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THE ANTICHRIST IS COMING ON A FIAT'S CAR. [retaken, eight years after]

Good morning and peace in Christ. Got some hints about the newly exploded global Volkswagen scandal?
VW scandal: $7.3B profit warning but damage could hit Germany
Catherine Boyle    | @cboylecnbc
3 Hours Ago
 German carmaker Volkswagen has announced that it will make a provision of 6.5 billion euros ($7.3 billion) in the third quarter following the revelations last week that it had misled authorities over the emissions of its diesel cars.

The company added Tuesday that this provision was subject to revaluation and that it was working with the relevant authorities to clarify the irregularities in the software that recorded emissions in the carmaker's diesel engines.

Up to 11 million vehicles could be affected in the scandal, the German auto giant added.

Frankfurt-listed shares in Volkswagen closed down nearly 20 percent on Tuesday on the news of the profit warning. This followed declines of 18 percent on MOnday. etc etc etc

What happened in 1773?...... Jesuit Order suppression.
Ok for the other numbers you can exercise your intuition as homework.

So here you have some  hints, but if you know it all already, jump in the below paragraph:

Friday, January 9, 2015
Islamic Terrorism as diversion to hide the PUTIN-IZATION of Europe?

Monday, July 01, 2013
C.I.A. is guilty [from the Dingle bay to the Strait of Bering.]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Putin's boot [a-la-Parisienne].

Just when Putin's Russia was going for the take over of Crimea, Germany has been put in enmity with the natural ally with which a common policy of containment could have been achieved. But thanks to the  Snowden affaire,  it was created a preventive climate of cold relations, and especially of great mistrust between US and German intelligences. Not a good thing to do just at the eve of a Blitzkrieg (Ukrainian crisis 2014) performed by a common enemy.

But then, the year after, we have another scandal - (see above "Putin's boot [a-la-Parisienne]"):

"...4 July 2014 Last updated at 19:36 GMT 
Germany arrests man suspected of spying for US
An employee of Germany's intelligence service has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the US, reports say.
The man is said to have been trying to gather details about a German parliamentary committee that is investigating claims of US espionage.
German authorities have asked the US ambassador for "swift clarification"...."

Yes, it seems inbelievable, but problems between Germany and USA started again exactly thirteen (13) days before....:


Sunday, July 27, 2014
...and now: Putin's Summer surprise.

Therefore it is not surprising that when Putin is landing in Syria, with the not-so-secret approval of Israel, the Jesuits' global machinery requires another scandal to make again incandescent the US-Germany relations, and to paralyze both countries in front of Putin's expansionism (or to supply their ruling elite with a plausible lie to justify themselves in front of a God-less public opinion). The scandal of the Volkswagen's lie about the emission technology. 
If you still have some doubts about the extreme urgency of a scandal to hide the perfect alignement of USA with Putin's expansionism, give a look to a scheme of post I did and then decided to incorporate in this one:


Putin Augustus..... Netanyahu Herod?
четвъртък, 16 октомври 2014 г.
Putin Augustus, Tiberius ( )?

".....Russia to coordinate Syria military actions with Israel
Israeli PM Netanyahu says coordination aims to prevent accidental military clashes with Russian troops in Syria.

22 Sep 2015 08:30 GMT | War & Conflict, Israel, Russia, Middle East, Syria"

"There already are early signs that Russia plans to target moderate forces that threaten the Assad regime, not the self-proclaimed Islamic State, which has been the focus of a year-long U.S.-led air campaign.
And yet, the recent Russian moves, which threaten to undermine U.S.-led efforts over the last year, were met with hardly a shrug in some circles in Washington.
“There are not discussions happening here about what this means for U.S. influence on the war against ISIS,” one defense official told The Daily Beast.....(.....)....."Watching the Russians take the initiative is the most clear example yet of the complete abdication of U.S. leadership and responsibility in the region,” Christopher Harmer, a naval analyst at the Washington D.C.-based Institute for the Study of War, told The Daily Beast."".
Into the Breach09.21.155:02 PM ET
Russia to Start Bombing in Syria ASAP
Written by

Sunday, September 20, 2015
the Great Farce of the "Israeli vs Iran" clash is definitively exposed? [Stiliyanov was right, and I wrong - Galatians 4:30-31]

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Truth-sayers??! Or.... LIEs-sayers?


OK, what else best scandal to put a shadow over that complete abdication in the most dramatic days when Putin is building the biggest military bases in the Mediterranean sea, and the common sense would suggest that the leaders of Europe and USA wold take a common agreement about? Cannot you see how Satan is the prince of this world?

But Putin is not only landed in Syria. He landed also here and, pay attention, with the mounting rage of the Eastern European countries against the "welcome policy" of EU today supported by ANGELA MERKEL, it is not too far from reality to imagine that those countries a day could come back again in the Russian sphere of influence. Look at what happened  only a few days ago, just-in-time with the colossal blow to the credibility of Germany in the world and in Europe....:

"...Putin signals intention to establish Russian airbase in neighbouring Belarus in move that will unnerve Poland and Baltic states

    Belarus has made it clear it would not welcome a Russian military air base
    But former Soviet republic is dependent on Moscow for credit and energy
    Russia already has a radar and a navy communications facility in Belarus
    The country borders Ukraine and three members of the EU and NATO

By Julian Robinson for MailOnline

Published: 14:39 GMT, 20 September 2015 | Updated: 18:32 GMT, 20 September 2015

Do you remember the title of that my post?......

Sunday, April 27, 2014
The 'Warsaw' Pact died. Who will substitute him? N.A.T.O.

Of course Satan, through his minions on earth, if possible charged with the religious significance the Volkswagen fraud. To allure the US Christians in to fall in the arms of the Orthodox Sophia? Stiliyanov found this very interesting information about another deep religious machination  under the "VW Fraud":

And look who blew the whistle on Volkswagen. Greek LEFTIST professor at uni of Michigan

The Greek woman who avenged Merkel and will cost in Germany .... 18 (Bil).dolaria

The first real signs appeared in 2014 when the University of West Virginia examined two diesel VW and a BMW with the BMW is the only passed the emission test!
The EPA, the US Environmental Agency informed the VW immediately and the company promised to immediately correct the problem.
The VW shares fell almost 25% within a few days after the revelation of the scandal
The "offense" involves not only the 500,000 vehicles in the US, but 11 million worldwide!
The best however comes at the end VW's management admitted that the question was aware of the 2014. ...etc etc etc
I hope Stiliyanov could further elaborate this schocking allegory of Sophia intermingled with the Catho-Orthodox incoming re-unification.
Read the Stiliyanov's comments under:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Russia-Israel-Iran alliance: the PURPOSE.

So you think it all? No, because there's involved the Global Warming or the Coming Wrath of God. Denied with the "Carbon Oxide" theory. Or other heathen conspiracy theories. The perfect alibi for Satan to create the One World Government and especially the One World RELIGION:

"...VW scandal caused nearly 1m tonnes of extra pollution, analysis shows

• Emissions could have far greater impact in Europe, where almost half passenger cars are diesel, than the US

• Company bosses to meet on Wednesday to decide response to emissions-rigging scandal

Motorway traffic
Pollution from 11m rigged cars would be about the same as the UK’s combined emissions for all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture. Photograph: Philippe Desmazes/AFP/Getty Images

Karl Mathiesen and Arthur Neslen

Wednesday 23 September 2015 07.46 BST

"Kill Germany because it kills us (with pollution)". Isn't Satan extremly perfid? He even exhibits his perfidy. Now his puppet, the pope can laugh: "do you see we were right to have that statue in Rome? Arent' Germans a people who deserves to be trampled?"....:

St. Ignatius Steps on Luther; Mary Throws Luther out of Heaven
by Steve Ray on December 26, 2013

This is the surprise hidden in the bag of the pope for the American Baptists and Protestants, to stir up the Catholics of America against them, associating the fraud of Volkswagen with Germany, and associating the homeland of the 95 Luther's Thesis with all smell to be Christian and anti-Catholic in the world. Jesuits, true Sons of Satan. But even here the impressive machination of Satan does not end. Because at least  you can comprehend why the Jesuit Pope appointed Naomi Klein and a heathen as ....:

BREAKING: Schellnhuber Appointed to Pontifical Academy ...
17 Jun 2015 - The Holy Father has appointed Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, ... promoter of the theory of man-made climate change, he is an atheist and an advocate of population control. ... The Academy organized the global warming summit at the Vatican ... Since the Pope is the pastor of the Universal Church, to me, this ...

Vatican's Climate Expert, an Atheist, Speaks on Impact of ...
19 Jun 2015 - Vatican's Climate Expert, an Atheist, Speaks on Impact of Leader of World's 1.2B ... In an interview with ZENIT yesterday following the release of Pope Francis' 184-page encyclical on ecology 'Laudato Si': on the Care for Our ... who has recently been appointed to the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences, ...

The Scientific Pantheist Who Advises Pope Francis | The ...
22 Jun 2015 - Hans Schellnhuber, the science advisor who shaped Pope Francis' ... Strange, then, that a self-professed atheist and scientific advisor to the Vatican named .... When Francis talks about “authentic human ecology” he really ...

Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle ... › World › Pope Francis
27 Jun 2015 - The imminent arrival of Klein within the Vatican walls has raised some ... be a catalyst to bring together the twin economic and climate crises, ...

Climate, trafficking and the pope: The ecology of planetary ...
25 Jul 2015 - That too is a kind of ecology, as the Vatican's best minds surely realise. ..... And atheists have proportionally more greatly contributed to the world's .... This blog, named after the Dutch Renaissance humanist and scholar, ...

Etc etc etc....

So can you see what Satan had in mind when he appointed Naomi & Schellnhuber?....

 Above image - Volkswagen thumb down - Fiat 500 thumb up. Yes, it of the same days of the world scandal about the fraud of Volkswagen. The Legion which possessed Loyola now is inside this Pope, who tramples over Christians  just riding a Fiat 500. (Sorry, I have no time to do a photocollage as usual.)

"...Pope brings Italian cool to the USA by swapping the Popemobile for a Fiat 500
He remained in the tiny Italian car for the first of his public engagements

    Doug Bolton
    Tuesday 22 September 2015 22:16 BST

The Pope with Italian new FIAT 500.  I already anticipated in a sort of way all what is happening now. Of course I couldn't know the details of the chronicle because they are known only by GOD. In Summer 2007 I described the project of Fiat 500 as alluding to  the five centuries and related to the year 2017 (in References the integral text of the old post, with of course a simpler format, from Notepad):   

 FIAT 500 - eight years later - part 1

FIAT 500 - eight years later - part 2 

You have only a choiche to avoid to be destroyed in the soul after your body has been destroyed by the Satanic Jesuits: deny the Pope, deny the Catholic whore, deny their blasphemies and surrender to Jesus Christ our Lord and you 'll have Eternal Life.

 [Bold characters words , with centered paragraphs, are the one of the above screenshots]

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QUOTE (Avles @ Jun 15 2007, 06:34 PM)
I think that these plan entered in a vigorous mode of execution with the criminal phenomena of the “Uno Bianca”. The “Uno Bianca” (= the “White One”; Uno/One is an old typical car of Fiat, just note that Fiat (…”Fiat Lux”?...) is property of Black Nobility Guelph servants of the pope - Agnelli, and then note the papal white colour of the car itself). The white Fiat Uno used was their ‘trademark’, like the “joker” card of the Marines in the Viet-Nam. And then, please, note as white Fiat Unos were a very common car used by priests, nuns, etc… If you want to unobserved, to use always the same type of car and the same colour means that you are completely mad…But if you can have success with this madness for years it can only means that you are absolutely NOT mad but helped by an overwhelming occult organization. For many years a gang of members of Polizia di Stato terrorized the Emilia Romagna region of Italy (first years of ’90) with robbery that often concluded themselves with pouring of blood and copiously death people. They always used only white Fiat Uno to move themselves. The region where the criminal phenomena occurred is important, because is a stronghold of the former Kommunist party. After years the criminals were arrested and were members of Polizia di Stato!
Obviously, all this was a special psy-op of Francis Tata and his Superior General, who used the “organizzazione Nota” (see my post about Enrico de Pedis and the revelations of Mafia Commissar Giandomenico Sica about the dark power over the Mafia, Intelligences, Red Brigades, etc.) that had the Intelligences in its hands as the Police forces,  in order not simply to terrorize the ‘red’ population of Emilia Romagna (capital of it  is Bologna with the most ancient western university in the world), but to convince the ‘red’ people that Polizia di Stato is a Corp of criminals…..



Before to talk about the FIAT’s car, let me tell you a personal fact. In this period of time, May/June, I am under dentistry treatment. Logic that the first thought I have in mind is referred to the killing of Rivera that was effected through a complaisant dentist. Obviously I am not a Rivera-II-the-Revenge but they are so obsessed that every kind of religious and spiritual dissent puts them in anxiety and fear. They know that they have the world nearly entirely in their hands, and are not disposed to risk, even if an ‘amateurish’ conspiracy researcher like the undersigned

is disturbing their march for the Hell-On-Hearth. How many involuntary witnesses of crimes have been eliminated? Every kind of disturb must be deleted, me too. But soon I forgot these kind of thoughts in my mind, till the last day when I was under the cure, the 28th June. When I finished I agreed with the dentist for a new appointment and he gave me strangely two dates, the first he gave me is the 13th July which is the 193rd anniversary of the Carabineers force foundation occurred the same year of the Treaty of Verona. The second date he proposed to me (I accepted the two dates without hesitating) was just the 4th July, that is not only an important anniversary for the Americans (and for every one that fight for freedom in the world), but is the date when, 200 years ago, Giuseppe Garibaldi, 33rd degree mason, was born. This is very ‘strange’ (and you know that ‘strange’ with marks is synonymous of logic) just because in the treatment I am speaking about, for the first time after at least four/five I introduced the argument ‘Jesuits’, to whom he seemed apparently not aware. But once gave me a strange affirmative answer, opposed to the apparent ignorance about the argument, saying that “…the Jesuits are terrible..” or similar.
The treatment consisted in a capsule implants. My mind went immediately to what happened to Rivera. The teeth is the superior second molar of the jaw, my right side. (I give you these last information just if something happens to me, at least a trace will remain somewhere, or I hope so).

Ok, let’s the potential Jesuits dentists to make ‘their day’, and go to see what else happened on the 4th July. You must transfer yourself – guess where? – in Italy, where a particular kind of Italian car was for the first time thrown on the Italian market! This was the famous, also in a world-wide dimension, FIAT 500 car, a very small car, a type called with the Italian adjective “utilitaria” (= utility car), a car that was developed in order to be used whether by the most poor Italian families or by the most rich people who could use it like a “fun car” or to purchase cigarettes among the dense traffic of Rome when the butler had his ‘free-day’; it was used by the young Black kommies to carry sticks in order to beat the ‘Reds’, who were going to the kommies manifestations with the same car full of Molotov’s bomb or were utilizing it to hide themselves among woods to drug themselves. So a car with the ambition to become a kind of UNIVERSAL = CATHOLIC car….

Today the FIAT 500 is considered an historic car, it means that it can circulate only under certain condition stated in order to allow the conservation of the cultural industrial memory. Lately, in the Italian televisions (and maybe also abroad, but I don’t know), the FIAT 500 was celebrated in its catholic essence with a well centred spot for a famous Italian beer: the actual Italian motorbike champion Valentino Rossi was involved in it, acting as a passenger of a New Yorker particular Yellow Cab, a yellow FIAT 500 travelling among the chaotic traffic of Manhattan.
It is interesting to note that in New York you have the headquarter of the SMOM, in the S. Patrick cathedral controlled by His Evil Excellence the Archbishop of N.Y. Edward Egan (surely a pure concidence…), a ‘kind’ of being well interested to ‘celebrate’ in a not conventional way the next 500th anniversary of the Luther’s Thesis. And, as above underlined, as New York with its Manhattan is consequentially considered in all the world (thanks also to the slaughter of 3000 New Yorkers on the 11st September 2001) as the living symbol of the globalization, so again the symbol of Universalism i.e. Catholicism.

So the FIAT 5OO, that we could translate as “make (=fiat) the 5ooth!” in the sense of “make ‘em pay for what happened 500 years before!”, is one of the strongest vectors of symbols that have moulded the Italian society, and not it only, as many FIAT 500 fans are spread all over the world. In fact why an Agnelli’s boys, like Lapo Elkann,.....

(sorry, no pictures found on the web of the drug user Responsible of Marketing of FIAT Lapo - Guelph censorship) delighting with its foolishnesses Manhattan? The Guelph Agnelli are near to the Archbishop Edwad “Stepinac” Egan of America, in order to assist him in the next slaughter of heretics?

‘FIAT LUX’ is not a joke, and the ‘lux’ that they are preparing are the one of the flames of the stakes, for me, for you, for all the heretics of the world.

But in what year the FIAT 500 appeared on the market? It appeared on the 4th July 1957, as officially has been stated by “Venerdì della Repubblica” magazine n° 1006 – 29th June 2007.
Maybe this is false, maybe the first exemplars were sold just the month before, but what counts in this case, is what they WANT to communicate in a subliminal way to the people. And “Venerdì della Repubblica” magazine, whose name is a grotesque irony just because it means “the Venus of the Republic”….is a pure tool of Agnelli and Francesco Tata that the former Red Kommies lick and polish for the glory of their masters.

Ok, let’s begin with the date.

4th July 1957 = 4 – 7 – 1957

4 – 7 = 28 = 2 X 14 = 2 and 14

1957 = 1795 = 17 and 95

So you have now:

17 and 95 and 2 and 14…

…whose sequence could be changed in this new sequence:

2 and 17 and 95 and 14

(2 and 17) and 95 and 14

…..that finally you can translate as:

“In the 2017 you’ll have the anniversary of the 95 Thesis of Luther that the Osiris’Sect–14-Pieces-Penis will destroy”.


For the 500th anniversary you don’t have problem: it is in the name of the car, FIAT 500.

It is obvious that this year, after fifty (50) years since the car was introduced on the market, (2007 – 1957 = 50), the Italian Guelph minions of the Jesuits are launching a remake of the old car.

And from this year to the 2017 there are still 10 years, maybe the number that multiplied with the 2 above mentioned (the one of ‘2 X 14’) gives exactly twenty (20), which putted before the previous 17 coming from the year 1957, gives, with a more symbolic accuracy, the sequence/number 2017. But they are ‘democratic’ and they give to you also an alternative: if you prefer, you can use the ten years remaining to the 2017 to multiply with them the 50 years from the ‘birth’ of FIAT 500 and giving so in a more ‘keen’ and ‘jesuitic’ way the number five hundred i.e. the 500th anniversary.

Jesuits and Guelph adore to do math during their mass satanic sacrificial rituals.

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-catholic isolationist


(added later the address of Lapo Elkann)
“The cause of the illiterate Italy is due to the disregard for the Lutheran Reform.”
Antonio Gramsci (founder of Italian Communist Party, died in fascist jail, 1891 - 1937).

“Protestantism is the last biggest revolution after Christianity”.
Piero Gobetti (important Italian liberal intellectual, died by fascist injuries, 1901 - 1926 ).

“We don’t teach to honour and venerate the virgin Mary and the saints…Or to make out of them images of idols and gods, to pray them for clemency and mercy for the sins in every disgrace, to build them churches, donation offer, all that God, angels and saints severely forbid.
But demons, which assume the image of angels, goddess virgin Mary and saints and appear to ignorant popes, bishops, parishes and monks, to old witches and to the prostitute of the parishes and of the monks, impose them to be bigot, to torment themselves, to fall to the ground,… and to all these people the demons announce that now on this, now on a different mountain, on the field, or in the forest, churches have to be built, in order to bring there donations and to celebrate masses, in order to bring there wealth from everywhere, and every kind of cattle; and if they don’t do that, the goddess Mary and the saints will destroy with lightning all the corn-fields and the vineyards and will kill them with the plague.”
Father Primoz Trubar (father of the modern Slovenia and founder of the Slovenian Protestant Church, 1508 - 1586).


  1. The fiat reference is disturbing ... from 2007 , now those numbers make more sense. Because the cars now represent the horses - apollo's chariot.

    VW ".... 500,000 vehicles in the US..."

    VW = the carriage/car of God drifting away from ROME (the car of Joseph; the car of Pharaoh= the Church (Song of Solomon ch 1). Created with the logo appearing to be V V V = VAV VAV VAV , in hebrew language = 666.

    The pope is riding a BLACK fiat = black horse. The black horse is the ECONOMIC crisis of Revelation 6. Of course the jesuits can be FAKING the fulfillment of the prophecy, or it could be genuine mockery of USA christians blinded by expecting a george clooney antichrist and suffering the wrath of the "lord god pope"

    1. surely both.... the mind-level of sc Bible believers is a nearly total obscurity... like that famous Psalm about the blindening of Jews then re-taken by the Holy Ghost in Romans.... It seems that even the KJV is not sufficent per-se in itself.... as the mathematicians say, a necessary condition, but NOT a sufficient condition.... I believe God is in anger with those Bible believer and demonstrating that even if they read and read and read the true Words of God (KJV or KJB) they do it with blindness of earth....

    2. I find even more intriguing the Sophia you discovered, the Greek leftist one, in your comment. Yes, such machination has a clear culprit: Satan. And the Jesuits as the Operative Commandos of Hell on earth.

    3. We are not living in our imagination, but a veiled reality, of which the jesuits are stewards.

      I told you before, i distance myself from american fundamentalism, for a few reasons (and i dont believe im a better person than them, i just value what God has revealed to me), the first major one being almost total blindness in prophecy, the second political dominionism and cultural superiority.

      Noone is warning the americans of the eurasian catholic kingdom, only of gays, lesbians and communism (all these things already present at the times of Paul and even more spread then), which the catholics themselves fear, making them allies and co-workers unaware. A total farce.

    4. Amen.

      I wrote "From Dingle Bay etc" in April 12, 2011, four years ago. You are the ONLY person who could saw this truth. After 4 years no one else read my posts?

      He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.
      John 12:40 kjb

    5. And my contribution isn anything but focus on a few particular numbers and some symbolism here and there. You provided the direction i followed in 2009, no doubt God directing the revelation.

    6. I could have written no words without the Help of Him, for nine years, I m not particularly intelligence, only hope to have given a witness of GOD

      (I joined The Unhived Mind 17 september 2006, and my first Avles Beluskes Exposed in Italian language two days after)

    7. I noticed it, symbology, only now, in the picture at top, with Bush, Putin and car.
      Bush clothes with BLUE tone; Putin s clothes with RED tonr. The car: WHITE.

    8. The plate numbers of car?

      03-07,… 37…

    9. Zaporozhets 968, 1971 Putin's is 1972......>>>>>>>

      Red + Blue hue on Putin and bush (both sides of the same coin of caesar of Rome)

    10. thank you i added the post in the new:

    11. ''Red + Blue hue on Putin and bush (both sides of the same coin of caesar of Rome)''.

      We observed the same fact indipendently (the 3 colors), this means it was done intentionally, to send an ''under the radar'' message.

  2. 500 000 cars in USA - the spreading of the 500 year old archonic captivity to USA.

  3. "VW was founded 1937......." :-D :-D :-D :-D.....

  4. "‘FIAT LUX’ is not a joke, and the ‘lux’ that they are preparing are the one of the flames of the stakes, for me, for you, for all the heretics of the world."

    Of course in 2007 was not yet saved, and still using the Catholic "heretic" instead the true word "Christian".

  5. Russia and Israel agree to ‘more honest’ exchange of information on Syria - Kremlin
    Published time: 22 Sep, 2015 20:20
    Edited time: 23 Sep, 2015 10:55

    Conscientious Objectors09.23.151:00 AM ET
    Russian Soldiers: Don’t Send Me to Syria
    Putin’s next undeclared war in the Middle East has already pushed Russian civil society to defend contract soldiers who don’t even know where they were headed to fight.

    A group of Russian contract soldiers have refused to go on “an assignment,” as their army command referred to it in the papers they received about their secret deployment. The document did not have any return date. To their astonishment, the soldiers learned, nearly at the last minute, the country for their final destination was Syria. The scandalous case is now being investigated. The soldiers were threatened with severe punishment for their disobedience—a charge of state treason, their lawyer Ivan Pavlov told The Daily Beast, punishable by up to 20 years in prison in Russia.

  6. Pay attention, now it starts the deception on the media, describing Russia in Syria as "a great loss for Israel". What a farce!

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    Israel is the biggest loser in Russia’s Syria build-up

    John Reed in Jerusalem



    Moscow has bolstered the flagging regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies, Israel’s enemies

  7. Lithuanian Defence Minister: Russian airbase would undermine Belarus' goals

    2015-09-22 BNS/TBT Staff/VILNIUS

  8. DELFI ENCENTRAL / EASTERN EUROPE Lithuanian defence minister: Russian army base in Belarus would fuel tension BNS Tuesday, September 22, 2015 A Russian army base in Belarus would worsen Belarus' relations with Lithuania and would undermine Belarus' goal to normalize its ties with NATO and the European Union, Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas says.

    Read more: