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Russian Syrian propaganda [quite pure lies - check for yourself below] echoed by Western media?

A little piece of the usual Western information on the Syrian war:

The military balance of power in Syria and Iraq is changing. The Russian air strikes that have been taking place since the end of September are strengthening and raising the morale of the Syrian army, which earlier in the year looked fought out and was on the retreat. With the support of Russian airpower, the army is now on the offensive in and around Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, and is seeking to regain lost territory in Idlib province. Syrian commanders on the ground are reportedly relaying the co-ordinates of between 400 and 800 targets to the Russian air force every day, though only a small proportion of them come under immediate attack. The chances of Bashar al-Assad’s government falling – though always more remote than many suggested – are disappearing. Not that this means he is going to win.

BUT another source - another different opinion on the war:

Assad’s regular army is history now. Let’s count foreign mercenaries. Hezbollah: 15 to 20 thousand fighters from Lebanon.
Iraqi mercenaries: the al-Nujaba militia, Abu Fadl Al-Abbas, and others (approximately 36 Iraqi brigades), 20 to 30 thousand men, all Shiites.
Iran sent IRGC’s advisors Failak Al Quds: the so-called “army of volunteers” who “volunteered” to fight in Syria. Iran also sent Afghani convicts and junkies. All in all, 20 to 30 thousand people.
There are also mercenaries from Chechnya, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. 3 more thousand people have been recently brought from Nigeria.
All in all, there are about 100 thousand people fighting for Assad. This is not counting the Russian troops.

The army of Assad is definitively r.i.p., dissolved. It doesn't exist anymore excepts the leftovers. Western propaganda continues to repeat the lies of Assad?

Another perspective about the Russian aerial missions (bombing of civilian targets):

To answer this question, I’ll quote the man commanding the Russian units at the Hmeymim airbase. He sent the following cable to the General Staff in Moscow: “We cannot stay airborne 24 hours a day: as soon as we land, the FSA win our areas back; Assad and his troops have neither the desire nor the will to fight and are afraid to engage with rebels/terrorists.” These are the words of their Hmeymim airbase commander. We are absolutely positive that once Russia ends aerial attacks, we will take their areas back and launch an offensive against the coast. The regime is helpless on its own. Here’s an example: there is this 10 by 15 km area captured near Aleppo, occupying 150 square kilometers. Russian warplanes had to make 305 strikes to help capture the area. In Syria, Russia repeats its MO in Grozny: total annihilation of people, stones and trees; of literally everything they can lay their eyes on. Iranian and Hezbollah fighters claiming their victories can in fact move forward only under the cover of Russian warplanes.
Only the Russian airforce helps keep a military equilibrium but the Russian commanders realize their capabilities are limited. A plane can only make 4-6 sorties a day; a pilot can make only 4 missions a day – he gets tired and loses concentration. So, they had to bring in more planes and people. They have been using 20 planes over the last 7-10 days. And what did they get except keeping all their ships busy bringing in ammo?
A few days ago, the EU made a statement saying that the sanctions will remain in place until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and that all Putin’s efforts to trade the war in Syria for the war in Ukraine are useless. The West will never accept anything of the kind.

There's much propaganda about the aerial forces of Russia (anyway, this is in an indirect way referred also to the Western air power).

An example of Russian propaganda, diligently replicated by Western media:

The information on the war in Syria is often hard to rely on: it is often difficult to understand who actually wins a particular fight or battle. Russian propaganda is waging information warfare to confuse the international community. Can you tell us what is actually happening on the front line?

Indeed, the propaganda is doing its dirty work and mass media often grossly misinterpret and distort events. Here’s an example for you: once we captured an Iraqi fighter on the coast; the next day, the RT channel broadcast this man’s “confessions” saying that he served in one of the ISIS units “advancing under the cover of NATO’s Apache helicopters” and was captured by Assad’s army. After a closer look the “report” turned out to be a video footage covering certain events taking place in Libya in 2014; namely, the Libyan units moving, as part of the Fajr offensive, towards ports to expel terrorists, with those Apaches covering the Libyan military. In Syria, all victories of Assad army leftovers account for only 5% of the country’s area (on the coast and near Aleppo). But they always exaggerate their victories in media. The capture of Rabia, a tiny village of fifty houses, was presented as a great victory. According to the media, it was the “rebels’ capital” and a strategic point. When the regime’s troops capture a town, the media following them always blow it out of proportion; when we recapture the town the media keep mum.
Another example: On 12 February, we captured 3 towns in the Turkmen Mountain area; last week (the interview was given on February 13 – IN), we recaptured 7 villages near Aleppo. None of it was mentioned in the media. Not a word will ever be said about Russian casualties or Hezbollah fighting in Aleppo. That is, the Russian media deliberately and consistently misinform both their fellow citizens and the whole international community.
As soon as Russian air strikes end, we will take back all the areas seized by the regime’s fighters under the cover of the Russian air force. Assad’s mercenaries can move forward with the backing of the Russian aerospace forces only; they cannot retain those areas on their own.

You can continue with this interesting different perspective on the bloody war in Syria, on the page:

General Ahmad Rahal: “There are some 12,000 Russian troops in Syria now, complicit in the genocide of the Syrian people”
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What interest to me is to underline the religious propaganda  about the Air force of Russia. Today US Air Force is the shadow of what was decades ago. With old planes, the new one created to replace the old ones are revealing to be a pure defeat (F 35). Today Putin's Russia is producing a great quantity of weapons, advanced and very harmful. It seems that the world air superiority is definitively falling in the hands of Russia, and is no more a monopoly of USA.  Next year, the anti-aircraft and anti-missile system S-500 will start to be deployed. Yes, in 2017, in the 500th anniversary of the Luther's thesis, the S-500 will begin the operative life. There's an allegorical use of this arrogant exhibition of technological force, of which the Syrian civil/religious war ought to be the theater for this advertisement spectacle. The force of the air is assigned - by heathens - to the gods, the Gospel allegorically assigns it to the Holy Ghost but alternatively also to the Devil :

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:
Ephesians, 2:2

All that make me to think how Satan is planning to give to Russia the role of the knight to inaugurate a fake "Kingdom of Earth", a theatrical farce which should prevent (of course without success) the real Kingdom of Earth:

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. … And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron” (Revelation 19:11-15).
Quoted in:

“The Kingdom of Earth is at Hand”
December 20, 2015 Timothy F. Kauffman    158 Comments

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