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Above image - "Sir Fred Hoyle et Mgr G.H. Lemaître"

".....Sir James Jeans, in the 1920s, was the first to conjecture a steady state cosmology based on a hypothesized continuous creation of matter in the universe.[1][2] The idea was then revised in 1948 by Fred Hoyle, Thomas Gold, Hermann Bondi and others.......". [ ]

From a physicist point of view the energetic equation of ZPE will boggle their mind. Despite the massive energetic potential for clean free energy in ZPE power conversion, the ZPE energy conversion field is still not "popular" or studied in the mainstream science, physics or engineering curricular.

In particle physics it is well known that the active vacuum is incredibly energetic. Calculations by leading physicists such as Wheeler show that a cubic centimeter of vacuum (about the tip of one's little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope! So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish. -Tom Beardon
......" [  ]

 Above image - "....Georges Lemaître between Robert Millikan (on the left) and Albert Einstein (on the right). The Big Bang theory of the "Primeval Atom" triumphs. California Institute of Technology. Pasadena, 10 January 1933...."
 ".......Please, notice the timing. This Belgian priest is thinking on the lines proposed by Albert Einstein and suggests Big Bang in 1927. This pipe smoking American publishes the velocity-distance facts observed in Mount Wilson in 1929 confirming Lemaître's basic ideas with accurate and reliable facts about star from distant galaxies.

Who is this guy?

Does anyone know that a priest was the first one to propose that there was a Big Bang?

His parents sent the boy to the classical Jesuit school, Collège du Sacré-Coeur in Charleroi in Wallonia, western Belgium. He was a brilliant student and already at the young age of 17 he was accepted to the University of Leuven to study civil engineering........" [    ]

After Arthur Eddington died in 1944, Cambridge University became a center of opposition to Lemaitre's theory of the Big Bang. In fact, it was Fred Hoyle, an astronomer at Cambridge, who sarcastically coined the term "Big Bang." Hoyle and others favored an approach to the history of the universe known as the "Steady State" in which hydrogen atoms were continuously created and gradually coalesced into gas clouds, which then formed stars.
But in 1964 there was a significant breakthrough that confirmed some of Lemaitre's theories. Workers at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey were tinkering with a radio telescope when they discovered a frustrating kind of microwave interference. It was equally strong whether they pointed their telescope at the center of the galaxy or in the opposite direction....[etc. etc. etc.]...............
Is there a paradox in this situation? Lemaitre did not think so. Duncan Aikman of the New York Times spotlighted Lemaitre's view in 1933: "'There is no conflict between religion and science,' Lemaïtre has been telling audiences over and over again in this country .... His view is interesting and important not because he is a Catholic priest, not because he is one of the leading mathematical physicists of our time, but because he is both."
......." [  ]

...OH ... look why the "Free Energy" must NOT exist... No, no, that's not for the "greediness" of the energy companies.... but the true reason is because Free Energy which relates on original Maxwell's equations (asymmetric ones, quaternions) implies the creation of energy from the "void" (= ether)... but in this manner it gives substance to the Fred Hoyle's theory of the Steady State universe... prof. Hoyle conjectured that the universe like it is – is always existed, in a stationary (maybe in some variations with also a slightly) expanding form... in the enormous emptied distances the matter could arise spontaneously... and if we know that matter and energy are linked by an equation we understand that the Free Energy theory would give validity to the Fred Hoyle's theory.... But who would be the Greater Loser?... It would be the Big Bang Theory which is born with the precise goal to oppose to the theory of the Steady State theory... Remember that the true ghost-father of this theory was as jesuit, Lemaitre.... let's put aside Einstein, evidently simply a front man of this order.... Meanwhile the Steady State theory – even if paradoxically born with the intention to deny Biblical creation - is not a sworn enemy of the Biblical Creation (because Universe could have been created by God 6000 years ago as it is now), the Big Bang theory, with billions of years of obliged evolution under which we cannot go, is an absolute enemy of the Biblical Creation... look, … in years of surfing in sites about Aliens,... when I the same was an enthusiast supporter of prof. Malanga's theory of the Alien Abductions... I actually dont remember of a single episode where I could have met someone affirming that the precise goal of the Aliens is to keep the planet earth in the obscurity respect the existence of the science of “free energy” (ether etc.)... this is for a clear reason... the Alien hoax must not reveal the true finality for which has been engineered... Free Energy, Direct Beam technology, the s.c. “anti-gravity” etc. must be kept hidden... if the establishment puts in the mouth of Aliens the purpose of keep the planet in an underdeveloped condition you obtain two negative collateral effect.... 1) you give evidence about the existence of Free Energy etc. science,.... 2) you give evidence about the falsity of the Alien and UFO phenomena, at that point a clear fabricated masque behind which to hide the interests of multinationals of energy, governments, lodges, Vatican, etc.... “.

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"...of about 14 lunations" [on the age of the universe]

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".... we are LEGION".

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  1. Bingo!
    Yes, I think they have introduced a false dichotomy of Aliens. For the average earth inhabitant there are two options for the "Aliens":

    1. The good ones - our "helpers", "enlighteners" or our BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER MOTHER! (see Gal 4:26, Rev 18) "The false bride". They will exemplify the gnosticism, liberation theology, altriusm within the evolutionist dogma and the "cooperativism", and other certain fullfillments of communist prophecy (Protecting us from the capitalist, emperialist invaders) Interpreting Intergalaxy/universe species struggle as class struggle. They will also give new revelation in regard to the Bible and Christ(precursors of Antichrist?) A new religion that merges the Marian side of Roman Catholicism and evolutionism with new age ideology might be brought forth.

    2. The evil Aliens - possible presented as our "creators" as in Prometheus or simply an advanced species. Imperialist, "cold hearted", invading, parasitic (creatures from Hell - revelation 9), multitude that hide in obscurity, but use their technological progress( terraforming - climate change, biological weapons etc.) to torment the citizens of earth.

    The Jesuits have created the Aliens as a bag of tricks for anti-biblical propaganda on every level. Their "divine intervention" will capture the hearts of men, since close to 2000 years have passed and true miracles give Godlike status. . .

    In general the concept of Aliens gives the benefit of suprise to Satan, because people's trust to governments and religions is very low. Fanaticism towards science (fiction) is very spread in the west. It is not a coincidence, because the protestant heritage of most of the north/western world would sniff out religious impositions if its simply a new religion/ecumenism. It has to be hidden. It is like when the Jesuits got rid of Monarchies to more easily spread their cause. All revolutions and major wars are unexpected and the ones that "prophesied" about them became the rulers. Satan is peeling a large onion and is close to the core. He will soon only need the miracles we have seen in the comic books!

    A scenario with a puppet antichrist that is overcome by the supposed christ(true antichrist) is possible too.

    Acts 14:11 And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, THE GODS ARE COME DOWN to us in the likeness of men.

  2. The "evil" aliens might be the more "technological", while the good ones will be the spiritual (star wars - inferior races are more spiritual - jedi knights....)

    "The Road Not Taken" is a short story by Harry Turtledove, set in 2039, in which he presents a fictitious account of a first encounter between humanity and an alien race, the Roxolani.

    When they are interrogated, the truth becomes evident. The Roxolani's method of manipulating gravity is ABSURDLY SIMPLE, and they were thus able to begin utilizing aircraft, spacecraft, and even faster than light travel during their Age of Sail. This enabled them to engage in WARS OF CONQUEST not only on a planetary but a galactic scale. However, gravity technology by itself had no application other than transportation, and was such a bizarre discovery that their scientific theorems couldn't accommodate it. As a result, the SCIENTIFIC METHOD WAS ABANDONED and their technological development ground to a halt. They have never achieved, for example, their equivalent of the Industrial Revolution, much less the INFORMATION REVOLUTION. Most civilizations experience this at an even earlier stage of development, and the Roxolani found conquest a simple and productive endeavor.

    In contrast, humanity SOMEHOW MISSED DEVELOPING GRAVITATION TECHNOLOGY, and its unfocused expenditure of creativity and resources thus resulted in less immediately rewarding but ultimately more versatile applications and development of a very wide range of knowledge - medicine, heavy industry, electric motors, computers, nuclear power, etc. But without gravity technology, THEY WERE RESTRICTED to a single solar system, and until recently a single planet.

    So, it is not a coincidence - Satan will encourage us to fight them, because THEY HAVE A WEAK SPOT. This fact is mentioned in every alien movie- war of the worlds , falling skies etc etc.......

  3. This Harry Turtledove is quite an insane man:

    Agent of Byzantium (1987) — Imperial Byzantine special agent Basil Argyros is sent on various missions in an alternate universe where MUHAMMAD became a Christian saint and consequently the Byzantine Empire never fell.

    Thessalonica (1997) — Early Christians in the Greek city of Thessalonica deal with barbarian invaders on both physical and metaphysical levels.

    Between the Rivers (1998) — Taking place in an equivalent to ancient Mesopotamia, city-states ruled by different gods fight for dominance.

    Ruled Britannia (2002) Alternate History — The Spanish Armada conquers England and forces Shakespeare to write a play about Philip II. At the same time he is secretly writing a play for the English underground resistance about Boudica's rebellion, with Boudica meant to be analogous to the imprisoned Elizabeth I.


    In the Presence of Mine Enemies (2003) Alternate History — Follows the struggles of a family of secret Jews in Berlin two or three generations after a Nazi victory in World War II. The events in the story follow a common theme of Turtledove's work, transplanting one set of historical events into another setting (the most prominent example being Southern Victory Series moving European history onto the American continent). In this case, the decline of the Soviet Union in the 1990s is translated to the THIRD REICH IN THE 21 CENTURY(and the SECRET JEWS' way of life is reminiscent of Marranos in Spain).

  4. ".....In contrast, humanity SOMEHOW MISSED DEVELOPING GRAVITATION TECHNOLOGY, .........".

    i answer only briefly but it is worth to dedicate an entire blog on how the anti-gravity is taboo.... Focus 'scientific' channel often before advertisement was using a riddle in order to capture the attention of spectator... watching ads which are followed then by the solution of the riddle.... one of this was asking "does antigravity exist?",... then at the end of ads they gave the solution which of course is NOT.... meanwhile the following 'documentary' on Aliens is filled with UFOs clearly showing anti-gravity capabilities....

  5. "....However, gravity technology by itself had no application other than transportation, and was such a bizarre discovery that their scientific theorems couldn't accommodate it.........." etc. etc. etc.

    It seems to me that "anti-gravity" (whose more exact term is negative gravity) is an allusion to the Salvation, that "reaching the heaven" after bein delivered from the chains ("gravity") of this world under the rule of the well known 'prince' (Satan).... it obvious that for the IHS sect we must remain under Satan's control who plays his card also with the Darwinist competition in a context of insufficent resources... Christendom invite to be not slave of the material goods in order to gain the eternal goods, the Salvation... Satan calibrate the lack of material goods in order people becomes slave of them... You can smell the Jesuit mind behind such Science Fiction novels better than a animals smelling odors whose source is tens o miles away...

  6. The recent movie "gravity" is very occult with many allusions to "deep space",
    in the beginning Russia causes the space incident:

    "Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite, which has caused a chain reaction forming a cloud of space debris. Mission Control orders that the mission be aborted. Shortly after, communications with Mission Control are lost, though the astronauts continue to transmit, hoping that the ground crew can still hear them."

    The aborted mission = the aborted worldwide kingdom of Babylon, because of the great schism in 1054?

    "curse of gravity" etc, Noah Ark allegories, in the end sandra bullock is coming out of the capsule as semiramis/isis,

    in one of the scenes she is reataching one of the russian(soviet) capsules -called Soyuz(union) - the return of Russia as per the Fatima prophecy,

    then she moves to the Chinese capsule that is called Tiangong"Heavenly Palace".- next step China?

    Many many things. . .

  7. I wanted to send another comment but i preferred to complete your questions with a new post:

  8. Star Wars weapons.... mmmmmh... it since 2004 i thougt an hoax (at that time no aware that the technology was real)... I thought: which better means to destroy the enemy's satellites than to fill their orbits with counter-orbiting dust-debris? It would work like a shot of buckshot --->

    But the cold war was the true HOAX and alibi to develop Direct Energy technology etc....


    I think we should look at our own Space Race for one thing. What inspired our drive to the moon? To the galaxy and beyond? Simple: the Cold War and the arms race with Soviet Russia.

    Oh, this is interesting:

    Consider the work of Iain M. Banks. In his Culture novels we glimpse the ongoing war between two massive space civilizations. On the one hand, you have The Culture – a socialist, hegemony of peoples ruled over by beneficent artificial intelligences called Minds in what is essentially a post-scarcity intergalactic Utopia. On the other hand you have the Idrians, a warlike society of ancient creatures strictly bound to a deep militaristic code of ethics. In Banks’s Consider Phlebas the two massive societies are pit against one another in an endless and destructive war in which countless billions are wiped out. A major arms race, including the development of ridiculously destructive weapons, ensues.

    For whatever reason, I FIND IT MORE PLAUSIBLE THAT EARTH WILL SOMEDAY BE CAUGHT UP BETWEEN SOME VAST INTERGALACTIC CONFLICT THAN ANYTHING ELSE. Whether the aliens are Utopians ruled over by super computers, or fierce sexless warrior demigods probably won’t matter much. When you’re caught in this kind of crossfire you’re basically screwed either way.

  10. I have PROBLEMS in to log in with Blogger... it very very slow uploading.... i believe they are trying to sap and mortify my activity of exposition of the Satanic and Jesuit nature of the Cult of Aliens.

  11. Still i was writing the above comment ("I have PROBLEMS..." etc) it was impossible to publish your comments, even if i clicked on them and chosen "publish" it happened nothing.... immediately after the comment "I have PROBLEMS..." etc was published also your waiting comment went immediately published...

  12. I think this is a typical low intensity sabotage against Freedom of Expression... Pious IX authored the Jesuit ghost-written Syllabus of Errors in 1864 affirming there that the Freedom of expression is anathema... The Communist Massimo Dalema one of the leader of Democratic Party of Italy before the grip on power by Jesuitical Renzi is a member of the Piano order, an order founded by Pious IX... The World Communism of the One World Government advances under the mask of an Alien...

  13. "... a warlike society of ancient creatures strictly bound to a deep militaristic code of ethics..."

    I imagine this label and category fabricated to label the 'fundamentalist Christians' and to chop them in the name of the "Utopia"... like in Israel where Masonic labor Zionism of Peres & C. always hitting Orthodox Jews...

  14. ".... On the one hand, you have The Culture – a socialist, hegemony of peoples ruled over by beneficent artificial intelligences called Minds...."

    this is the Michio Kaku's technological version of the jesuits' Reduciones and their Mind Control MKultra-styled... consign yor brain to them in order to survive... yes probably there will be a dialectic of bipolar clashes where the supreme synthesis is Roman Catholicism...