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Look here how it works the Joint venture Assad-Western intelligence.  In other world how ISIS is a tool of Assad to gain support in the Western world, as a crusader of the pope to mass-murder moderte Muslimsa after having transfromed them in "monsters".

Pope Francis SJ, as the terrorist assassin, bloodthirsty snake heading this crusade. May the blood of Syrian people eternally suffocate down the throat of this fat, dirty Argentinian Jesuit when he gets finally his deserved seat in the Hell. Amen.

Western world under the heel of Sophia and her Cathorthodox mega-church has to Holocaustize the Sunni of Syria. This job couldn't be effective if the same Assad psychological war against the Syrian opposition would be not supported by the same Western (Catholic) world:

(Pls read the comments = ISIS? Mission accomplished!)

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What’s the difference between U.S.-backed “moderate” FSA (Free Syrian Army) rebels and ISIS?

Apparently nothing, if reports about this photo are true. Posted on a pro-FSA website, this photo shows what appears to be a young boy holding up two severed heads of Syrian soldiers, allegedly done by the FSA in Jobar, Syria.

Here, some of those ‘moderate’ FSA rebels in Syria burn down a church to “send Christians a message.”


27 comments on “What’s the difference between U.S.-backed “moderate” FSA (Free Syrian Army) rebels and ISIS?”

  1. Beheading has been there for 1000s of years just like all of middle east. Saudi Arabia still has it as a death penalty so FSA beheading soldiers does not make them ISIS its just their way of killing. All these people know is war/violence and they are not gonna stop…. that region is always gonna be like that. No matter if USA or Russia or anyone goes there. Unless you kill every single sole and that is never gonna happen and it should not cause majority of these poor bastards are broke innocent people that have been shit on for ever.
  2. I hope McCain and Kerry see this photo of our brave freedom fighters at work. It must have been really tough killing these 14 year old teenagers.
    @ Terrance – are you kidding that Assad has savaged Christians and Jews? Christians were thriving and building churches in Syria before the U.S. sponsored Sunni insurgency. There were no Jews in Syria either, like in many other Mid East countries.
    I hope Assad annihilates FSA and ISIS.
  3. The mass media and our government doesn’t want us to know that the Ukrainian army that is fighting Russia is chanting “Allahu Akbar” while fighting the Russians. You can find stories and video if you google it. I think Putin is at war with Islam. BARE NAKED ISLAM should post a story about it so everyone can see what’s really going on in the Ukraine. I think the news reports about Russia invading are all false. Putin bans the Quran, doesn’t allow the construction of anymore mosques and then invades Ukraine. Sounds a little funny to me. I hope Putin wipes them all out. Then goes to Chechnya and cleans house.
    • I have posted much about Putin’s wars against muslims and the muslim problem in the Ukraine. Why don’t you supply some links about this story? Why don’t you Google it? I don’t work for you.
  4. Just their names are different.
    FSA- sponsored by Imam Obama.
    ISIS- led by Caliph Baghdadi

    FSA and ISIS have the same mission.
  5. The difference: Who’s at the top of the stack making the most money. Grownups playing King of the Mountain. Kind of like the Mafia vs. La Cosa Nostra. At least that’s my take.
  6. So the 85,000 Syrian refugees the UN and Obama are bringing in, 8000 right now,
    which ones are they the one’s who want us dead, or the one’s who want to kill us ?

    Any ideas here greatly appreciated…get your pig juice spray and soak everything and hang your signs….
  7. No difference. The 99.9 that obumer talks about, is the exact opposite, 1/10 who reject the absolute insanity of islam. Maybe that’s Jordan? ??. Go to the US state dept. Web site and read about Americans traveling to saudi arabia, “our” #2 ally in the mid east. ????? And of course, don’t forget the 14 hijackers of 9/11,our” ally” .!!!!!!talk about insanity, ……
  8. Maybe so; but the Assads have killed Christians and Jews and fomented problems in Israel and Lebanon. Hardly is the 12.5% Alawite population the protectors of Christendom.
  9. UK DAILY MAIL: The new horror for Iraq’s kidnapped children: UN report reveals ISIS is selling youngsters from minorities as sex slaves, turning them into suicide bombers and crucifying them if they disobey
    U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child reveals horrific fate of children
    ISIS uses them as sex slaves, suicide bombers and human shields
    Others are murdered by beheading, crucifixion or being buried alive
    U.N. body denounces systematic killing of children belonging to minorities
    Calls on Iraqi government to do everything it can to rescue the children
    Read more:

    Are they INSANE? Calls on Iraqi government to do everything it can to rescue the children.
    The Iraqi’s are lousy fighters. The UN should be demanding that the U.S. UK France and other Western nations stop financing, arming and training barbaric muslim terrorists and instead finance, arm and train the huge numbers of VICTIMS of Islam. Christians, Yazidis and others.
  10. The difference …. is about …. one “Anxious Angstrom” ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Way Less Than The Width Of A Red Female Pubic Hair World Tour
  11. Things that I have learned by researching islam and current events:
    1. Muslims that have intergraded into modern, western society and have adopted a secular, civilized mentality are insignificant because the number is relatively small.
    2. The main objective of all Muslims throughout all foreign continents is to implement and live under sharia law, globally.
    3. The foundation of All of Islam is the Quran. The Quran is not a religious scripture. The Quran is a set of rules and laws the diametrically oppose all free and democratic modern societies.
    4. It has been proven around the world that Mosques are not places of worship. Mosques are the breeding grounds for hate, and are used for people to spread hate and plan the death and destruction of all modern societies.
    5. The Quran was not written by a “peace loving” prophet. Muhammad was cast out by the jesuits because he refused to pay taxes, he was a child molester (took a 6 year old bride), was a convicted murderer and a war monger. Muhammad invented a religion so he didn’t have to pay tax (booty) and so he could collect booty from his followers. The Quran has 164 jihadist verses that spell out exactly how to implement sharia law. These verses cannot be misunderstood and are followed today throughout all Islamic countries, from Saudi Arabia to Syria to Nigeria and Somalia.
    6. Q: If the number of “radicals” is so low, why haven’t the “moderate” muslims gotten rid of them yet? A: because the radicals and moderates have the same underlining beliefs (Quran) and all want to live under sharia law.
    7. 50% of Jordan’s population, strongly back having an Islamic state. Once Jordan’s military retaliates for the burning of the pilot, there will be mass suicide bombings and murders throughout Jordan. Possibly even a civil war. 
      • thats ok tho. blood thirtyness works whether its a child or adult. they care not. blood lust and death is all that counts. slaughter and sacrifice human life…. all in the name of Allah of course, the all forgiving loving spiritual being.
        Disclaimer: this is NOTHING to do with Islam of course. Allhu Akbah !!@
      • A little off topic, and I don’t mean to minimize the message, but that head looks like Justin Beiber!..
      • Ditto. No facial hair and has the appearance of a decapitated 14 year old youngster.
        THIS IS ISLAM…Believe it – OR ELSE! – Lan Astaslem!
  12. I dont give two fucks, they can behead, butcher, burn, rape, slaughter each other all day and night,,the less scummy muslims the better. Less for the decent and good other faiths to worry about..These rabid muslim Islamic filthy vermin are nothing, just like there cult..evil and satanic..carry on butchering each other pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
    • I think these two may be Assyrian Christians. No beards and don’t look to battle hardened. The one in front looks beaten-tortured before he was beheaded.
      Doesn’t our State Department pick some real winners – dumb f–ks.
  13. Clean cuts to the neck line though – must have been quick. I can’t polish the turd that is Islam, so I’ll roll it in glitter. Savages.
  14. The trouble isn’t with Islamic radicals, the trouble is with Islam being radical. These guys just prove that no matter how hard you try to like it, that religion is pure evil, it’s all just a question of how nicely its gift wrapped.

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