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Italy: Matteo Renzi's Jobs Act and Jesuitical Catholic communitarianism


Italian Jobs Act law on working place can be used to monitor workers even if they are using Bible during pauses

The only entities to defend the workers from the new Job's Act law of Renzi government are not-religious ones, especially the atheist, Communist, feminist ones. No mention about the potential religious discrimination on the working place. The concept of religious discrimination in Italy doesn't exist outside the common "discrimintions against Muslims", only "racial", "ideological",  for "money" or "sexual".
Job's Act is giving in the hand of the heads of working place an enormous arbitrary power in to declare, at a complete arbitrary decision, who can be targeted by stalking and mobbing, quite legalized by the Job's Act, and the ones allowed to have a behavior against the law.
One of the ambiguous objects are the pauses in the work, where wide discretion in to decide what is a pause could determine the fate of a worker (I ask forgiveness for the "free-will" terminology, but we are forced by God in it, no matter how much predestination-ists we are. If GOD created man in His image, why should He have not given us at least an appearance of free-will, being we sure - and in this we are compelled to be in accordance -  that GOD decides on His will?).
For example for a born again Christian, a category much despised in the "greatest democracy of the world" (Italy), to give a read of the Bible during a break or a moment of pause in an Italian job location where the Catholicism govern politic, economy, the state and the culture/information universe, could be dangerous when the moment where it happens could be not recognized as "pause" or "break moment" by the head of the working place.  But a moment of work therefore an infringement of the law and with the consequent disciplinary process which, at the extreme, can lead to the dismissal of the worker and often with his/her exposition in the local media as a "parasite" of the community. 

This could happen - for example - when the worker find itself in an environment of hostility to the Gospel. He/she could be forced to share the pauses in common with openly anti-Christian colleagues (militant of Fascism, Anarchism, etc., just an hypothetical example) and not allowed to have pauses for him/herself, even if the colleagues are doing a very different job with completely different tasks and therefore completely different timing of pauses.

Italy is shacked now by an hysterical media campaign aimed to create a totalitarian unity of the nation "against the crisis". Therefore I suggest to the rare Christians in Italy in  the break times to not exhibit personal religious activity because it could be dangerous Just in this field, Job's Act is a perfect instrument to force the worker to "socialize" in the name of the ideology of  communitarianism, which in its turn is only a disguise of the Socialist ideology. Socialism is the substitution of God with the society, and is divided in the categories of Fascism, Communism, and Democracy.

Some excerpts chosen from:
"  "...we may wish to be wary about putting our faith in either civil society or community as benign realms populated by progressive alliances and agents. It is likely that the social worlds we inhabit will continue to have its ‘heavies’ and reactionary forces. Thus the acceptance of such differences and probability of continuing struggles between opposing groups needs to be openly acknowledged in any radical communitarian agenda on social justice and the common good.""
Faith in the society instead faith in God. EQD.
Another excerpt:

"Pope John Paul's great vision of communitarianism and a New Global Order has yet to receive the recognition it deserves in furthering the understanding that humanity is built on religious values, without which transformations in totalitarian regimes would have been impossible. The essence of communitarianism, as put forth by the Vatican, consists of seeking middle ground between Marxist collectivism and rigid individualism and capitalism.
     "Phillips traces the history of communitarianism through Aristotelian and Judeo-Christian writings, clarifying the proper function of the community in helping individuals help themselves by mobilizing church resources and countering anti-religious movements such as Nazism and communism. Communitarianism presents an encouraging universal notion of freedom, transcending the one-sided stances of Marxism and libertarian capitalism and promoting the vision of a unified human destiny."
     "Communitarianism, the Vatican, and the New Global Order" by Robert L. Phillips, Carnegie
It appears members of the Communitarian Network have come out in force against a group of Christians called The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools who designed a study course that actually uses the Bible as the textbook. Public School Bible Course Under Attack By Josh Montez, August 3, 2005. The Communitarian "religious-left" opponents don't disagree with the "religious-right" that the Bible can be legally studied in public schools (as long as it's not used to "indoctrinate"), the progressive communitarians just think that Bible students should study the Bible without using a Bible to study it. They also think they should be the ones to control the curriculum.

Of course the Gospel teach us SEPARATION, because the chosen are separated by GOD from the rest of lost humanity. For example also the commentary of Henry Morris to the KJV (The Henry Morris Study Bible, I love it because the Creationist style commentaries), therefore of a man strongly directed toward a scientific mind, point out the separation and the great significance of the "little flock" (Luke 12:32) opposed to the Totalitarian church of the Catholicism. To conclude this group of quotes:

The Individual and the Community by Tibor R. Machan Published in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty - September 1991. "Communitarians wish to place community and individual on a collision course, saying there is some kind of balance that is needed between the rights of individuals and the rights of the community. But if we consider that 'community' means simply a lot of other people than oneself, this makes for majority rule. And if we consider that such other people usually leave it to a few who will speak out in their behalf, we will have a few community representatives dictating to the rest of us what we must do and what our 'responsibilities' are."

Jobs Act of Renzi is a Communitarian tools. The economical crisis, artificial one, among many other Geo-political and Geo-religous tasks, is aimed to implement the agenda of Communitarianism, i.e. the Troy Horse of the Socialism tyranny which in its turn is based on the Catholic doctrine deprived of any kind of religious feature.

Pope Francis claimed that he intends to put more weight on the figure of the Madonna as bearing the central role in the Catholic church. But if the female goddess worshiped by Catholics is also the image of the church, therefore the church which put at its center the same church, in other words a collectivity of humans or, the society.

The Italian law of Matteo Renzi practically has legalized the mobbing, and this has been recognized also by experts:

Discrimination, bullying and straining at the dawn of the 2103 novel of the commercial code
Annalisa Rosiello, labor law attorney in Milan

In this paper we will try to illustrate the possible drifts in the use by employers of
standards of "Jobs Act" [law] , in particular, of the rule about tasks.
There may be, in particular, the fraudulent use of the combined of certain rules for
get rid of the "senior staff" (the one hired before March 7, 2015) and to make room for
less protected personnel (and cheaper).

Well, the staff recalcitrant to these changes, or at least the staff felt "uncomfortable" for
various reasons, might be induced to fatigue with using - among other things - the remote control
and even with the use of the rule on tasks, both to be approved.

In other words, there is a grave risk whereby - in the short / medium term - employers
work "use" the norm on the demotion to do "generational mobbing" or pressures
on more personal secured to facilitate as soon as possible turnover with less expensive personnel or
less "weight" either because they paid less,....


You can change "generational" with "political", "ideological" and, what matters the more in this post, with "religious". You can continue to substitute the economical/ideological reasons with the religious causes for the mobbing against the worker:

"Article. 3, subparagraph 1 °, provides for the possibility of displacement of the worker of tasks which are
equivalent (only) formally, for the same category and level; in this situation the risk
discrimination, moral harassment, retaliation and circumvention of the law is rather high; think of a
shift that does not reflect the substantial equivalence criteria - as a condition that
allows the maintenance and enhancement professional background - no longer expected

by the law (or to a movement not accompanied by adequate training) in order tohitting a worker / worker for discriminatory reasons, retaliatory, fraudulent or variouslyharassing. In other words, try to image if you move an employee or a worker on the unwelcome  department / industry / assignments although of equivalent tasks by category and level and / or to move without provide adequate training and adequate integration with the purpose or effect of to  wear out psychological resistance and to create a hostile climate because, for example, uses the 104 allowed by law.
consider the case of one
move not adequately motivated or motivated in abstract (are
real organizational changes and the real impact on the worker's position) but not
accompanied by adequate training in order to hit a worker / female worker for reasons
discriminatory, retaliatory, fraudulent or harassing variously with the purpose or effect of the wear out
psychological resistance and create a hostile climate. "
 There are some means of defense against the institutionalized mobbing but what matters is that the law opened an enormous gate where the mobbing can be hidden under  legal clothes, adding further pressure on the undesired worker on whom it lays also the burden to prove the suffered harassment. Singular individual can be easily isolated in a group where the majority of subordinate workers are in agreement with the boss as pertain ideology/ethnic/racial/religious goals, and thanks to the difference of  various monetary retribution to the ones who are in the favor of the boss.
 Meanwhile the workers who are pleasing the boss will be allowed in outlaw behavior, the isolated victim can be targeted continually harrassing him/her with the new legal tools approved by Matteo Renzi's Jobs Act. All that is leading to a counter-Gospel, favoring the menpleasers:

22 Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God:
23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
Colossians, 3:22-23

 To purge the un-desired, too much near the type of Christ elements from the society is the goal of the Catholicism, and the Jobs Act of Renzi government is a tool for this cleansing. The prime minister Matteo Renzi is acquainted with the Jesuit order:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Enrico Letta first victim of Nueva Italia...

.....and their Jesuit Communitarianism of the Jesuit Reduciones.
The economy controlled by the Catholic pyramid of power in Rome is slowly fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation, and it wil not take too much time till it will be fully implemented:

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Revelation, 13:16-17
If you will not bow down to the pope you will starve.
But this moment will also sound the death bells for the Harlot with the incoming arrival of the avenging Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, September 4, 2015
Jesuitical Matteo Renzi govt. introduces the laws to facilitate the Institutional Stalking on the Working Place 


  1. "(I ask forgiveness for the "free-will" terminology, but we are forced by God in it, no matter how much predestination-ists we are. If GOD created man in His image, why should He have not given us at least an appearance of free-will, being we sure - and in this we are compelled to be in accordance - that GOD decides on His will?)."

    We do have free will in earthly and open matters of reason, conduct etc. It is the gospel, which is not a meager button to push. Hidden things be of God (Deut 29:29) Whatever command we are given or choice to make (outside the gospel), we should decide and go through with it.

    1. communitarianism is the ideological definition of the russian mentality. You do not exist as an individual. Christ has not died for you as an individual. You are either a productive wheel or a tumor to be cut out. Totalitarian ecclesiology. Can't have a personal relationship with Christ (as the pope said). Like Augustine "I wouldnt have believed without the catholic church". In Orthodoxy, whenever someone in power exhibits some kind of outstanding originality/individualism and divert attention from the power and authority of the church, he is in an instant declared a heretic/cult leader and excommunicated.

      “Recognizing the final goal of history as the full realization of the Christian ideal in life by all humanity... we understand the all-sided development of culture as a general and necessary means for reaching that goal, for this culture in its gradual progress destroys all those hostile partitions and exclusive isolations between various parts of humanity and the world and tries to unify all natural and social groups in a family that is infinitely diverse in make-up but characterized by moral solidarity"


      And these ideas were most developed by the philosopher sophianist, ecumenist Solovyev

    2. Communism and socialism, as you said, are sobornost/catholicity stripped of the religious sway.

      I would say the breakpoint and difference between those is that the bosom of the church is under the direct control of Satan (the wine of the harlot) and that spiritual drunkeness along with the sado-masochistic perversion of the gospel they are being fed (of the necessary RANDOM suffering in one's life to reach God) makes them insensitive to the bondages and pressures inflicted on them by her (as the book of proverbs chapter 23 - end).

      "The universal spirit of Christ, the masculine universal logos is imprisoned by the feminine natonal element, by the Russian earth in her pagan primevalness. THus was formed the religion of dissolution in mother-earth, in the collective national element, in animal warmth"

      Nikolai Berdyaev

      Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed his regional governors to read, among other philosophers, Berdyaev's The Philosophy of Inequality,[9][10] in 2015 finally available in English translation.

    3. Bear in mind, this mentality is very cemented and never widely questioned in Russia, only reprojected through various prismas of ideology, but always genuine and serving to Orthodoxy.

    4. "На хлеба, на, на грудь, соси,
      Расти, покорствуй, крест неси".

      "At bread, at tit, suck
      Grow, obey, carry your cross"

    5. Truth be told, orthodox are much more "catholic" in that comm. sense, than the catholic themselves.

    6. "Christ has not died for you as an individual. You are either a productive wheel or a tumor to be cut out. Totalitarian ecclesiology."

      To be proud to be a cancer in this world:

      18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

    7. "We do have free will in earthly and open matters of reason, conduct etc."

      Of course I believe in predestination, I meant the *apparence*, as GOD created man in His image, we have also an image of His free will, which we can attain submitting to Him

    8. "Like Augustine "I wouldnt have believed without the catholic church". "

      True Christians believe thanks the opposition/refusal of them by the mainstream society, quite the opposite of the Stalin-ecclesiology of Augustine & C.:

      19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

      And this is Communitarianism, simply the world which masks his hate with Socialism:

      "Pope Slams Exploitation of Mexican Indians: 'We Need You'"
      ""In this regard, you have much to teach us," he told the crowd of several thousand indigenous,"

    9. " - for this culture in its gradual progress destroys all those hostile partitions and exclusive isolations between various parts of humanity and the world "

      Practically is the world which hates the Christians and try to destroy 'em, but claiming to be "of Christ". Pure Satanist horror.

    10. "Nikolai Berdyaev - The greater part of Eastern teachers of the Church, from Clement of Alexandria to Maximus the Confessor, were supporters of Apokatastasis, of universal salvation and resurrection. ... Orthodox thought has never been suppressed by the idea of Divine justice and it never forgot the idea of Divine love. Chiefly — it did not define man from the point of view of Divine justice but from the idea of transfiguration and Deification of man and cosmos.[8]"

      Therefore ALL are saved therefore in frontal collision with John 15:18-19 and Luke 13:24:

      Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them,

      24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

    11. A verse for Renzi:

      Isiah 10:1 Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;