM surviving in two Latin manuscripts in OXFORD [Conybear's university!!!!!!] and Seville. Latin Patarenes was an alternative name for CATHARS, and the text sheds light on the relationship between Western European CATHARISM and older [?????] Byzantine dualist movements such as BOGUMILS.[4]......"

    5. "He studied under Alberic in Paris some time before 1146, then was in Constantinople from about 1165–82."

      In the years of the beginning of the reign of the "good" ban, ban Culin, the Bogomil ban:

      "ON the death of Boric, in 1168, his son, known in Bosnian history as the good ban Culin, became the ban, or ruler, of Bosnia. His reign extended over thirty-six years—years of peace, quiet, and prosperity to his country."

    6. From the pdf document:

      Although it can be convincingly argued that dualist heresy entered
      Western Europe from the Byzantine Empire in the first half of the
      eleventh century, this view remains controversial, and I do not intend
      to discuss it here because it has no bearing on the understanding of
      Hugh’s treatise.19

      It is clear that under the term "dualistic" was the refuse of the Catholic church as means of salvation, and the creation of the true church of GOD, external and opposed to the Catholic one, therefore a dualism, the true nightmare of the Popes. On this they built the slander of Manicheism, even if at the beginning in Armenia etc. the Manicheism could have been an important introduction to the Christian doctrine: a definitive separation of God from Satan, purged by the error of the "material world created by Satan".

    7. Yes in the book above there is a lot more than Hugh's work. Apparently the bogomil got became out of hand in the mid 12th century in the entire region between Milan/Cologne and southern europe (the"cross") and the popes had to do something. It is interesting that at that time the papacy was in great turmoil and the seeds of the gospel spread like fire.

    8. Yes, they reproved the world against it's unbelief and evil deeds (John 16:8; 1 John 5:19) which the papists took and twisted (no doubt created forgeries, and other ways to slander).

    9. A rebuke of their external rituals and shows.= dualism

    10. As my pastor said:

      "They were bad because they believed in Jesus. Everyone else felt convicted around them."

    11. "Catharism spread from northern Europe to southern France, perhaps
      as early as 1145 when St. Bernard of Clairvaux visited the
      Toulousain to preach against heresy. According to Geoffrey of Auxerre
      who accompanied him, the heretics whom Bernard encountered
      included a group of Ariani, whom some scholars, including myself,
      would identify as moderate dualist Cathars, though others would dispute

      "Including mysefl"????
      St. Bernard is a reliable source? Like to use as "reliable source" on the life of Jews during the Nazi occupation the texts of Nazi propagnda!!!

    12. The best of the preface of the Contra Patarenos, is the possibility of analyses of a perfect case of intellectual slander.

    13. These lay intellectuals, using the term "heretic", are only the maidservant of the popes. Sadly, also the good L. P. BROCKETT, M. D., the Baptist of The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia, uses that slandering term. But his introduction is extremely important:

      For the last twenty-five or thirty years the ranks of the Baptist ministry have been so largely recruited from Paedobaptist churches—all of which had their origin, confessedly, either at the Reformation or since—that many of our writers have been disposed to hold in abeyance their claims to an earlier origin, and to say that it was a matter of no consequence, but there was no evidence attainable of the existence of Baptist churches between the fourth and the eleventh or twelfth centuries.

    14. I ll forgot an upgrade of this post, with Pitch Black image linked to your post, 100% fitting with the events brought here.

    15. ''Apparently the bogomil got became out of hand in the mid 12th century in the entire region between Milan/Cologne and southern europe (the"cross")''.

      Itala Bible and Theodor Beza among others witness that the Vaudoise or out-of-Catholic Whore control Christians existed well before the arrival of Bogomils, but Catholicism gained again terrain and would have annihilated the Christians. Provvidentially God supplied Europe with another Christian Spring with the Bogomils, who re built the church of God and scared to death the Papacy till the point that the Vatican policy in the Balkans of our days still suffer of this nightmare.

    16. Then when I talk with my wife I have often problems with viber, like a third person hearing our talk and disturbing it with lack of delivery of messages, or when you call a person you have no tone on the other phone. I believe this could be cyber-harrassment by the Eurasianist of the Pope.

  2. ''attacked the jewelry Pisa, in the 'fashion district' in Milan. [= read: the Patarenes/Bogomils of the Patareni surrounding of Milano, the "Bronx" of the city, attacking the citizens of the Milano which respect the Catholic authority] ''.

    notice also, as the fashion district is a bourgoise and whealty social layer point of meeting, how cardinal Scola & his church take very much care in to continually keep under control the emotions and the immagination of the cursed bourgesie, always filling the heart of the Cstholic bourgoise with the tales of the ''Bogomil terror'', therefore keeping him far away from any kind of religious emancipation from the Catholic soul-sucker.