Sunday, June 29, 2014

From the Strait of Hormuz to the Arctic circle - II: and now annexation of IRAQ.


For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, 
and lose his own soul?

Mark 8:36 (KJV)

*   *   *

       The [Catholic] administration in the White House - even CNN's journalist smelled the stench:

Did U.S. leave vacuum for Iran, Syria?

June 25, 2014 -- Updated 2025 GMT (0425 HKT)

The US isn't doing airstrikes in Iraq. Is there a vacuum for Syria and Iran to step in? CNN's Fareed Zakaria weighs in.

       Congratulations with the journalist Fareed Zakarias. Could he have read my posts three, four, quite also five years ago, he would have not used the question marks.

       Obama is only obeying to the order from Vatican: "create a crisis between you and Iraqy government in order to leave space to the Eastern Roman empire". [Putin's Russia with his Southern province aka "Iran"]. The same tactic used with the Mulsim Brotherhood, where the Obama US administration supported the military coupe who disbanded the dreams of an 'holy war' against Assad. Obama saved Assad i.e. Putin i.e. the Eastern Roman Empire - short of memory? Here re-fresh your neural cells:

Monday, March 24, 2014

The spy who came - III

      Now you have the smoking gun as regard the "Sunni Caliphate" of which Eric Jon Phelps supported by Craig Oxley was obsessibely hammering in the heads of the anti-Jesuitish 'alternative' internet-surfers for years and years. Anti-Jewish or anti-Jesuitish, the 'alternative' surfers are for great part the same bunch of hypocrisy.

     "Sunni Caliphate" as only a deception, an alibi in order to threw in the eyes the sand of the "Zionist" and "CIA" supported Al Qaeda. But Al Qaeda was always satyisfying the necessity of an alibi for the enlargement of the Eastern Roman Empire, in order then to unite it with the Western Roman Empire (EU). In the last years it is quite sure the Marxist China interests in such Al Qaeda were aimed to help "Putin's Russia" (Eastern Roman empire) thirsty of expansionism. In its turn the Kremlin is supporting the Chinese Panda's pawn on Chinese sea, on Vietnam and Philippines:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China?

     Today we know why China allegedly offered an employment to jobeless Al Qaeda. Look at Iraq:


Iraq receives Russian fighter jets to fight rebels


    Look at the map in the above quoted article, Sirya, Iran and Iraq have to melt in order to constitute the Southern bulwark for the Eastern Roman (Catholic) Empire, today known as "Putin's Russia". From the Strait of Hormuz to the Arctic circle.

Friday, April 4, 2014

From the Strait of Hormuz to the Arctic circle.

 Here you have the final confirmation. In an speech about Communism and Iraq:


 "It's hard to stay honest in politics, the environment conditions,"  

Pope Francis: "The Communists have stolen the flag of the poor"  

The pontiff to the Messenger: "The issue of poverty is a Christian" .  

And after the Angelus appeals to prevent the Iraq war: "Dialogue is the only way to peace"  


         This was only the first part regarding both Iraq as well the Vatican Communism [see References], or the pillage of the poor people using the Gospel as "human shield" to hide themselves behind. As regard Iraq war, seen from the perspective of the expansion of the Eastern Roman (Catholic) Empire, in the future to be absorbed inside the Western Roman (Catholic) empire, all is confirmed by this simple news:



Parolin thanked the Choir of the Moscow Patriarchate

Together with that of the Sistine Chapel has animated the celebration of [pope] Francis. "Even through the art of Christianity can and must breathe with both lungs"

Redazione roma


On the occasion of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the Choir of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Sistine Chapel are animated together the celebration of Pope Francis in the Basilica of St. Peter. The two ensembles have also performed a concert together last night in the Sistine Chapel entitled "Ut unum sint. The musical tradition of the two lungs of the Church. "And the Secretary of State Pietro Parolin - in a speech released by the Vatican Radio - wanted to greet Patriarch Kirill and the entire Russian Orthodox Church, stressing that "the passion for sacred music traditions of two seemingly so far away, lets contemplate a ray of beauty that emanates from the encounter with the Savior. "

"Even through art - said the Secretary of State - Christianity can and must breathe with two lungs, with the traditions of East and West." "The sacred music - adds the cardinal - makes us feel enveloped in the same mystery of grace and makes us feel so special nostalgia for unity." The union of the two choirs - he concluded the cardinal Parolin - wants to be "a tangible sign of a willingness to walk together, working for the good of the people of our time, and beg the Lord for the gift of full communion among all believers in Christ. "

      "The sacred music - adds the cardinal - makes us feel enveloped in the same mystery of grace and makes us feel so special nostalgia for unity."... Well, Father Kiril Romanov (provisorily) is only the fantasy of a Jesuitical psychiatrist, we can quite consider under Satan's inspiration,  but a "fantasy" (a spirit? Legion?) waiting the right living body within to incarnate....:
  ".... Father Kiril Romanov, the Cova’s pastor, is a solidly-orthodox CATHOLIC priest and a talented musician who keeps the classics of great polyphonic Catholic music alive in the context of a weekly high TRIDENTINE MASS. ...."

 Thursday, April 24, 2014

ROMAN CATHOLIC Romanov soon on the throne of Jesuits' Kremlin [H. Stiliyanov confirmed]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world


I noticed the last post of Stiliyanov:

 неделя, 29 юни 2014 г.

A joke by pope Francis


 The picture of the flag comes from the historical famous post of Douglas Willinger where he reported it from an online news:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Buried Standard

   Pope Francis SJ, reported by the quoted article from newspaper Il Corriere della Sera,  told that ....."the poor are at the heart of the Gospel. Take Matthew 25, the protocol over which we shall be judged: I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was in prison, I was sick, naked. Or look at the Beatitudes, another flag. The communists say that this is a communist. Yeah, right, twenty centuries later. So you might say when talking to them, but you are a Christian. ". 

     Well after 2000 years after Luke 20:47 and his widows, the scribes found another PR in pope Francis SJ. What distinguish the Antichrist and a worshiper of Satan like this pope, is the policy consisting in to never tell the truth to the people, where famine and poverty aren't a condition of "blessing", but the judgement of God respect an apostate country, for his warfare against the Lord's Gospel.  Roman Catholicism is working at his best as a tool of Satan to reverse the significance of the divine signs. Because Satanism at his best is not an open, frontal deny of the Gospel, but a perfidious cunning use of some pieces of the Gospel to increase the legions of Satan on earth.

 Pope Francis SJ - diligent vicarious aka anti of Christ - repeats the Lord's invite to give the proper wealth away, to the poor, but because he is sure that  the great part of the receivers are un-saved and un-repented.  "Saved people doesn't need of wealth" is the popish slogan for heathens hit by the judgement of God and label themselves "Christians"

And as regards the Communism this was all. See:

 Thursday, May 1, 2014

First May, the feast of the Vatican pillage of heretics?



    ISIL declares new 'Islamic caliphate'
    Rebels fighting in Iraq under ISIL banner announce creation of Islamic state, extending from Diyala to Syria's Aleppo.

    1. Yes, this is the "Islamic Caliphate" of which was talking EJP:

      "...Thursday, February 08, 2007........Additionally, the Moslem world is calling for the establishment of a new Caliphate which will be centered in a new, rebulit Babylon! It was on the news a few weeks ago; I nearly fell out of my chair.

      "...ERIC JON PHELPS . ARTICLES FROM VATICANASSASSINS.ORG The Pope’s Puppets Want to Take Away your Guns as did Jesuits Hitler and Stalin!
      .... Further, this unity among Sunni Islamic nations (including filthy rich Kuwait, the UAE and “Saudi” Arabia thanks to American technology given by the pope’s Knights) will then create a revived Sunni Caliphate, the forerunner of the pope’s Revived Kingdom of Babylon as per Jeremiah 50 and Revelation 18. So again, where are the Jesuits taking us via this agitation in Washington?

    2. More like this revived Sunni caliphate (or the potential succeeding SECOND Ottoman one) will provide the enemy and the casus beli for the Russian/Shia expansionism toward the west and the retaking of territories around the black sea. One cannot help but notice that Iraq has been as a buffer zone in the levant between the "heretic"/sunni arabs and turks and the "orthodox" shia. The sectarian strife within the country could always be used by the jesuits to ignite a war and implement the last part of their plan for Islam.

    3. "....... (or the potential succeeding SECOND Ottoman one).......".

      Yes it is highly probable, Turkey is the country in Middle East now which is losing credibility in front of Putin's Russia, filled with inner problems, probably another coup of Turkish military (presented as "bad guys") supported by (popish) USA in order to stir up again the world against cursed USA, all that will give the alibi for the definitive burial of Iran, Sirya, Iraq inside the Eastern Roman (Catholic) Empire (Putin's russia) and then when the mission will be accomplished they'll make explode SUNNI Turkey with a "Turkish Spring" ideologically pro-Catholic, pro-Putin's Russia, and very much anti-Israel, anti-USA etc......


      "...... 13 December 2013 Last updated at 01:28 GMT
      The speed with which unarmed protests against a brutal authoritarian government morphed into a vicious civil war with sectarian overtones in Syria has shocked everyone. There are rising tensions between Sunni and Shia Muslims in many parts of the region, and Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia are now effectively fighting a proxy war in Syria. ......
      NO-ONE WOULD HAVE PREDICT at the beginning of the Arab Spring that IRAN WOULD GAIN FROM IT. At the beginning of the process, it was marginalised and crippled by sanctions imposed because of its nuclear ambitions. Now it's IMPOSSIBLE to imagine a solution in Syria without Iranian agreement, and with its presidency under new management its even talking to the world powers about that nuclear programme.

      Saudi Arabia and Israel are both alarmed by America's READINESS TO TALK TO TEHRAN - anything that puts those two countries on the same side of an argument has to be pretty historic.

    5. Sunday, February 13, 2011

      Berlusconi, Tarak Ben Ammar, Nessma and the Egyptian & Tunisian (WORLD DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT instigated) 'revolutions'