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Roman Catholicism = MANICHEISM [definitive demonstration]


Above image - pope Francis words: "God never become tired of  forgiving, we are the ones who become  tired of asking his mercy

In the Georgi Vasilev's book, chapter "dualist ideas in William Tyndale's works" Tyndale and the bogomils are accused of concealing their true cosmogony under the disguise of orthodoxy. I.e they preached that the God of the bible is the Creator of all and that all His creation was good and that Satan corrupted the world, but in secret they propounded exactly the opposite, the ineffable God<>demiurge opposition of gnosticism/manichaeism.[by Christo Stiliyanov]

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LYING mouth and the bogomils

Roman Catholicism assassinated millions of true Christians in the Greatest Holocaust in human history, from Constantine till the dawn of the Reformation age. She did that in the name of the "war on Manicheism", but as often it happens with Satan, Roman Catholicism was accusing others (her victims) of the principal sin in which every priest, pope, jesuit, friar, monk, cardinal, bishop etc. every day, every hour and minute of their existence are busy to live: that God didn't create also the material world and that they are even "over" God.

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I too now am doing a post. It waits to be published since October 2015, when i started to translate it from the Italian lang., when I created this in August 2015.
I cannot anymore delay it after this post.

[I translated it in an hurry, from the original Italian where I first wrote it, it could be edited in future]

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Roman Catholicism = MANICHEISM [definitive demonstration]

".... The principle of Pagan idolatry went directly to exalt fallen humanity, to consecrate its lusts, to give men license to live after the flesh, and yet, after such a life, to make them sure of eternal felicity. E-anus, the "fallen man," was set up as the human Head of this system of corruption--this "Mystery of Iniquity." Now, from this we come to see the real meaning of the name, applied to the divinity commonly worshipped in Phrygia along with Cybele in the very same character as this same Janus, who was at once the Father of the gods, and the Mediatorial divinity. That name was Atys, or Attis, or Attes, * and the meaning will evidently appear from the meaning of the well-known Greek word Ate, which signifies "error of sin," and is obviously derived from the Chaldean Hata, "to sin." ... .... (......) ...... Atys or Attes, formed from the same verb, and in a similar way, signifies "The Sinner." The reader will remember that Rhea or Cybele was worshipped in Phrygia under the name of Idaia Mater, "The mother of knowledge," and that she bore in her hand, as her symbol, the pomegranate, which we have seen reason to conclude to have been in Pagan estimation the fruit of the "forbidden tree." Who, then, so likely to have been the contemplar divinity of that "Mother of knowledge" as Attes, "The sinner," even her own husband, whom she induced to share with her in her sin, and partake of her fatal knowledge, and who thereby became in true and proper sense, "The man of sin,"--"the man by whom sin entered the world, and death by sin, and so death passed upon all, because all have sinned." * [Romans 5:12] * ... .... (.......) .......

* SMITH'S Classical Dictionary, "Atys." The identification of Attes with Bacchus or Adonis, who was at once the Father of the gods, and the Mediator, is proved from divers considerations. 1. While it is certain that the favourite god of the Phrygian Cybele was Attes, whence he was called "Cybelius Attes," from Strabo, we learn that the divinity worshipped along with Cybele in Phrygia, was called by the very name of Dionusos or Bacchus. 2. Attes was represented in the very same way as Bacchus. In Bryant there is an inscription to him along with the Idaean goddess, that is Cybele, under the name of "Attis the Minotaur" (Mythol.). Bacchus was bull-horned; it is well known that the Minotaur, in like manner, was half-man, half-bull. 3. He was represented in the exoteric story, as perishing in the same way as Adonis by a wild boar (PAUSAN). 4. In the rites of Magna Mater or Cybele, the priests invoked him as the "Deus propitius, Deus sanctus," "the merciful God, the holy God" (ARNOBIUS in Maxima Biblioth. Patrum), the very character which Bacchus or Adonis sustained as the mediatorial god. "----> [Uppercase characters in the text are mine quote translated by The Two Babylons (The Two Babylons) Alexander Hislop, first edition: 1865. Never translated into Italian. In the Italy reduced to a plantation Vatican , the Italians have to think what decides the General Superior of the Order Jesuit. Tolkien, who was brought up by the Jesuits is proposed everywhere with obsession. Alexander Hislop instead, which lays bare the blasphemy of the Catholic system, is an author in Italy is blacklisted since 1865. Conversely David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, Mauro Biglino attacking the Christian faith, are spread everywhere, being pure and simple Gnostic-Catholic cultural manipulation.]

".... 'I am MOTHER of fair love, and fear, and KNOWLEDGE and holy hope.' These are the lessons which Mary reminds us of today. [Drawn from the writings of the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva, written 277; source: http://www.escrivaworks.org] ........ ....... * * * "..." SHE gives us Jesus, SHE SHOWS US Jesus, SHE MAKE US TO SEE Jesus " , continued Francis always out of text about the figure of the Madonna: "At the CENTER of the life of the Church is the MOTHER of Jesus." "The Church And 'MOTHER, is OUR MOTHER," the words spoken at the end of the catechesis "It's our mother, we are not orphans, we have a mother." [from: http://www.toscanaoggi.it] ...... ...... * * * "The ... first Angelus of Pope Francis: The "MERCIFUL FATHER". We want to publish the full text of the FIRST Angelus Pope Francis gives Sunday, March 17 [2013] in front of so many faithful who came to listen to his words and to pray with him. The Pope wanted to dwell on the theme of Mercy and wanted to insist that "God NEVER get tired to forgive"! .... (.....) ..... Eh !, brothers and sisters, God's face is that of a Merciful Father, who always has patience .... "[from the site giovaniericonciliazione.org ] ...... ...... * * * [Note: "Merciful God" or "Merciful Father", "Mother of Knowledge" or "Mother shows us" (= understand, that from the knowledge). Catholicism with its blasphemies is only the worship of Cybele and Attis disguised as a pagan-Christian syncretism. Very important for the identification of celibacy with the Catholic clergy of Cybele, the "never get tired to forgive us", and especially the term "orphans", which refers to the priests of Cybele who were "orphans" of Attis.]

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

Ephesians, 5:11-12

Final Thoughts: castration of Attis king by another king is, in a greater than that of Adam allegory, a castration of God by Satan to prevent the appearance of the "seed" (Genesis 3:15), that is, the appearance of God the Son, Jesus Christ the Lord. This myth is the founding of Manichaeism for which the "castrated" God claims to represent by symbol the belief that He can not interact with the material world, being only lord of the spiritual one.

The castrated priests (celibacy) of this world, succor the " castrated God" being helped by his wife, who provides them with the "knowledge" to put the spiritual world, where the "castrated" God is relegated, in touch with the material one (= Manichean separation), a material world dominated (created) by an "evil demiurge", that is, the king castrated or "castrated Satan". These Manichaean elements are all present in Catholicism even though well disguised by syncretism and with names and pseudo-Christian labels.

Note the psychological importance of a "castrated Satan" without which the whole Gnostic-Manichaean hovel would not be standing. Satan himself has drawn up this lie in order to induce psychological sinners in the continuing belief of being always justified in the eyes of God - every imaginable filthy evil is done or thought, based on the false certainty for which, having even Satan been unable to ( "castrated")to leave no seed in the world (" ... and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed ... ", Genesis 3:15), no human being can be considered rightfully [legitimately ] his spiritual son.

From here immediately it follows that ALL have guaranteed salvation at the end of time, no matter how great is the heinous deed or thought for which one person gets stained for the hate against God. Gnosticism and Manichaeism reborn in "Christian" sauce (especially Catholicism, but also the Eastern Orthodoxy, and large portions of Protestant apostasy, etc.), camouflage everything under the label of "Merciful God."

The praise of Catholic dictator Franco for the figure of Adolph Hitler after his suicide is emblematic:

Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.”


We don't know if also an "holy" Mass was ordered by the Catholic Church in memory of Adolf Hitler's "defender of Christianity", to be held in Madrid a few days after the announcement of his suicide. In any case Franco's announcement performs perfectly the Catholic doctrine: it camouflages ( "Mystery") with the term "Merciful God," the veneration of a "God Castrated" which is "powerless" against any unclean form of human evil and therefore can not help but forgive any atrocities, continuous forgiveness because of his inability to punish.

"Castrated God" in the hands of a wife so cynical as well libidinous ( "assumed into heaven", "virgin", "Queen of Heaven", etc.) who manipulates the specter of the divine deceased "castrated" husband depending on the votive offerings and on the evil desires of sinners that vow to her: from here the perfect and eternal attribute of the female deities, from Babylon to the Catholic church, such as "the Prostitute". Being the "husband God" a spiritually castrated one, any human male being could overcome - in place of the "castrated and buried God" - in the conception of the “Son of God”: from here the pagan ritual prostitution with a lot of priestesses prostitutes – and long rows of pagan fornicators at the entrance of the brothel-temple, that is nothing but a blasphemous attack against the statement / prophecy of God in Genesis 3:15 about the seed. For this reason all the female deities have two faces, and are also known as "Goddess of Prostitution".

That this was the theology of Origen is very clear as for the most important founder of Catholicism ALL had guaranteed eternal salvation (even Satan !!!), from which automatically it follows that the interaction of God ( "castrated & buried") with the [material] world was limited to only a "pedagogy" to train humans to live up to the level to get a sort of “graduation of eternal salvation”, in any case a “graduation” however & always already guaranteed from the beginning (the "political 6" was not invented by the movement of '68 [note: the “political 6” was a slogan of revolutionaires to grant to every student the graduation, no matter how skilled in the matterat, at the same guise of the social salary]).

A particular. Eusebius tells us that Origen “self-mutilated” himself. In other words he self-castrated himself. Apparently in a moment of "Christian" zeal , putting into practice in his flesh – so the chronicle of that age - what God commanded in the spirit ( "47 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire:", Mark, ch. 9 ). But the Holy Spirit through Paul told us that "brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men." (1 Corinthians 14:20), so we can definitively allocate the tale of the "zealous Christian" to the garbage can and conclude that the (maybe) most important father of Catholicism (sidelined by the Roman hierarchies just because an awkward spiritual father) was just a pagan who self-castrated himself, a Manichean priest of the cult of Cybele, an undercover agent of Gnosticism and Manichaeism ( "neo-Platonism" ... sic!) who, as a cunning hungry wolf, penetrated into the Christian flock: "For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock." (Acts 20:29 ). That's why after a few centuries, the Manichean guys in Catholic clothings fled to safe havens with their "Saint" Francis, being Francis a smuggler of illegal wolves in Christian flocks: "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Revelation 18: 4. May God bless you and give you a wonderful day.

"... ..Attis" May have been a name or title of the priests of Cybele or priest-kings of ancient Phrygia. [104] Most of the myths of the deified Attis present him as the founder of Cybele's Galli priesthood [ndt: the priests, not the Celtic people of France in Roman times] but in the guide to Servio, written during the Roman imperial period , Attis CASTRATES a king to escape his unwanted sexual attention, and in turn IS CASTRATED by the dying king. The priests of Cybele found Attis at the base of a pine tree; He dies, and they bury him, and they CASTRATE themselves in his memory, and celebrate it in their rituals to the goddess. This report could groped to explain the nature, origin and structure of the Pessinus theocracy'. [105] "[ndt: perhaps it might explain something else that we can see every day] [source: Wikipedia] The Gauls [ndt: the priests, not the Celtic people of France in Roman times] castrated themselves during an ecstatic celebration called Dies sanguinis, or "day of the Blood", which took place on March 24 [ndt: that is, the day before the Pagan celebration of Cybele who conceives the child, it would be the same day in which Catholicism has ruled that the ' " Immaculate "Mary would conceive the Messiah: March 25, noting the devastation of Val Rosandra occurred on the eve of that day, in fact, in the Slovenian name "Jezero" for the above laying settlement, we see the word" Iseo ", the complex of tanks 'water used for the cult of Serapis and his Wife] [4]

At the same time, they wore costumes of WOMEN, mostly YELLOW, and a sort of turban, along with pendants and Earrings. They also wore LONG hair, and bleached, and wore HEAVY MAKE UP [ndt: the most jaded reader has figured out which direction comes today's satanic brainwashing that aims to grant social acceptance to transex and sodomy for children]. They roamed AROUND [ndt: in public] with the followers, asking for charity, in exchange for which they were prepared to predict the future. The day of mourning for Attis and they ran wildly uncombed. They performed in DANCE and MUSIC of pipes and tambourines, and, ECSTASY, flagellated themselves up to BLEED [source: Wikipedia] [ndt: no longer a mystery even in the name of which blasphemous worship it is required from young people (even those up to seventy years of age) the social obligation of frequenting discos, concerts and rave parties, with the obligation to get drunk, take drugs, perform, dance and then "flagellating" that is, killing themselves in some scary car accident at four AM Sunday morning, or in a fight or in cardiac stunting. Also note the recurrence of the yellow and white of the castrati of Cybele in the Vatican flag (a war flag): these colors (gold and silver) were associated with the portals of the "incarnation" and "de-incarnation" in Gnosticism, especially Egyptian . Nothing is by chance (I found that I unknowingly repeated the symbolism with the double ring and the security (gold and silver), obviously the choice of colors by the Gnosticism has penetrated deeply into human life]. [3] " technically, celibacy is the commitment to NOT MARRY. in the Latin Catholic Church (Roman), is a PREREQUISITE FOR ORDINATION. the candidate must take this obligation freely PUBLICLY and for LIFE. Because the teaching of the Church reserves 'sexual activity to marriage, celibacy also requires [by a US Catholic site ABSTINENCE. "] [My note: it is clear and cries aloud in every clime that the Catholic celibacy is only a form of pagan castration disguised symbolically]


  1. Very good observations; this especially:

    This myth is the founding of Manichaeism for which the ""castrated" God claims to represent by symbol the belief that He can not interact with the material world, being only lord of the spiritual one."

    Islam comes to mind, where Allah can't (because apparently there the almighty does things out of necessity and has limited POTENCY/POWER)
    have children. So all male muslims flock to the KABBA and TOUCH (CF 1 Cor 7:1) the stone. Now it is clear why.

    1. i thanks GOD for having brought it in my weak and sinful mind.
      Bro , i try to go sleep now, I am exhausted, tomorrow it waiting me another day filled with wickeds trying to assault me and torn my spirit in pieces, but I pray GOD to keep me still standing and to possess my soul against all the temptations of the Devil.

    2. "Islam comes to mind,"

      Better: it comes to mind on how creating Islam in the 3rd century (Alberto Rivera), Catholicism could unleash her true wicked Manichean hidden nature, which otherwise had to be kept under false Christian costumes.

    3. possibly relevant in some respects;




      (Sorry for being repetitive and cramming this down your throat)

    4. If i remember well, Nero even killed his *mother*

    5. No, you did well to recall the bearded goddess, because his beard represents an useless masculinity. Male are not perfect, only an ermaphrodite with prevailing female attributes is claimed to be the ''divine perfection''.

    6. Verse 18

      And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write,....

      Thyatira is the same as Thygatira, which signifies a "daughter"; and it had its name, as Stephanus Byzantius saysF25, from hence: Seleucus, the son of Nicanor, being at war with Lysimachus, and hearing that he had a daughter born, called this city Thygatira, which was before called Pelopia, and Semiramis; which is a very fit name for this church, and expresses the effeminacy of it, when the virgin Mary, whom the Romanists call the daughter of God, was more worshipped than her son; and was not only made a partner with him in the business of salvation, but even set above him; when there were such swarms of monks and friars, and religious orders of several sorts, as Franciscans and Dominicans, who claimed her as their patroness; when such numbers of them clad themselves in cowls and long garments, that they looked more like women in hoods and petticoats, than really men; hence also the corrupt part of this church is signified by the woman Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal the Zidonian; and it should not be forgot that there was once a she pope, a woman that sat in the papal chair, a whore in a literal sense; wherefore antichrist, or the popes of Rome, are filly called the great whore, the mother of harlots. Mr. Daubuz observes, that the first Christian of Thyatira was a woman, and that the false prophets which first enticed the Christians to apostasy in this church were women, as Maximilia, Quintilia, and Priscilla; to which I would add, that according to Epiphanius, that among those heretics, and which swallowed up this church, their bishops were women, and so were their presbyters, or elders; and Dr. SmithF26 is of opinion, that the inhabitants of this place, when Heathen, were worshippers of the goddess Diana; so that, upon all accounts, the church here was a fit symbol of the effeminate Church of Rome,

    7. from the gnostic glossary:

      - ‘Male’ is an adjective that denotes a being from the Upper Aeons (while ‘female’ denotes a being from the Lower Aeons). See MALE AND FEMALE.
      - Although Barbelo is the feminine principle in the Gnostic Trinity of Father, Mother and Son, she is called ‘male’ because she generated the Upper Aeons (while Sophia Achamoth, as ‘female’, generated the Lower Aeons).
      - ‘Virgin’ is also an adjective that denotes a being from the Upper Aeons. See VIRGIN.
      - ‘Virgin’ has the further connotation of ‘non-sexual generation’ (generating an offspring through the consent of two consorts). This is the manner in which Upper Aeonic beings multiply, in contrast to Lower Aeonic beings, which generate offspring through sexual intercourse. See CONSORT, MALE AND FEMALE.
      - It is in this sense that Barbelo is a male virgin: “Then the great Seth gave praise to the great, uncallable, virginal Spirit, and the male virgin Barbelon” (Gospel of the Egyptians)
      - Seth calls Barbelo ‘male’ and ‘virginal’. Seth: “Great is the first aeon, male virginal Barbelo, the first glory of the invisible Father, she who is called ‘perfect’” (Three Steles of the Great Seth)
      - Sometimes, Barbelo is referred to simply as ‘the male virgin’: “And in this way, the three powers gave praise to the great, invisible, unnameable, virginal, uncallable Spirit (i.e. the One), and his male virgin.” (Gospel of the Egyptians)
      - Since she is ‘male’, Barbelo is not only the ‘Mother of the Aeons’ (see above) but also the ‘Father of the Aeons’ - “And he stood in his own Light that surrounds him, that is, the Eye of the Light that gloriously shines on me. He (i.e. the One) perpetuated the Father of all Aeons, who am I, the Thought of the Father, Protennoia, that is, Barbelo...” (Trimorphic Protennoia)

      hence the male qualities of sophia, manifested

    8. "- ‘Virgin’ has the further connotation of ‘non-sexual generation’ (generating an offspring through the consent of two consorts). "

      Here you have the immaculate conception of Mary

    9. Sorry, this is more accurate:

      - ‘Virgin’ is also an adjective that denotes a being from the Upper Aeons. See VIRGIN.

      So this is why "Mary" is a "virgin" and why she is masculine (in place of her son).

    10. " who claimed her as their patroness; when such numbers of them clad themselves in cowls and long garments, that they looked more like women in hoods and petticoats, than really men; "

      It deserves to be deepened, especially the celibate in relation to sodomy.

      "not only made a partner with him in the business of salvation, but even set above him;"

      The castration of Attis!

    11. It is clear now - "Mary" as in the "Virgin Mary" is Barbelo - the hermaphrodite/masculine part of the trinity, and Sophia - achamoth, the last aeon, the material/lower sophia is the helpless/feminine woman, that jumps from body to body, trapped by the archons

    12. Let us remember that Valentinus ,the gnostic teacher of "higher and lower sophia, was once considered in the race for the bishopric of Rome.

    13. Can be an echo in this famous character, Sigourney Weaver/Ripley?


    14. http://jesus-partisans-balkans.blogspot.bg/2015/12/putin-chief-archon-2-another-baby-king.html


      Sigourney Weaver in the Alien 3.

      [.......I am become as a demon apart, who dwelleth in matter and light is not in him (fallen Sophia), and I am become as a counterfeiting spirit, which is in a material body........
      And forthwith the lion-faced power, it
      p. 87and all its emanations, surrounded. Pistis Sophia, desiring to 'take away the whole light in Sophia. It came to pass then, when they oppressed Sophia, that she cried to the height, crying unto me that I should help her. It came to pass then, when she looked to the height, that she saw Self-willed exceedingly wrathful, and she was in fear, and uttered the twelfth repentance because of Self-willed and his emanations.

    15. I more and more realize the depth of this post. The "lake" symbolism is pretty deep, i will try to explore it a little

    16. I tell you why i sometimes deal with lakes.
      It an heritage of years ago when I studied the origin of Slavonic populations. But not now I m busy I ll tell you later

    17. This is the Italian Lago d'ISEO:


      Iseo - Isis, there is a similarity.

      From the book I VENETI (the Venets, a book about the origin of Slovane people, who surely originated in Mitteleuropa and didn't come from Russia): "the name lake of Iseo is only a reduction of the word "isero", in modern slovenian "Jezero" (lake). the fall of "r" is frequent int the Italiian dialect of Pre-Alp valleys".

      They deny that a temple dediccated to ISIS was located on the shores or island of Lago d'Iseo, but it normal for nearly every lake to have an island and a temple dedicated to a female divinity in the middle, the most famous in the area is Bled Lake in Slovenia:

      The Bled island
      A challenge for your eye and your body awaits you on the island where a temple of the ancient Slavic goddess of love Živa used to stand in the location of today's glorious Gothic church."

      On 24 March 2012 (or 2013 dont remember) the entire woods at the bottom of the Valle Rosandra (Valley Rosandra) near Trieste were cut with great scandal of ecologists:


      on the edge of the highland over the valley with its brook "Rosandra" (with many pools of waters...) there's a Slovenian village named..... JEZERO. The area is Karst therefore there are no lakes near the village of Jezero, therefore the "jezero" which gavve the name to the village was related to the below brook today named Rosandra, and where allegedly they performed rites to Isis.

      On 25 March there's the double conception day, of Cybele pregnant of Sol Invictus and Catholic Mary pregnant of the Gnostic Jesus.

      Your stuff about Barbelo/ bearded virgin etc is touched and worth to further be deepened and expanded

    18. we have that word in bulgarian "езеро" 'ezero', i will etymologically trace it. I vaguely remember your posts about the ecological scandal and protests, gaia theory. As for the beareded/hermaphrodite goddess, it is something i think the emperors of Rome knew as a part of their mystery religions and some of them were travestites etc, not owing just to their inclinations, but religious devotion.

    19. "After the local population was converted from paganism to Christianity in 745, they were forced to replace their goddess Živa with the Christian Virgin Mary."

      "they were forced" to show that the local cult of mary cannot be an adoption of the local goddess

    20. sorry but for this evening its enough, I m completely exhausted bro. See you tomorrow and God bless.

    21. Slo-Veneti, the "ven" in Slovani traces to a Middle European origin, but of course this is from the perspective of usual EVOLUTIONIST antrhopology storiography etc., they came from Babel's Tower like all the other nations and their cult was a distortion of the GOD's doctrine (heathen mocking & mixing with blasphemies):

      Kaj pa mitologija? Lahko rečemo, da so Veneti poznali veliko božanstev, ki so nastopala v večih krajevnih imenskih različicah. Mnogi enciklopedični viri nakazujejo, da so prav njihova poganska (lat. hribovska) verovanja vplivala na sprejetje naukov o Sveti trojici, neumrljivi duši, kult čaščenja Marije, simbol križa,* itn. v rimskokatoliško dogmo.


      What about mythology? We can say that the Venetis knew many deities who appeared in several place-name versions. Many encyclopedic sources indicate that it is their pagan (lat. Mountain) beliefs affect the adoption of the teachings of the Holy Trinity, immortal soul, cult worship of Mary, the symbol of the Cross, etc. *. the Roman Catholic dogma.

    22. A last comment i would have done a post about it, Jeffrey William, astronaut colonel of NASA, a convinced Creationist - Even in the science field God never let the complete absence of the ones honoring the True Creation:

      Above All the Earth
      Evidence for Creation
      Few can say they’ve left planet Earth. Jeff Williams has done it three times. After a lengthy military career, Colonel Jeffrey N. Williams was chosen from among a handful of candidates to become an astronaut for NASA and work on the International Space Station (ISS). He has been a longtime supporter of ICR and recently visited our headquarters for the first time, graciously allowing us an interview.

      ICR: Why do you support creation ministries like ICR?

      JW: My affinity for organizations like ICR has to do with what I see as [their] commitment to the truth of Scripture and trying to strengthen, in the minds of Christians, a confidence in the Scripture. And, of course, your interest is in the creation account, and the Flood and the early chapters of Genesis, and that science is compatible with the biblical account.....

    23. have a good night. tomorrow is another day, with its good and bad

    24. "- Sometimes, Barbelo is referred to simply as ‘the male virgin’: “And in this way, the three powers gave praise to the great, invisible, unnameable, virginal, uncallable Spirit (i.e. the One), and his male virgin.” (Gospel of the Egyptians)"

      " Many encyclopedic sources indicate that it is their pagan (lat. Mountain) beliefs affect the adoption of the teachings of the Holy TRI-nity, immortal soul, cult worship of MARY, the symbol of the Cross, etc. *. the Roman Catholic dogma."

    25. You know what?

      "Trimorphic Protennoia
      I am Protennoia, the Thought that dwells in the Light. I am the movement that dwells in the All, she in whom the All takes its stand, the first-born among those who came to be, she who exists before the All. She (Protennoia) is called by three names, although she dwells alone, since she is perfect. I am invisible within the Thought of the Invisible One. I am revealed in the immeasurable, ineffable (things). I am incomprehensible, dwelling in the incomprehensible. I move in every creature. "

      This seems to me the embodiement of the concept of SIN under an anthropomorphic being.

    26. "This seems to me the embodiement ...."

      This is what they do the psychologists psychiatrists when are giving to evilness/wickedness another conceptual body, apparently scientifically neutral.

  2. ''14:13 And Moses said unto the LORD, Then the Egyptians shall hear it, (for thou broughtest up this people in thy might from among them) Numbers''

    this is perfectly showed in the figure of Moses, which was the allegory of the Mediator between the wrath of GOD and the sinners. What else was Moses induced to do, if not to ANTICIPATE the role of Christ as our attorney in front of GOD at the judgement day?
    Affirming, like the Jesuit pope does, that ''God wants omly to forgive'', is a keen (and devilish) manner to get rid of the figure of the ''attorney'', because if the judge in front of whom you are brought in a court 'is never tired of forgive'', you dont need of an attorney, and you can spare (repentance).Therefore it is demonstrated that the pope is Antichrist and Man of Sin.

    1. And that Catholicism is Judaism ver 2.0, improved with Melchizedek & Queen of Heaven

    2. ... and Barbelo, in italian language ''barba'' = beard.