Monday, March 23, 2015


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 Above image - "DOWN WITH DONATISTS!". Donatists: see References.
BTW: they cancelled one flight for my marriage. Practically i cannot be present at the scheduled time in Italian Embassy to get the Legal Capacity. You book appointment in It. Embassy in Manila only by web, with a month or more before the day of appointment.
10.000 Euro, but most important the wedding, are now at risk to be like thrown out of the window:

''Flight EY3901, scheduled to leave AUH on May 13, 2015 at 21:35PM, has been changed. Your new flight is EY3901, departing AUH on May 14, 2015, at 21:35PM.''

Italian Embassy booked my appointment to get documents to marry on May 15, 2015, half hour before my changed flight land in Manila on May 15, 2015, at 10:15.
The appointment in office is at 09:37. if you miss it you have to wait another month (average estimation).

Of course not connect as part of the same allegorical Gnostic scheme, but connected in the sense I believe their are involved the minions of the same Gnostic mafia with the fire of a person i know well:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An attempt of assassination?

23 march 2015 - real time upgrade

Practically my flight EY3901 is programmed to land exactly 38 minutes after my appointment in Italian Embassy at 09:37 (37,... 38...) where to get the Legal Capacity, a document I need to marry. Calculating at least other two hours of delay (check out in airport, taxi, etc.), I am no more accepted in the Embassy and must book another appointment  - of course a day two months later. The wedding are gone.


"Some fell from faith at the critical moment by handing over to unbeliev-

ers the scriptures of the Lord and the divine testaments so they could be

burned in unholy fires. But how many more in preserving them bravely

resisted by freely shedding their blood for them! When the devil had been

completely defeated and ruined and all the martyrs were filled with God’s

presence, bearing the palm of victory over suffering, they sealed with

their own blood the verdict against the traitors and their associates, reject-

ing them from communion of the Church. For it was not right that there should be martyrs and traitors in the Church of God at the same time."
 - quoted by Christo Stylyianov in his:
URL of the original picture (Stalin-Tito):


  1. what you are experiencing is so sad, ... what about a plan B ?, to be married in Italy when your promised will join you with a vacation visa ?

    1. they offered me a flight a day before therefore remaining a day more in Manila, more expenses etc. I 've consumed nearly all money.
      But the problem remain, just imagine the day before they click on a spot on computer and your flight is cancelled....

    2. oh man, can't they give you an earlier flight, or a one-two day later appointment? ......

    3. yes i 've got a ticket for an earlier flight, but if they change something the day before my departure it all lost.
      Did they send a message to me?

    4. "vincent lazarooMarch 13, 2015 at 1:25 PM
      great post !, genial, funny, really brilliant, but shouldn't you better to stay alive before your wedding ?, "

      Really prophetic!

    5. Who are you really, Mr Lazaroo?

  2. I asked a person who travel much with airplane all around the world, to him it never happened a such thing, only to his partner, who too use much the airplane, only one time was constrained to take another flight, but one, two HOURS later, not the DAY AFTER.

    Is it a well clear signal this? Intimidation?

  3. Again, after this post suddenly the Internet is extremely slow.

  4. more afterparty triumphing over the dead heretics>

    An Airbus A320 operated by the Germanwings airline has crashed in southern France, according to reports.

    The plane was travelling between Barcelona and Dusseldorf when it came down in the French Alps near Digne, according to the AFP News Agency.




    celebrating massacre of waldensians 470 years ago?: 1545-2015

    1. not really necessary to point out specific locations as the whole region was swarming with christians


    2. 11:19 GMT:Radar lost contact with plane at 09.39, while the A320 Airbus sent out an distress signal at 09.47.

      9.47. . . . 470 years. . . . . .

    3. 24.3

      24x3 = 72
      24+3 = 27

      Those black madonnas all around southern france symboze the "polluted/darkened Sophia" by the preaching of the "archons" (vaudoises)?

    4. you can prepare a post about it if youd like (using this infor + other), i dont have sufficient time and will not present it well

  5. You are marrying someone in the Phillipines?

    How did you meet and get to know someone from so far away to marry?

    1. Because I needed to be saved by God, here in Western Italy & Slovenia (the border is about 15 mins car from my home) there are no more Christians but only aphatic a-gnostics or Gnostics. Here i was near to fall in love with a person who believes occultism and particularly with a passion for Reincarnation.
      I thanks God to have led me that night in Internet to find the right person on the other side of the planet. The fact I ll get married and in a Baptist church (hoping God will not let the Devil to block this planning) and that I hope to be baptized as the ancient Christians of Europe, is simply the manifestation of the power of God

  6. Good luck.

    I look forward to you posting more about this story in the future.

  7. I hope that you met this person face to face before deciding to marry her.

    I would not trust such an important decision solely to the internet. It would be quite easy to manufacture someone, and perhaps likely to lure a blogger that has written against the Vatican.

    1. No I already met her. She living in a sort of slum, if not properly favelas, the district of Davao City can recall about that. Living in poverty but rich of earth and God fearing.
      I met her already in Oct 2013, after having known her in end August '13. Yes, this encounter with her was manufactured, but by God.

    2. I experienced things I never experienced. For example becoming angry with her, because she was hiding from me, (telling the lie that she "is not hungry" or to do "diet"), that she had no money to buy food except for her kids.

  8. I wish you the best with your marriage. I look forward to seeing a wedding picture! God Bless!

    1. thank you very much Doug, i really need of God's help because enemies are a lot.