Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome in the Virtual Reality World of Evolutionism

 Just seen in Focus "scientific" channel.

Is this how works the money you pay with taxes? With which you supply govt. agencies of intelligence? Is this how does work the money with which you purchase goods and  pay corporations? 

Creating a Virtual Reality to destroy Bible? So welcome in the New World of mass psychiatric manipulation of the mind:

Above video - "Mermaid 3000 Feet Deep Off the Coast of Greenland Mermaid Caugt. etc." - URL:  http://youtu.be/iuXPdQqMYW0

Remember the Evolutionist religious cult of Mermaids: Mermaids are simply the evolutionist parallel of man descending from Ape-man, the difference is that they are the Fish-man.

The Theorem under such "footage": Fish-men exist because monkeys too  go inside rivers, lakes etc. (really! like the swimming bear that would transform in whale! they showed a short piece with monkey inside river!); therefore a branch of monkey evolved in the...... Fish-man!

But because the missing link is still missing, we can create one with the Virtual Reality of Dream Works Inc., intelligence, Romish masonic orders, actors, movie directors, storyboard writers, behaviorists, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, etc. 

If Evolutionism is collapsed also because he cannot exhibit any kind of missing link, we'll tell you, with the help of science fiction, that there's a "conspiracy" to "hide the missing link".

If you are a professional of scuba diving, there's a future for you in order to earn the daily bread.  

 An excerpt from The Two Babylons of Hislop in the tradition of using "tricks and artifices of magic":

 Page 65-66 at pdf doc. URL: https://ia701209.us.archive.org/10/items/theTwoBabylons/TheTwoBabylons.pdf

Now the secret system of the Mysteries gave vast facilities
for imposing on the senses of the
initiated by means of the various tricks and artifices of magic. Notwithstanding all the care and
precautions of those who conducted these initiations, enough has transpired to give us a very
clear insight into their real
character. Everything was so contrived as to wind up the minds of the
novices to the highest pitch of excitement, that, after having surrendered themselves implicitly to
the priests, they might be prepared to receive anything. After the candidates for init
iation had
passed through the confessional, and sworn the required oaths, "strange and amazing objects,"
says Wilkinson, "presented themselves. Sometimes the place they were in seemed to shake
around them; sometimes it appeared bright and resplendent with
light and radiant fire, and then
again covered with black darkness, sometimes thunder and lightning, sometimes frightful noises
and bellowings, sometimes terrible apparitions astonished the trembling spectators." Then, at
last, the great god, the central o
bject of their worship, Osiris, Tammuz, Nimrod or Adonis, was
revealed to them in the way most fitted to soothe their feelings and engage their blind affections.
An account of such a manifestation is thus given by an ancient Pagan, cautiously indeed, but y
in such a way as shows the nature of the magic secret by which such an apparent miracle was
accomplished: "In a manifestation which one must not reveal...there is seen on a wall of the
temple a mass of light, which appears at first at a very great dista
nce. It is transformed, while
unfolding itself, into a visage evidently divine and supernatural, of an aspect severe, but with a

touch of sweetness. Following the teachings of a mysterious religion, the Alexandrians honour it
as Osiris or Adonis." From thi
s statement, there can hardly be a doubt that the magical art here
employed was none other than that now made use of in the modern phantasmagoria. Such or
similar means were used in the very earliest periods for presenting to the view of the living, in
secret Mysteries, those who were dead. We have statements in ancient history referring to the
very time of Semiramis, which imply that magic rites were practised for this very purpose; * and
as the magic lantern, or something akin to it, was manifestly us
ed in later times for such an end,
it is reasonable to conclude that the same means, or similar, were employed in the most ancient
times, when the same
were produced....."


 Sunday, November 17, 2013

Aliens are darwinist. 


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