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Christians are warned: The free ride is over.

>..... now you'll march in the Labor Camp "Bella Italia" at the music of the "mercyful" Antichrist.

Below a scheme of a post. Italy is becoming the province of Vatican, the Antichrist's palace. Nothing can now heal this country, except the Apocalipse and the coming from heaven of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announces the beginning of the Vatikommunist regime in Italy:

"This manager works too. This will not do. This is the cry of alarm raised against the new director of the Royal Palace, Mauro Felicori. The prosecution seems ridiculous, in fact it is not. The labor unions that complain about Felicori, chosen by government with an international ban, should realize that the wind has changed. And the free ride is over. " A write is the premier Matteo Renzi on Facebook.
["the free ride is over" from the Italian slang "la pacchia è finita". "Pacchia":  a state of privilege, of enjoyment of rights, income, etc. which are legitimated by no law, but an abuse tolerated by a general social habit]

 Because the new director of the Caserta Royal Palace ( a sort of Neapolitan Versailles castle)  appointed by Renzi, works also in the night, Saturday and Sunday. The Labor Union remarked the irregularity of the fact, just a remark among many others on a larger document. Apparently the blame of the labor unions is wrong. Even really wrong, it seems that the director didn't force anyone to over-work with him. But it was sufficient for a Jesuitical government of Matteo Renzi, always hungry of "casus belli", or "provocations", on which to build new fanatical ideological wars in the country. Therefore the remark was promptly picked up by the prime minister who used to do spiritual exercises with the Jesuits.
A director whose financial gain is counted with many thousands of Euro per month, can well allow to himself a sacrifice, working day and night not only for the glory of his bank account, but also for the vainglory of the politic and of the media. His praised example now must be followed by the underpaid workers, if they wish to be not labelled as "enemies of the people" and "enemies of the nation". High functionaries can earn extra money with an arbitrary prolongation of the working time. But in the public administration in Italy there's a lack of personnel. No new assumptions. The average age of the clerks is higher from year to year.

So "the free ride is over" said the prime minister. The application of the Catho-Communitarian ideology in Italy is inspired by and perhaps even insists into transforming the country in a sort of North Korean Labor Camp:

 The Jesuits' dream is a punitive camp where the Italian souls has to expiate their eventual inadequacy to the worshiping of their pope, the Antichrist, or the papacy, with a punitive job.  Making out of the Catholic doctrine of salvation a social tyranny.  "The free ride is over" means that the unleashing of the Antichrist's tyranny is present here, hitting the righteous ones, the types of Christ present in the society with arrogance.
At the opposite, the ones who fits to this perverted dream are obtaining enormous privileges. Money and exemption from work because in to serve the social domain of the Catholic Anticrhist, they have obtained much "merits" at his eyes. Marxists (and ideologues of the Fascism) will continue to threw sands in the eyes of the un-happy in Italy. This is the earthly kingdom of the Catholic church. Believing to be gods on earth, the Jesuits preach the "mercy", meanwhile their secular political and economical right arms uses the rod of iron.  The Catholic doctrine is based on the material work believed to be a way of gain merits in the front of the eyes of God. Therefore let's transform the entire economy of a country (Italy) in a religious working camp where to do "penitence" through an underpaid work , seven days on seven , from the dawn to the sunset.  

41 And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things:
42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.
Luke, 10.

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
Luke, 21.

When people are stolen of their soul and spirit, they must be not aware, and they must be convinced they are stolen of their bodies only. The cancerous ideologies dropped out from the Socialist abomination, Communism, Fascism, and related successive degenerations (ecology for example), will have still a great future in to pervert the minds of the lost souls and drag them to the deadly path of the hate against the Gospel. 

Not for a case the traditional leftism of the country has now a fresh, new "martyr" of the (Catholic) communitarian cause:

Giulio Regeni was an Italian Cambridge University graduate student killed in Egypt following his abduction on January 25, 2016.[1] Regeni was a PhD student at Girton College, Cambridge,[2] researching Egypt's independent trade unions.[3] He grew up in Fiumicello, a town in the Udine province of northeast Italy.[4]

Just for a case he was of a town (Fiumicello) about 20 miles from my home. 
He was murdered in January for his journalistic and university investigations about the harsh persecution against the labor union organizations in Egypt. Paradoxically his assassins could well approve the mocking of the prime minister Matteo Renzi against the Italian labor union: "the free ride is over!".

But Regeni, imbued by the materialistic faith in this world, couldn't see the obvious. The Socialist (Communist and Fascist) concept of the society is a natural sub-product of the Catholic doctrine. The work or action as source of merit. If Catholicism is the Kingdom of Earth by Satan assigned to the papacy after the fall of the ancient Roman Empire (fourth beast), and is a real, concrete kingdom, opposed to the Heavenly one by our Lord assigned to the saints, it descends that the merit to enter in it has to be equally a material, real, "measurable" (as would say an engineer) merit - the Catholic good works or good jobs:

Taylor Marshall, former Protestant turned Roman Catholic, provides another illustration of Sullivan’s mistake in his book, The Eternal City. Marshall assures us, ostensibly on Daniel’s authority, that the saints of God receive an Earthly Kingdom immediately following the Fourth Empire:
“The culmination of Daniel’s Four Kingdoms—the Roman Empire—is handed over to people of Jesus Christ. The Church is not the Roman Empire, but it receives the Roman Empire. Daniel spoke of this before the coming of Christ, and the recorded history after Christ bears witness to this truth.” (Marshall, The Eternal City, ch. 1, “Daniel Foretells the Roman Church”)
Quoted in:

For this reason the building of the Labor Camp "Italy"  needs of an alibi, of a diversion. After Regeni  two other Italian have been murdered, this time in Libya:
Two Italian Hostages Freed in Libya After ISIS Kills Two Others

Of course Jesuit spiritually-adviced PM Matteo Renzi (powerfully backed by Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi) deny any form of military intervention in Libya, to counter ISIS:

 Renzi cautions Italy parliament would need to green-light Libya intervention
March 06, 2016 - 12:00:00 am 
Rome: Prime Minister Matteo Renzi cautioned Saturday that any military intervention in Libya by Italy would first need the approval of parliament, and that Rome would not be rushed into action.

 "Italy", says the Italian Jesuitical PM, "needs of an international mandate". Not like Russia which bombs everyone and everything only on the base of the mandate of the Kremlin. Both Renzi & Berlusconi are indefatigable working (like masculine version of Martha) in order to transform Italy in a Slave Labor Camp of Pope Francis, and in order to mask all that, it is urgent to develop a choreographed terrorist threat just on the door of Italy.

Totally harmless towards ISIS, the Italian government is a real aircraft carrier ready to wage war against the types of Christ in the Italian society, with the Jobs Act transforming the job in a religious Catholic penitence and a spiritual "evolutive" selection to purge the righteous and to exalt the wicked. 

*   *   *

Can we escape all this? Absolutely NO. This is already written in the Holy Scriptures.  The great distress is coming with the extending of the Kingdom of Satan on earth, managed by his Anti-Christ lieutenants.  Persecutions and tribulations will not spare the economical sphere of existence of the elected. Whosoever is walking in Christ, soon or later will be persecuted also  by the economical crisis (see Revelation chapter 13).  Labor union are only the brass side, the other side of a coin,  whose upper side, with gold and diamonds adorned, is the apostate capitalism side. Both praises the work and this material world despising the heavenly Kingdom of GOD. But as GOD used the pharaoh, he can use also this coin of Satan. When those labor union criticized the director of Caserta royal palace for his overwork, they were echoing a most important warning of GOD:

34 Then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths, as long as it lieth desolate, and ye be in your enemies' land; even then shall the land rest, and enjoy her sabbaths.
35 As long as it lieth desolate it shall rest; because it did not rest in your sabbaths, when ye dwelt upon it.
Leviticus, 26.
In Italy there are not organized Christian churches which are able to let spread the warning of GOD to the country, therefore GOD used the Labor Union, notwithstanding they are Socialist Catholic or Socialist Atheist organizations. God can use every mouth at His pleasure to "warn the unruly" and the wicked ones. The spirit(s) inhabiting the body of the prime minister - accustomed with spiritual exercises with Jesuit priests - fully understood that behind that critic for an irregular overwork of the Caserta royal palace's director, there was a warning for an Italian society which despises GOD and is living in the abomination:

16 He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me. - Luke 10.

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Above image - Luke 12:31
31 But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Luke 12.


  1. your words hold

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    2. But you observed that before me when you commented the fact that US astronauts have to go in Russian launch rockets to reach the orbit, linking it with Sophia ()Russia) ''ascending to heaven''.

    3. also a blind can see it, 500 years, and 17 as 2017 500th anniversary of 1517 Luther's thesis - yes, you're right, Trump (or another one) will unleash Putin in Europe:

      Catholic mercedes:
      s 500 2017

      Catholic Russian anti-missile system:
      s 500 2017 missile system

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    4. Yep, In the future wars, it will definitely not be "angels from heaven" or "the mantle of the Mother of God" who protect russia but the most advanced AA weapon systems.

    5. "37":

      Almaz-Antei Defense Company is working on a complex of S-500 'Promethey' surface-to-air missiles from 2010. The long-range system is said to have a range of 600 kilometers (more than 370 miles). The system could simultaneously intercept up to ten ballistic missiles traveling at a speed of 5 kilometers per second.

    6. when i was very young i was fascinated by aerospace matter, especially in defense, but it all over now, my super-fighter is Jesus Christ the Lord.

      Just for curiosity, see only the prices 83 vs 400 (as 40 years wilderness etc?):

      China gave Russia’s defense industry a huge boost on November 19 by ordering 24 Su-35s, at a cost of $83 million each, to face-off against Lockheed’s $400 million F-35.

    7. Pakistan, UAE, etc., Russia trying to sell her top fighter to them:

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