Monday, June 30, 2014

Obsessed with the Flood 7 - Immigrants suffocate - to let Satan breath


      Last massacre of immigrants coordinated with pope's interview about poverty?

...Just the same night, after the daily Il Messaggero publishes the propaganda-interview with pope Francis SJ and his 'infallible' opinion on the Communism, on the Catholic blasphemous interpretation of the Lord's Gospel and on the theme of poverty. Thirty immigrates die suffocated in the galley of a fishing vessel:

30/06/2014 07:39:00
Sicily, a new massacre of migrants. Thirty suffocated in a boat with six hundred people


Another massacre of the immigration via sea in the Channel of Sicily, again the scene of a tragedy linked to the mass exodus of "sea of despair" in search of salvation from places plagued by wars, conflicts based on ethnic, political or religious, hunger and persecution .

There are thirty, the bodies of migrants who were found about one o'clock at night [Monday early morning, 30th June] on board a rescue boat from the ship "Grecale" of the Italian Navy engaged in the complex operation "Mare Nostrum" in the strait between Africa and Italy....."

 Read the 'infallible' Jesuit pope on Communism:

 неделя, 29 юни 2014 г.

A joke by pope Francis


     Yes, the above word "suffocated" as underlined because the church of Rome and her 'infallible' Jesuit pope takes seriously the breathing -  what did say the State secretary of the Vatican, Parolin, exactly the same day when Il Messaggero newspaper published the interview with the pope and in the sequent night thirty wretched immigrants were dying suffocated?...:

"...[the Choir of the Moscow Patriarchate] together with that of the Sistine Chapel has animated the celebration of [pope] Francis. "Even through the art Christianity can and must breathe with both lungs"

From an article of La Stampa by me quoted in:

     How many wretched people have to die unsaved in order to satisfy the thirsty of blasphemy of the papacy and of the Jesuits? And how many survivors will be deceived by the poisonous tongue of the 'infallible' pope and will be perverted and dragged away from the arms of the Jesus Christ the Lord and the Savior?

  The immigration via boat in the Channel of Sicily as allegory of the passage from the Old World to the New World. The immigrants dying on the Channel of Sicily as allegory of the Satan's desire that inside the Ark, the righteous Shem and his family [the thirty suffocated immigrants], ancestor of Abraham,  would have died - and that many of the  wicked humans who drowned in the Flood could have escaped the Judgement  finding place in the boat as "clandestine" [the other six hundred survivors, clandestine for the legality of Italian legal system henceforth allegory of the "illegal" -  from the point of view of the spiritual law of the New World - wickedness Satan poured again in the world after the Flood. Stay sure they'll do everything in order the survivors remain spiritually unsaved after being physically saved from the waters, to then die in their sins]....:


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Obsessed with the Flood - 6

Monday, May 19, 2014

pope Francis S.J., for friends aka: Moloch?.


  1. Yes, the breath of the Pope is the Satanic counterfeit "breath of life" given by God (and Jesus' breathing of the Holy Spirit). And come to think of it, it is symbolic that Francis only has one lung (West-East schism still in force), as that Mary statue only has 4 fingers (fifth Marian dogma not yet proclaimed)

  2. Sunday, April 19, 2015
    "a positive force for justice and peace" [Ahmadinejad, 2008]