Monday, June 16, 2014

Stalingrad - Iraq


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From Stalingrad to Koenisberg - in the post "Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Plausible Counter Reformation Stratey" (see link below).

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Al-Stalingrad, the history repeat itself.

*   *   *
     History repeat itself (Jesuits are a monotony of cliques). Only substitute the "German Wehrmacht", of Reformed Prussian core, with the 'Reformed' Islam of Wahabism; substitute Stalin's Russia, Jesuit-backed, with Shia Iran, (Jesuits') Putin-backed. And substitute "Eastern Protestant Prussia" and the neighboring Baltic countries with the belt going from the Israeli-Syrian Mediterranean coast to the Hormuz strait. For further details of the present-days Jesuits' World Democratic Government tactic, check the old application of the same SJ Lodochowsky' scheme in this blog:

".....Make sure that key events, along with all of the major players, are manipulated for the desired outcome, including perhaps even your fellow Jesuits, who may not necessarily know your objective[s].
In this case of geo political religious chessboard, that meant a Germany starting a brutal war against civilians, which it would lose......" [by Douglas Willinger].

     The plane of the Jesuits is to liquidate the Sunni/Wahabbi "Reformation" after having imposed to them the "bad guy" role. But then it will be the turn of the Shia Iran, or the "good guy, nowadays the Southern Province of the Eastern Roman Empire [Putin's Russia] . When it will happen, it will be too late for the Ayatollah.

 "...7:44pm June 16, 2014
...Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) jihadist group are also said to have killed scores of Iraqi soldiers as they pushed an advance on the capital, including in a "horrifying" massacre that has drawn international condemnation.


 All fits, nothing more to add to the Stiliyanov's most recent posts:

    Edited some hours after publishing (I forgot Stiliyanov most important post):

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Guilty by association - are you a FUNDAMENTALIST

"....The brand of Islam that now stands in the way of the Unification is WAHHABISM, which is supported by USA backed and Britain created SAUDI ARABIA. However Rome still needs it to ACCUSE the west of engineering the arabs springs (which they ARE guilty of, but there is an underlying agenda for the destruction of the USA, Britain and Israel) and further, to throw in these theological implications of "sola scriptura" type of reasoning being behind war-mongering and unrest in the world (AKA TALIBAN AMERICA).....":

сряда, 11 юни 2014 г.

Islam - the big picture, The City of Kings

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  1. When there's crisis you do every effort to drag money and shut your mouth:

    ".......March 17, 2014: 11:44 AM ET.....LONDON (CNNMoney)
    Russians spent billions of dollars on European companies over the weekend, underlining the DEEP TIES BETWEEN MOSCOW AND THE EU.

    The deals came as it grew increasingly likely that Europe would issue sanctions on Russia over what it sees as Russian meddling in Ukraine. Indeed, EU foreign ministers met on Monday to agree on measures such as travel bans and asset freezes on individuals.

    On Sunday, Mikhail Fridman -- one of Russia's richest men -- snapped up a German oil and gas company via an investment firm established in Luxembourg last year by Alfa Group, his conglomerate of financial, retail and utility companies.

    In the deal, German energy group RWE (RWEOY) said it had agreed on terms to sell its Dea production unit for about $7 billion, including about $800 million in debt. .........."

  2. Meanwhile the Western world will financially collapse, and the Sunni/Wahabbi will be annihilated together with Ukraine-Commonwealth, Eastern and Western Roman empires will join and the financial control of the world of the Vatican will intermingle with the economic collaboration of the new popish fifedoms:

    Dimitri Papadimitriou, Sunday 15 June 2014 17.58 BST

    US personal finance

    The coming 'TSUNAMI OF DEBT' and financial crisis in AMERICA

    Forces that caused the world economy to collapse, including income inequality and debt, are again in action, and could drag corporations down in their wake..........."

    1. "So why look down the road – say, to 2017
      Under the current disastrous economic and tax policies, we can look forward to rapid increases in debt for both corporations and households from at least 2015 to 2017: a tsunami of debt."

      Coincidences are raining like money in the bank accounts of the popelings.

      Of course they would say "the USA will probably plunge into another war to gain land and resources and diminish its debt", but this time the USA is "checked" by the Russia-snowden-Assad knowledge about its skeletons in the closet. If it starts a war it will be suicide....with the trump cards of 9/11, wahhabism, Ukraine etc in the sleeves of Putin and co. But who knows what the puppeteers have decided?

    2. Yes for 2017 it will be the Big Crunch.

      Appreciate also the words "By early 2017, with growth likely to stall even according to CBO predictions, it should be apparent that we're reliving an alarming history. " followed by the face of Jesuit Terrorist Guy Fawks:

    3. The mask of hatred against the Elizabeth and James 1 (be they what they were) founded british protestantism(imperialism) . Well, you can recall how anti-britainism is coupled with sinophilia, russophilia etc in the craig oxley forums. Certainly, the british aristocracy(as any other aristocracy) is a puppet of the jesuits. However that almost mindless anti-britainism (including in the USA) is only the Satanic foam on the mouths of his puppets for the halting of the expansion of his empire 400 years ago.

      I also remember Jacky Chan's role in this in China, where the guy's every second movie is about "evil" british imperialists trying to enslave the chinese. Also, remember the movie of Roman Catholic Mel Gibson "the patriot" where the french are good and always helpful, but the british are a bunch of brute beasts? And many other curiously poignant stabs at the Island of infidels.

      Yes, the nightmares of the 16th century are still with Rome, it is scarier than the masonic/catholic influenced act of the 4th July 1776 . . .

    4. "........ And many other curiously poignant stabs at the Island of infidels.......".

      But they still conserve the title of "protectors of Holy See". Usual hypocrisy. A trade with the Devil/Rome. It is not the usual Admiralty Law/Canonical Law, it is also due to the fact that the British crown, being head of a schism, has NO voice in the election of the new popes (like, at the opposite, the Catholic monarchies). This is why great part of Catholic monarchies were wiped away remaining only Spain and Belgium...


    ".....Last updated: 16 Jun 2014 14:06......... Iran and Turkey: Unlikely duo amid regional turmoil
    Cooperation between Turkey and Iran is critical for the resolution of persisting conflicts in the Middle East......Last week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited Turkey - the first president to have done so since 2008. Previous to this visit, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had attended Rouhani's inauguration and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had been to Tehran. Clearly, there is a warming of relations between the two......"

  4. An idea that comes to me is the Sunni-Shia thing representing Western and Eastern Catholicism, with the Jews representing the Protestants.

  5. OK, but what you describe is the larger game and in fact Shia and Sunni were competing each other in the game "who is the greater victim of Israel?" (this is why I believe many bomb attacks against SHIA by SUNNI Wahabi in Iraq, then given the guilty to "Zionist" Al Qaeda, because Sunni Hamas, always hit in the front line by Israel's forces, was becoming too much the "star" in the Islam world shadowing Shia Iran... "More hit by Israel = more honor between Muslims").

    This described by you confirm the general scheme behind the creation of Islam in the III century (see Rivera). fOnly add to Jews the Christians, scriptural Christians. But then, beyond the general war, there are the particular battles like this one... it is indisputable that Wahabism now represents the Reformed Christians, both strictly depending on Scriptures and iconoclastic, meanwhile Shia has more common points with Catholicism - see how works this deception now:

  6. The current war might be a purge of the sunnis from "radical" or potentially "renegade" muslims, unwanted considering the future merger/alliance with Romanism, and like you have pointed out this drama is reminiscent of the double betrayal of Vlasov. The reason they are flocking to Iraq is to set their caliphat and wait for their Mahdi. We are yet to see how much room and time Rome has given them before the show is over. And you will find many "jihadi" videos from albania, germany, pakistan, all over the world to encourage those uncompromising Sharia lovers to go there. Other bonuses would be the blood of Shia and "christians" and more stains on the USA foreign policy.

    " it is indisputable that Wahabism now represents the Reformed Christians, both strictly depending on Scriptures and iconoclastic, meanwhile Shia has more common points with Catholicism - see how works this deception now:"

    Indeed, the more subtle theological implications are there. From the well known financial/logistical support of the USA for those radical wahhabis to the sola scriptura/iconoclastic tenets of both christian and these sunni fundamentalists.

    After this ordeal is over, the moderate sunnis will have no choice but be silent when "Fatima" appears and blesses the Shia and Rome/Orthodox.

    Terry Jones, the Quran burning pastor:

    The commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus said, "IT IS PRECISELY THE KIND OF ACTON THE TALIBAN USES and could cause significant problems.