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Provokatsiya [Guilty by Association]

> EDITED POST - see below [last edited: 22 March 2015].

 You write it "false flag" - but you pronounce it "provokatsiya".

 Above image - from
"Isis shows PHOTOS of Francesco Caldara on Twitter: "Crusader crushed"
Posted March 19 2015 16:34 | Last updated: March 19, 2015 17:08
TUNIS - Isis shows on Twitter the photo of Francesco Caldara, one of the Italian victims of the massacre at the Bardo Museum in Tunis. On the photo you see the man with a cross on top, macabre shooting accompanied by this caption: "This crusader was crushed by the lions of monotheism". A
vile move , to pick on a pensioner who had gone on a cruise and it was definitely not in Tunisia to undertake a holy war. The tweet was re-launched on their profile by journalist Marta Serafini."
Francesco Caldara was killed in the terrorist attack at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Turin in Tunisia - Gnostic MUSEUMs

If you would like to deepen the symbolism of Twitter, or you can bypass to go to the core of the post (truly one of the two cores, the other is an article from the blog "The Syrian Intifada"): 
Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Surely Stiliyanov will notice the SAINT ANDREW CROSS over the image of Francesco Caldara, which is a not-so-cryptical signal standing for ROMANOV, of which Putins is only the temporary "Lord Protector of the throne for the Coming Czar". As he surely already noticed the COLORS of the picture with the victim Francesco Caldara - RED, BLUE, WHITE...


сряда, 18 март 2015 г.
Roses are red, violets are blue, the Antichrist is in Rome, that much is true

 As regard the second post take in mind that the above picture with "crossed Italian victim" has been posted on Twitter just the day before of ???..... Pls: give a look to the pictures of the Eclipse in the link - one with eclipsed sun within Islamic Crescent, the other near the Orthodox cross... notice of course the intersections, oblique intersections of the arms of the cross... recall it to you something?...:

"...Solar eclipse 2015: the best pictures from across Europe

    Lianna Brinded

    Mar. 20, 2015, 9:59 AM

Read more:
If you have not yet caught the concept, try to find an inspiration in the following Stiliyanov's post:


петък, 24 октомври 2014 г.
Millennium pope - hellgate ( pt 2 ) 

Found the hint? Now you are prepared for another refined symbolism. 
Just give a look also to this interesting news. The fake, photoshopped picture of Solar Eclipse from the IS(I)SInternational Space Station :

"....This fake photo of the eclipse was tweeted, as if from the ISS  Photo: @Shyman33......"
The title of the above quoted article about Francesco Caldara's image used by ISIS? 

"Isis shows PHOTOS of Francesco Caldara on Twitter: "Crusader crushed"

The Moon eclipsing the Sun = Sophia crushing the Archon(s)/Trinity.

Conclusion. "A vile move , to pick on a pensioner who had gone on a cruise and it was definitely not in Tunisia to undertake a holy war." A simple game of psychological association. Within the chaos of feelings of sadness and anger for the death of an innocent whose figure has been mocked after the death by the "archons" (ISIS),  there will be involved also the Russian flag. Innocent by Association.

I realized that the colors are properly the ones of the UK flag:

Therefore being historically and recently in the chronicle the United Kingdom involved in wars with Italy (WWII) and described in the most part of conspirative popular tales as "cretor of Islamic terrorism", (just check the echo of the Foreign fighters of ISIS coming from UK and labelled as "agent of British services"), the title of this post is changed from "Provokatsiya [Innocent by Association]" to "Provokatsiya [Guilty by Association]".

Edited 22 March 2015  --->

Notice the higly symbolism of a DEAD man whose name is FRANCIS, with an UNION JACK's St. Andrew  CROSS (= the "bad one", the "spiritual opposite", the "faked one" -  being the "good" St. Andrew cross the blue one of Romanov) on his figure (further analysis could be done by experts on the symbolical value of the exact point of location of the cross' intersection, near the neck, near the left shoulder). 
The "crushed crusader" allusion confirms the announce of death by the same pope Francis (in C. Stiliyanov's blog analyzed), as a coming programmed Big One in the step of the Cathorthodox Big Unification (End Schism 1054 plus Fatima in 2017 and Catholicization of China/USA):

'I only have two to three years left to live': Pope Francis speaks for first time about his own death as he hints at 'nerve problems' and early retirement

    Frank comments may lead to speculation about Francis's health
    The 77-year-old's vigour and energy have been key to his popularity
    But he admits to having 'some nerve problems' which require treatment
    He also raises the possibility he might retire, like his predecessor 

By Damien Gayle for MailOnline and Afp and Associated Press

Published: 10:29 GMT, 19 August 2014 | Updated: 00:59 GMT, 20 August 2014

Here is another example of stirring hate against the Union Jack (against KJB and Christian resistance against Catholicism and her daughter churches/cults):

Saturday, March 23, 2013
The Emperor's thumb: bye bye Chavez [and Tyndale].
Christo Stiliyanov's post exposing that wider and deeper:

петък, 13 юни 2014 г.
Those who are forever guilty

"Representatives of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) stated that they will destroy the Kaaba after they capture Saudi Arabia,"
понеделник, 30 юни 2014 г.
Guilty by association - iconoclastic nightmares (pt 3)
  петък, 4 юли 2014 г.
Gulty by association - Ottoman states of America/desecration of Mary(land) - pt 4

петък, 4 юли 2014 г.
Guilty by Association - Are you a Fundamentalist, the verdict (appendix)

 събота, 5 юли 2014 г.
Gulty by association - Queen Elizabeth(s) - Pt 5

*   *   * 

Provocation and the Islamic State: Why Assad Strengthened the Jihadists
By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on September 3, 2014

An opposition poster showing Assad and the Islamic State 
as two sides of the same coin

 Reported in my:

Saturday, March 21, 2015
"Focused on ISIS" - 6: Provokatsiya.



    1. i was mislead by the chief role of Russian intelligence - st Andrew cross of Romanov, the 'good' one, and the cross of UK flag, the 'evil one'.
      Take care about Fascist regime, raging against UK using the same cursing iof the Catholic church.

    2. Also notice the extreme allegorical synergy between the figure of a victim UK-red crossed whose name is FRANCESCO, with the continue, in the last times, recalling by pope FRANCESCO of his soon-to expire life.
      The Big attack of 'ISIS' in Italy against the Catholic church, and disseminated with poisoned fingerprints accusing ''Protestant UK'' is near the corner?

    3. Completely in line with "elizabeth" protestants guilty by association. I don't believe anyone of the "protestant" or let alone the baptist (AKA we fly away while george clooney charms the world) have explored these slanders. I think there might be an end to the monarchy in UK soon (in order not to have flies in the face of the Romanov emperor). Although if the Anglican church soon returns to Rome (which it will), the monarchy will automatically become catholic and can be left to grace the magazines for a while.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

      Gnostic Assassins:

      "Brooklyn Fire Kills 7 Children, City’s Worst Toll Since 2007

      7 children 7 archons

      21 march aka 777 (3 X 7)

      "A hot plate warmed food in the darkened kitchen in Brooklyn, allowing an Orthodox Jewish mother to feed her family while observing the Sabbath prohibition on lighting a flame. Upstairs, she and EIGHT children slept.

      That small convenience led to the city’s deadliest fire in eight years, after flames that began in the kitchen ripped through the home, trapping seven children ages 5 to 16 [= 5 + 16 = 31] in their bedrooms, as their mother and a 15-year-old sister, cloaked in thick smoke, jumped out of second-floor windows. They were the only TWO survivors."

      Sophia saved the Archons killed.

    6. Monday, May 19, 2014
      pope Francis S.J., for friends aka: Moloch?.

      19 May 2014 Last updated at 10:18 GMT
      Dozens of Colombian children killed in bus fire
      Police warned that the number of deaths could rise

    7. avlesMarch 21, 2015 at 12:45 PM

      "At least eighteen of these fatalities were tourists from Italy, Colombia, Poland, France, Spain, Japan and Australia, who were killed when two gunmen burst from a vehicle and fired shots at buses arriving at the Bardo Museum in Tunis."

      It is a significant mix of countries. I don't see Germany. But some of the greatest Catholic countries of Europe, one of Catholic Latin America, Japan and Australia.

      As they had to unite in the blood the fate of the Protestant and/or anti-Catholic Asia with the Catholic countries.

    8. Of course not connect as part of the same allegorical Gnostic scheme, but connected in the sense I believe their are involved the minions of the same Gnostic mafia with the fire of a person i know well:

      Wednesday, December 10, 2014
      An attempt of assassination?

    9. Correction: instead "of a person" read "against a person".


    Put together a little something. Thank God this gnostic circus wont continue forever.