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A Shia genocide of Sunni in sight in Iraq? - 2: CONFIRMED [Shia's brutality exceeding ISIS' brutality].

> ".....with American weapons and de facto American support—something that ISIS is not failing to translate into its propaganda."

(= Protestant "Archons" are always guilty).

Monday, June 16, 2014
Stalingrad - Iraq

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
A Shia genocide of Sunni in sight in Iraq?


Completely confirmed the total deception of The Unhived Mind/Craig Oxley, of Eric John Phelps, of a countless army of "anti-Jesuiters", always ready to praise IRAN and to throw the mud on the "Bloooody Sunni" and their "Caliphate". All ideological puppets of the Jesuits and of the Gnostic World Democratic Government. All "anti-Jesuit" altar boys of the Big Enlargement, the End of 1054 Schism and the creation of the Eurasian Roman Catholic Empire - from Dingle Bay (Ireland) to Vladivostok (Siberia), from the Arctic Circle (Russian-Norway Ice Pact) to the Persian Gulf (Shia rules all over Middle East).

ISIS as Catholic-Shia tool created by Assad & FSB/GRU to have brutalities among Shia in Iraq,  no more or less than Nazi Germany and SS as Jesuit product to create brutalities in Soviet Union and have the alibi for a bloody retaliation. It is happening now - the Holocaust of Sunni in the Middle East in order to join Western  Roman Empire (EU) with the Eastern Roman Empire (Putin's Russia), with the zip of Catholic Israel:

 Excerpt from the article:

Allowing Iran To Conquer Iraq Will Not Help Defeat The Islamic State

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on March 15, 2015



Argument Four: Hashd al-Shabi’s Conduct Is Not Comparable to ISIS’
Those following the advance of the Shi’ite militias have been treated to all manner of atrocities, wholly indistinguishable from ISIS.
After Badr expelled ISIS from Diyala Province in late January and established rule in the area, there was ethnic cleansing of Sunnis, redrawing the map to extend Shi’a demographic predominance from Diyala to Samarra. “If the Shi’ite militia see me they will cut my head off, if Daesh see me they will kill my brother,” one displaced Sunni said, adding of ISIS and Badr: “They’re both the same”.
Among the most harrowing videos from Tikrit shows a Shi’ite jihadist beheading a Sunni captive—apparently a farmer—surrounded by a cheering crowd of militiamen. Unskilled, it ends with the knife-wielding militiaman stabbing the head off his captive. A video the same day has a Shi’ite militiaman—who looks underage—decapitating a dead body, apparently an ISIS jihadist. The militias have a mania for beheading—and showing the pictures/videos: stacks of decapitated heads in wheelbarrows, heads displayed on top of drainage pipes, heads played football with, and in a particularly gruesome AAH video, multiple heads were carried by a crowd of militiamen who then beat the heads while chanting sectarian slogans.
On March 3, a barbaric video showed the Shi’ite militias shooting a teenage boy after accusing him of being ISIS. Even one of the militiamen tried standing in front of the boy and asking, “What’s wrong with you?”
Facebook pages—yes Iran proxies have a social media presence and they are “more advanced than ISIS” in using it to recruit foreign fighters—of Iran proxy militias have shown prisoners being beaten, hacked at with axes, mass-killings, and the desecration of corpses.
This major upsurge in the dissemination of brutal images from the Shi’ite militias started last autumn. One infamous tactic adopted at that time is the “killing zones” in the Sunni farmlands around Baghdad, where, the militias/ISF say: “There are no civilians. Everyone in these killing zones we consider Islamic State.” Similar rhetoric of “no civilians” was heard as the militias headed into Tikrit.
The claim that the militias will allow people to return to a “normal” life, while life can never be normal under ISIS, didn’t eventuate in Jurf al-Sakhar, which was conquered by Shi’ite militias with American air support in October; Sunnis still are not allowed back.
Amnesty International has documented the “widespread killings by paramilitary Shi’a militias,” and this finally reached the Western press in a major way with a report by ABC on Wednesday, which highlighted the fact that these militias do this with American weapons and de facto American support—something that ISIS is not failing to translate into its propaganda.
The Special Groupies’ response is to say that while individual atrocities occur in battle, the PMU leadership condemns such behaviour, thus any equivalence between Iran’s proxy militias and ISIS is unwarranted. This is nonsense on particularly elevated stilts. For one thing, the atrocity videos and pictures are put out on the official platforms of the PMUs. “Usually when forces commit such crimes they try to hide them,” Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East Executive Director at Human Rights Watch said. “What we are seeing here is a brazen, proud display of these terrible crimes.”
The Shi’ite militias want this material disseminated, just as ISIS does with its gruesome material, to attempt to terrorise ISIS—and Sunnis generally—into submission, and a message to Shi’ites that the PMUs have the stomach for this fight and can protect the Shi’ites. That Iran’s proxies add in occasional condemnations of this material only emphasises the sophistication of Iran’s messaging—and this has been going on for years, starting in Syria.
Pro-Baghdad media openly says the PMUs in Tikrit are led by Ameri, Muhandis, Qais al-Khazali—Iranian agents to a man—and Iranian commanders, all of whom have long records of committing terrorism and atrocities. It is a weak argument to say that because Iran’s proxies haven’t been caught on video making exterminationist threats they are superior to ISIS.
This argument reached its logical conclusion after the hateful statement of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman that disloyal Israeli Arabs should be beheaded: the Special Groupies seriously maintained that since this was a matter of policy from a senior Israeli—the absence of danger to Israeli Arabs notwithstanding—it was worse than the savage conduct and uncountable beheadings by the Shi’ite militias.
Ameri speaks to Western journalists and runs Diyala like Iran or Hizballah-controlled areas of Lebanon, as a durable theocratic dictatorship rather than the crazed pseudo-State of ISIS, and for this Ameri and the Shi’ite militias are said to be morally superior to ISIS. That this speaks to Iran’s superior propaganda capabilities and more realistic attempt to erase the region’s borders and consolidate an Islamist Imperium is studiously ignored by the apologists. Because of the backing for the Shi’ite jihadists by oil-rich States, they can run areas better than ISIS. But the anti-Western animus, fanaticism, willingness to use terrorism, sectarianism, and cruelty toward Iran’s opponents is at least comparable to ISIS, and in the case of Syria has notably exceeded ISIS in both scope and scale.....(....).....".

 Saturday, March 14, 2015
"Focused on ISIS" - 5: Russian Contractors & Russian Spies [blog]


  1. You can really see in them the same kind of sadistic brutality of ISIS, only on a national scale and without special effect camers. I already saw this coming more than a year ago a video of shia militias torturing sunni pows. BTW shoebat's version of events includes a dissolution of the future caliphate into shia and sunni fractions. "every man's sword shall be against his brother.". We can only dimly conjecture, but it seems the Shia will be at least to a great degree converted to Catholicism at that time and possibly fight the unconverted sunni, because Fatima, that Fatima, who was theologically the line of divide between the sunni and shia, might be revealed to be.... Mary, "the mother of God" and turn the Shia's to the true faith. I believe the jesuits have prepared a "revelation" in the form of an apparition or something else for the muslims. I think the original purpose of islam was to be a kind of a poor man's arabic catholicism focused around the family of muhammad with a succession of warrior families patterned after the gnostic "three" or "five".

    1. Yes and Alberto Rivera was fully right, especially if we consider that he could have been a fraud, a Jesuit operation in order to arise suspicion on his affirmation. You take a man declaring to be a deserter of your army, then you put in his mouth some of your secret truths, then he commits frauds etc., the outcome is: his revelations are also frauds.

      Anyway I believe that Alberto Rivera was really a Jesuits who abandoned the order because really abhorred it, and simply was slandered by his former fellow-comrades.

    2. We simply cant know. He has said wrong things, strange things and eerily correct things. I doubt he was given full disclosure or access. He *might* have been "a man on a mission". One of the things ive found strange was the reason he gave for the sparing of the orthodox church in russia (the patriarch bought the bolsheviks with gold). Also, why would he associate himself with pentecostals and seventh day adventists (heretic cults)? But regardless, his information is useful and is being confirmed.

      Now, the weekly "27"

      Templar knights boss captured friday, 27.02.

      72 year old nun raped

      exhibition 50 years 773 spacewalks of the USSR (500 archons 1773)

      the papacy's 27th "jubilee"

      Since then, the Catholic Church has celebrated 26 jubilees.

  2. And now the silence from the guru anti-jesuiters is deafening. But how can they explain what will happen in 1-2 years? How can they even explain Obama's support for iran and the [pretended] abandonment of israel? Is obama good for giving leeway to iran? If these developments are not final.... then they are a theatrical play.

  3. "Protestant "Archons" are always guilty"

    see the ingeniously provocative article

    Iraqi official: coalition air strikes needed in Tikrit

    So, the americans are bad to the sunni, because they support shia iran..... but bad to the shia iran, because they dont bomb enough.....


  4. ''I believe the jesuits have prepared a "revelation" in the form of an apparition or something else for the muslims. ''.

    If you keep in mind that with the most of probability the jesuit Dall'Oglio is now hosted in a private mansion of a general of the Assad's intelligence, this could be the true outcome of the Syrian war