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PUTIN's gun - with ARGENTINIAN bullets - 2: Numerological smoking gun [case closed]

> Very bad internet and computer today, like someone is blocking my access to the mailbox (I need of it because I booked the flight for my wedding) or terribly slowing down the speed of the connection and of the CPU.... Just after having published the post related with the Holocaust of Sunnis in Syria - by Putin and Assad, with the assent of the Western world, all bloody crusaders of the Jesuit pope.

Putin at Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center 370. (photo credit:REUTERS/Aleksey Nikolskyi/RIA Novosti/Kremlin)

"June 13". Remember that 13 = 8 + 5 aka 85. Then June is the SIXTH month (see below an excerpt with a consistent relation with the concept of "sixth")
Number 370: a phone calling prefix,  the parallel 37° near Area 51 (reversed 15) and passing along the Paulicians area of Turkey, 370 as MH370 but also the reversed year '73 of 1773 when  the Jesuits' order was suppressed,  or the year 2017 code-named in the sum 20 + 17 =  37:

The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum
Feb 3, 2015 - Accessibility, Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum Register of Legal ... Upcoming events at the Tolerance Center: ... +370 616 55 123; or write ...

Again 85, here Orban, Hungary, gas and 85:
Spotlight: Putin warmly received in Hungary amid heightened EU sanctions   2015-02-18 12:41:51

BUDAPEST, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Despite heightened European Union (EU) sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin found warm welcome when he paid a brief visit to Hungary on Tuesday and agreed to a deal on keeping supplying gas to the country.

Putin, who had not been on a bilateral visit to any European country since June last year, held hours-long talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, which testified to the closeness between Moscow and Budapest.


During their talks, Putin and Orban agreed to extend a gas supply contract that will expire this year, with additional negotiations on some technical issues promised for later.

In earlier statements, Orban had underlined Hungary's need to renew or extend the contract. According to Putin, 85 percent of Hungary's gas and 75 percent of its oil came from Russia.....".

Here, 85 plus one point - allegory of the 'overcoming', of the one  point  necessary to add when the tide is turning, reversing:

World russia
Putin’s Approval Rating Rises to 86% Despite Slumping Economy

    Noah Rayman @noahrayman

Feb. 26, 2015
Despite sinking relations with the West—or maybe because of it—Putin is nearly as popular as ever at home.

Russian President Vladimir Putin saw his approval ratings tick up to 86% even as the economy reels from Western sanctions and falling oil prices.

Levada Center, a Moscow-based pollster, released a poll Thursday showing Putin’s approval ratings increased one percentage point from a month earlier.....".

And now again an excerpt from Wikipedia, I quoted in my previous post about Boris Nemtsov's execution...:

Natalio Alberto Nisman (5 December 1963 – 18 January 2015) was an Argentine lawyer who worked as a federal prosecutor, noted for being the chief investigator of the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires, which killed 85 people, the worst terrorist attack in Argentina's history.[2][3] On 19 January 2015, Nisman was found dead at his home in Buenos Aires.[4]

(.....) Nisman was found dead at his home in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, on 19 January 2015 with a Bersa Thunder 22 handgun nearby just hours before he was due to explain his allegations to Congress,[4][21] and six days after publishing the 288 page report.

Well, I didn't further format the text in order to put it on evidence;  did you recognize the number 85 there? No? Really? I will help you now....:

Above image:

The AMIA bombing was an attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA; Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) building. It occurred in Buenos Aires on July 18, 1994, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds.[3] It was Argentina's deadliest bombing ever. Argentina is home to a Jewish community of 200,000, the largest in Latin America and sixth in the world outside Israel (see Demographics of Argentina).[4]

"Sixth in the world",... Sixth like sixth month or June, in "June 13" (see above excerpt).

Above image - Israel's Gnostic flag.

Above image - Argentinian flag

Above image - Argentinian/Israeli choreography for Putin  in the article announcing he climbed to 85 percent of support in Russia. Putin's Russia is the strongest ally of IRAN, the country famous for his support to the Holocaust denial movement in the world.
"Against the backdrop of a dramatic economic downturn, 85 percent of Russians said they still support President Vladimir Putin's actions at the helm of Russia, the Levada Center independent pollster revealed Wednesday."

85 percent plus 85 victims of the AMIA bombing are 170 

But also 86 percent plus 85 victims of AMIA bombing are 171, which is also related to the number "17", in both direct as well reversed allegory ("71").

About year and number 2017 see Stiliyanov's:

понеделник, 16 февруари 2015 г.
49 revisited [ 1307 1517 1773 2017 ]

Conclusion. Nisman should have witnessed against President Kirchner the day after his "suicide". For this reason few believed in a suicide and the President Kirchner was suspected to be the beneficiary of an assassination aimed to shut the mouth of the accuse for being involved in the death of 85 people as consequence of an alleged collaboration of Kirchner with the Iranian terrorists. Ten day after the "suicide" of Nisman, in Russia Putin sees his support to get the 85 percent of the electorate. And one day before the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, just one like one point of percentage over 85 percent (see the excerpt of the The Time online above quoted, whose article was also published one day before the murder of Boris Nemtsov), an Argentinian judge dismiss the case against the President Kirchner for allegedly having collaborated with the Iranian terrorists in the bombing a the AMIA center in Buenos Aires. If President Kirchner is now free from any accuse for being involved in the death of Nisman, a day after President Wladimir Putin equally will be free from any accuse of involvement in the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. But Alberto Nisman was murdered for the second time and the Gnostic Vampires in Buenos Aires and Moscow, sucking his blood and the one of Boris Nemtsov, are still at their place.

If you want to check the dates, please, here:

Thursday, March 5, 2015
PUTIN's gun - with ARGENTINIAN bullets.

    Sunday, 26th November 2006 hour 18.43 ca. Do you remember this?

Sunday, November 26, 2006


  1. July 18, 1994

    18 = 666 july = 7 1+9+9+4 = 23 = 2/3 = 666

    Those two 85s can be the meeting of the horizontal and vertical (the heavenly logos/christ descending upon Sophia/the earth), the antichrists might believe their pope will gain his full power from the "christ" in israel. Or the reversed roles of Nut/Geb (sky goddess and earth God- phallus obelisk). This is reflected on the two triangles on israel's flag (gnostic).

    "I (the saviour) came from the places above by the will of the great Light, (I) who escaped from that bond; I have cut off the work of the robbers; I have awakened that drop that was sent from Sophia, that it might bear much fruit through me, and be perfected and not again be defective, but be joined through me, the Great Savior, that his glory might be revealed, so that Sophia might also be justified in regard to that defect, that her sons might not again become defective but might attain honor and glory and go up to their Father...” (Sophia of Jesus Chrrist 107:11)"

    "When the whole seed is perfected, then, they say, will the mother, (Sophia-)Achamoth leave the place of the Middle, enter into the Pleroma, and receive her bridegroom, the Savior, who came into being from all (the aeons), with result that the Savior and Sophia, who is Achamoth, form a pair (syzygy) These then are said to be bridegroom and bride, but the bridal chamber is the entire Pleroma..” (Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses 1.7.1)
    - These means that Christ will give the consent which Sophia did not have in the beginning. With that consent, the two consorts will re-unite


    Or the merger of the two kingdoms - east/west with Israel as the "knot".l the two ladies of Egypt as the two italian girls abducted?

    Two Ladies

    In Ancient Egyptian texts, Two Ladies is a religious euphemism for Wadjet and Nekhbet, the deities who were the patrons of the Ancient Egyptians and worshiped by all after the unification of its two parts, Lower Egypt, and Upper Egypt. When the two parts of Egypt were joined together, there was no merger of these deities as often occurred with similar deities from various regions and cities. Both goddesses were retained because of the importance of their roles and they became known as the two ladies, [1] who were the protectors of unified Egypt........

    See also this on the two harlots (probably worth a post) :!

    1. "I (the saviour) came from the places above by the will of the great Light,''.

      i noticed how israel and argentinian flags are conceptually identical, those upper and lover blue bands on white field (sky?,Milky way?) - With the difference that Argentina has a SUN at the center, recalling not only the jesuits' sun logo, but that 'light' sending the fake 'Christ' of Gnosticism on earth.

  2. in Romans 11 God says Israel (the jews) will be the last to be saved. Could it be that the antichrist are planning to do just that - reserving Israel as the container of chocolate cake (because Satan likes to throw the jews into idolatry)