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CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE etc. pt. 3 - Istanbul 2016 bombing + Russian Intel torturing to death Chechens. TODAY.

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Istanbul 2016 bombing: another terrorist wedding for Russian-Norway Intelligence [+ Russian Intel torturing to death Chechens. TODAY.]
Changed for the discovery - read below, if you have guts to accept all that.

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Wednesday,January 13 2016, Your time is 13:15:30
Suicide bomber who attacked Istanbul police was married to Norwegian ISIL jihadist

Toygun AtillaISTANBUL

The woman from Russia’s Daghestan Republic who allegedly executed a suicide bombing attack in central Istanbul on Jan. 6 was the wife of a Norwegian extremist of Chechen origin, with whom she spent three months in Istanbul and passed the Syrian border.

Parenthesis. Norway and Russia share the same Geo-politic interests. Now the head of NATO is a personal friend of Putin:

  April 27, 2014 
The 'Warsaw' Pact died. Who will substitute him? N.A.T.O.
 Remember that NATO under Putin's friend command backstabbed Turkey in September :

Friday, October 9, 2015
TURKEY BACK-STABBED BY N.A.T.O. (already predictable one year and half ago)

Norway also divided with Russia the Arctic sphere of influence, to control a colossal field of gas and diamonds under the ices of North Pole - guess why now GOD is in anger and is melting the Arctic ice? .....

"15.09.2010 // Norway and Russia signed the treaty on maritime delimitation and cooperation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean in Murmansk September 15. It was signed by Foreign Ministers Jonas Gahr Støre and Sergei Lavrov in the presence of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and President Dmitry Medvedev......"
Friday, April 4, 2014
From the Strait of Hormuz to the Arctic circle.
It is interest of both Russia & Norway to oust Saudi Arabia from the control of world oil production, therefore it is natural that the "Islamic" terrorist must be of "Wahhabbi" faith.....:

"........After Turkish media reported the assailant’s identity as Diana Ramazova, a Russian-language news website, Kavkazpress, reported that she was a Russian citizen from the Republic of Daghestan, who was “radicalized by the Wahhabi ideology.”

Ramazova was the widow of Abu Aluevitsj Edelbijev, a Norwegian citizen of Chechen origin, who she had met online and married in 2014 in an Islamic religious ceremony, though it is not known where the ceremony was conducted. Edelbijev died in Syria in December 2014 fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The couple spent three months in Istanbul in 2014. Ramazova entered Turkey from Russia with a tourist visa in May 2014, while no entrance logs for Edelbijev have been found, raising the suspicion that he entered the country illegally.

It is not known whether the couple spent the three months in Istanbul on a honeymoon or if they were participating in ISIL activities and meeting with fellow extremists while in the city.

Stop. Can you smell the trick? Probably she was unaware of what was going to be built on her figure. Radical people could be grown by the Intelligence in order to blow them away unaware and then blame them, filling their houses and computers with "ISIS material". Probably she was kidnapped shortly before the explosion, or she died in an explosion caused by another source of explosive, meanwhile she could have had everything in the head but not a suicide mission. Then what does it means his husband fought with the ISIL? Can we be sure this is a truth or a fabricated deception? There are many groups of Jihadists in Syria. The principal difference is the one which are nationalist, and the ones trans-nationalists (ISIS & Al Nusra). Then the Islamic Jihad in Chechnya -controlled by the Kremlin which assassinated foreing ICRC operators to hide his dirty war:

 "......Chechnya's security chief, Abu Movsayev, has accused Russian secret services of organizing the killing of the ICRC workers and of the six Russians who died the following day. "
"....One Chechen woman who worked for the Red Cross at Novye Atagi hospital, near the capital, Grozny, said: 'It never made sense to us that Chechens were responsible for these killings. They were helping our people.'"
Thursday, October 29, 2015
FSB/GRU significant mingling with SADDAM's regime in the years of FEDAYEEN SADDAM [further evidence of ISIS as FSB/GRU/Saddam creature]

The article continues:

"....According to Turkish and Norwegian intelligence sources, Ramazova and Edelbijev traveled to Syria in July 2014, took the names “Sümeyra” and “İdris,” respectively, and fought for ISIL.

Ramazova illegally reentered Turkey on Dec. 26, 2014, through the southeastern province of Gaziantep on the border with Syria, after Edelbijev was killed.

She then allegedly proceeded to blow herself up on Jan. 6 at the Tourism Police Station in Sultanahment, one of Istanbul’s most popular tourist districts, killing one policeman, Kenan Kumaş. It is not yet known where she obtained the grenades she used for the explosion.

Before the suicide bomber’s identity was revealed by the authorities, the outlawed Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) claimed the attack.

However, the family of the alleged DHKP/C bomber, identified as Elif Sultan Kalsen, said the body at the morgue did not belong to their daughter.


Not a coincidence that the murder of the German tourists is of the same day when Germany begins the mission in Syria with Tornado:

1ST LEAD Germany starts air reconnaissance mission in Syria By Can Merey, dpa
By our dpa-correspondent and Europe Online    auf Facebook posten  Auf Twitter posten 
Istanbul (dpa) - German Tornado reconnaissance jets stationed in Turkey began operations in Syria against the extremist militia organization Islamic State on Friday.

One flight took off - consisting of two planes - from NATO‘s Incirlik air base in Turkey and returned without incident three hours later, a spokesman for the German military said.

Now if it is possible, between Germany & Turkey there's even more hate. The destruction of Turkey can begin as already announced in:

Because Turkey must be DESTROYED.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Russia-Israel-Iran alliance: the PURPOSE.

BUT even more interesting - here is how & when plausibly Deutsch Verteidigung Dienst & Assad cutthroaters planned the Sophia's New Year's Eve "festival":

"....German secret service said in talks with Syrian regime

Despite officially shunning Assad, Berlin now beginning to coordinate on jihadist threat, air campaign

December 18, 2015, 2:41 pm

 OHHHHHHH REALLY ??????????????????????????
Maybe,.... maybe,.... perhaps, .... the fruit of the "talks" were also the one exploding with the fireworks of Cologne???????????????
Monday, January 11, 2016

 Tuesday, January 12, 2016
CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE etc. pt. 2 - the New Year's Eve mass-rape HOAX start to emerge [article]

Yes, You know, the Devil always leave a trace. C'mon, "Pegida".... "femminism"..... "wounded European identity"..... "Jewish journalist writing of the Islamic invasion"..... you know what you are? You are only a cute, nice bunch of SNAKES OF HELL - amen.

Behind the facts of Cologne there's not simply (also) Russia, but (also) RussIsrael. 
Israel have to manage the survival against the Islamic cutthroaters, opportunely brought at its border by Assad, Putin & Iran. Now Israel, the damsel of distress, to fled away from the Jihadi Dragon, is fallen like a fruit in the pawns of the Russian Catho-Orthodox bear. Have a nice communion with the Byzantine church! The fact is that now Israel is fooling Turkey with the money for the Mavi Marmara attack, and fooling the world with the possible fake of Putin supplying Hezbollah with "adavanced weapons". Stay sure, the money coming from the gas of Leviathan, is sufficient to keep calm Israel, Putin & Hezbollah, and to make these buddies to sit around the table and to share among themselves the money. 
Ah, Israel, I forgot this - if the damsel of distress want to survive, must she do the dirty job for the benefit of others?:

"İstanbul police also said the leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir's Turkish branch, Cemalettin B., started to lead his group from Israel, where he settled after being released from prison in Turkey. Cemalettin B. was sending e-mails to his followers from his Israeli home and preparing his group for attacks in Turkey."
Friday's detentions also revealed that the fundamentalist group was planning to hold an international conference on the Islamic caliphate on June 26. A number of documents confiscated during police raids also indicated the preparations for such a conference.
Hizb ut-Tahrir is an extremist group seeking to reinstate the Islamic caliphate.
Sunday, December 13, 2015

Not only an example on how Norway Intel is aiding the assassins & torturers of the Kremlin. But more, here is how the Russian "Protectorate" will work on Europe, like it is working now on Chechnya, to "defend her from herself":

18.12.2015 - Oslo
Tortured and Killed in Russia After Being Refused Asylum in Norway
Two Chechen asylum seekers who were refused asylum in Norway, were tortured and killed in their home country, writes NY TID.

In the article by the investigative journalist Øystein Windstad, Norwegian newspaper Ny Tid wrote that one of the asylum seekers has been tortured and killed in Chechnya, while the other asylum seeker was reportedly tortured with electric cables before he was later found dead in a car. Both of them were recently sent from Norway as the Norwegian authorities believed they lied about the danger of their life.

Both the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) and the Russian human rights organization Memorial warned Norwegian authorities, according to the newspaper, strongly against sending them back to Russia and Chechnya. While the organizations argued the asylum seekers Apti Nazjujev and Umar Bilemkhanov would be persecuted by the Russian and Chechen authorities, the authorities in Norway believed that they were safe.

Tortured and Found in a Car

The newspaper wrote that Umar Bilemkhanov was sent to Moscow in December 2011, and was picked at the airport by Russian intelligence and later forcibly sent to Chechnya, according to a report by Memorial.

When he returned to his hometown, he reportedly found his father beaten to death by police. Furthermore, Bilemkhanov was arrested and tortured with electrical cables. He was found dead on 26 December 2012. Chechen authorities claimed that he died in a car accident. On the other hand, Memorial and the Helsinki Committee believe that it was a politically motivated murder, and pointed out that there was no damage to the car where Bilemkhanov was found dead.

A decayed and tortured body found in a river

The other asylum seeker, Apti Nazjujev had actively participated in the resistance against the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov before he came to Norway and applied for asylum in 2008. Despite the warnings from Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), he was sent out of Norway in late 2011. On 18 May 2013 he was reported missing by his family. On 10 June, 2013, Apti Nazjujev was found tortured, killed and dumped in a river in Kali municipality in Chechnya.

NY TID has disclosed Nazjujev’s autopsy report showing that he was found with drawn teeth and nails, broken skull, broken kneecap and deep puncture wounds. He died as a result of torture.

Again Memorial, the Chechen exile politican Akhmed Zakajev and Helsinki Committee all aggree that this was a politically motivated killings by Chechen authorities, reports Ny TID

See also:
 Monday, December 28, 2015
War crimes Chechnya victims footage - Russia wars in North Caucasus [graphic video]
Yea, you don't hear so much in the "alternative" information, such kind of news....

Allegedly, this "treatment", or similar, is what is awaiting me, when the Czarist "Protector" of Europe, will finally reinstate the "true Identity of Europe", "threatened" by the "Atlantism". Of course for the ecumenical glory of the Catho-Orthodox empire, from Ireland to Vladivostok!

If you search "Russian Protectorate over EU", try this pls:

 Friday, January 8, 2016
Alexander Dugin, the prophet of the Catho-Orthodox empire [thanks to C. Stiliyanov]


  1. 20 years after Chechen war, families still searching for missing bodies

    To mark the Red Cross’s International Day of the Disappeared, RFE/RL meets parents unable to bury their loved ones

    Akhmed Sultanov in Grozny and Claire Bigg for RFE/RL, part of the New East network

    Wednesday 2 September 2015 07.00 BST

    Zura Batayeva carefully holds a small black-and-white photograph between her fingers. Creased and faded, it shows an earnest man with curly black hair.

    The picture is all that remains of her son, Visit Batayev, who disappeared without a trace shortly after Russian tanks rolled into Chechnya more than 20 years ago – launching the first of two devastating wars against separatist rebels in the North Caucasus republic.

    “The worst is not knowing what happened to him,” she says. “Only the thought that we will be together after I die brings me solace.”

    This agonising uncertainty is shared by many Chechens.

    1. Rights groups say an estimated 5,000 people are still missing from the two wars – the first of which began in December 1994, when federal forces launched a bloody attack on the capital, Grozny.

      Like the Batayevs, many families still searching for their relatives accuse authorities of turning a blind eye to their plight.

      Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s Kremlin-appointed leader, has overseen a massive campaign to rebuild Grozny with the help of cash injections from Moscow. But as glistening skyscrapers go up around the city, the grim task of laying the war dead to rest has fallen chiefly to human rights activists.

      “No one needs us. The government has left us with our problem,” says Batayeva’s husband, Abuyezid Batayev. “We have received a lot of help from ordinary people, but they have their own problems. Many have missing relatives, too.”

      Rights groups say there are still unopened graves in fields, courtyards, and basements throughout Chechnya.

    2. ‘These bodies need to be identified’

      Visit Batayev was 27 years old when he disappeared, along with his neighbour, Musa. Witnesses say the two men were seized by Russian soldiers as they hid from shelling in the basement of a Grozny hospital.

      Musa’s body eventually surfaced in a morgue in Moscow, and although the circumstances of his death remain unknown his parents were able to give him a proper funeral in Chechnya.

      Visit Batayev’s continued absence, however, has prevented his parents from coming to terms with their loss. “Sometimes I close my eyes and I see my son. It’s as if he had returned,” Batayeva says. “I see him speaking to me. I see us having lunch together under the summer canopy of our house. I see him in my dreams, too.”

      Zainap Mezhidova, a rights campaigner whose own son is missing, knows of at least three mass graves that she says contain the remains of hundreds of people.

      “These bodies need to be identified. We know where they are located,” she says. “The authorities should be looking for our children.”

    3. Promises

      Despite Kadyrov’s repeated promises, Chechnya still has no forensic lab of its own. Remains exhumed from mass graves are sent either to Moscow or Rostov-on-Don for identification before being returned for burial in Chechnya.

      Batayev says he has combed through numerous mass graves in search of his son, sifting through human remains with his bare hands.

      He was once told that the body of a man matching his son’s description had been found in a mass grave close to Grozny’s cannery. Documents on the body gave Visit as the man’s first name.

      The Batayevs immediately rushed to the site. “There were about 250 bodies there,” Batayeva recalls.

      The body, however, did not belong to their son. “That day I collapsed and I hit my knee very hard,” she says. “It still hurts today.”

      Desperate to find his son, Batayev travelled to a forensic lab in distant Rostov-on-Don. He says he saw many bodies there, but his son was nowhere to be found.

      Today, he and his wife no longer have the strength to search for his body.
      ‘Chechnya is full of phantoms’ – photographs of transformation
      Read more

      But Batayeva, despite the odds, refuses to give up hope of finding him alive. “When I hear a child calling for his mother in the street, I turn around,” she says. “I still have some hope of being reunited with my son one day.”

      A version of this article first appeared on RFE/RL

  2. I rejoyce because i every day am harassed on my job, especially by a Fascist militant who boasts to be have beaten many Slovenes. I m sure this person follow also my blogs. And probably will read this (translated in Italian) comment. BUT I don't apply to any form of assistance from my administration, not only because I believe that the administration is taking the side with that person (as well the psychiatric health department of TRIESTE), but because GOD had appointed us to suffer for His sake and of the Gospel sake, because the evilness of this world, of which that Fascist is even a bery liytle part, must appear in all its entirety, before GOD judge and destroy for the eternity this world.

    1. I bless that Fascist because he is the token of the very little price, symbolic one, I have to pay for the gift of GOD which has no price, the eternal life.

    2. This is normal in Trieste, the ''Gate to the East'', not because of Bogomils only, but also because here start that great dam which hindered the Beast from sea (Catholic church) to be joined with the Beast from the earth, the ''Third Rome'' or Moscow and her Bizantine church.

    3. From the Baltic sea to the Black sea, GOD built Eastern Prussia, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and even allowed an empire built on the apostasy of Islam, because GOD wanted not that if people had to kill, they had to do it in the name of His Son.

    4. And the siege of Vienna, was a warning of GOD to both Beasts, to stay quiet. The sign of God was the presence of Protestant armies allied with the Ottoman. The sign of GOD was the promise of the Ottoman emperor to deliver Catholic Vienna to the Protestant ally. It is consequential for Christians living in Trieste, to be still and more persecuted by the Harlot and her Beast from the sea, the Catholic nations under the power of the Man of Sin, the pope of Rome.