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"Worse than the devils"


"30 Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit."

According to Kosmas, the Bogomils are worse than the devils/unclean spirits.

A comment of C. Stiliyanov under his:

петък, 20 ноември 2015 г.

Woe to those who say God is the Devil

"Since the Bogomils did not, or could not, answer these questions of dogma to the satisfaction of the bishops and emperors, they were denounced as "worse and more horrible than demons," and he who killed them thought he did God service."


The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia - part 2


Above image - courtesy of C. Stiliyanov who brougth the above picture to my attention. In:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
ISIS - the midwife.

In to write this post I decided to use the information appeared on the board News That Matters. An official claim about Turkey's hig echelons supporting ISIS is a very telling news. So I read it....:

....but was deluded because I found no mention that the convoy was effectively aimed to Turkey. I went on the original page and ..... surprise! Even Russia Today does NOT mention Turkey as end path for the oil convoy trucks:

At least in the articles update till day 23 nov. 2015. Well, does the journalist Ivar Fjeld lie to us?.... I found that the Russian authorities claimed to have bombed oil convoy aimed to.... IRAQ, not Turkey:

"At least 15 oil refining and storage facilities and more than 500 fuel tanker vehicles transporting illegal oil from Syria to Iraq have been destroyed during this week's bombings by Russian warplanes, cutting off the Islamic State's main sources of funding, the Russia's defence minister said Friday."

But who cares? Does we need of RT to know that Turkey is supplying ISIS? Absolutely not. But HERE is lying a marvellous revelation. Why the same RT, the propaganda voice of Putin, is so stingy of information about Turkey's purchase of ISIS' oil? But we already know that, as we know that Erdogan's AKP clan is powerful also thanks the Rubles of Putin:

"Erdoğan's decision to grant the nuclear power plant bid to Russia would be inexplicable were it not for the fact that his [of Erdogan] business cronies have invested billions of dollars in Russia, particularly in construction."


Pardon to me this disgression in the today's Geo-politic, seemingly so far from the world of Bogomils. But you'll see soon the reason. Because the same ghost of those Bogomils, a ghost never exorcised by the Three Rome, will tell it to you (from a writ I did):

And isn't it telling that a crony of Putin, Thierry Meyssan, is now reporting near the center of Bogomilims in the West Balkan???

| Skopje (Macedonia)

On this map, published in 2013 by Robin Wright in the New York Times, we can see Sunnistan, which Daesh was to create in June 2014, and from where they proclaimed the Caliphate, and also Kurdistan, that France and Israël now want to create. You may note that on this map, nothing is planned for the Christian populations, who will either have to be transferred to Europe, or else exterminated.

Very Jesuitical and Christian basher, under the dialectic of substituting the old labels and subjects of history with new one in order to reverse the significance of factual history. Can you trace in these events, the origin of the ghost permeating the minds of the Mastermind of Thierry Meyssan?

"....the Armenians rose in rebellion, having as their leader a brave Paulician named Carseas, asserted their independence, and after driving Michael III. and the usurper Bardas out of Armenia and threatening Constantinople, established the free state of Tephrice with absolute freedom of opinion for all its inhabitants.
From the capital of this free state, itself called Tephrice,7 went forth a host of missionaries to convert the Sclavonic tribes of Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Serbia to the Paulician faith. Great was their success—so great that a large proportion of the inhabitants of the free state migrated to what were then independent states beyond the emperor's control. The free state of Tephrice declined for some years, and finally became extinct by the emigration of most of its inhabitants and the surrender of the remainder to the Saracens.
and for the most part all acted in concert with the semi-Sclavonic empire of Bulgaria in resisting the inroads of the Greek emperors. Later they united, now under a Serbian, now under a Bosnian, and anon under a Hungarian, leader in fighting the Turk.

Already, in the beginning of the tenth century, these independent states, and especially Bosnia, had been considerably leavened with the Paulician doctrine, to which its enemies, though never weary of denouncing them as Manichaeans, about this time began to apply a new name, that of Bogomils or Bogomiles, while the Bulgarian writers called them also Massalians alla Euchites"

In a surreal manipulation of the imagination, the Catholic and Orthodox churches, in order to settle the score with themselves and their heinous crimes of 1000 years ago, must destroy definitively the historical truth, by GOD affirmed, replacing the historical and spiritual record of those Paulicians and of their independent state with an imaginary "Christian" state, i.e. the Catho-Orthodox populations of Syria and Iraq under threat of extermination by "Daesh" or ISIS. In order to destroy, defaming and slandering also today the old path of those missionary Paulicians who penetrated all the Balkans and Europe, passing also through  MACEDONIA, another symbolic path must be built in the immagination , on which the Killers  of those Christians, the Orthodox and Catholic churches, becomes the new victims, trying to exorcise those old Paulician and Bogomile ghosts with a 1000 years delayed moral revenge. But "all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light" (Ephesians 5:13) and the work of the darkness soon or later are exposed by GOD. Because at the center of this war there's the obsession for those ghosts, still alive:

"PUTIN: WE DESTROYED COLUMNS ISIS TANKS FULL OF OIL HELD FOR TURKEY COUNTRY SUPPORTING jihadist terrorists." ----> COMMENT: Erdogan's Turkey has been bought by the Kremlin. After winning the elections, thanks to mega-contracts with Putin's Russia, by the construction company of the circle of power of the AKP, Erdogan must now reciprocate, replacing his friend Putin as a scapegoat. And keep your mouth shut about equally endless columns of trucks ISIS full of oil supplying the regime ASSAD, so that its air force to attack furiously for four years against the opposition that is mortal enemy of ISIS, but at the same time to the fact that for four years has left alone the "Caliphate", it is well deserved the nickname "Air Force of the Caliphate". Western Intelligence agencies know this very well, but are silent. The West to the orders of the Vatican knows that Putin has to play a dirty job, the liberation of the Middle East as part of Sunni Islam, for sostuirlo with Apostasie Catholic and Orthodox, considered by their spiritual leaders the best Agent Orange (codename dioxin used by the US in Vietnam) to suppress the flower of Christianity, and those Pauliziani Bogomili who arrived as the Vaudois until the "Perfidious Albion" and the Baltic Sea. That the Holocaust was perpetrated by Armenians also for the benefit of those apostasies planetary (the "First and Third Rome"), says it loud and clear the inheritance Pauliziana never completely eradicated by Orthodox Patriarchs in Armenia. And almost stable presence Bogomil in the heart of the Balkans, where missionaries left for the whole of Europe, to the North Sea. It was a joint interest of Popes & Popi, the Islamic conquest of the Balkans, says it loud and clear the same Orthodox theologians, widely revered by those in the Vatican, who considered the Bogomil, "WORSE THAN THE DEVIL". If Islam then it is a "fruit of the Devil", then anyway it is ALWAYS BETTER ISLAM CHRISTIANS Bogomili. Not so surprised then if Putin bankrolls the regime of '' Turkish Antichrist ": better ISIS and Al Nusra Front that Christians Bogomili and Pauliziani. May God bless you and give you a wonderful day.

So if in modern times the Jesuits' motto could be resumed in "better Comunist than Baptists", more than 500 years ago we had......:


"A serpent in bosom?
Suspicion of betrayal that weighed on Giustiniani, should invest all other exponents of Western families linked to Constantinople for prestige and wealth. In fact "strange" events occured during the siege of the city: the Papal fleet had remained steadfast to Chios waiting until "changed the wind", the Venetian fleet was blocked to Negroponte in "awaiting orders", since the Senate of the lagoon had just discussed to abandon the city to its fate; also the Turkish ships drag on land passed undisturbed in front of the Genoese Galata district; finally, many Western families remained unscathed by the massacre as a result of the Turkish invasion, enjoying even the concession to choose whether to leave or stay, as well as we new about the concession of trading privileges.
Against the suspect, instead, the valiant behaviour shown by Venetian and Genoese ships during a fight which took place on 20 April. Probably won't ever know the consistency of interests between the Turks and Italian merchants, but the "rumors" reported by chroniclers indicate that, among the participants at the defense of Costantinopole, there was a "responsible ballet" caused by an evident guilty feeling developed in the West after the fall of Constantinople."

  1. Western and Eastern churches united against Patareni, Bogomili, Paulicians - I have still less doubts about the operation "pervert their belief and denounce them as NOT Trinitarian", in other words: fabricate alibis to kill 'em all:

    ".....Hugh Etherianus or Ugo Eteriano[1] (Pisa, 1115–Constantinople, 1182), was an ADVISER on western church affairs to BYZANTINE emperor Manuel Comnenus
    He and his brother Leo Tuscus,[2] were Tuscans by birth, employed at the court of Constantinople under the Emperor Manuel I Comnenus. Hugh was a Catholic theologian and controversialist, who became a Cardinal at the end of his life.[3]

    He is notable for his work CONTRA PATARENOS ("Against the Patarenes") which is a treatise against CATHARISM surviving in two Latin manuscripts in OXFORD [Conybear's university!!!!!!] and Seville. Latin Patarenes was an alternative name for CATHARS, and the text sheds light on the relationship between Western European CATHARISM and older [?????] Byzantine dualist movements such as BOGUMILS.[4]......"

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