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After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils - part 4: YELLOW & TRINITY


Terrorist Psy-Op just the days before the Holocaust Remembrance Day and the visit of the Iranian President Rouhani in Italy and the Vatican?

The region is Veneto, just bordering my region, Friuli Venezia Giulia. Tomorrow early in the morning without witnesses I go to job. And I could meet the yellow Audi with Three Robbers: 

Yellow =

Three Robbers = Christian Trinity

 ----------------------------------------------------------------- "...Yellow Audi fleeing, psychosis in the Northeast. Checkpoints and reports but no sign of bandits - (VIDEO)

24 January 2016 - On board the car three robbers who are escaping the police from a week [!!!!!!!!!!] . And last Thursday have taken at breakneck speed the Mestre highway [bypass].
Checkpoints scattered throughout the Veneto. Hundreds of police and police officers engaged in palm scour every area and to verify each report. A hunt without stopping. Despite this there is still no trace of the three bandits, probably from Eastern Europe, which from a week are roaming the streets of the Northeast on board Audi Rs4 yellow with Swiss
plate stolen near Malpensa December 26 and intercepted for the first time by the police in the week, after an attempted burglary at a home in recent days.

More reliable reports cease in the afternoon of Saturday, January 23, in Treviso, but even the  fly over the area by helicopters had not allowed to identify the car [!!!!!!!!!!!]. After the shock of the escape running against traffic on the Mestre Bypass Thursday night, there is also a factor in psychosis, which  does increase the occurrence of signaling of the car. Carabineers and police are monitoring the roads leading to the motorway exits, and service areas of the region, with targeted checks and men in plain clothes. And the police stations of Veneto, through Facebook, have made an appeal calling for "full cooperation to the citizens."
Meanwhile, the traffic police is still ascertaining the accident between a Mercedes van and  Opel Astra  in which Thursday night was killed a Russian woman driving her utility car. A crash occurred on the Mestre bypass in the same lane traveled against traffic, at over 150 km per hour, by the [yellow] Audi. But the collision between the two cars, at the exit of the subway Vetrego, towards Padova, took place a minute and a half after the underpass was passed to the contrary by the 'Rs4' [yellow Audi]. It is possible that the fear for the car running against traffic affected the control of the car by the woman, who finally crashed a van, who was blocked in line cause another incident.

On the thickness of the criminal bandits, investigators are cautious: "they are probably naive," says one of the men from a week hunt down criminals. At present, explain sources of the police, the offenses which were responsible are: speeding and other offenses for reckless maneuvers on the highway, resisting the police (not stopped at checkpoints, in Abano Terme , and in Trieste [Ohhhhh, just my city], where the police have exploded some shots to intimidate), receiving stolen property (the car is stolen), and theft.
--------------- [end of excerpt]

Some interesting comments found under that article
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Challenger 2 hours ago

Here appearing again the car of 007, once circulated the White One [cars used by a gang of policemen which terrorized for years North-Center Italy], now the
yellow Audi  hurtling at 300 Kmph on the highway and with all the cameras and safety tutors they cannot stop and block it even on a highway payment point, also even big Brother who  exists in every city and village, mmmmmmh!
Strange to us if in excess of 50 km per hour inside the city, you are immediately stopped, if you exceed 130 in the highway they print the photo in front of your eyes or on the first exit you can find the traffic police [blocking you], they sooner or later they [the robbers] will need to refresh, go sleep , get gas, go to the bathroom, damn they are getting away with it always!

 Of course they can get away with it always, Challenger. Because this is a psy-op to terrorize the Catholic sheep of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, where it reigns the deep Catho-heathenism, people are anti-immigrants and believe their "race", the "Veneto race", is superior to African, Arab and Slav race. A Veneto imbued with much anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism filthiness. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I could find that car in front of me. No witnesses at 05:30 AM.
Another interesting comment: 

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Massimiliano Florit • 3 hours ago

However I live in Friuli and the bandits came almost up to the areas of Gorizia and Trieste and the police chief to the regional TG3, a few days ago, said that these bandits should be three, one of which was seen in the face during the 'chase, are skilled drivers, at least the one who is driving......well, listening during the' interview the superintendent or deputy superintendent did not say that they [the robbers] are unprepared [naive], at least in the way of driving, the opposite... and said that they also preferred to avoid pursuits daring and risky for the 'safety of people, and I find it just, because the police cars can not stay behind the car bandits in acceleration and perhaps even top speed, which is too powerful than car supplied to the police, at least those in the area in the lower Friuli area Monfalcone / gorizia / Trieste Karst ...

Clear? The  chief of Police admitted that at least one of them is a skilled driver, and not a naive guy.  Psy-Ops need of skilled guys.

 For "Russia", "Switzerland" and other details see:

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