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Both Herod, and Pontius Pilate.


27 For of a truth against thy holy child Jesus, whom thou hast anointed, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, and the people of Israel, were gathered together
Acts, 4:27
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By: Gotthard Deutsch, S. Mannheimer

Roman emperor; born at Antium Dec. 15, 37 C.E.; died near Rome in 68. His original name was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, but on being adopted by the emperor Claudius he was called Nero Claudius Cæsar Drusus Germanicus. After his accession to the throne (54) he showed many favors to the Herodian family: he bestowed the kingdom of Lesser Armenia upon Aristobulus, son of Herod of Chalcis, and added four important cities (among which were Tiberias and Tarichea in Galilee) with their surrounding districts to the dominions of Agrippa II. The Jews of Rome were well treated under his government. A Jewish actor, Alityros (Aliturus), lived at his court (Josephus, "Vita," § 3). A Neronian coin ("Neronit") is mentioned in B. M. 25b, and a "sela' Neronit" in Bek. 37b, 38a, and Kelim xvii. 12.

Favorably Disposed to the Jews.

In order to hide the Temple from this profaning view, the Jews erected a high wall on its western side. When they refused the order of Procurator Festus to tear down this wall, the case was brought before Nero, who, influenced by his second wife, Poppæa, decided in favor of the people. Poppæa, like many members of prominent Roman families, inclined to Judaism, and her last wish, that she might be buried according to Jewish customs, was granted by Nero.

—In Jewish Legend:
 The following legendary account, showing the cause of the destruction of Jerusalem, is given inthe Babylonian Talmud (Giṭ. 55b-56a): An inhabitant of Jerusalem sent a messenger to invite his friend Ḳamẓa to dinner. By mistake the messenger invited his enemy Bar Ḳamẓa, who took his place among the guests. When the master of the house noticed him he angrily ordered him to leave. In vain Bar Ḳamẓa requested the host not to put him to shame before so many people, and offered to pay for his meal, then a half and finally all of the expenses of the banquet. The host ejected him, and the other guests did not interfere in his behalf. Indignant at this insult, Bar Ḳamẓa told the emperor that the Jews planned a rebellion, and advised him to test their loyalty by sending a sacrifice which should be offered in the Temple in his behalf. The emperor sent a heifer, in whose lips (or, according to other reports, eyelids) Bar Ḳamẓa made an incision in order to render the animal unfit for sacrifice. After a long discussion as to whether this constituted a bodily defect, the Jews rejected the sacrifice. The emperor, insulted by this refusal, and taking it as a sign of rebellion, deputed Vespasian to wreak vengeance on the Jews. 

When Nero arrived in Palestine, he shot arrows in the direction of the four principal points of the compass; but all of them flew toward Jerusalem. A boy whom he asked to recite his Biblical lesson (a usual form of oracle) quoted Ezek. xxv. 14 (Hebr.): "And I shall take my revenge on Edom through My people Israel; and they shall do unto Edom according to My anger and My wrath," on hearing which Nero said: "God wishes to wipe His hands [lay the blame] on me" (i.e., "wishes to make me His tool and then to punish me"). He fled and became a convert to Judaism; and from him Rabbi Meïr was descended. This Talmudical story seems to be an echo of the legend that Nero was still alive and would return to reign. Indeed, some pretenders availed themselves of this legend and claimed to be Nero. Oracles prophesying Nero's return from beyond the Euphrates were current among the Jews; and an apocryphal book of the second century, Ascension of Isaiah, declares that in the last days "Belial shall appear in the form of a man, of the king of unrighteousness, of the matricide." In Christian legends Nero was personified as Antichrist.

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".........The historian Josephus, on the other hand, tells us of a very different Poppaea. He calls her a deeply religious woman (perhaps privately a Jewish proselyte) who urged Nero to show compassion, namely to the Jewish people. However, in 64, she secured the position of procurator of Judaea for her friend's husband, Gessius Florus, who was harmful to the Jews.[1]" 

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Two thousands years of slandering [and HOLOCAUST DENIALs] against Christians. Patented: Made In Italy

"...Applause to Pope Francis, by the Protestants to Rabbi 
The reactions to the visit of the pope and the speech in the cathedral. 
 Pleased amazement of Evangelicals for the phrase on the church "always under reformation". The Imam: "A beautiful encounter, an even better speech" 

Florence, November 12, 2015 - "When Pope Francis in the middle of his speech, he uttered the phrase" The church has always reformanda " [=
"The Reformed Church is always in need of reform"]. I am looked back and the eyes of some of us met while our mouths opened to a smile ' . The pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Florence, Anna Maffei, expresses well the  pleased astonishment that the ecumenical delegation (invited along with representatives of other religious faiths present in the city) had in one of the central passages of the Pope Francis speech in the cathedral, in front the Italian bishops and delegates to the fifth national ecclesial Convention of the Catholic Church being in Florence until tomorrow. Yes, because the phrase "Ecclesia semper reformanda reformata" ( "The Reformed Church is always in need of reform") is a central concept of the Protestant Reformation. 

"It 'a beautiful thing, is an important sharing and we should not panic if our words are taken from a Catholic pontiff," says Letizia Tomassone, pastor of the Waldensian Church of Florence [As I once expressed, the church which need to be reformed is a false church. Once I told in this blog that the the true Reformers are the Catholics, because they "reformed" the church of Christ in order to create the Synagogue of Satan in the fourth century under pope Costantine. A true Protestant is NOT a Reformer, but a Reactionary man, seeking to go back at the Apostolic age]. Tomassone (who will speak this morning with a spiritual reflection at the Ecclesial Convention) has appreciated the speech of Pope Francis: "Certainly he is very biblical, very based on the biblical text, and this is beautiful and is a feature that makes her speech talk to the common people. Then I have to say that the term "humanism" in the title of the conference was to think of something intellectual and philosophical, but for Francis is the humanity, it embodied faith and this I liked. 

"Maffei underlines that "Francis preached Christ", focusing on a few phrases: to hear a pope saying  "The Christian doctrine is not a closed system incapable of generating questions, concerns, questions, but it is alive, knows worry, animate . Does not face stiff, has the body that moves and grows, has tender meat: that of Jesus Christ," it is music to my ears." Also positive was the comment of Mario Marziale, the Swiss Reformed Church pastor, "What he preaches is very gospel, I hope they can continue with strength and be followed.

"Positive comments even outside the Christian world. "The one of the Pope - said the chief rabbi of the Jewish Community of Florence, Joseph Levi - was a very courageous speech, very humble. I like his starting from the people, from the contact with the suffering ones and the needs of people to indicate the divine, not from the top down but from the bottom.

"For Izzedin Elzir, imam of the Islamic Community in Florence "was a wonderful meeting, with an even more beautiful speech. Really we need, all faiths, to further develop it. "
From: La Nazione

[Tacitus] "...Accordingly first those were arrested who confessed they were Christians; next on their information, a vast multitude were convicted, not so much on the charge of burning the city, as of "hating the human race.".....".
Quoted in:

3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
2 Thessalonian, 2:3

By Christo Stiliyanov, in:
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The soldiers of ROME


  1. " "Ecclesia semper reformanda reformata" ( "The Reformed Church is always in need of reform") is a central concept of the Protestant Reformation. "

    The only reformation in the bible is the one of the judaic religion, which was conceived as such to be "repaired", it had deficiencies and had no "engine", it was the "ministration of death", a yearly walking to the grave and to the hospital to despair and search for the character and mercies of God in the heart. It was a collection of puzzle pieces, which only the Messiah and His spirit could assemble.

    Now, Romanism is pagan christianity, not better than the Baal-Jehovism of the apostate israelites, which received destruction. And the "reformed" churches are only an attempt to conform the catholic church to reason and ritual minimalism. Even the most "reformed" presbyterians are latinophiles and gorge the fathers.

    1. The blueprint of the new testament church is so straightforward and simple, that the fishermen and goat herders can apply it. Those are the superstars of God, not the theologians (even the more good ones), whose writings we see and read with enjoyment.

    2. ''collection of puzzle pieces,''

      indeed, i want to expose next week Eucharety, and found in the commentary of Henry Morris, that Melchizedek, Catholics claim to be the founder of (Catholic) priesthood, could have been simply a theophany of Christ, like when He appeared in the pl@in of Mamre.

    3. ''that the fishermen and goat herders can apply it.''

      And i believe this simplicity is the spiritual feature of Christ Gospel, the fundamental element. To distract the attention from the atonement on the cross, and resurrection and calvary, is the task of Satan, who introduced again complexity and confusion with the Eucharesty. I was upset till crying when i realized God decided to sacrifice Himself for me on the cross, how can i cry looking to a piece of bread if this is not done in remembrance of something else than eating & drinking?

    4. Yup, Satan wants to put emphasis and weight on the more simple things like faith, virtue, the Lord's supper, to obscure them

    5. "indeed, i want to expose next week Eucharety, and found in the commentary of Henry Morris, that Melchizedek, Catholics claim to be the founder of (Catholic) priesthood, could have been simply a theophany of Christ, like when He appeared in the pl@in of Mamre."

      I recall the jesuit Pacwa using this argument in a debate. It is ridiculous. The catholic claim that their traditions, rituals etc were all "believed in", even if not performed the same way, in the primitive times (??!?!?!). But it is the only stuff they can come up with. To use the ceremoniality of the OT to justify their abominations.

    6. Of course also in Hebrews, 7:3

  2. The biggest misanthrope is him who lies the most.

    25 A true witness delivereth souls: but a deceitful witness speaketh lies. Prov 14