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CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE etc. pt. 7 - When "Christians" were raping Sunni women [twenty, not 200 years ago].

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 Apparently the events in Europe and Indonesia seems to be very far distant. But they are strictly connected.
Just start with the short memory of Geert Wilders. True illness or pure deception - who cares? Both are a phenomenology of this wicked world. Let's recall again Wilders' points of propaganda:
 The hadiths, the descriptions of the life of Muhammad, the ideal human being whose example all the Islamic faithful must follow, confirm that women are sex objects, that they are inferior beings like dogs and donkeys, and that there is nothing wrong with sexual slavery and raping female prisoners.....".

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Are you sure that only the "army of the Islamic Antichrist" loves to rape the enemy's women? Let's refresh your memory, Mr Geert Wilders...:

"During the Bosnian War, and the Bosnian genocide, the violence assumed a gender-targeted form through the use of rape. While men from all ethnic groups committed rape, the great majority of rapes were perpetrated by Bosnian Serb forces of the Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) and Serb paramilitary units, who used genocidal rape as an instrument of terror as part of their programme of ethnic cleansing.[1][2][3] Estimates of the total number of women raped during the war range from 12,000 to 50,000.[4][5]
The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) declared that "systematic rape", and "sexual enslavement" in time of war was a crime against humanity, second only to the war crime of genocide. Although the ICTY did not treat the mass rapes as genocide, many have concluded from the organized, and systematic nature of the mass rapes of the female Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) population, that these rapes were a part of a larger campaign of genocide,[6][7][8] and that the VRS were carrying out a policy of genocidal rape against the Bosnian Muslim ethnic group.[9]
The trial of VRS member Dragoljub Kunarac was the first time in any national or international jurisprudence that a person was convicted of using rape as a weapon of war. The widespread media coverage of the atrocities by Serbian paramilitary and military forces against Bosniak women and children, drew international condemnation of the Serbian forces.[10][11]
Following the war, several award-winning documentaries and feature films were produced which cover the rapes and their aftermath...." etc etc etc.

It seems that the "widespread" media coverage with related production of "award-winning" documentaries are today  completely, totally, indubitably forgotten. And this only 20,... 15 years later. (But stay sure, the Viet-nam war of the "gringos" is never forgotten).

Well,  the countless army of Sunni Muslims in Europe is part of the plan to rewrite history. I don't mean here the history of Bogomils of Bosnia, and their Bogomil prince Culin. Their history is continually re-written in Italy with an occult policy of immigration from the Balkans. I mean here a more recent history, almost chronicle. 
Orthodox actors in history, who committed atrocious war crimes, at the end of World War Two in Eastern Prussia and East Germany, or in Muslim Bosnia, raping every female subject belonging to societies where Theotokos or Holy Mary is not  at the center of the faith. Today there's in act in Europe a colossal operation to rewrite minds and historical awareness, and this could be done only with the coordination of the intelligence and of the highest institutions of EU and its federal state members, starting from Italy (the media front of immigration at Lampedusa) and Germany, the core of EU.

This attempt is clearly visible by everyone having eyes to see: The Kremlin & allies (Assad, Iran, etc) are building the greatest factory to produce "Islamic terrorists" on earth, i.e. Syria. And are pushing millions of Sunni in Europe and everywhere in the world they can send them. To pour further gasoline on the fire, the Western world has practically abandoned the Sunni populations of Syria in the hands of Assad and his ISIS' proxies, creating resentment and hatred of the Sunni Islam which now feels betrayed by the Western world (and we can alleged this was one among the first priorities of the nuclear deal agreement with Iran and wanted by Barack Obama). I don't need to tell you about that. The blog The Syrian Intifada is an exceptional source of information:

Therefore more  Sunni will feel to embrace and support every kind of violent aggressive expression of this hatred against EU and USA. Fulfilling so the Russian and Iranian narrative with which  the agenda of Provokatsiya and Khomeinism (Eurasianism) is crawling in heart of the Western world. 
For the other region outside Europe the problems created by these Sunni refugees (rapes, terrorism, etc.) will particularly be used by the Khomeinism as raw material for the penetration of Iran's policy. In Europe the "invasion" of Sunni desperate people haunted by hunger or war, or simply seeking to satisfy a consumerist dream which has been pumped in their heads, is the raw material for the rehabilitation of the Jesuit trained Joseph Stalin. Again here a quote of an article of an online newspaper:

"...The rehabilitation of Stalin: Putin rewrites history to convince almost half of all Russians that megalomaniac dictator was just a man with 'good intentions'
....quoted in:

Pls, tell me how can you rehabilitate Stalin if you first don't neutralize the historical memory of the rape of German women as a weapon of the Genocidal war of Stalin's USSR (Ledochowski) against Protestant Prussia?

"A revenge more terrible then commonly acknowledged.
The idea of setting up Germany to start and loose a brutal war with severe consequences eastward undeniably dovetails with the Jesuit Order's major goal of recapturing lands previously lost to “heretics” such as Lutherans, notably the post WW2 partition of East Prussia, historically the 1st Lutheran state in 1525." [by D. Willinger]

Thursday, September 8, 2011
I could be the most at the opposite of the D. Willinger 's reincarnationism and religious view of the substances question (rasenting the Tavistock MkUltra cathechism of counter-culture), but nothing like his CCR blog is better explaining the nature of that ghost which now, with the "invasion" of Sunni immigrants in EU, the Gnostic Jesuit order & its Catholic church are trying to appease and to get it back in the history's sepulcher.

"Putin", (but, effectively the KREMLIN), now has to convince not only the "half of all Russians", but half of all Europeans (and Americans - see D. Trump & various shootings), that Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. was a "good guy". And, allusively, not directly but implicitly, that  his troops, when raping, torturing & killing Protestant Lutheran & other denomination German/Prussian women, were doing "the will of (the Mother of) God". 

Simply substituting, in the historical awareness of the popular culture, the figure of the "savage" Eastern Slav, with the one of the "savage" Sunni (of Syria or Turkey or Saudi Arabia), and to recycle the "savage" Eastern Slav in the role of the "savior" of "Christian" Western girls, raped by the "savage" Sunni. 
Do you need a master at Princeton University to understand this simple concept?

Hence is a sympthom of schizophrenia to allege now that, in order to bend the half of Europeans to accept this belief,  Putin (the Kremlin), needs of a countless army of "savage" Sunni Muslim invading in Europe and, of course, of agents of deception, among which Pegida, Front National, and Lega Nord party???... The Kremlin funding Marine Le Pen's Front National, an example among others, isn't part of this colossal work to rewrite the XX century history?...:

 Friday, January 9, 2015
"Nine million euros from Russia " [the integral article + Jean d'Arc, Bitch of Satan]

If you need to be again convinced on how much the Western world is backing Assad & Russia, and the sanctions are only a form of deception, or, at the best, a form of blackmail forcing Putin (the Kremlin) to fulfill the dirty job, you can have a definitive proof in the evidence of the Geo-politic and how the media are dealing with it:

"...Why the supposed "legionaires" so busy in to destroy Assad's regime, therefore in to destroy his image, instead to deal with terrorists who eat the inner organs of dead Assad's soldiers, why didn't they provide to dress up such "Franch backed Jihadist cannibals" with easy-to-find uniforms of Assad's soldiers?".

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Thierry Meyssan an asset of Putin's propaganda intel [37 connection]

There's no "clash front" between BRICs & Western world, it a total, complete farce, a psychodrama. The Boreal hemisphere, in order to become completely submitted to Catholicism or Catho-Orthodox imperial unification, must be fired against the Sunni by the same hatred with which Nazi-skin are perceiving every Slav entity beyond Poland, a "raper of German/Christian women". Isn't this an anthropological metamorphosis engineered by the Vatican & the Jesuit order at the order of their master Satan? Hardly could it be a "fruit of the Evolution".
In the next post further elements will be brought to attention to confirm all this.

Friday, January 15, 2016
CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE etc. pt. 5 - 'They raped every German female from eight to 80' [but they were NOT Muslims].


  1. Trump's persona is showing admiration to Kim Jong Un...... He manifests dictator-esque qualities. Like i told my friends, this is the person who will destroy peace in america (the EJP predicted white fascist dictatorship). He will tear down peace and freedom. After his dirty job, like in russia, the church will take over. There might be civil war/seccession in america. I sometimes wonder if those "fema" camps aren't designed for the muslims. .. . .

    Kids sing in bizarre Trump anthem

    "President Donald Trump knows how to make America great.
    Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

    “And you’ve got to give him credit: How many young guys — he was like 26 or 25 when his father died — take over these tough generals and all of a sudden, you know, it’s pretty amazing when you think of it. How does he do that?” he added.

    “Even though it is a culture, and it’s a culture thing, he goes in, he takes over, he’s the boss. It’s incredible.”

    After North Korea’s government said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb earlier this week, Trump called the authoritarian leader a “madman playing around with nukes” and a “total nut job.”

    But he also insinuated that Kim had some admirable qualities.

    “I mean, it’s amazing that a young guy would go over and take over,” Trump said Thursday on Fox News’ “On the Record.” “You know, you would have thought that these tough generals would have said no way this is gonna happen when the father died.

    “So he’s gotta have something going for him, because he kept control, which is amazing for a young person to do,” he added


      If I asked you what most defines Donald Trump supporters, what would you say? They’re white? They’re poor? They’re uneducated?

      You’d be wrong.

      In fact, I’ve found a single statistically significant variable predicts whether a voter supports Trump—and it’s not race, income or education levels: It’s authoritarianism.

    2. Just to add: Look at how the japanese are blamed for rapes, with the "comfort women". No doubt such crimes were perpetrated, but someone is slanting the whole story towards the chinese version of events. As if the chinese never rape (let alone the americans and russians).

    3. ''“So he’s gotta have something going for him, because he kept control, which is amazing for a young person to do,” he added''.

      North Korea is only the ''railroad model layout'' of Chinese intel, where they ple@se themselves in to imagine the China of their dreams.

    4. Oh yes, and just imagine what will happen of Philippines with Donald TrumPutin at the White House: sold to China in exchange of quotes of US debt

      Philippine Plane Warned by 'Chinese Navy' in Disputed Sea

      By jim gomez, associated press

      MANILA, Philippines — Jan 18, 2016, 8:36 AM ET

    5. Hell will break loose, as they say, next year. The pinnacle of secular/ungodly authority must fall down to make way of the romish confederacy. Trump is the extreme fulfillment of the american "dream" capitalist image. And putin is the epitome of the russian mujik stereotype. Rome wants people to know something. That nationalist/secular rulers cannot be good.


    1. Russia is going to devour also Jordan after Israel, the Kremlin now needs ISIS to attack Israel to complete the annexion of Israel:


      Here, a list of deceased Russian generals. The cause of death of most (14) is "self inflicted gun wound", second is (10) "traffic accident". At the bottom of the chart you will notice this purge started when Putin came to power and intensified again before the george war and after the ukraine intervention.

      The purge of Stalin took place in '37-38 so there is a pattern here. Even the chief of GRU died this january (Sergun)

    3. Very interesting, which website? in english?

    4. It is fair to say some of these generals were quite old and alcoholism and suicides are a true problem, but still the peak of suicides at Putin's operations raises a brow

    5. I wish add that site in the right blog roll list, it plenty of very detailed info.


      Putin then made a “come here” gesture with his forefinger and, in an uncharacteristically gentle manner, instructed the Jewish delegation and the Jews of Europe, saying: “Here, to us. They should come to us.”



    1. ''…Rome (and the Papacy) would be like omitting the Law of Moses or the Prophets or the Acts of the Apostles from the Bible.
          Dr. Glueck, being Jewish, and having been to Jerusalem, no doubt, is fully aware of the fact that for centuries the Catholic Church bought up what were thought to be holy sites, some of which did not stand up to Biblical description. For instance, the priests say that the tomb of Jesus is within the walls of the old Jerusalem, in a hole in the ground; whereas, the Bible says that the tomb where Jesus was laid was hewn out of rock and a stone was rolled in front and not on top of it. The Garden Tomb at the foot of Golgotha, outside the walls of old Jerusalem, meets the Biblical description perfectly. In fact, all those who were hated by the Jewish leaders, as Jesus was, could never have been allowed to be buried within the gates of the Holy City. The tomb where Jesus lay was made for Joseph of Arimathaea. His family were all stout and short of stature. In this burial place you can see to this day where someone had carved deeper into the wall to make room for Jesus who was said to be about six feet tall.
          When Pope Pius XII declared the Assumption of Mary to be an article of faith in 1950, the Catholic Church in Jerusalem then quickly sold the tomb of Mary to the Armenian Church. Ex-priest Lavallo told me personally that there is another tomb of St. Mary in Ephesus. But the tomb of St. Peter is altogether different for they would rather that it never existed, and to buy or sell such a site would be out of the question. It fell upon them in this manner, as I was told by a Franciscan monk of the monastery of....''