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[Please, at the end watch  the video on the intelligentsia - who elaborated the "Alien agenda" hoax, exposed as Vatican, Jesuit and Masonic connected. Mostly reporting articles in Italian, but Mauro Biglino, a member of the Evolutionist Mythology Intelligentsia, has been programmed to become the "greatest authority on the Bible of the world".]

One of the most virulent aggressions against the Bible. Focus and her National Socialist propaganda continues supported with the millions of Euro/dollars necessary to manage a giant enterprise of anti Biblical media propaganda.

They are revealing a secret... invented. You dont reveal any 'secret' in the biggest audience hour, but you do only propaganda. The attack against the Bible is complete. Focus, this Nazi channel of anti Biblical hate, reveals herself for what it is. The Bible is considered by such documentaries a total fraud created by Aliens. The Jews are treated as the 'villain' as they are on the side of the Bad Guy, the "Alien chief" who "massacred the Egyptian children". There's so no difference between such documentaries and the Nazi propaganda. Of course the Alien are presented divided in two faction, the "bad one" ("leading the Jews of course") and the "good one". But why? But for the simple reason that when you broadcast in the first hours of the evening, when you have at disposition the biggest audience, you cannot at the same time pretend to reveal "the most thrilling secret of humanity" which "the Alien want to hide". How do you justify the fact that the POWERFUL Aliens were unable to stop you from the revelation of their projects? But in creating (inventing) another kind of Alien, the "good one" who is "protecting you".

So Focus, and the production company of such "documentaries" (if not wrong it is involved the Roman Catholic Vatican controlled FOX...) are the "allies" of the "Good Alien". Does it all recall you of something?

Yes, this recall the National Socialist mythology, the esoteric religion of the Jesuitical Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler and especially of Counter Reformation Wittelsbach backed Heinrich Himmler. The "universal" struggle between a transcendent principle of Good and Evil, was materialized in the secular struggle between two titanic races, the Aryan one representing the today "Good Alien", the Jewish one representing the today "Bad Alien". The structure of the propaganda spread by the channel of Focus is therefore – to use a technical term borrowed from algebra – perfectly isomorphic (coincident) to the Hitlerian one. I would say even more than isomorphic, it deals here what algebrists call an automorphism of the Satanic (crypto Roman Catholic) Nazism in itself.

 Dont be deceived by the quiet appearance of such "experts". Their 'innocent' and familiar attitude, their soft-freak, counter-cultural ways, are the same of the first Nazis. When Hitler, Guido von List, etc. and their spiritual and intellectual precursors were young boys playing in the beginning of the XX century with emptied bottles of wine laying them on the ground in order to draw, in the nocturne exoteric Nazi "rave parties", swastikas on the hills around Vienna, they had the same "freak", "innocent" appearance of the today's experts of the "Alien who created man" religion, they were apparently un-offensive freak intellectuals, "unable to harm the weakiest fly" with their "curious dreams". But  the 'innocent' proto-Nazi characters of Vienna were also the same ones who later were then used to pursue the mega-purge of tens of millions of 'heretic' in Eurasia, . It seems that the wheel of history now is ready for another bloody turn. God has to be mocked and slandered. Jews, the roots of the Bible destroyed, the branches of those roots, the Gospel of Jesus the Lord, cut away, in order to free humans from any fear of God, from any moral and ethic except the one dictated by the mute atoms and chemistry inspired, pervaded and perverted by the Alien Mythology religion. Alien Religion: which else better sentinel with which to control science and to stop her from the desire of reconciliation with God, in the perfect sense of Proverbs 1:7? But this evil, satanic sentinel, the Alien Religion, has to be inoculated like a sweet and fascinating syphilis in the innocent minds and hearts of the youth who waste hours of their life watching the Nazi propaganda channel of Focus, where the scientists of Peenemunde would have made a well figure.... 
    So which else better context in order to destroy any moral and ethic limit dictated by the sense of relation with God, and to make again explode the homicidal mass-murder instincts of the mob in order to pursue another giant bloody religious purge for the sake of Mystery, the Harlot on the Seven Hills of Rome? It seems that both Nazi-Fascists as well Bolsheviks - like popes and Jesuits - were (are) die-hard enemies of the Bible.... Figure it out how Evolutionism worked well on Nazi-Fascist and Communist ideology and caused their evolution , melting both in the today's mythology, the Cult of the Alien...: 

In Italy, the diamond head of the anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and so anti-Biblical "scientifically correct" persecution, is Mauro Biglino, an old attachè of the Vatican as he was a translator for the Vatican owned "Edizioni Paoline". He was also member of Masonry [which is simply the true structure of the anti-God religion of Cush and Nimrod and at the same time the structure on which is built both Roman Catholicism, and all the pagan regimes of the world, especially the pagan ancient Rome]. His works also involves an opportunist attack to the same Vatican, putting it in a book with the title "Roman Catholic church and Masonry". Maybe the work of Alexander Hislop is too powerful and Rome needs to obscure it under the shadow of a work of know their way of operate,. ... fight fire with fire....

Video on Jesuit-Vatican "Alien agenda" ("Bible is an Alien creation"...): "I Massoni Zecharia Sitchin, Mauro Biglino & Leo Zagami" or "The Masons Zecharia Sitchin, Mauro Biglino & Leo Zagami ", see below:

See the above video at the URL:

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Aliens are darwinist.


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