Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Turin in Tunisia - Gnostic MUSEUMs


Above image - the final count of the victims etc. could be different, what matters here is the symbolical use of the numbers, to prop up the Gnostic Front.

 "....15 March 1917, the day when was the forced  abdication of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II from the throne, the whole of Russia had spread the news about the new phenomenon of the Mother of God. She appeared in Kolomenskoye near Moscow in the vaults of Ascension Church......"

понеделник, 16 март 2015 г.
Stalin blessed by the red bloody mary (RUS version) , a buried icon

"......On 18 March 2015, gunmen attacked the Tunisian parliament in the capital city of Tunis, and held hostages in the Bardo National Museum.[4] Police treated the event as a terrorist attack.[5] 19 people, mostly European tourists, were killed in the attack, and at least 22 others were injured. It is one of the worst attacks against civilians in Tunisia during peacetime........"

".....It contains a major collection of Roman mosaics and other antiquities of interest from Ancient Greece, Tunisia, and the Islamic period.........."

These "Islamic" terrorist are obsessed by my person. I did some posts about Vaudoises and - together many topics which have been developed by Christo Stiliyanov and previously by D. Willinger  - I believe that few people,  if not NO ONE, on this planet have ever touched such arguments. 

 Above image - Piero Fassino, of Socialist family, member of Partito Comunista Italiano, and trained by the Jesuits at the Istituto Sociale of TURIN: "Turin March 18, 2015 "I am constantly in contact with the Foreign Ministry and our embassy in Tunis, who had no definite information on the identity of the deceased. In cruise there were 31 municipal employees and other [people from] Turin, we do not know the number, a remarkable group".

I did some punctualization about the city of Turin and the Vaudoises and..... surprise! ITALIANS of TURIN are caught in the fire of the recent act of "Islamic" terrorism in Tunisia.... I work in the MUNICIPALITY of the city of Trieste and...... surprise! ..... the ITALIANS of TURIN caught in the terrorist fire were member of a recreation center of the MUNICIPALITY of TURIN.

WOW! Dall'Oglio SJ should read my (and Stiliyanov's) blog many times per day....

Well, let's put the irony a part and turn to a more serious look at the matter.

ONE MONTH AND A DAY - The attack in Tunisi to the oldest Tunisian Museum filled with ARCHEOLOGICAL TREASURIES  happened one month and a day (about, pardon me if I miss a day more or less) after the damages on the HISTORICAL ARCHEOLOGICAL TREASURY of the Barcaccia fountain in the middle of ROME, by a mob of "barbarian" (Protestant alluding) Dutchmen.

THREE WEEKS - The attack in Tunisi  happened three weeks after the release by ISIS (= by Assad's services) of the video of the destruction of the ARCHEOLOGICAL TREASURIES of Iraq.

ONE WEEK - The attack in Tunisi happened to be one week after the Iranian Minister of the culture met in the VATICAN card. Gianfranco Ravasi who is president of the Pontifical Commission for SACRED ARCHEOLOGY.

These "Islamic" terrorist claim to know the Koran by heart, but it seems that they have studied it in a Jesuit seminary.....

Hey, Mr Paolo Dall'Oglio, how is the hospitality of the security services of Bashar Al Assad?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Italian popish government & Vatican endorsing terrorist interventionist policy of Iran

".....The Museo Egizio is a museum in Turin, Italy, specialising in Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. It houses the world's second largest collections of Egyptian antiquities after Cairo. In 2006 it received 554,911 visitors.[1]....."

Saturday, November 22, 2014
Israel of the Alps: 1700 years of persecutions


  1. people are so blind. One can hardly see the difference between the lamentations and cries for revenge over the lost archeological treasures and the lost lives anymore. The jesuits are pulling everyone with their cords. I would've written about iconoclasm, but you follow the political axis to italy much better.

    Just a curious numerological fact

    18 March 1917
    18 . 03 . 1917
    19 17 18 03 (reverse)
    19 (1+8) (7+1) 03
    1998 03
    1998/3 = 666

    1. ". I would've written about iconoclasm, but you follow the political axis to italy much better."

      I too would have written about thrice what you read, but I have absolutely not time, just to read the Bible here and there, only now I can answer

    2. Here's SISI condemning and politically pillaging Tunisia - a vulture ready to jump on the prey after ISIS had done the dirty job:

      If you give a look to the extension of the Exharcate: understand that ISIS is the alibi to his rebirth, under the guise of Putin-Iran protectorates, Algeria is already pro-Putin, now Lybia will fall in Egypt (Putin's) hands and Tunisi soon...


      ",....... In Christianity, iconoclasm has generally been motivated by people who adopt a literal interpretation of the Ten Commandments, which forbid the making and worshipping of "graven images or any likeness of anything".[2] The Church Fathers identified Jews and Judaism with heresy. They saw deviations from Orthodox Christianity and opposition to the veneration of images as heresies that were essentially "Jewish in spirit".[3].........."

  2. ISIS of Assad is nothing else then the same technique used not only in Chechnya by FSB and GRU, but also at the same time in ALGERIA, from where comes a lot of "Islamic" terrorists - Remember Algeria supports Assad:

    " the GIA leader, Djamel Zitouni, a DRS agent,":

    ".......The point of the bombings in Paris was to have the French government cease its pressure on the Algerian regime to find an accommodation with the insurgents. The regime, however, was determined to suppress the insurgency with force. In January 1995, an agreement of opposition groups, both Islamists and secularists, had been put together in Italy. The Sant’Egidio Platform had recognised rights of both Arabs and Berbers, called for the rejection of military rule, and set the terms for an investigation into extra-judicial killing and the use of torture. To the surprise of many, even Ali Belhadj signed-off on the agreement, Belhadj being one of the most grisly Islamists in the insurgency. This, combined with the French having become disturbed by the industrial-scale slaughter employed by the regime, brought political pressure against Algiers. After the bombings, however, the French got the message and never troubled Algiers again. After the first bombing, the GIA leader, Djamel Zitouni, a DRS agent, issued a public call on then-President Jacques Chirac to “convert to Islam to be saved”. The subsequent wave of hysteria in sternly secular France at being under fire from theocratic lunatics was exactly what the Algerian regime needed—the monstrous apparatus of official terror in Algiers became near-unanimously seen as the lesser-evil at a popular level, and the French government cut the regime a blank cheque to do what it needed to finish with the insurgency while it ran point for them in the councils of Europe. Even those in France who knew or suspected what happened thought the better part of wisdom was to keep Le Pouvoir sweet to avoid further terrorist attacks............."

  3. BTW, Luxor massacre as REVENGE on Hatshepsut (possible Pharaoh's daughter who saved Moses)? I can't confirm or say assuredly that this is a historic fact though:

    The Luxor Massacre was the killing of 62 people, mostly tourists, on 17 November 1997, at Deir el-Bahri, an archaeological site and major tourist attraction across the Nile River from Luxor in Egypt.

    Deir el-Bahri is one of Egypt's top tourist attractions, notably for the spectacular mortuary temple of 18th-dynasty female pharaoh Hatshepsut known as "Djeser-Djeseru."

    With the tourists trapped inside the temple, the killing went on systematically for 45 minutes, during which many bodies, especially of women, were mutilated with machetes. They used both guns and butcher knives.


    "In all, the gunmen carried six automatic rifles, three butcher knives, two pistols and a police walkie-talkie taken from one of the slain guards. Beneath their coats they had stashed clipload after clipload of ammunition: their supply was still not exhausted when the last five of them were finally killed by the police three hours later, NEAR THE VALLEY OF THE QUEENS. "

    The Valley of the Queens is a place in Egypt where wives of Pharaohs were buried in ancient times. In ancient times, it was known as Ta-Set-Neferu, meaning –"the place of the Children of the Pharaoh", because along with the Queens of the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties (1550–1070 BCE) many princes and princesses were also buried with various members of the nobility. The tombs of these individuals were maintained by mortuary priests who performed daily rituals and provided offerings and prayers for the deceased nobility.


    In October 1997 Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida was staged at the ancient temple of Queen Hatsheptsut, hosted by Suzanne Mubarak, wife of president Hosni Bubarak. A month later, hundreds of tourists visited the temple. Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 recalls what happened on November 17, 1997:....