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For Italian readers: the Italian JESUIT REDUCION. How it works.


This post is related about serious evidence on how the political manipulation uses antisemitism and is implemented using elementary behaviorist and political/sociological manipulations. I would prefer to deal with scientific matter and Biblical arguments related to Evolutionism, Darwinism, but am constrained to publish this material for at least two reason: 1) my personal question of survival as i live in a state and in a society under theocratic Jesuitical regime and i fear for my safety, and 2), for a future witness because a day no one could say "no one warned me about that".

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There's no difficulty in to understand the recent scandal of the head of the institute for wages for retired persons "INPS" . The tv news underlined he is head also of many Jewish organizations and therefore is an openly exhibited Jew...

Investigated the INPS president Antonio Mastrapasqua........ Sabato, 25 Gennaio 2014 18:15
Redazione Contropiano
The INPS President Antonio Mastrapasqua, which has assets of 24 other executive positions, is under investigation by Rome prosecutors for his work as director general of the Israelite Hospital in Rome from 2011 to 2013. According to the newspaper La Repubblica the story concerns thousands of medical records and counterfeit rigged with the aim of obtaining reimbursement by the Lazio Region to which in fact the Roman hospital [the Israelite Hospital] had no right to obtain]....”.
[INPS: "Istituto Nazionale per la Previdenza Sociale" or "National Institute for Social Security", it pays the social retired wage of most of Italians...]

Easy to answer to the question "why a Jew at the head of the principal institute of Italy paying the monthly wage to retired persons?".... Of course it is not a case if such corrupted man has been chosen as head for that institute from which the life of millions of retired people in Italy depends.... In a Roman Catholic context we can quite assume that a Jesuit Darwinist selection operates inside the Jewish communities.... the most honest ones and Orthodox Jews are the most penalized... See me for example .... i taking the side of such Jewry against anty-Jewish attacks am living an heavy situation.... isolated in the work, ... at home (and even with traces of physical threat in the relative's environment),.... and i am not a Jew!.... But then you see that those Jews who exhibit an anti-Orthodox fashion are lucky in the career and become famous.... is this the policy of Jesuits started with their infamous Medici supporting Sabtai Tzvi anti-biblical sectarianism?... I have no doubts nor wonders.... Now look at the just-recently elected head of the today most influential party in Italy, the Democratic Party, whose head now is the Jesuit-adviced Matteo Renzi.... Well, immediately after the election what did this boy of SJ Nicholas' order?

Renzi to Bignardi, "I'll see Berlusconi, at the headquarters of the Democratic Party, under the picture of Che Guevara" (video)
.........Pubblicato il 18 gennaio 2014 08.15 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 18 gennaio 2014 08.17 ..........

ROME - "I'll see Berlusconi, at the headquarters of the Democratic Party, under the picture of Che Guevara," Matteo Renzi, guest of Daria Bignardi, announces the meeting with the knight for the electoral law.

"For FI [Forza Italia party of Berlusconi] there they will be Berlusconi and Letta uncle, with me there will be Guerini. The meeting will be in the room of the Secretary, adds Renzi,
where there is "a beautiful picture of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro playing golf."

".......On 18 January 1994 Berlusconi Tajani, Luigi Caligaris, Martin, Valducci , give life to the political movement Forza Italy. The announcement of the descent into the field [a way of saying from soccer, it means to enter in action] is given with a televised January 26; ........" [ ]

Yes, the first thing was to 'bless' the historical Enemy Number One of the Democratic Party, the Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi, inviting him in the seat of Democratic Party, "... under the effiges of Che Guevara" (as reported by news with the allusion to the by-Jesuit Castro murdered Cuban's Revolution idealist fool), where they had an "historical meeting" and an "historical agreement" related to various laws to be approved in parliament... Pls put aside now for a moment Alexander Hislop's analysis (which would be  worth to apply here), look at Renzi - Berlusconi,,,... aren't they a replica of Che Guevara - Castro couple? with the latter, a probable 4th degree oath jesuit priest (see Alberto Rivera), as the man who sent to sure death his younger fellowman Guevara....  Ok, the electoral laws to be approved is only an alibi... what counts is that now there's inside the Democratic Party a secret hidden opposition which has no other chance than 1) to submit to the new little Jesuit Stalin of Italy Matteo Renzi or... 2) to abandon the support to the leftist 'workers' Democratic Party. In fact Gianni Cuperlo (who is of my city, Trieste, a Jesuit coincidence with the author of the lines you are reading now?), a member of DP party immediately resigned from the charge... Seeing Renzi in the hands of father SJ Enrico Deidda, all this tactic seems a sort of provocation the Jesuits performed in order to count the enemies inside the DP having in sight their final goal to transform this country in a psychiatric Jesuit Reducion... a purge from the undesirable ones... but there's more.... after only a week it follows the above mentioned scandal which involves a Jew and the INPS or institute for retired old people which pays the retired wage of the old Communist large base of the today's Democratic Party.... coincidence?

Of course not. So Jesuits surely want to purge from their Democratic Party (by their Matteo Renzi puppet headed) just that traditional and aged electoral militant old Communist base in order to push it in the hands of the "new movements" like the by-anti-Jewish Beppe Grillo headed (together/controlled through Casaleggio & C.), the "Movement of the Five Stars".... And to substitute them in the Democratic Party electoral tank with many former supporters of the "anti-Communist knight" Silvio Berlusconi now deluded by the judicial and pornographic facts involving him.... So how best way if not to hit those old Communists on their social retired-person wages, with another delusion, a delusion carrying a Jewish masque in order to push them in the arms of the every-day-increasing anti-semitism ????.... (alternative, but only in case of emergency: to vote the Ultramontane North League – a fake secessionist party of North Italy, a party with strong Roman Catholic anti-semitism inside). 

All the old Communists – traditionally-styled in the old PCI, are already impatient cause the recent years politic of their Democratic Party in which they dont recognize themselves anymore.... Jesuit- (mind-controlled?) Matteo Renzi is probably the last drop, purposely poured inside the Democratic Party by the most evil and bloody religious order of the human history, the true descendents of Cush, or today the Society of "Jesus", aiming  to catalyze the process of the "Italian Spring" which then could be turned in a wider Roman Catholic "European Spring".... Not for a case the last modification to the electoral law to be approved in parliament regarded some helps to that North League fake-secessionist party, but then it seems they failed to be approved and this speaks clearly that Jesuits declared concluded the age of the Secession parties in Italy, therefore North League has not to intercept the major part of the flux of the votes of those old Communists, a flux to be directed with the of probability for example inside the anti-Jewish Movimento 5 Stelle/Five Star Movement of Beppe Grillo and Casaleggio (in their turn simply a tool of the North Italy based Ultramontane circles with headquarter in Milano's cathedral )....

Above video - "Spot canone Rai 2014 "Nonno" - musica di Matteo Locasciulli " - URL :

Above video – Advertisement inviting people to pay the state-television tax. The old man represent the old Communist electoral base the traditional supporter of the leftist Democratic party. The two boys representing Jesuit-adviced Matteo Renzi (Red shirt) and Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi (Blue shirt). Berlusconi tears the pact of Democratic Party with his old Communist electoral base (Blue boy tearing the module to pay the television tax) in evident collusion with his friend, Matteo Renzi (the Red boy), and causing extreme anger of the old Communist who, like a Kung Fu warrior (see SJ Nicholas about the importance of Asia etc.) jump and fix his stick for old people on the floor, at the guise of a Samurai sword, creating a fracture in the floor which advances till to separate Berlusconi from Matteo Renzi. Berlusconi (Blue boy) is frontally positioned respect the old Communist (old retired person/Ninja) and demonstrates to be the true interlocutor with the old Communist base of the Democratic party/old man. At the same time Matteo Renzi/Red boy is frontally positioned towards Berlusconi/Blue boy and seems to depend from him. All that is useful in to psychically manipulate the classical old Communist base of Democratic Party and which considers the third Channel of state-television as "our own channel", and to make to believe them that "Matteo Renzi is not guilty for the recent agreement with Berlusconi"... The fact that this advertisement has been transmitted in the same month of the historical pact between Renzi and Berlusconi is a clear evidence that both were born from the same mind and in the same womb of a planned psychic mass-manipulation of the electoral base of Democratic party. The case is closed.

Matteo Renzi :

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"Big Think".


How Vatican manipulated Jews in Italy end of XVIII century:

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    Pope peace doves attacked by gull and crow . . . I wonder what's this "omen" supposed to mean. . . wars?

    1. Many thanks for the news. With such an event just the day BEFORE the day of Holocaust Memorial Day 2014 (and 2013: "...for the second year running...") we can expect how Satan could manipulte the psyche of the worshiper of the pope... Some days before, after the clamorous investigation on the JEWISH head of institute social security what happened?

      Pig heads sent in boxes to Jewish targets in Rome
      Police are searching for the culprits who sent pig heads to a synagogue, Israeli Embassy and a museum with a Holocaust exhibit. The mayor has condemned the act as intimidation to the local Jewish community.
      Saturday, January 25, 2014, 5:27 PM