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Pope Francis blessing Confindustria [& legalized bullying of worker - Catholic Communitarianism]


I was pleased to see that the Italian blogger found substance to my old idea for which behind the wild Capitalism, the savage market ideology, there's the Catholic doctrine. In his post...

martedì 26 gennaio 2016
Riscopriamo le nostre tradizioni! Pinochet e la sua dittatura cattolica dell'ultraliberismo gesuitico-hayekkiano
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
We rediscover our traditions! Pinochet and his dictatorship ultraliberalism Catholic Jesuit-hayekkiano

....the author of exposed Hayek as Catholic founder of the savage liberalism economy.
Turbo-Capitalism, the implacable economic prison constraining millions of people, is exactly at the opposite of what till now presented, a "protestant" product, but simply the economic shadow of the Catholic doctrine of salvation.
The Jobs Act in Italy definitively transform the work in a occult religious punishment. Simply exposed: you go to the priest and confess your sins: he gives you the absolution then you do penitence. All this heathen stuff has been translated in the society, hijacking economy ----> When "they" think you are un-harmful to the Catholic occult agenda, they give you the "absolution": you are allowed to work. In other words they "generously" give you the faculty to do "penitence" or to be employed in a job, underpaid, without rights, and easy target of bullying and mobbing. The work in Italy after the Jobs Act of Matteo Renzi and Confindustria is a form a punishment, the worker have to accept "with joy" because he/she has been granted of a "grace" from the society, or better from the Catholic social religion

I have already exposed that in my:
[I was anti-predestinarian at that time, therefore don't mind the intro of the post]

Monday, January 31, 2011
Roman Capitalist Catholic church

All this is unavoidable, because written in the Scriptures. This is precisely that "having the mark on the forehead, on the hand" etc. without which you "cannot buy or sell", in other words you starve to death. Satan does it openly. In the bullying in the working place the punishment is exhibited. For example if you are threatened to "not show anymore a Bible", other colleague could be fully authorized to read the local newspaper in the same working place....  Meanwhile you can be punished with a lowering of the salary, other, who exhibit friendly relations with the boss , can be granted many extra easy incomes. All that MUST be exhibited in order to try to destroy psychologically and spiritually the victim. Meanwhile you are constrained to fulfill the least bureaucratic rule and request, your work will be judged in a negative way if you have "a bureaucratic attitude" as defined in the psychological evaluation forms. I assure you Satan can destroy a person very easily, thanks the Jobs Act of the Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, which was used to spiritual exercises with Fr. Enrico Deidda S.J. Significantly,  Jobs Act and "performance evaluations" of the various Psychological University Departments,  doesn't apply to the Roman Catholic clergy. They are protected by the Fascist concordat.

Yesterday the Italian parliament approved the law on gay marriage. But there's not a law against the mobbing/bullying in the working place [Confindustria is the most important tycoon/businessmen association in Italy. Member of it are for example the multinational corporations. Confindustria has been the greatest vocal supporter of the infamous Jobs Act of PM Matteo Renzi].

"...Pope Francis to Confindustria entrepreneurs: "No a thirst for profit, favoritism and dishonesty"For the first time a pope receives in the Vatican representatives of the confederation. "Too many young prisoners of precariousness and unemployment"

Francesco Antonio Grana | February 27, 2016"

No to thirst for profit, recommendations, favoritism, dishonesty and easy compromises". He said Pope Francis in front of 7 thousand representatives of Confindustria received, for the first time in 106 years of life of the confederation by a Pontiff, in the Paul VI at the Vatican. Bergoglio also the entrepreneurs did not spare her now familiar "beating papal": "You are called to protect the professionalism, and at the same time to pay attention to the conditions in which work is carried out, lest they result in accidents and situations of distress . Your high road is always justice, which rejects the shortcuts of recommendations and favoritism, and the dangerous deviations of dishonesty and of easy compromise. The supreme law is all the attention to the dignity of the other, absolute value and unavailable. This is altruism horizon to distinguish your commitment: it will take you to reject categorically that the dignity of the person being trampled in the name of production requirements, which mask myopia individualistic, sad egoism and thirst for profit. "

".......In the legislative decree implementing the Jobs Act has been inserted, in cauda, a note that amends Article 13 of the Workers 'Statute: what prevented the demotion and which reads:' The employee shall be used for the duties for which they were hired. "

This change does not apply only to workers who will be hired by March 1, but to everyone. In essence, it is retroactive. It allows any company to modify the employee's job, the worse unilaterally in case of 'change of organizational structures ", which of course the company can declare by itself.

In other words, for example, if you're a higher level or an employee and whatever your function, tomorrow your company can put you to make photocopies.

It is, in essence, the legalization of bullying [technically called "mobbing"], a topic on which in the past I have written two books it based on real cases and whose concrete dynamics so a little 'know.

Alessandro GilioliFebruary 20thThe apostille or legalized bullying

A comment from under the above article:

But only I know them - and BMI -  surgeons who or years are let to work, and lose the hand [i.e. they lose their skill because years without exercise surgery], because they are too good and would shadow the  mediocre head surgeon, but who has been put there by politics? The good public [clerk] servants, put in an empty room and do nothing, so they can no longer hinder shady dealings taking place around them? The talented engineer in the last phase of his career, ousted, marginalized and humiliated in the hope that he may leave [job] (at least 10 years from retirement, and in these [such bad] days), to let off some prancing, who knows far less but he knows elbowing much more? Because the "refined" employees marginalized (as would Aldo Baglivo), which pass from the office, the archive, the copier, and ultimately, to save themselves the work on the assembly line? The bank officials who for [with the alibi of] "restructuring" are moved to the "formation" [section] with courses to keep one day in Palermo, the next day in Milan [700 miles far away], the day after that in Rome, and so on to go? All human beings of flesh and blood I know personally, who suffer up [till the point] to seriously lose the physical health, and who have not reported and do not report, because it is not easy for a worker, also very qualified, to go against "the employer [entrepreneur]", even without jobs Act.And indeed, dear Mariano Giusti, these are not typical problems of young people, but many people on 50 years, including 45 spent studying to qualify, and after decades of work appreciated. That do not conflict, but rather sadly go hand in hand with what is written by Livia about the conditions of precarious youth.

Jobs Act, grows more [mobbying] bullying at work

He does not talk about it anymore, but in a year the complaints increased by 20%. Milan, the capital of harassment
Daniela Uva - Mon, 01/02/2016 - 08:11 
Literally translated from English means "oppression, harassment." A difficult to define and suppress violence, and only recently the judges of the Supreme Court have recognized as a crime. A phenomenon on the rise but which no longer speak, magically disappeared from parliamentary debate.So much so that Italy is one of the few European countries not to have such a law.The cases of mobbing are many and the few complaints. Over the past two years, however, they have increased exponentially reports of persecution at work suffered by pregnant women, by homosexuals and employees employed under the Jobs Act, the labor reform desired by the Renzi government. A complaint is the national observatory mobbing, which detects disturbing numbers. Since entry into force of the reform (which has not produced the promised new jobs) cases registered mobbing National Observatory were up 20 percent. "The increase is constant says Antonio Vento, president of the Observatory, and you must consider that many people are afraid to report. Suffice it to say that emerges only 10-20 percent of cases, while complaints have even less, between 5 and 10 percent. This is because there is no specific law and prosecute those responsible is not at all easy. " Workers have become psychologically more inclined to submit to the small daily vexations that in two cases out of ten, they become large. Rising are also cases related to motherhood. To the point that even recently Pope Francis said: "Too many women are fired because pregnant." The complaints are about 500 thousand each year, with the average age of the victims between 25 and 35 years. Over the past five years, the phenomenon has grown by 30 percent in our (...) (...) country, while only from 2013 to the present day have been fired or forced to resign 800 thousand workers, of which 350 thousand are pregnant. It does not end here, because the problem of balancing work and family forces every year, four out of ten women to leave work soon after delivery, especially in the South.

Monday, February 15, 2016
Italy: Matteo Renzi's Jobs Act and Jesuitical Catholic communitarianism


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