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Russia-Israel-Iran alliance: the PURPOSE.


34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!

35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
Luke, ch. 13
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   Good evening and peace in Christ. 
      Below, under the "XXXXXX" line, the scheme of a post. I know that if I have to wait the moment of calm to deal with it, to render it acceptable, with corrections etc., probably I will publish it at the beginning of 2016, therefore: never. So I publish it as it was in my mind. Better now than never.

Before to read it just an intro, allow me these few words. 
Many will remember Eric Jon Phelps telling that :

"....Now, Turkey is to never be admitted into the European Union---never!"
You can read even other interesting statement from pastor EJP, for example:

"The fact is Cyprus belongs to the Turks and was torn away from Turkey at Versailles. Turkey wants it back---and is going to have all of the island as this present 12th crusade against Islam unfolds. I maintain, all of Cyprus is a consolation prize for not being admitted into the pope's EU."

This alliance will be solidified when the US is blamed for blowing Mecca, Medina and the Jerusalem MosquesWell, if Turkey has no future with the condemned US and the the coming superpower of the EU, then were shall she go? Into the arms of Mother Russia, and this is exactly what the Prophet Ezekiel declares (Ezekiel 38). Togarmah is Turkey....(...)... This alliance will be solidified when the US is blamed for blowing Mecca, Medina and the Jerusalem Mosques"
 quoted by Douglas Willinger in:

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Letter About Turkey
[notice how many comments I posted. I realized now in number 37. At that time I was unaware about the significance of that number. I did the last comments, not D. Willinger, hence he is out of discussion. A sign "from above"? Those many comments are witnessing the depression and psychosis I was slowly falling in. Then, three years later, in the middle of the storm it arrived my Rock of Salvation].

OK let's go back to Turkey. So why "Turkey has never to enter EU!". Maybe, with the last events, we can tell the true reason: 

Because Turkey must be DESTROYED.

And perhaps the Russia-Israel-Iran de-facto alliance is  the key. 

Only God knows the truth. But we are not ignorant of his devices. (2 Cor. 2:11).

Sunday, September 20, 2015
the Great Farce of the "Israeli vs Iran" clash is definitively exposed? [Stiliyanov was right, and I wrong - Galatians 4:30-31]

"Jihadists against Assad's Syria eating enemies' heart? ....  I told you before in my "Jerusalgrad re-mastered" (Jerusalgrad is the original title of an 2008 Barry Chamish' article) that Jihadists eating enemies' hearts in Syria are a psychological warfare of Satan playing the cards of a painful memory of Jews in order to push Israel in the arms of Putin's Russia (Eastern Roman empire), a more elaborated way to simply consign Jerusalem in the hands of the pope of Rome (head of the soon to be unified Eastern and Western Roman empires)....."
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 34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!

....and Jerusalem chose the eagle's wings.


> Turkey, the next Chechnya....

 Above image - not only in Afrique. Also in the Arab peninsula.

The great plan is obviously in front of your eyes. The bosses of Roman Catholicism and of Orthodoxy already agreed the end of the 1054 Schism as pave-way to the reunification of Eastern (Putin's Russia) and Western (EU) Roman empires and the political re-birth of the Ancient Roman Empire:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

From the Orthodox front it was needed a guarantee, a material act which had to show the god will of the Catholic Whore towards the Orthodoxy. Precisely the resettlement of the Orthodox church in a re-born Costantinople.
Yes, I have no material proof of what I am saying. But could be proved such "conspiracy"? Are there material snapshot of the mind of Satan or they are fixed forever in the global geo-political and geo-religious context? You have to read them to see the laughing face of the Devil.
Orthodox priests were always aware about the stab in the back inflicted by the Papacy with the Catholic betrayal which allowed the Turks to conquer Orthodox Constantinople and to transform it in an Islamic Istanbul. To get the desired reapprochment  it was requested from the Popes an tangible proof of their will, it was requested to have back Costantinople. An agreement was done where to the Vatican it was granted Jerusalem....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

.....meanwhile Orthodoxies would have been given back Costantinople.
A turmoil starting in North Africa, like the wave of a human tsunami, had to propagate itself till Turkey, to destroy it completely, possibly with the most bloody religious and civil war, in order to let the Orthodox armies to take again, after  more than 5 centuries, the possession of Costantinople. That turmoil, a revolution called "Arab Spring", was planned of course in the Vatican Italy:

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Berlusconi, Tarak Ben Ammar, Nessma and the Egyptian & Tunisian (WORLD DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT instigated) 'revolutions'
Coptic & Russian guys were well within the job also:

Monday, March 24, 2014
The spy who came - III

Plus of course a numeous group of very important personalities and groups I missed. But it is sufficient to give a look to those two circles of people to understand all.

Thereofore the obvious logical end impact area of that Tsunami wave labelled "Arab Springs" was NOT Syria or Iran, whose countries have been with wide time anticipation been prepared with opportune social-coastal sand quagmires where to suffocate the arrival of that wave (read: repression, domestic terrorism, destruction of human rights, etc.). The true area of impact, planned by Satan and his human puppets, is


Therefore I wish warn the Sunnis, who repelled decisively terrorism and dictatorship, to flee from Turkey. Beware! The Catholic Whore of Rome and her Popes are going to gather around your country the greatest possible deadly force, and the recent landing in Syria of Putin's elite shock troops from Krimea, is only the announcement that Russia plus the re-born Shii'a  Iranian Empire will be the axle of the Catholic church and of the Orthodox church to slaughter your country. Beware Sunni! Catholics and Orthodox will not spare anything and pardon anything to you! Taking the history of both Harlots (Rome and Costantinople), you have only one DIVINE confirmation: they always betrayed the word of GOD, always butchering the Christians who refused to bow down to the Popes. Do you think they'll spare you? No, and therefore flee from your country with your families, before the Catho-Orthodox crusaders slaughters again your children and put their flesh for the stomach of the birds of prey. And if you want to make the make maximum spite to the Devil and his human crusaders, surrender to Jesus Christ and deny their "churches", Two Harlots of the Devil!
So give a look on how the Jesuit Order, using a more refined tactic which, in Russian language is called "Provokatsyia", are stirring Turkey to instability, making her weak just in time for the arrival of that wave:

сряда, 21 януари 2015 г.
The society of Jesus and their SISI poking the islamic beast
петък, 3 април 2015 г.
Three (frog) Men on a mission

 Sunni people of Turkey has been already betrayed by their  ruling elite and by the most rich Sunni country, Saudi Arabia, which since long time is flirting with Putin, helping him to rise at power in Russia. Read this article (it will appear also in the comments below this post), if you don't believe to it:

Russia’s brutal five year war in Chechnya has largely been examined in the West as an effort by Russian President Vladimir Putin to become an ally of the United States in the war on terrorism. However, the repercussions of this terrible conflict have serious regional implications not only for the North Caucasus but for the Middle East as well, affecting the very stability of the Saudi regime. 
 As mentioned above, the continued presence of Islamist Saudi fighters such as Al-Walid in regional conflicts like Chechnya creates a major dilemma for the Saudi government. Increasingly, these fighters pose a major threat to Saudi stability as their links and fighting expertise translate into a highly trained movement that has become a serious danger to the Saudi regime.
Read the both articles, and you understand loud and clear, that Saudi Arabia was supplying Putin with the desired Islamic terrorists, to be placed in the center of Independent Chechnya and starting from there terrorist operations over the borders, giving to Putin the alibi to invade Chechnya and to topple the last rests of the state of rights in Russia and to substitute it with a personal criminal dictatorship in the name of the "defense against the Islamic terrorism" and controlled by FSB:
By Multiple Authors
By M.B. Nokhcho and Glen E. Howard

By Brian Glyn Williams


Another effect of  the Wahabbi terrorism - propped up also by the Russia of Putin in Chechnya, was and is the de-stabilization of Saudi Arabia via the backfire of the same terrorism at home, and with a global campaign of accusation by the media to the Saudi Arabia as the "sponsor of Islamic terrorism" in other countries.

You know now why the bloody conflict in Chechny has been kept hidden from the Western world. There the butcherers of Putin trained to the next Chechnya, called "Turkey implosion". And how China did take part of all that? Just read this scheme for a post, I post here without to elaborate.

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The role of China in the falling of Saudi Arabia within the Putin's orbit

So let's make a summary of the recent events and their origin first.

All the world is now blaming Saudi Arabia for having not invited the Syrian refugees in her country. All this is quite disturbing. It would be interest of Saudi Arabia to gather all the forces of the Syrian expelled people to organize a counter-attack in order to overturn Assad's regime. To take care of the Syrian refugee should be the first priority for the Sunni monarchies for ideological, religious and military opportunities of a victory. But Saudi Arabia seems more inclined to fulfill the propaganda narrative of Putin, Assad and Iran, which gives the blame for the immigration in Europe on the Western world and his allies like the Gulf monarchies.

Something has happened to make Saudi Arabia respectful of the Putin's forign policy in the Middle East. The mystery has been quickly solved as I exposed in the comments of the previous post:

Saturday, September 5, 2015

THE BATTLE OF WIEN [1683 - 2015]


Saudi Arabia has simply been bought by Putin's oil policy. Being at pains with an overproduction of oil in the world, Saudi Arabia needs urgently a new agreement with the #1 of oil production in the world, Putin's Russia. Putin is generous and is proposing to Saudi Arabia to create a super-OPEC together with Russia. From what we are seeing in the Middle East, the Putin's proposal has been succesfull. All Sunni refugees are escaping in Europe, without no help by the Gulf monarchies. And now Putin's shock troops are starting to land in Syria en masse. Because oil is a very convincing argument:

"Russia flirts with Saudi Arabia as OPEC pain deepens
Kremlin energy tsar says OPEC may have to ditch its low-price policy within months. But Russia needs to cut output quietly too "

The article was of five days ago, 6 September:

"The OPEC oil cartel canNOT withstand the pain of low crude prices indefinitely and may be forced to abandon its pugnacious bid for market share within months, RUSSIA's chief energy official has predicted.

Arkady Dvorkovich, the deputy prime minister, said OPEC producers are suffering the ricochet effects of their attempt to flush out rivals by flooding the world with excess output.

"I don't think they really want to live with low oil prices for a long time. At some point it is likely that are going to have to CHANGE policy. They can last a few months, to a COUPLE OF YEARS [my note: till 2017...]," he told The Telegraph.

SAUDI Arabia took a fateful decision last November to crank up production to record levels despite a glut of 1-2m barrels a day (b\d) accumulating in global markets, hoping to halt the advance of US shale and kill off high-cost projects in the ARCTIC and deep off-shore waters.
Riyadh has made it clear that it will not cut output to shore up prices unless non-OPEC producers share of the burden. THIS ESSENTIALLY MEANS RUSSIA, THE WORLD'S BIGGEST PRODUCER...."....etc etc etc read for yourself. "

The Saudi sheep is now with less cabbage to eat. The Russian wolf is ready to jump to help her, alluring the monarchy with an agreement which could rise again the Petrodollar (Petroruble?) profits:

"......An informal 'super-OPEC' with RUSSIA would control roughly 45pc of the global oil market, roughly EQUAL to OPEC's glory days in the 1970s. [my note: !!!!!!!!!!!!] Industry experts say the SAUDIs might consider a deal if Russia offered a gentleman's agreement to trim its 10.7m b\d output by 500,000.......".

This is the cabbage the Russian wolf threw to the Saudi sheep. That the cabbage of the Russian deal is yummy, it witnesses the paralysis of the Gulf monarchies JUST WHEN Putin is arrogantly flexing muscles in Syria:

Written byMichael Weiss Ben Nimmo 

Ridin’ Dirty09.10.151:05 AM ET
Putin Sends His Dirty War Forces to Syria
The Kremlin isn’t sending just any troops to prop up the Assad regime. It’s dispatching units that spearheaded Russia’s slow-rolling invasion of Ukraine.

Of course the guy with the underwear in hands remains the Arab monarchy. Putin in the backstage is rolling on the floor for the laughing. Together with his buddy the Chinese president. In fact what happens today is a confirmation of an old my post:

If under Obama Al Qaeda was dismissed, she needed to find a new job. But where, when and especially: with whom?

    Do you remember what I told you in that post of February 6th of this year?

"......It seems that the consent of those Arab monarchies [embryo of the s.c. "Great Caliphate"] for the Assad's Great Repulisti ("repulisti" = deep and wide cleaning of opponents/heretics) has been purchased by China (with the consent of Iran, who reduced his exportations to China) with the money of massive investments (nuclear energy) and the possibility of purchasing greater quotes of Saudi Arab oil......"

  Sunday, July 15, 2012

Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China?


Therefore there's not a mystery WHY the recent China crisis, an ARTIFICIAL crisis staged with Putin's Russia in order to depress the world oil prices and to push the Saudi mouse in the trap of the "Russian OPEC":


Comment: China crisis bad news for oil industry


00:00Wednesday 26 August 2015

Generations have lived with the truism that when America sneezes, the world catches a cold. Now we must add China to this neat aphorism. Its stock market and economy have sneezed mightily. And financial markets around the globe have followed suit.

With incredible speed we have been pitched into global crisis mode, reminiscent of the dark days of 2008-09 when drastic action was required by governments and central banks to halt a devastating slide in markets and a global depression. Are we really back to all that?

News yesterday that China’s central bank is to cut its interest rate and change the rules to enable the country’s banks to lend more cash was eerily familiar.


Eight reasons why China’s currency crisis matters to us all

The Chinese leadership’s devaluation of the yuan delivered a temporary shock to financial markets, but its longer-term effects may be felt around the globe


3. Cheaper petrol at the pump

China’s apparently insatiable demand for natural resources has been a key factors supporting the price of oil in recent years. So fears that China’s economy is in trouble tend to undermine oil prices – and that probably means cheaper petrol in Britain. Of course, there are other factors, including strong oil production in the US; but global oil prices resumed their decline last week following China’s move, dipping back below $50 a barrel. In coming months, weak Chinese demand could force down the cost of many commodities, from oil to iron ore.

Not yet satisfied? In 2012 I wrote this also:

And, who-knows-why, my mind always goes to the picture with Chinese premier and Prime minister of United Arab Emirates. Just only think a (Jesuit-Marxist) China in global alliance with the cradle of Al-Qaeda.  Sorry my dear Nazi-Stalinist warriors  but money-is-money:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The moment X.


FINISH. There are no more ifs or buts. You cannot hide cowardly your little heart full of hate for Israel and USA behind the "war for oil". You are simply a carrier of Satan and of his deception in this world. China and Russia BOUGHT Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf monarchies. To do what??? But more or less what they always have done, because once you take control of your enemy, the best thing is not to destroy him, but to encourage him to continue in the old path of destruction, trying to push him to the most extremist deeds and thoughts, in order to have always a scapegoat in front of the eyes of the world, which will hide your crimes. OPS! But I have already heard all that! It is called: Provokatksiya:

In the conduct of the Second Chechen War, outside of unrestrained brutality, Russia bet on provokatsiya (provocation), which simply means “taking control of your enemies in secret and encouraging them to do things that discredit them and help you.” Specifically, this meant strengthening the jihadist trend of the Chechen insurgency against the more nationalist/separatist forces, identifying the Chechen independence cause with al-Qaeda and terrorism, and framing Moscow’s war—and its ancillary effects of making Putin master of Russia—under the rubric of the War on Terror.


Provokatsiya, at global level.


  1. Good summary post, bro.We often hear in "conspiracy" circles about how RUssia has the ace of controlling USA, europe with gas prices, output etc, but never how Russia imposes itself on Arabia.. . . .

    1. I should have quoted also some of your posts about Turkey and renewed ''Ottomam Empire'', but no sufficient time to think to all.
      Yes, i believe that Saudi monarchies are BETRAYED by Russia & WESTERN oil producers like USA, UK & Norway. And this since the FALL OF BERLIN'S WALL....
      Just give a look at such kind if information in the Western world: it started to disappear about 10 years ago, when it was vlear that USA would have abandoned Iraq in the hands of IRAN, as it is today when ''conspiracy'' is synonymous with ''Krelin/Tehran propaganda''.

    2. Judt look on how the same USA instigated the blame on themselves, with the half truth of the ''war for oil'': NOT to defend the Saudi ''ally'', but with the hope of quarter him in the future, in agreement with Putin..... (''I looked the man in the eye....).

    3. Just look at the gay now head of the army, in order to provoke the military, which now will not focus on the complete surrender to Putin's imperialism, but will start to see him as ''possible ally to free US Air Force, Army Navy etc, from those gays''… aren t keen the Jesuits?

    4. If gays are allowed to openly declare themselves, it means that Christians must censor the Bible. Just for coincidence Putin hates gays....

    5. My contributions in this field are minor. So much can be said, you are right. About Putin's takeover of the artic (colaboration with finnish and norway), Putin's propaganda war against eastern nationalism (baltic, ukraine), Putin's deals with china, Egypt, NK, Malysia, Putin's influence on bothe left and right wing politics etc etc etc. I hope you can develop the post in the months to come.

    6. Saudi Arabia promised to build 200 mosques in Germany (only teasing/trolling) but see who is building the largest mosque - PUTIN. Not to be reported in right wing/ crusader journals...


    7. …and give a look to the recent international scandal involvinh Volkswagen, how is isolating Germany during this war offensive pursued with the Syrian refugee, and how now Germany and USA are in enmity just when everyone should expect they join diplomatic efforts to block Russian Putin expansionism......
      They did the same with Snowden and the NSA scandal just-in time when Germany needed a coordination with USA, but instead it exploded a diplomatic crisis about ''Americans spying us!''………

    8. ''but see who is building the largest mosque - PUTIN.,,

      Yea, more FSB/GRU trained Jihadists!

    9. just for coincidence i cannot send money by web today.....

    10. And look who blew the whistle on Volkswagen. Greek LEFTIST professor at uni of Michigan


      The Greek woman who avenged Merkel and will cost in Germany .... 18 (Bil).dolaria

      The first real signs appeared in 2014 when the University of West Virginia examined two diesel VW and a BMW with the BMW is the only passed the emission test!
      The EPA, the US Environmental Agency informed the VW immediately and the company promised to immediately correct the problem.
      The VW shares fell almost 25% within a few days after the revelation of the scandal
      The "offense" involves not only the 500,000 vehicles in the US, but 11 million worldwide!
      The best however comes at the end VW's management admitted that the question was aware of the 2014.

      They (the Germans) Our "shake" the whole finger as a country that we are corrupt, lazy and misfits in legitimacy. What the people say that? Those who by Siemens, "flagship" of German industry is "browning" of the US by ... Nigeria, here know how much was involved in corruption of the Greek political system, and in all legal proceedings and criminal proceedings against individuals and political (Akis Tsohatzopoulos) involved German defense material companies.
      They therefore come here in Greece to force us to become "people" and the worst are many Greeks in the walks "stepped" the "banana skin" of "good" German that will make us "structures" and "state" ignoring perhaps the much misinformation and propaganda domestic SMEs, that these have no moral right to our "teach" NOTHING.

      Note that as at Siemens so in VW scandal was revealed again in the US. It is unclear whether this is accidental or the US is an attempt to send "messages" discontent in the German leadership that should begin to gather up there that reaches the "quilt", and indeed will be seen
      If, however, is a kind of US attack on Germany after the sanctions against Russia and planned sanctions against China on the issue of hackers, then the US beginning unrealistic wars against all the superpowers of the planet is extremely doubtful whether they can their win seasons of absolute omnipotence have elapsed. Even so the damage to Germany's image is huge. The fame is like the mosque so broken ...

      INFO ON HER:


    11. http://www.thetakeaway.org/story/your-car-computer-good-or-bad-thing/

      Anna Stefanopoulou is professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Automotive Research Center at University of Michigan.

      She joins us from Ann Arbor with an under-the-hood view of the technologies in our cars—and how VW used that technology to their advantage.

    12. http://gorganews.gr/eidhseis/wp-content/uploads/bfi_thumb/annaVW-2zy6chjy4cn1geeikqku80.jpg


    13. I was before preparing another post (my mind blowing away ... :-D ...) just on the theme... but now I am busy because I cannot send money to my wife because the servers of Western Union detect my computer and IP as "virus" or "threat" (Web Application Firewall)...

      I remember problems, but since 2 two years, NEVER such one.... Cyberwarfare?

    14. I ll add your comments to the post

    15. Got the number?

      "Volkswagen scandal widens: $7.3 billion cost, 11 million cars"


    16. Wednesday, September 23, 2015
      THE ANTICHRIST IS COMING ON A FIAT'S CAR. [retaken, eight years after]

  2. at this high level of concentration , erudition and intuition such terms as Russia, China, Orthodoxy, Vatican etc..are poor denominations we use to communicate, but become irrelevant because satan's mindset doesn't recognize any border in the historical field. More over it feeds on semantic subversion. This is very difficult but how could we describe the political and religious entities now collapsing in the way you explain so well: alien-satanic demons, egregores, quasi mythological half gods ? Thank you again for your essential issue

    1. Dear Vincent, they are only men / women under the influx of Satan and his Devils. With these wars simply Satan eliminate no more useful nations and religions, with the aim to impose to all the world the worship to him, pursued with the Catholization of the world.
      I have not intuition, except the one allowed to my by GOD.

  3. sorry, not joanna but vincent, problem with smart goog+