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"Innumerable martyrs".

Woe unto you! for ye build the sepulchres of the prophets, and your fathers killed them.

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Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill

"4. We thank God for the gifts received from the coming into the world of His only Son. We share the same spiritual Tradition of the first millennium of Christianity. The witnesses of this Tradition are the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, and the saints we venerate.  Among them are innumerable martyrs who have given witness to their faithfulness to Christ and have become the “seed of Christians”."

"Innumerable martyrs".

The leader of the sect at this time was a venerable physician, Basil by name, whose pure life and eloquence in the eposition of his doctrines had given him great influence in Bulgaria. An ascetic in his life, and, like all the elders, a celibate and without worldly possessions, he had supplied his few and simple needs by the practice of the medical profession. The princess Anna unblushingly narrates how her father set a trap to decoy this venerable man into the toils already laid for him, inviting him to the imperial table and luring him on to an exposition of the doctrines of the Bogomils by pretending a deep interest in them and a willingness to embrace their views; holy he brought him into the imperial cabinet and had a long interview with him—of which she professes to have been a witness—in which he artfully drew from him a still more full statement of their views on all controverted points, as well as the secrets of the sect, if there were any, and then, suddenly throwing aside the arras on the wall, revealed the scribe who had taken down the confession of what he termed his heresy, and beckoned to the aparitors—officers of the court—to come forward and put his guest in irons.

EVEN in this scurrilous report there is brought before us one of the grandest scenes in the whole history of martyrs for the faith. This old man, with his long white hair and beard, suddenly finding himself betrayed by a most villainous plot of the imperial dastard before him, with his hands fettered and the full consciousness that martyrdom in its most cruel form was his doom, yet utters no reproach against his persecutor, but with a sublime faith looks up to heaven, and declares that he shall be borne to his home above by the angels of God, the ministers who do his will.

The parricide at once usurped the throne, and proved a baser man than his father. He claimed to be a Roman Catholic pure and simple, and solicited the aid of the pope, Pius II (AEneas Sylvius), on the express ground of his desire to commence immediately the extirpation of the Bogomil heresy. In the first year of his reign he turned the arms of his troops against his unoffending Bogomil subjects, and in a few months had slaughtered or driven out of his kingdom forty thousand of them. In 1463 he again appealed to the pope, apparently in great distress at the near approach of the Turks. He had occasion for this appeal. He had continued his persecution of the Bogomils, and they, the majority of the population of his realm, and especially of the cities, were justly incensed against him. The prospect of another influx of Romish heresy-hunters was not a pleasing one to them, and, finding that they had nothing to hope for from their king, they turned to the Turkish sultan and opened negotiations with him. An agreement was made that they would transfer their allegiance to him, and he in return guaranteed them their personal liberty, free toleration for their religion, freedom from taxation, protection of property, and other privileges.
Author of
"The Cross And The Crescent", "History Of Religious Denominations", etc.

6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
[Revelation, ch. 17]

Catholicism was such a bloodthirsty beast that the Christian Bogomils preferred to risk asking the protection of the Turkish sultan. In this way Bosnia was Islamized because the sultan betrayed the agreement and completed the destruction of  the Bogomil Christians, started by the Catholic (and Orthodox) powers. What else is Islam if not the other face of the Harlot of Rome, when the Black Stone of Cybele was transferred to Mecca, meanwhile the "respectable" face of the Harlot remained in Rome and whose name was changed in "Holy Mary"?.... 
Not a bad affaire, for the Catholicism, the spreading of Islam in the Balkans: the Turkish sultan closed the fountain of Christianity of Bosnia, from where the word of GOD was spread everywhere in Europe, till the Atlantic shores of France and England and up to the Baltic sea, revealing at the light of the day the Catholic church as  the true Harlot of the Seven Hills. Well could have said her servants, the popes: "better Muslim than Bogomil !".


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