Sunday, January 3, 2016

ISIS - do you realize it NEVER seriously threatens Iran???...


This is the s.c. "ideological" smoking gun exposing ISIS as the propaganda tool of the foreign diplomacy of Iran (or of Russia or Assad, it depends on the ones needing of it at the moment).

Iranian Protesters Ransack Saudi Embassy After Execution of Shiite Cleric

Just one day after the assault of Saudi Embassy in Tehran, what do you think the leader of Khomeinism need the more? They need to put enmity between the allies of Saudi Arabia. And automatically, in order to satisfy this urgent necessity of the Iranian foreign diplomacy, ISIS diligently answered to the yearnings of Rouhani, fulfilling the task.   

Aren't ISIS's guys allegedly Sunni Muslims? Like Saudi Arabia? Aren't the media, since November, brainwashing the public opinion that "Saudi Arabia is backing ISIS"?... Aren't ISIS' guys "defending the Sunni populations"?... And how do they "defend" them, threatening the most important traditional allies of the Sunni powers in the Middle East???....Who, do you think, now, in UK, will support Saudi Arabia against Iran, now?.... No-one.

"...Isis releases video showing execution of five 'British spies' and warning to 'imbecile' David Cameron
The video includes a young child and a militant, both speaking in British accents, threatening the UK

    Adam Withnall
    59 minutes  ago

Isis releases video showing execution of five 'British spies' and warning to 'imbecile' David Cameron
The video includes a young child and a militant, both speaking in British accents, threatening the UK

The Isis militant group has released a new video purporting to show the execution of five British spies, and threatening David Cameron over the UK's campaign in Syria.
 In the video, which appears to have been released by the group's Raqqa-based media arm, five men are shown wearing orange jumpsuits and "confessing" to spying on behalf of the UK security services.  Later in the 10-minute video the alleged spies are shown kneeling on the ground before five executioners, as a militant speaking in a British accent says they have been "abandoned" by the British government. It is thought the spies are not British citizens, but have been executed for working for the coalition and providing photos and videos from inside Raqqa. Charlie Winter, an expert in Isis's media output, said they are alleged to have handed intelligence to foreign fighters from the UK. Speaking to the camera, the masked gunman can be heard saying: "This is a message to David Cameron," who he describes as an "imbecile" and "slave of the White House"......


"Slave of the White House". We have a second smoking gun here. Iran needs not only to put enmity between Saudi Arabia and UK, but also between UK and USA. Indeed, if Iran has agit prop agents in USA, who are blaming their own country the same for being the "creator of ISIS", it is a child's game to stir UK public opinion against US government just-right in the exact moment when they need to be the more aligned in order to give a shared and decisive warning to Tehran. Indeed, Donald Trump, a diligent agit prop for Russia (& Iran) in USA, promptly jumped to the rescue of the Iranian foreign diplomacy, accusing his own country for being the cradle of ISIS and henceforth of the ones now threatening England - pls notice the day, 3rd January:

Trump: Clinton, Obama 'created ISIS'

By Tom LoBianco and Elizabeth Landers, CNN

Updated 0459 GMT (1259 HKT) January 3, 2016

Biloxi, Mississippi (CNN) - Donald Trump on Saturday said the policies of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "created ISIS," the furthest the GOP front-runner has gone in tying the Obama administration's policies to the rise of the terror group.

Trump offered no evidence for his claim here at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, in which he also said escalating tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia were signs that the Islamic Republic wanted to take over the longtime U.S. ally in the Middle East.

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"They've created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama," Trump said.

He couched his hit in a brief discussion of the Iranian protests outside the Saudi embassy in Tehran, which erupted after Saudi Arabia executed 47 people, including a dissident Shiite cleric.

"In Tehran, they're burning down the Saudi embassy, you see that?" Trump said as he opened his remarks. "Now, what that is is Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia. They always have. They want the oil, OK? They've always wanted that."

Trump has blamed both Democrats and former President George W. Bush when talking about unrest in the Middle East, particularly citing the 43rd president's decision to invade Iraq in 2003. In recent weeks, he's been particularly aggressive in going after Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, and her record leading the State Department.

Two of Trump's 2016 competitors, Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum, said in November that Clinton and Obama were to blame for ISIS.

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Donald Trump, or TrumPutin, is a Jesuit trained guy who obeys to his masters in Rome:

 "he also said escalating tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia were signs that the Islamic Republic wanted to take over the longtime U.S. ally in the Middle East.

This is a typical feature of the Jesuits' agent. Meanwhile he gives the stab at the back of the friend (= Trump's alleged homeland, USA, slandering the proper country with the blame for "having created ISIS"), at the same he must appear to "take care" of his victim the same, namely exhibiting a certain (faked) worry for the fate of the  historical alliance of USA with Saudi kingdom. I pray God you can understand now which level wickedness and perfidy can rise in the Jesuit trained agents whom the Society can place in the most important roles inside a nation.

The article continues:

 ....and "slave of the White House" Addressing "the people of Britain", the militant says Isis will "one day invade your land, where we will rule by the Shariah". The militant compares the Prime Minister to "arrogant and foolish" predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, and concludes : "You will lose this war, as you lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. "But this time, when you lose, your children will inherit your defeat and remember you as the fools who thought they could fight the Islamic State." The video, which cannot be independently verified, ends with a trailer for a further execution and a brief clip of a young child, wearing militant garb and speaking with a British accent, appearing to say: "We will kill the kuffar [non-believers] over there." Middle East analysts have reported a sharp increase in the number of propaganda videos released by Isis after its loss of the Iraqi city of Ramadi. A mixture of old and new footage, the flurry of activity has been seen as an attempt to distract from that significant defeat. A spokesperson for Downing Street was not immediately available for comment.  

-------------------------- End of article  


When you read the words of that  "ISIS" militiaman, the particular psychology under the ideological manipulation, you understand that we are in presence here of a perfect product of the Khomeninist propaganda, straightly poured from the government offices in Tehran. The strategic goal of the Iranian Shi'ism is to put enmity between Sunni world and the Western world, a strategic goal shared with Czarist Russia (before) and Soviet and post-Soviet Russia today. The words of that "ISIS" militiamen are not a novelty, they already were present in the spies and provocadeurs of the Shi'ism in the 18th century:

"....he was very interested in political unity between the two groups).[29] For example, when he moved to Istanbul he disguised his Shi'i background by labeling himself "the Afghan".[30] 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

So Iran and Russia are sharing the same enemy, Sunni Islam, and they need to put it in enmity against the Western world - another enemy. Khomeinism is the penetration by Shi'ism in the Sunnism in order to transform it in a provokation against the same Western world - and this is why Orthodox Russia is leaned on Shi'ia Iran for her Geo-Political (-Religious) goals.  
The Catholic church jumped on the carriage of this Geo-political and Geo-religious Eurasian alliance, sharing its goals and finality (at least apparently), obtaining in exchange the support by Iran and Russia of the Catholic agenda for the annihilation of the Protestant/Baptist influence in the Western world. Russia Today and Sputnik, spitting every day anti-Western propaganda within the same enemy Western world, are a marvelous bright evidence of this Eurasian Geo-Religious alliance, the prologue for the Catho-Orthodox empire from Ireland to the Strait of Bering. A Catholic agenda whose correct names are: Inquisition and Counter Reformation. Today they call it "war on Islamic terrorism"..... 

Thursday, December 31, 2015
IRAN hopes for an alliance with the Roman Catholic church


  1. I know SA are not a pretty picture, but man, do these IRAN/KGB/vati-eurasianists a bunch of disgusting LIARS! Even the most pro-western board, which bashes russia and putin (altho it may be only superficial cold war rhetoric to actually help Putin) are now supporting IRAN.... Insane world of lies

    1. ''as a militant speaking in a British accent says they have been "abandoned" by the British government.''.

      probably they were the uk or western reference within Raqqa, and were supplying the blog of Raqqa with compromising truth about the ''anti-terrorist'' Russian bombings, therefore the Kremlin could have also interest in to eliminate the only eyes of western world in Raqqa, along with Iran interest in the release of a new video.

    2. This is how the Russian GRU/FSB are cleaning the theater of their heinous operations from any kind of international witness, nurses, social care opreators, not -aligned with Moscow NGO, etc., think how not much time the blog Raqqa Is Being etc exposed the first Russian raids as aimed to civilian target, two of his collaborant were beheaded by ''ISIS'' in....Turkey. At the time i believe with the consent of Ankara's intel:

      Exclusive – Raqqa is being slaughtered silently

      since the beginning of the flights that carried out by the Russian air force at the Syrian airspace the Russians consistently promoted that their airplanes working on targeting the extremism groups in Syria especially ISIS.
      But in time it turned out that the Russian strikes didn’t effect greatly ISIS, where it was targeting the civilians directly in Raqqa the main headquarters of ISIS, most of the raids also focused on the areas where battalions of the FSA and its headquarters in each of Idlib and Hama and in both cities there isn’t any camp or cell for ISIS, we will list and detail the raids carried out by Russian troops in the city of Raqqa since their intervention in the conflict in Syria directly

  2. Communist Russia and Iran really are the dirty job boys for the jesuits (along with Trump) for the building of the cathorthodox empire.

    1. You understand the disgusting morality of a Trump or a pope Francis appreciating the diffusion of pedophilia in the world. Such human bodies possessed by demons are enticing the human naivety in order to rape it, no more or less alike a pedophile who is enchanting children in order to rape 'em.
      Sad, the common people follow the words exiting those holes opened straight on the Hell, which are the mouth of the popes and their political asset in the world, the Obamas and Trumps of the Western world. But the common people is become too much enemy of God in order to see that andbbe saved.

    2. ''Trump's 2016 competitors, Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum, said in November that Clinton and Obama were to blame for ISIS.''.

      You maybe will remember that years ago Santorum was exposed to be Roman Catholic KNIGHT OF MALTA.


  3. MAN this chain of shitty lies - from Iran to ISIS to USA? Everyone is working for the same goal, but apparently nobody is noticing.

    1. now it even more clear the timing of st. Bernardino ''ISIS'' shooting, and Israel suddenly appeasing Turkey with the money given to the victims of the Mavi Marmara assault.
      They all are really a global network of spiritual and often physical pedophiles.

    2. Just one or two weeks ago Israel affirmed to pay the Mavi Marmara victims, because now Turkey has another reason to shut the mouth when another Sunni country - Saudi Arabia - is backstabbed by the ''ally'', the once so called ''Western world''.
      I pray God to send soon His Holy Son and judge & destroy this world, a WC of Satan.

    3. Saudi Arabia is built by many tribes, ready to jump one against the other in order to gain control over the monarchy. It an easy game to allure, by Iran or Russia, one of them, waving fantastic and un real future agreements to oust USA from the control of oil world market. They are all children of Satan, and pope Francis their high priest.

  4. bro can you please translate for me this passage from the Diodati

    il qual conviene che il cielo tenga accolto, fino a’ tempi del ristoramento di tutte le cose; -----

    Atti 3:21

    1. Yes, roughly '' which it is opportune that heaven holds him, till the ages of the restoration of all things''.
      ''Il qual conviene'', as ''it is of convenience'', opportunity.

    2. I updated my post with grace proving statements from the pre-reformation waldensian confessions and a lengthy discussion of the impossibility of free-will and the gospel presentation.

      Also is included a rare book on the waldenses by a pastor of theirs (altho post-reformational). For your pleasure.