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85 million amendments?....

 Above image - from Il Corriere della Sera online.

Just another excerpt:

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Story image for 85 milioni from L'Espresso

Senato, Grasso ferma la buffonata di Calderoli Cassati 85 milioni di ...

L'Espresso-3 hours ago
Senato, Grasso ferma la buffonata di Calderoli Cassati 85 milioni di emendamenti del leghista Roberto Calderoli Fa fatica a restar serio, ...
Lega: "Da Grasso precedente gravissimo"
Opinion-Rai News-6 hours ago
Story image for 85 milioni from La Repubblica

Riforma Senato, intesa nel Pd. Lega, valanga emendamenti. Ma ...

La Repubblica-Sep 23, 2015
Bersani: "I dettagli nella legge elettorale". Renzi critico sugli 85 milioni di correzioni presentate da Calderoli: "Siamo nel campo del ridicolo".
Riforme: accordo nel Pd, dalla Lega 85 milioni di emendamenti
AGI - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia-Sep 23, 2015

In order you could understand what are about those 85 millions, I translate an excerpt here (L'Espresso):

"Senate, Grasso [President of Senate] stops the farce of Calderoli [of Lega Nord party]Cancelled 85 million amendments of Lega [Nord party]
The president of the Palazzo Madama [Senate] declares inadmissible the amendments proposed by the former Minister of the Northern League [Lega Nord] and generated by an algorithm. The inevitable controversy breaks out in what seems to be a comic [play].Luca SappinoSeptember 29, 2015

Senate, Grasso stops the farce of Calderoli - Cancelled 85 million amendments of LeagueRoberto CalderoliIt is hard to remain serious  for Roberto Calderoli. He knows that his 85 million of amendments to be "abnormal." But in the classroom, when President Grasso cancels them (or rather, declares "inadmissible" the approximately 75 million who Calderoli had not withdrawn), stands up and says: "Eighty million amendments are an abnormal number? It may be but according to you, President, is not abnormal a government that refuses to discuss with its own majority? ". Calderoli complains that the government has got to overcome the transition committee for Constitutional Affairs, bringing reform in the courtroom without speaker: "We have not even had time to discuss the amendments," Calderoli said, "and there was not stonewalling."At the opening of his speech in the courtroom after the Senate president he said Grasso inadmissible its more than 70 million of amendments to the constitutional reform, the Northern League senator Roberto Calderoli pays tribute to the accounts of his "adversary": "You say that it would take 17 years to read all the texts [of proposed amendments]? I checked with my algorithm and it is plausible. " But then Calderoli defends his obstructionist tactics: "Faced with to  authoritarianism to which will bring these reforms, there is no obstruction that is too abnormal." He attacks the Minister Boschi: "Talk of outstanding solutions to overcome our opposition, reminds me of the special courts of Fascist". Finally, the Northern League Senator gloss citing Pietro Ingrao, the former communist leader whose death was commemorated earlier in the [Senate] hall : "He said that the constitution should not be torn, do not go bargain even Regulations..."...etc etc etc.

Roberto Calderoli is an important functionary of Lega Nord party. The supreme leader of the party  is Matteo Salvini. We have already encountered him when we dealt with the Italian pro-Putin Eurasianists. Indeed Lega Nord party of Salvini and Calderoli is pro-Russia Eurasianist party:

Above image - Roberto Calderoli (left) and Matteo Salvini (right).

" Salvini's blitz in Moscow against renewing sanctions: "Russian loan to the League [Lega North party]? I would not say no""
 Saturday, September 5, 2015
THE BATTLE OF WIEN [1683 - 2015]

 Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Israel, the 86th republic of the Russian Federation.

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