Saturday, November 23, 2013

The speed of the light.


One of the most important religious Satan's war against science linked with God was  the one against the ether. 

Nicholas Tesla, one of the most important scientists of all the time, based his concept of the space on ether. Of course to not speak of Maxwell:

".....However, another idea which Tesla discussed was abandoned by modern physicists, and that was the concept of the all pervasive ether. This led to a number of key differences between Tesla’s view of the world as compared to that of Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Tesla disagreed with the findings of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in a number of ways. As far back as the turn of the century, Tesla thought that he had intercepted cosmic rays emanating from the sun that attained velocities “vastly exceeding that of light.” In the last decade of his life he also claimed that these cosmic rays could be harnessed to generate electrical power. ......" [ ].

Therefore it arise in my mind the suspect that the light's speed had to be limited in order to find an excuse to the fact that a billion year universe still doesnt see alien visitors to the earth. The contradition is evident: if life is generated spontaneously from the muds of whatever other planet without the involvement of God, why such mud-generated beings didnt yet reach the earth? The contradiction has been solved putting a limit to the maximum speed allowed to hypotetical mud-generated visitors not allowing easy space travels.

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