Friday, November 22, 2013

The Book of Hosea, Matthew 23:13 and the city of Trieste


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The city where i live seems to be extracted from the vivid allegoric description of the Book of Hosea and from the powerful verses of Matthew 23:13.... she has been consecrated to the idolatry of the nationalism, especially the Italian one... Satan the prince of the world is the secret hidden lord of this city built it on satanic esoteric lines... the Italian nationalism had the task to destroy any desire of emancipation of the Slovenes from the narrow, ignorant, primitive social environment which ws controlled by the church or Rome.... a city of Trieste, with her cosmopolitan cultural environment, could have dragged many Slovenes outside the control of the priests of the native village... the Slovenes in contact with the cosmopolitan city could have changed their minds and souls opening them to new world and getting rid of the bondage of the reactionary church of Rome.... the Italian nationalism was the religious answer of the descendents of Ham, Cush and Nimrod... it is based on a secret religious fanatical cult of the abstract national concept of Italianity... which fanatically fights everything not-Italian especially Slovenes as a means of esoteric transcendent mystical "redemption".... but the anti-Slovene hate of the Italian nationalist mob had the task to instigate in the Slovenes the hate against the desire of emancipation from the narrow retrograde social environment of the Slovene rural land, with poor education, lacking instruction, un-existing culture and strictly controlled by the suffocating Roman Catholicism...rare things are more revolting than the Italian fanatic nationalist hateful pharisees and scribes, which are guilty to have... "...shut up the kingdom of heaven against men" [Matthew 23:13, KJV Bible],,... the  pharisee persecution shut up the kingdom of heaven against the Slovenes constrained by the Italian nationalist fanatics to go back in the evil ignorance of "...MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" [Rev. 17:5 KJV] who ruled the land and the villages,...nothing was more impiety, hateful, without mercy and exalted by the drug of the proper the same brutality than the Italian anti-Slovene nationalism,... not rarely even more hateful than the same anti-Slavic hate of the German Nazis.......All these Italian fanatic nationalist pharisees and scribes, may they burn forever in Hell tortured by demons in the eternity ....

Excerpt from the page:

The Book of Prophecies of Hosea stands first in order among the "Minor Prophets." "The probable cause of the location of Hosea may be the thoroughly national character of his oracles, their length, their earnest tone, and vivid representations." This was the longest of the prophetic books written before the Captivity. Hosea prophesied in a dark and melancholy period of Israel's history, the period of Israel's decline and fall. Their sins had brought upon them great national disasters. "Their homicides and fornication, their perjury and theft, their idolatry and impiety, are censured and satirized with a faithful severity." He was a contemporary of Isaiah. The book may be divided into two parts, the first containing chapters 1-3, and symbolically representing the idolatry of Israel under imagery borrowed from the matrimonial relation. The figures of marriage and adultery are common in the Old Testament writings to represent the spiritual relations between Jehovah and the people of Israel. Here we see the apostasy of Israel and their punishment, with their future repentance, forgiveness, and restoration. The second part, containing 4-14, is a summary of Hosea's discourses, filled with denunciations, threatenings, exhortations, promises, and revelations of mercy.

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