Friday, January 17, 2014

Nueva Italia - Nueva Europa - Nueva America


It is years now I was warning that the economical crisis in Europe is intended to annihilate the last rests of protestants/Christians not submitted to the pope/Orthodox Zionist Jews for the benefit of the Vatican. 

It is years now I warned about EUROGENDFOR and how Germany opposed to join this Vatican  multinational military police corp.

It is years now I warned that the Roman Catholic belt ("the Latin block") has to explode in the face of the Protestant North Europe and the Roman Catholic societies of South Europe are transformed every day in society of savage mob and riots thanks the oppression of the economical crisis.

It is years now I warned that the incoming European YUGOSLAVIA has to be joined with the enlargement of the Vatican religious empire towards East till the Bering straits.

It is years now I warned that putting together in the same country different nations with enormous disparities is the best way to create the premises for a future blood shed exactly like it happened in the monarchic occupied Yugoslavia where the jesuit politic (SJ Anton Korosec, SJ Preseren) putted together different nations and religions in order to start the mutual hate. 

I the same feel to be physically threatened in the same familiar relative entourage by people who "hates Jews".

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"PERCHÉ L’UNIONE EUROPEA RISCHIA DI FARE LA FINE DELL’EX JUGOSLAVIA" or "WHY THE EUROPEAN UNION THREATENS TO  END LIKE THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA"... Answer (my): because this has been programmed and planned by the  Counter Reformation.

All what is happening in Europe is coordinated with what is happening in the American continent. Stirring anti-Protestant hate in Mexico? To transform also USA in another giant occupied 1941-1945 Yugoslavia?

"Knights Templar: In Mexico, like Norway, criminals look to past for legitimacy
The attacker in Norway and a Mexican drug ring both invoke the ancient Knights Templar to describe themselves. Why do violent ideologues and criminals search the past for inspiration?"


Mexico vigilantes seize drug cartel bastion

Gunfire erupts in the town of Nueva Italia in ongoing battle between community self-defence groups and a drug cartel.

The Knights were purportedly headed by an old lieutenant of Moreno's, Servando Gómez (now arrested), a former schoolteacher from Michoacán's rugged hills, where meth labs abound like hillbilly stills. Mexican police files show that both Moreno and Gómez converted to Evangelical Christianity when they were migrants in the U.S. in the 1990s. Returning to Mexico, they found that religious discipline was a useful tool to keep etc. etc...." 
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  1. There are trends in the USA - evangelizing is forbidden in the army . . Fundamental christians are on the terrorist lists. etc etc. The american pastor of the church I go to told me he won't be surprised that within a few years fundamental Christians become persecuted in the "free"(western) countries. Barak Obama is doing much more harm than all the previous presidents together. The "blackness" and the "civil rights" movement are a different subject to talk about.

    The situation in the Orthodox countries is that evangelical christians are called "sectants" and are hated.

  2. Here the same and every one who take a Bible but DOESN'T recognize the 'holiness' and divine 'authority' of the church of Rome is seen like a black once in Mississippi,... we are going towards a Jesuits' apartheid for "fundamentalist" Christians if not something worse...

  3. ... in any case EVERY one not recognizing the figure of the pope as ABOVE any other political, religius, etc. authority on earth will be wiped away from society.

  4. I expect persecution too, but first more slander and media campaigns. . . If they can call Obama a messiah, I have no doubt we have a lot of better "messiahs" coming ahead. The francis pope is regarded very highly here too, even reminding of the times of the "communist" pope John Paul 2.

  5. Or consider the mainstream religions. We are enjoined in Micah to do
    justly and love mercy; in Exodus we are forbidden to commit murder; in
    Leviticus we are commanded to love our neighbour as ourselves; and in the
    Gospels we are urged to love our enemies. Yet think of the rivers of blood
    spilled by fervent followers of the books in which these well-meaning
    exhortations are embedded.
    In Joshua and in the second half of Numbers is celebrated the mass
    murder of men, women, children, down to the domestic animals in cityafter
    city across the whole land of Canaan. Jericho is obliterated in a kherem, a
    `holy war'. The only justification offered for this slaughter is the mass
    murderers' claim that, in exchange for circumcising their sons and adopting
    a particular set of rituals, their ancestors were long before promised that this
    land was their land. Not a hint of self-reproach, not a muttering of
    patriarchal or divine disquiet at these campaigns of extermination can bedug
    out of holy scripture. Instead, Joshua `destroyed all that breathed, as the
    Lord God of Israel commanded' (Joshua, x, 40). And these events are not
    incidental, but central to the main narrative thrust of the Old Testament.
    Similar stories of mass murder (and in the case of the Amalekites, genocide)
    can be
    found in the books of Saul, Esther, and elsewhere in the Bible, with
    hardly a pang of moral doubt. It was all, of course, troubling to liberal
    theologians of a later age.
    It is properly said that THE DEVIL CAN `QUOTE SCRIPTURE TO HIS PURPOSE'.The
    Bible is full of so many stories of CONTRADICTORY MORAL PURPOSE that every
    generation can find scriptural justification for nearly any action it proposes,
    from incest, slavery and mass murder to the most refined love, courage and
    self-sacrifice. And this moral multiple personality disorder is hardly
    restricted to Judaism and Christianity. You can find it deep within Islam, the
    Hindu tradition, indeed nearly all the world's religions. Perhaps then it is
    not so much scientists as people who are morally ambiguous.

    The Demon-haunted world - Carl Sagan

  6. There is definetely an anti-Orthodox media campaign right now, coinciding with the events in Ukraine. Recently there has been several pornography/homosexual scandals with priests from the orthodox church in Bulgaria. The jesuits are up to something, I don't know exactly what will happen, but I know the end result (probably in 2017 with the miracles)

  7. Orthodox was too a sort of Catholicism, and maybe is hated just for this. Sometimes 'protestants' are openly out and may represennt a lesser danger than for example the liberal catholics who are very dangerous "fifth columns"... Yes, ukraine seems a battlefield of Jesuititism no more or less the eastern north europe during wwii

  8. Fragmentation of religous field or Ukraine:

    14.9 percent of believers identify themselves with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate;
    10.9 percent are adherents of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) (which has the largest number of churches in Ukraine and claims up to 75% of the Ukrainian population[4]);
    5.3 percent belonged to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (sometimes referred to as the Uniate, Byzantine, or Eastern Rite Church);
    1.0 percent belonged to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church;
    0.6 percent belonged to the Roman Catholic Church;
    0.9 percent identified themselves as Protestants (Pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, Mennonites, Adventists);
    0.1 percent follow Jewish religious practices;
    3.2 percent said they belonged to "other denominations".
    62.5 percent stated they are not religious or did not clearly identified their church allegiance (many Orthodox Ukrainians do not clearly self-identify with a particular denomination and, sometimes, are even unaware of the affiliation of the church they attend as well as of the controversy itself, which indicates the impossibility to use the survey numbers as an indicator of a relative strength of the church)

  9. Again the church submitted to Moscow patriarchate... ? But is this an attempt to re-unite Orthodoxy against the external attack (Vatican),... or to gather/control ALL the Orthodox world under the Moscow Patriarchate (already under Vatican control?)...?

    ".........The church originated in 1992 after as a result of a schism between the Moscow Patriarchate and its former locum tenens,
    Undeterred, Filaret, with support of the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, initiated a merger with the canonically-unrecognised Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. With the support of nationalist groups such as UNA-UNSO, the church fought for control over property. In response, almost all Ukrainian bishops called a sobor in Kharkiv, where they refused to follow Filaret, and ruled to defrock and anathemise him...."

  10. Unfortunately i haven t the time to follow the themes of this blog, figure it out the ones of others' blog... but here one of the last posts of Douglas Willinger there 's an interesting trace...

    "....Polish Re-annexation of Eastern Lands - Kresy - Now Discussed as Possible - December 2013 -
    as Wlodimir Putin's Achilles Heal...

    An intelligent proposal for an ethnically inclusive, outright encouraging people from today's Belorussia and Ukraine to declare themselves as Polish via a green card program for those migrating to the current Poland. Ethnic Russians would be welcome to declare Polish nationality, even if lacking any paperwork showing say a Polish/Polonized grand-parent- all ethnic groups so invited. ......."

  11. I believe that you , from an Orthodox Eastern Europe country, are the best fitted in order to give a judgement on such questions:

    ".....(WIKIpedia) .... In the late 1890s and the first decades of the next century, the populist Ruthenian intelligentsia adopted the term Ukrainians to describe their nationality.......Continuing Counter Reformation is extremely interested in further information upon the Austrian-suspected Jesuit creation of the 'West Ukrainian' nationalist movement, particularly anything connecting it with the figure of Mieczyslaw Ledochowski as preparation for the 20th century shift of Poland to the west........"

    I see it as effect of the larger project to absorb the Orthodoxies inside Rome and to keep divided Orthodox and Catholics (to not speak Protestants) outside any kind of multi-religious state where Catholicism in the dialogue with others could represent a threat for the power of the Vatican - Like the danger of Enlarged Yugoslavia, with Bulgaria, where Catholicism would have been submerged by Orthodoxy, in fact it immediately followed the Jesuit Stalin's "excommunication" against Tito in 1948...

  12. yes it is right, this is divide-and-rule policy against Ortodoxy, with Vatican as beneficiary,... this is why all that has to appear as "product of CIA's interferences"...

  13. Considering the historical developments and ideas about nationality in Ukraine, I think this is only a prelude before something real major yet to happen. The jesuits need Putin and Russia in "check mate" before they can move more directly against Russia. The polarisaton of opinion CIA staged <> anti-putin is already evident, those are the only two options.

    Regarding the nationalist idea - our came in the early 19 century through the work of a certain monk -Paisius of Hilendar- who spent time in Hungary collecting historical data (from polish and hungarian jesuits) and at the pretty much same time masonry was created and began spreading "nationalist" ideas across Italy and the slavic countries.

    The catholic church has laid out a very patient, slow plan to get the orthodox church back. They will do anything to keep their hands clean, so they need time ..... but they will soon succeed.

  14. in the talk show otto e mezzo (eight and half) on La7 channel there was present a CATHOLIC Ukrainan who said that the guilty for the clashes is of the regime which suppressed the rallies asking an union of Ukraine to EU. Another prticipant to the talk show underlined that the EU did not too much in order to allow Ukraine to join EU... I believe that Ukraine would meant too much Orthodox weight inside EU but at the same time the entry of Ukraine would further divide the Orthodox world