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Aliens are darwinist.


In the previous post i warned you that "scientific" sources of information support the Annunaki-Alien agenda. The are doing now it openly. Without shame. But let's analyses this fact.

Once they (Alien agenda and UFOlogy from a side, Official Science from other) were apparently enemies. But secretly brothers. Today they are more and more openly brothers. Why? But simply the aliens help Evolutionist science to get rid off her monstrous contradictions. I am not the first to say that, many other creationists told that before me.

When Evolutionist science and her daughters, Cosmology/Big-Bangology, Paleontology, etc. were  facing the catastrophe of a life on planet earth who is impossible to see generated spontaneously from mud, suddenly the "white knight", the alien, appeared on the scene, saving Evolutionist science from death.

Like a Wagner's Loenghrin, the Alien suddenly appear on the stages of the Theatrical Evolutionist modern science, in order to give the proof of the "sincerity" of madame Evolutionism: "Hey, look at me, you skeptics!",... it seems to hear the alien speaking,... "Arent we aliens, coming on earth since early fifties in an astronomical nuimber of different races,the proof that life evolved spontaneously from the muds of billions of other planets of our universe???".....

Of course Evolutionist science was not satisfied. Her saviour was simply her creature. Put together Cosmolgy, Paleontology, Geology, etc., put on them the head of Darwin's Evolution Theory, add some communication strategies as members and you get it! The Evolutionism' monster, the Alien!

Therefore the job had to be completed. In believeing to be god, men had to explain how life can be created without God. But they cannot use directly Cosmology, Paleontology, etc. because if life "arouse spontaneously" also the explanation of that has to arise spontaneously. The "alien who created man fifty thousands years ago at Niniveh" are only Cosmology, Paleontology, Darwinism etc. which are moving "spontaneously" and in coordination in the direction of the revelation of the "biggest truth of all the times".

 Aliens "created man to render him a slave" but notwithstanding that the alien agenda is fascinating the more the spectator. Why? But because aliens, with their "revelations" are freeing the man from God. Are liberating you from the Bible.

The fantasy of the alien agenda allows to men to hide the existence of God in their eyes and especially the fact that they are under the judgement of God. God allowing the circus of Sitchin and Icke is showing us how much the Bible and Genesis are feared by men. In the opposite case no one would seek in the David Icke's lectures that perverted sensation of freedom from the Word of God.

Therefore God can be confined in a corner of universe, and dealt with Him like the "useful primordial idiot" who just created the first Holy Singularity of Big Bang. To be then fired by Lemaitre, Darwin, Einstein & C.  Then, being God exiled for the rest of 14 or 15 billions years, reduced to a life of an homeless at the borders of the "fantastic city of Evolutionist science", you have to populate the universe with many "vicarious" of God claiming to do His job in His absence.... History is always the same, the less the power of God on earth, the greater the power of the papacy.... just only think to the astronomical number of scientific institutions funded and owned by the Vatican all around the globe... just find only one out of them which is not evolutionist.....:

"Vatican Prepares for Annunaki Disclosure.flv" - URL:

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