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Italy, the European Window for the Iranian Holocaust Denial Show

DISCLAIMER: I discovered that in Internet there are no brothers, because a brother (or sister) is someone with whom you are sharing a clear and present and real (not only virtual, online) persecution. Intellectuals of the Bible or "truthsayers" are not brothers nor sisters. Only in the fire of the persecution and the martyrdom you can be brother or sister, the rest is only intellectualism.

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As you already knows, I am employed in the public sector, local administration. My boss is the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, head of all the Italian public administrations. He - and his government - are built up by the Partito Democratico which pretend to be "leftist", namely the successor of the Partito Comunista Italiano. Well filled with many true Catholics, the today's Partito Democratico (PD) is only a giant Popular Party where the Marxists works as a "red veil" to hide the shadow of the priests' cloaks. 
Mr Matteo Renzi, boasts very much to be engaged in a serious war against the "busybodies" of the public administrations. Recently his government approved a law to dismiss eventual public employeers caught in to fake the presence on the job. "Zero tolerance" is the motto of the Italian governent whose president is accustomed to the spiritual exercises with the Jesuit priest Enrico Deidda. But this "Zero tolerance" does not apply to all and to everything. Many entities in Italy and abroad are not treated by the Italian governemnt and its EU envoys (Federica Mogherini) alike they are dealing with the "busybodies" of the public administration. One illustrious beneficiary of this exemption is Iran, whose president will soon be welcomed in Italy with all the honors. For Iran there's no "Zero tolerance", but "Infinite tolerance". Not only for the continue terrorism provoked by the religious elite of that country,.....

"Ugljen, one of the founders of the SDA’s shadowy paramilitary squad, Ševe (Larks), was AID’s deputy. AID was effectively an appendage of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence (VEVAK) and Ugljen was an Iranian agent who gave up “Roy” to Tehran. Iran was in the planning stages of a kidnap and murder hit when “Roy” narrowly escaped."

..... but also for the Holocaust Denial, of which Iran is the homeland for all the Nazi of the world. The scheduled timing of the Italian visit of Mr Rouhani, is significantly aligned with the Holocaust Remembrance Day, a fact that we can for 100% assign to a clear religious planning inspired by Satan, and not to the chaotic events of the Quantum universe:

".... The source said Rouhani would be in Italy on Jan. 25-26 and leave for Paris on Jan. 27."

The man who will shake the hands of the Italian Prime Minister and of the Catholic Pope, Francis, are the same which blessed the coming next Holocaust Denial Context. Of which Italy will be the "window in Europe":

"Iran sees 'Italy as window to Europe'"

    Congratulation Italy! You are already the homeland of the "greatest expert" on Auschwitz, Carlo Mattogno. Now you will be the European gate for the Iranian Holocaust Denial Contexts. Blessed by the Vatican and with the endorsement of the Italian government.

Like 2000 years ago, when Gentiles (the ones un-circumcised in the heart) always washed their hands when they murdered Christians, today they are washing them each other, meanwhile they are preparing the Final Holocaust, for the Jews and Christians who will refuse to worship the Man of Sin, the Pope of Rome, the coming Final Anti-Christ
Holocaust Denial crew and Nazi guys, be happy, Pope Francis is your friend!


Freedom to Offend: Iran’s Contest Focuses on Holocaust Denial

Iran is hiding behind freedom of speech in its Holocaust denial contest.

Iran is holding another contest for its homeland and it will make you sick. The theme of the contest is the Holocaust, or what they deem as being fabricated, and submissions are being accepted from 50 countries until April.
The cash award up to 50,000 dollars in cash. Countries expected to participate are  France, UK and the United States. It's freedom of speech said contest secretary Masud Shojai-Tabatabai.
He said that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were equally as offensive in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency. “We do not mean to approve or deny the Holocaust, however, the main question is that why is there no permission to talk about the Holocaust despite their (the West) belief in freedom of speech.
Tabatabai must have selectively forgotten that after Charlie Hebdo went print terrorists killed staffers in France for freedom of speech.
“Why should the oppressed people of Palestine pay the price for the Holocaust? We are also worried about the contemporary holocausts in which a great number of women and children are being killed in Iraq, Yemen and Syria,” Tabatabai offered.

Israeli officials urged the UN to renounce the contest.
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein wrote in a letter addressed to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to condemn the contest, the Times of Israel reported. “Words cannot describe the revulsion and protestation of the state of Israel and many across the world at the recurring proof that Iran continues in its policy of Holocaust denial.”
The content was launched in 2006 in challenge of the double standard that the prophet Mohammad can be made fun of, but Jews can’t. Celebrating atrocities that happened during the Holocaust for a sum of 50,000 dollars is all about some ridiculous double standard from a country that wants Jews all annihilated?
“The current President of Iran does not differ from his notorious predecessor, Ahmadinejad,” Edelstein added.
Over six million Jews among many others were murdered during WWII.
-------------------------------------------[end article] 

The Holocaust Denial is very important for Pope Francis. His hands, with which he caress the heads of the Italian and world kids, are the heirs of the ones of the popes signing the orders for the Greatest Holocaust, the 12 centuries long lasting crusade to mass-exterminate Bogomils, Vaudoises, Cathars, Albigenses, and many many others. If you deny the Jewish Holocaust then you can deny the thousands, millions of Christian martyrs burned alive by the Catholic church or thrown as meat for the dogs of  Nero.

"....Knesset Speaker to UN'S Ban: Condemn Iran's Holocaust denial cartoon contest

 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must publicly condemn and directly address Iran’s Holocaust denial, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein wrote in a letter to Ban on Wednesday.

The letter came in light of an international Holocaust cartoon contest, sponsored by the Tehran Municipality.

The winner of the competition will receive a $50,000 cash prize. The event is expected to draw participants from 50 countries, according to Iran’s semiofficial IRNA news agency....."

 "....Iran announced this week that authorities are hosting a state-sponsored contest to see who can create the best Holocaust denial cartoon. The grand prize has been boosted this year to $50,000, up from $12,000, according to reports.
Tehran will host the Holocaust denial cartoon event in June 2016, after gathering an expected hundreds of submissions from the Islamic world. Last year, Iran received 839 anti-Semitic cartoons for consideration.

    "June 2016"?.... What I mean:.... during the Eight All-Orthodox Council , when they'll "bring together the leaders of all Orthodox Churches for the first time since 787 a.C."?......
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