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The Catholic roots of the modern anti-Slavic hatred.


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''....Bend the head of nationalism. Deal more with the questions of the church. I am not object of obedience by my priesthood as it should be due to me. I am forced to communicate to the holy father that I have to deal with my priesthood, which is rebellious and half protestant.....''. ["and [is] half protestant" = in je napol protestantska]
Image #2: page 52 of the book Josip Agneletto, with the quote of the address of archbishop Carlo Margotti on 10th April 1935 to the disciples at the seminar of Gorizia [Gorica/Gurize/Gorz], after the end of the spiritual exercises [see note 10] 
(.......... )
    "....the increase of the 400 millions of men, who in all the corners of the Earth are looking at Rome [the Catholic church], is of interest and a proud even for us who are Italians....”

 [Benito Mussolini's first speech at the chamber, 21st June 1921].

Someone would have surely noted the double "777" in the date. Above excerpts taken from the post:

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archbishop Carlo Margotti's pattern implementing Ledochowski Goals Via Goals  

Above image - when Italy arrived in Istria after the end of WWI, it started immediately the destruction of the other ethnics, Slovenian and Croatian. The most hated and despised was the language. The above warning hanged on the walls of the Istrian town of Dignano sounds:

Warning! It will be not allowed in any way,
that in public places and on the streets
of Dignano [Vodnjan] they sing or speak the Slavic language.
Even in the shops of any kind it must
forever used
We the squad, with persuasive methods, will induce to respect this order.
The anti-Slavic hatred of Fascism:
""Faced with an inferior and barbaric race as the Slavic - comments Mussolini in September 1920 during a" tour "in the Friuli Venezia Giulia - we do not follow the policy that gives the sugar, but the one of the baton. The boundaries of Italy must be the Brenner, the Snowy and the Dinaric: I think we can sacrifice Slav barbarians Slav  500,000 to 50,000 Italians."" 

Another example:

"...Ronchi is a place located near the border. And what was beyond the eastern border was considered barbaric and savage. D'Annunzio, who was also recently dedicated an exhibition space - highly celebratory enterprise stream - a short walk from City Hall of  Ronchi, expressed himself as speaking about Croats:

     "the filthy Croatian , climbed on to the studs of the Venetian wall , like a monkey in fury, and with an iron chiseled [destroyed] the winged lion or (...)  that southern Slaves rabble  that under the guise of a young freedom and under a bastard name poorly hides the old hateful mug ... "(from the Letter to the Dalmatians)

Another example of his racism is it "The last shall be first. Address to the people of Rome in the Augusteo", May 4, 1919:

     "Out the bastard schiaveria [= bunch of slaves, ignorant, barbarian people] and its filthiness and its herds of pigs!"


"...D'Annunzio is often seen as a precursor of the ideals and techniques of Italian fascism. His political ideals emerged in Fiume when he coauthored a constitution with syndicalist Alceste de Ambris, the Charter of Carnaro. De Ambris provided the legal and political framework, to which D'Annunzio added his skills as a poet. De Ambris was the leader of a group of Italian seamen who had mutinied and then given their vessel to the service of D'Annunzio. The constitution established a corporatist state, with nine corporations to represent the different sectors of the economy (workers, employers, professionals), and a tenth (D'Annunzio's invention) to represent the "superior" human beings (heroes, poets, prophets, supermen). The Carta also declared that music was the fundamental principle of the state.
It was rather the culture of dictatorship that Benito Mussolini imitated and learned from D'Annunzio. D'Annunzio has been described as the John the Baptist of Italian Fascism,[15] as virtually the entire ritual of Fascism was invented by D'Annunzio during his occupation of Fiume and his leadership of the Italian Regency of Carnaro.[16] These included the balcony address, the Roman salute, the cries of "Eia, eia, eia! Alala!", the dramatic and rhetorical dialogue with the crowd, the use of religious symbols in new secular settings.[15] It also included his method of government in Fiume, the economics of the corporate state; stage tricks; large emotive nationalistic public rituals; blackshirted followers, the Arditi, with their disciplined, bestial responses and strongarm repression of dissent.[17] He was even said to have originated the practice of forcibly dosing opponents with large amounts of castor oil, a very effective laxative, to humiliate, disable or kill them, a practice which became a common tool of Mussolini's blackshirts.[18][19][20]
D'Annunzio advocated an expansionist Italian foreign policy and applauded the invasion of Ethiopia.'Annunzio
 A creepy Satanist, Gabriele D'Annunzio. Anyway an atheist was the right guy to preserve the "sacred" hate of the Inquisition against the Slavic nations, which so much scared the Harlot with their flow of missionary Christians in Italy and throughout Catholic Europe.

"...Under the guise of a young freedom and under a bastard name poorly hides the old hateful mug". [D'Annunzio, about 1920]

Eight, nine centuries before D'Annunzio: can you detect the blue print of such anti-Slavic hatred in the ancient venom of  Cosma? He was Orthodox, be sure that the Catholics - as pope John XXII also below quoted - were not of different opinion from  him when, in Italy, they haunted the Bogomils to put 'em at the stake.
INQUISITION - here you have the origin of modern anti-Slavic hatred:

""[letter from pope John XXII] To OUR BELOVED SON AND NOBLEMAN, STEPHEN, PRINCE OF BOSNIA: Knowing that thou art a faithful son of the church, we therefore charge thee to exterminate the heretics in thy dominions, and to render aid and assistance unto Fabian, our inquisitor, forasmuch as a large multitude of heretics, from many and divers parts collected, hath flowed together unto the principality of Bosnia, trusting there to sow their obscene errors and to dwell there in safety. These men, imbued with the cunning of the Old Fiend and armed with the venom of their falseness, corrupt the minds of Catholics by outward show of simplicity and lying assumption of the name of Christians; their speech crawleth like a crab and they creep in with humility, but in secret they kill and are wolves in sheep's clothing, covering their bestial fury as a means whereby they may deceive the simple sheep of Christ."31....(......)...This was not the first time that the Bogomils had been accused of hypocritical meekness and gentleness. Three centuries before, the presbyter Cosmas had said, "When men see their lowly behavior, then think they that they are of true belief; they approach them, therefore; and consult them about their souls' health. But they, like wolves that will swallow up a lamb, bow their head, sigh, and answer full of humility, and set themselves up as if they knew how it is ordered in heaven."

Quoted in:
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After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils - part 2: paramilitary 'Bogomils' terrorizing Milano

The "Barbarian Slav" as allegorical figure summarizing in itself all the imaginary and slanderous false features of the Bogomil, born in the perverted minds of the Inquisition  - all 'features', except the only true religious feature, because the origin of this slander and persecution - the Catholic Inquisition - must be still kept hidden.

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Israel's Shin Bet Denies Torturing Duma Suspects
JTADecember 24, 2015Image: Getty Images

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True colors of the Catholic Whore - Eric Jon Phelps in ONLY one point unrighteously blamed pt.2


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The true origin of tha anti-Slavic hate, in particular anti-Slovene hate, in Trieste, is in the Catholic Inquisition. In the Middle of eighteenth century, in Trieste raised a particular form of persecution against the Slovenes, which created the typical feature of the "Triestino", or the inhabitant of the city of Trieste. A continue act of psychological offense, denigration, defamation, jokes, subliminal terrorism started to be poured on the Slovenian people:

"....The rulers [of the city of Trieste] were spreading and writing among the common people  in an impressing way also totally invented [false] news or statement and were wrongly presenting simplified figures of the Slovenian people, [a process] which obtained the desired effect: the cultivation of the anti-Slovenian intolerance, which had not to go asleep or to be forgotten.
    "The intolerance, all along the time, transformed itself in a sort of 'hobby', which became so much a daily [affair] that spread like a spot of oil on the water - already in an unconscious way - without any kind of respect for the Slovenes.
    "Against such work there was no help also cause the financial incompetence of the Slovenes. To the ones without financial means or with a weak character, who wanted to persevere to work in the city, there was offered only one hope, the camouflage; together with all the consequences...".

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The stick and the baton [how to describe the ethnic identity of the city of Trieste]

This was of course bringing mill to the Catholic church: the Slovenes found refugee only in the Catholic institutions, and developed the hate for the liberal city, where they could have been emancipated from the Catholicism. But the ethnic hate against the Slovenian was a perfect antidote of Satan against the spreading of the Gospel, sealing with an hot iron the souls of generations of Italian inhabitants of the city, who are still transmitting this curse to their children in our days. Trieste was the hub for the Bogomils missionaries in North Italy and the rest of Western Europe. The preaching of the Gospel from Bosnia and Bulgaria is a matter of fact that the Catholicism tried to annihilate centuries after in the souls and minds of the Italian living on the edge of the Balkan and Slavonic world. We can well imagine the reaction of the Catholic Inquisition 900 years ago, when the Bogomils were arriving in Italy and France, speaking a foreign language and with an uncertain Italian vocabulary. They were immediately blamed not only to use the Gospel as a "key to enter in the homes" of the Catholics to steal their wealth or to live of the fruits of the work of the natives --->

"Yesterday, after a little search I stumbled across and old article on the bogomils, in a magazine called executive intelligence review by a certain Lyndon LaRouche movement. The magazine is actually well written, certainly at a higher standard than most conspiracy literature and is quite long running. The contents are a mix of anti-british and anti-slavic propaganda. Anyway, the interesting part (article) is in the open and uncompromising slander against the religious history of Bulgaria, in an effort to link the bogomils with the attack on John Paul II, with some discussion of gnosticism in there." [C. Stiliyanov]

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bogomil mafia bogomil communism bogomil terrorism bogomil aliens(?)

.....but also for their incomprehensible language. Would have the Intellectuals of the Inquisition spared this feature of the hated Bogomils, or rather would have used it in order to increase the Catholic hatred around them? Would have the Inquisition forgotten that they were speaking among themselves in a foreign language or, rather, the Inquisition would have used just this linguistic feature to brainwash the Catholics in to consider any person speaking a foreign, Slavic language, as "worse and more horrible than demons"?......

Above image - thanks to C. Stiliyanov who brought to my knowledge: "worse and more horrible than demons,"
by Presbyter Cosmas
Through Bosnia and the Herzegovina on Foot During the Insurrection, August ...
By Arthur John Evans

Quoted also in:

"Since the Bogomils did not, or could not, answer these questions of dogma to the satisfaction of the bishops and emperors, they were denounced as "worse and more horrible than demons," and he who killed them thought he did God service."

"He who killed them thought he did God service." This was the battle-cry of the Fascism of Hitler and Mussolini in the East Europe, Russia and the Balkans.
Transmitted to them in all its uncontaminated evilness through eight centuries of Catholic crusades.

The roots of the the anti-Slavic crusade of Mussolini and Hitler is lying in this ancient Inquisitorial hatred – paradoxically shared between Catholic and Orthodox priests - hatred  for those  Christians coming from the Balkans and who dared to name the pope with his true name: Antichrist or Man of Sin. Would it be a surprise to discover that the Franciscan monks resuscitated the anti-Slavic hate at the beginning of the twentieth century?

Anti-Slavism fired by Franciscan monks:

"At the beginning of the 20th century, Anti-Slavism developed in Albania through the work of the Franciscan monks who had studied in monasteries in Austria-Hungary.[2] They imitated and transposed national epics of the literature produced there, like Gjergj Fishta did with his Lahuta e Malcís, but substituted the struggle against Turks with struggle against the Slavs, propagating Anti-Slavic feelings.[3][4]
In the 1920s, Italian fascists targeted Yugoslavs—especially Serbs—and accused Serbs of having "atavistic impulses", claimed that Yugoslavs were conspiring together on behalf of "Grand Orient masonry and its funds" and one anti-Semitic claim that Serbs were part of a "social-democratic, masonic Jewish internationalist plot".[7]
Anti-Slavic racism was an essential component of Nazism.[10] Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party movement regarded Slavic countries (especially Poland, Serbia and Russia) and their peoples as Untermenschen (subhumans), they were deemed as foreign nations that could not be considered part of the master race.[1]
According to the resulting genocidal Generalplan Ost, millions of German and other "Germanic" settlers would be moved into the conquered territories, while the original Slavic inhabitants were to be annihilated, removed, or enslaved.[10]

The anti-Slavic national epic written by Franciscan Gjergj Fishta , filled with anti-Christian Gnosticism and occult:

"‘The highland lute’ relies heavily on Albanian mythology and legend. The work is permeated with mythological figures of oral literature who, like the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, observe and, where necessary, intervene in events. Among them are the zanas, dauntless mountain spirits who dwell near springs and torrents and who bestow their protection on Albanian warriors; the oras, female spirits whose very name is often taboo; the vampire-like lugats; the witch-like shtrigas; and the drangues, semi-human figures born with wings under their arms and with supernatural powers, whose prime objective in life is to combat and slay the seven-headed fire-spewing kulshedras. "

He used everything in order to develop Albanian anti-Slavic sentiments, even he Slavic poem themselves:

"The fusion of the heroic and the mythological is equally evident in a number of characters to whom Fishta attributes major roles in ‘The highland lute’: Oso Kuka, the fierce and valiant warrior who prefers death over surrender to his Slavic enemy; the old shepherd Marash Uci who admonishes the young fighters to preserve their freedom and not to forget the ancient ways and customs; and the valiant maiden Tringa, caring for her brother and resolved to defend her land.
The heroic aspect of life in the mountains is one of the many characteristics the northern Albanian tribes have in common with their southern Slavic, and in particular Montenegrin, neighbours. The two peoples, divided as they are by language and by the bitter course of history, have a largely common culture. Although the Montenegrins serve as ‘bad guys’ in the glorification of the author’s native land, Fishta was not uninfluenced or unmoved by the literary achievements of the southern Slavs in the second half of the nineteenth century, in particular by epic verse of Slavic resistance to the Turks. We have referred to the role played by Franciscan pater Grga Martic whose works served the young Fishta as a model while the latter was studying in Bosnia. Fishta was also influenced by the writings of an earlier Franciscan writer......"

He was praised by Gabriele D'Annunzio, the man who occupied the city of Fiume/Rjeka at the beginning of the Fascist movement in Italy:

"At the outbreak of the Second World War, Gjergj Fishta was indeed universally recognized as the ‘national poet.’ Austrian Albanologist Maximilian Lambertz (1882-1963) described him as "the most ingenious poet Albania has ever produced" and Gabriele D’Annunzio called him "the great poet of the glorious people of Albania." For others he was the "Albanian Homer." "

In the city of Trieste it is a social costume, to use an offensive word against the Slovenes, the "s'ciavo" which means "slave". In the social context you are forced to use it when you are referring to the Slovenes and the ones who doesn't use it are seen with suspicion or even intimidated. Nothing is changed since the end of WWII except an hypocrite camouflage, not perceived by eventual foreign visitors of the city, who are welcomed keeping hidden this feature of the city. Usually people from other countries of other cities of Trieste are approached by the inhabitants of the city in the most diverse way, in order to investigate the foreigner if he too could take part of the collective mocking. Usually the discourse is keenly directed towards the Slovenian presence in order to taste the attitude of the foreigner about a possible acceptance of the rite of the offense against the Slovenes. Many inhabitants of Trieste are skilled in to hide their Slavo-phobic attitude when it could expose them as slandering racist in front of a foreign public opinion. The slander against the Slovenes must always be transmitted to new eventual ones through a sort of pagan rite of the conviviality built for example with drinking in a pub. You become "initiated" to what they call the "spirit of Trieste", an altered state of the mind similar to the ones of the squads of militias than the one of feasts. Drunkards, whore-monger, unclean persons, and then: foolish talking, jesting, filthiness from the mouth, all what the Gospel compel to abandon in order to render honor with the proper body and the proper tongue to the Spirit of God, is at  the center of the cult of the sc "spirit of Trieste", a sort of reversed lecture of the Gospel, a wall of filthiness and evilness to keep from heart and from the mind any historical, cultural, intellectual hint which could bring back from the grave of history, that old spiritual wind coming from Bosnia and Bulgaria:

3 But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;

4 Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

5 For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.
Ephesians ch. 5.

9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
1 Corinthians, ch. 6 
You sometimes think, reading these verses, that it only referring to an external world, far from you, a world that keep distant from you. But in reality this is in Trieste an obligation in order to not suffer worse consequences. I daily am on the edge of the intimidation of this world. It is a world of Satanic reversed brootherhood, which doesn't tolerate to be refused. Populated by drunkards and psychotic political extremists, this world is protected, in the city of Trieste, by the wings of the psychiatric health system, which follows, cures, and aides those lost and dangerous souls under the aliby of the "social therapy" and of the "destruction of the borders" between what is normality and what is considered "mental illness". Here you have the perfect marriage of a leftist, Marxist intellighentsia with degree in psychology and psychiatry and forming the structure of the mental health system, with the "patients", many of whom are true militiamen of the "spirit of Trieste" and of the slander of the Slovenes, often with a past as punchers, boxers, etc. with a wing or other of the Fascism of Trieste.

But they have no hope. They have already their award in this world and they know they don't belong to the world --->

33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
John, ch 16.

All this developed very much from the half of eighteenth century, with the scientific, planned, meticulously engineered slandering of the Slovenes as described in the book of Merkù, above mentioned. But Satan is not so concerned about one ethnic or the other, he chose, inspiring that occult network of Jesuit Masonic relations in the Trieste of 150 years ago, the Slovenes because they incarnated the figure of the Bogomils filtered from his religous content by the glass of the ethnic clash. At the same time the Slovenes (and Croats and generally the Slavs of the Balkans) incarnated also they the same when nine centuries before they welcomed the Bogomils and the Slovenian and Croatian villages surrounding the little Catholic Italian town of Trieste were under the influence of the same Bogomils.

[to be continued]

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After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils - part 3: paramilitary 'Arnoldists' terrorizing Brescia


  1. Completely forgot about the fransciscan ustasas. Well, now you know another layer behind FRANCIS's name. The catholic church has some nerve to reapproach the serbs, slovenes in the future. But with the wine of fornication, shared enemiy and coming marian illusions everything is possible.

    1. "This narrative of Wallace shows beyond question that these South Russian sects are the legitimate spiritual descendants of the Bogomils. Mr. Wallace, who is, at least in sympathy, a Presbyterian of the Kirk of Scotland, says that he was attracted to the Molokani (Hepworth Dixon says the name means "milk-drinkers") because he had discovered that their doctrines had at least a superficial resemblance to Scotch Presbyterianism. After some interviews with their leading men he found that, though some of their doctrines had a strong resemblance to Presbyterianism (especially, it would what may be considered their Calvinism, though they never had heard of Calvin), yet there were these differences: Presbyterianism has an ecclesiastical organization and a written creed, and its doctrines have long since become clearly defined by means of public discussion, polemical literature, and general assemblies. "The Molokani," he says, "hold that Holy Writ is the only rule of faith and conduct, but that it must be taken in the spiritual, and not in the literal, sense. For their ecclesiastical organization the Molokani take as their model the early apostolic church as depicted in the New Testament, and uncompromisingly reject all later authorities."

    2. I did an irregular upgrade i soon will erase to publish in a future post - here Meir Kahane, an agent provocadeur of FBI, presenting himself as PRESBYTERIAN (read above pls) ---->

      "In some circles he had called himself Michael King, writing under this name and even telling some of those who knew him in this way that he was a Presbyterian. "

      [I didn't read your comment until now, after i finished the provisory upgrade]

    3. I wanted to discuss the last Provokatsiya of the alleged Jews stabbing an IMAGE of the Arab CHILD, linking it with Circumcellions, but too wide the argument and have no time :-(

    4. "especially, it would what may be considered their Calvinism, though they never had heard of Calvin"

      Yes this is the point! They, always on the target of the Satanic secular powers of this world, were surely aware about predestination. You don't develop a predestination awareness when you can survive with compromises and various kind of whoredoms as the Catholic church did to overcome Donatists competition. Then Calvin transformed all that in a rigid theological system, alike Luther and the Only Faith doctrine - but this is a confirmation of the genuine Apostolic origin of this doctrine.

    5. Yes, Calvin and Luther simply used their minds to explain it thoroughly (with some errors, of course) (whether that is useful or not, its hard to say), but those were basic tenets of apostolic christianity that "went without saying".

    6. I want to hear with attention (my problems with English is the listening but thanks God he talks acceptable) this video:

      Is the Sinaiticus Origin a Lie?
      Published on Dec 17, 2015
      Vlog 149: Could Tischendorf have lied to everyone about the origin of Sinaiticus? God bless you all! - David W. Daniels

    7. Btw, the bulgarian language has been downgraded a lot in the last 100 years, both in grammar and in lexical abundance. The old slavonic was an updated greek.