Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Footprints hidden by mainstream conspiracy source of information


Ask yourself why a digital tv channel like FOCUS specialized in scientific documentaries in Italy, linked to rationale magazine FOCUS, spreads documentaries on the UFO where openly the lies are affirmed like truth (Oak wood sighting, clearly UFO created by using remote controlled model helicopters with lights and flying in formation in order to give impression of a giant triangle in the sky ... "mile long starship").

And at the same time meanwhile aliens are enjoying the maximum of cover by media,  alternative or not, the below arguments are completely darkened also by the "mainstream counter-culture media" and by great part of conspiracy sources of information.

That betrays an hidden agenda of the manipulation of information (aliens, time-travels, Black holes travels, etc.) consisting in to present an universe "billion years old" and the life on planet "million years old" and generated in spontaneous way from mud. Genesis book Denial.

Assuming that aliens created life on earth it implies only to push the problem of creation of life away from earth and relocate it on another planet far away from the attention. 


Alien agenda has been developed in order to counter the definitive crack of the EVOLUTIONIST/ATHEIST AGENDA, it only hid the contradiction of the latter. If life is impossible to arise spontaneously on earth, for the same reason it is impossible to arise spontaneously from mud on every other planet of this universe:

Above image - "..The human footprint had been made first, and shortly thereafter (before the mud turned to stone), a dinosaur stepped in the mud with its middle toe stepping on top of the human track. You can actually see the displaced mud from the dinosaur's middle toe inside the human footprint..."  http://www.bible.ca/tracks/delk-track.htm

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