Wednesday, November 13, 2013

God created also the distances


"........How can we revise these sets of equations in a way that can be reconciled with current observations while simultaneously accounting for the ability to see distant stars in only six-thousand years?........." [references]

The problem doesnt exist as Universe was created as it is. Light didnt travel million or billions of year in force of the fact it was just created along her path. 6000 years ago the light of Andromeda was just hitting planet earth. Because if God creates astronomical distances He can also fill them with light in the same true very instant of creation.

Comment of Robert Byers:

"......If the stars have a function then God would make them instantly useful and seeable........".

If we have to believe in the Saint Miracle of Big Bang when something popped out of nothing, why not to believe in an instant creation "ready to use"? God didnt create a single cell and then let her to manage herself through evolution, so God didnt create stars and then let them to wait some billions of years (time requested to light to travel between galaxies etc.)  in order to be visible one each other.


Above excerpts coming from below article which completely misses the point of creation.

Distant Starlight, the thorn in the side of YEC — can there be a middle ground?

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