Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Details about Russian Armed Forces and related war crimes in Syria and Ukraine [website]


 Russian Air Force perpetrates typical war crimes on the Sunni civilian of Syria, typical crimes which are the most searched object  used by the thousands of media troupes in Gaza at the recurrence of every Israeli-Hamas conflict. The difference is that meanwhile the Western media are plenty of reports of war crimes of Israeli army over the Gaza civilians (allegedly with the collaboration of the same Hamas, which sees at every murdered Gaza children an increase of the Western world support), usually there are no reports - or very little and shadowed - of war crimes of Assad and Russian forces in Syria. It is evident  that the Kremlin's strategy is of "gratuitous atrocities", in other words to instigate, cause the raids on civilians and especially by the way they are performed (Russian air raids are distinguished by the fact that after the first strike, a second airplane waits the arrival of rescue teams to hit them), to instigate the Sunni populations to embrace ISIS' ideology as the only form of resistance against a Genocide. The Kremlin clearly hopes (backed and supported in his evil dream by EU governments, for example Italian Renzi's govt. complete endorsement of Kremlin's foreign diplomacy, also backed by ENI corporation) that every Sunni coming in Europe will bring in his heart an enormous thirsty of revenge for having being abandoned by the Western world. All this mechanism of Hell will bring terrorism and violence by immigration in EU, and therefore much water for the mills of the Kremlin's allies in EU: the Catholic-Fascist parties (Front National, Pegida, Lega Nord, Casa Pound, etc.):

 "Myth 3. Nationalistic radicals, in other words neoNazis, are in authority in Ukraine
According to the results of last elections, Right Radical Parties did not get into the parliament hence are not represented in the government. For example, ultra-right party ‘Svoboda’ which is known by its torchlight procession failed to meet the 5% threshold during the parliament election in 2014, and Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of ‘Svoboda’, got only near 1% of votes on presidential election. ‘Pravyi sektor’ [Right sector], another radical party and favorite Kremlin’s bogeyman, also did not overcome the required vote’s threshold."

Friday, October 30, 2015
Assassination of Russia (Blowing up Russia) HQ [video documentary]