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Lies in exchange for business - in Italian sauce [part 1]

> Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge...
".... The people are brainwashed with the narrative of Putin and the Ayatollahs, who since 11 September 2001 reigns in every site of " conspiracy ".... General Wesley Clark said "we created the ISIS", but BECAUSE IT WAS REQUESTED BY IRAN – period.

The request was a simple one: "If you want to invest in our new Empire going fromAfghanista to Nigeria you have TO TAKE THE BLAME FOR THE ISLAMIC TERRORISM (WHICH WE CREATED AND WE ARE MASTERMINDING) ..... In fact General Clark did the "admission" (a lie) a month AFTER the Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman had entered the name of Iranian President Rouhani among those called to respond for the terrorist attack on AMIA ..... just only 85 deaths, see you ..... only after a week when he inserted the name of Ruohani in the files, January 18, 2015, Alberto Nisman was struck by a beautiful, shiny lead bullet in the skull. The next month, if it was still possible to throw other moral manure over the professional figure of Argentine Prosecutor Nisman, gen. Wesley Clark armed himself with rubber boots, gloves, pitchfork  to make the (in)famous "admission": "We (the West, USA, etc.) created the ISIS !!!". Then, after another month was gone, the deal with Iran ends with a victory for the Ayatollah: "OK infidel West, you can invest your money with us" .... Look, even the stones are crying now (Luke19:40) .. .: The West, despite now is flooded with hopeless illegal from Syria, must be silent about the involvement of the services of Putin, Tehran and Damascus with ISIS, and replace the truth they should tell (after a command of God), with the shoveled organic material of General Clark , namely that "we-created-the-ISIS!" ....
Yea, dont worry, it all about money (1 Timothy 6: 10), Iran along with Putin creates a market of 300 million buyers (Iranian Empire from Afghanistan to Nigeria) and we - the "West" - instead of denouncing ISIS as born former Saddam intelligence services, then controlled by Assad and finally fleshed out with Caucasian militias whose leaders were trained by the FSB and GRU, we are joining with General Wesley Clark spreading the lie that "Al Baghdadi is a Mossad agent". ... Look, at least on only one thing I can not give wrong to the Ayatollah: the West is rotten to the core and its End will be the consequence, he and his paladins of (their own) truth about the CIA and Mossad .... "If you want to get the money, you have to tell a lie ", here is the core of the matter - amen. See how the Holy Spirit who inspired the words of Paul, was and is (now and forever) right. He was speaking just to the various General Clark, reporters like the Italian Chiesa, Grimaldi, Blondet, Mazzucco, or Alex Jones and many many others. Yesterday, today and forever: "For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.", Romans 16:18.
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Good evening and peace in Christ. The above text was written by me in Italian for a local exposition of the Nuclear Deal and of the Italian media narrative about the Syrian refugee and the ISIS' terrorism. What is the most clear today is that well fifteen years of conspiracy theories about the alleged Western Imperialism had only one precise duty: to hide from the eyes of the lost human masses (among which I had my way) the creation of a 300 millions people market for the Western multinationals, a market guaranteed and controlled by the newly born Iranian empire. Iran uses the economical blackmail, threatening to open it to India and China if the Western world would not support it, materially and spiritually. Of course all that is only a gear of the Big Enlargemnt of the Catholic church in order to devour Orthodoxy till the Strait of Berling , but it is worth to take full acknowledgement of a fact: the anti-Western narrative about an Islamic terrorism created by the same Western powers, is THE lie at the core of this immense economical and especially Geo-religious turmoil in the world.

Take for example the last article of Pino Cabras, an Italian author which writes for the online review Megachip. His article has been published also by the Italian Eurasianist polemist (and movie director) Massimo Mazzucco in his Luogocomune "conspiracy" website:

The article - originally published on the 16th of this month September, by the online review Megachip, (of which I found no page about his history or ownership in Wikipedia) is entitled "Hamid Karzai : Al-Qaida è un'invenzione", or: "Hamid Karzai: Al-Qaida is an invention”:

URL megachip

These are the words of Hamid Karzai quoted by Pino Cabras:

"For me it [Al Qaeda] is an invention. I never received a single report from any source on Afghan Al-Qaeda or what they were doing. We do not see them, we can not see them, do not exist for us. I never received reports from our intelligence, or our people. I never had to deal with them. "

Then Pino Cabras says:

The video interview (subtitled in Italian by and taken up by has not been mentioned yet with relief by our mainstream media. Yet the news is important. The news also we translate into a simple concept: the enormous human and economic costs of the invasion of Afghanistan along 14 years till our days are imposed on the people on the basis of an invented pretext. Exactly as it was for the war in Iraq.”

There's a reason why the media didn't consider the opinion of Hamid Karzai. Because if they would have given strong resonance to his words, someone would have reacted and told the truth about Hamid Karzai. This is the reason of the existence of the diffused “alternative” information, it does some difficult task in to spread lies which otherwise would be immediately debunked if they would be diffused with the official investiture of the mainstream media.

The language of Hamid is particular and everyone who is a little accustomed with the culture of the Mafia organizations, or secretive groups, recognized the core of it. Hamid Karzai is speaking like a member of an intelligence who must deny a matter of fact in order to supply the cover up for particular groups. But indeed the man IS a sort of member of an intelligence, of the IRANIAN one. It would have been very easy to check out that our "truthsayer", Hamid Karzai, is simply a man on the IRAN payroll, but this "little" detail has not been presented to the reader because is disturbing the Pino Cabras' narrative:

Hamid Karzai admits office gets 'bags of money' from Iran

Afghan president says Iran provides up to £625,000 in cash at a time to pay office expenses, just as US funds other offices

Monday 25 October 2010 14.27 BST

Hamid Karzai has admitted that his chief of staff collects "bags of money", containing hundreds of thousands of euros, from the Iranian government each year.

The Afghan president told a press conference that the cash was used to pay his office expenses and that he was happy to take large sums from Iran, Afghanistan's most important ally and the main regional enemy of the US.....etc etc etc

"Just as US funds other offices". Don't worry if Obama has never abandoned the Syrian oppositon to Assad. Because he never joined it.

Money in exchange of lies. I don't know if some Iranian Dinars got the way for Pino Cabras wallet, but this is of no importance. The case is closed. Pino Cabras and Megachip-globalist are agents of Eurasianism, a well rooted ideology in the Iranian embassies, but at the same time a secular Troy Horse of the Catholic Eurasian Re-unification from the Dingle bay to the Strait of Bering,  for the End of the 1054 Schism. Indeed Iran, as reported for example on The Syrian Intifada blog and other online sources, is since many years the true black hand behind the Talibans. Being Pakistan too much framed in front of all the world for his "support to the Talibans", Iran has exploited this embarassing exposition of the authorities of Karachi trying to fill all void caused by the paralysis of the Pakistani's services, with his presence till the point of a true alliance Talibans-Iran in anti-ISIS function (again, ISIS is the very useful threat to make fall every Muslim country from Afghanistan to Niger within the Black Hole of the "Iranian protection"):

Iran and ISIS: More in Common than We Think

by Kyle Orton August 26, 2015 4:00 AM The supposed rivals are working together — and working with the Taliban. The admission by the Taliban on July 30 that its leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, had died was widely seen as good news for the Islamic State (ISIS) against its jihadist competitors. But while ISIS’s growing power in Afghanistan over the last year has garnered significant attention, the rise of Iran’s influence in the country has been less noted...... Etc etc. [continue to read this very interesting article, for example ---> ]
This line of thought evidently has sway at the top of the U.S. government. In September 2014, the U.S. secured an Afghan unity government by the direct intervention of John Kerry after Ashraf Ghani (now the president) triumphed over Abdullah Abdullah (now in effect the prime minister). Ghani is a technocratic and relatively uncorrupt figure with some reformist credentials. Abdullah is more Islamist-inclined and is backed by Iran. So, rather than securing an American victory over Iran, Kerry accommodated Iran. This has become a defining theme of the Obama administration’s Greater Middle East policy...".

"Just as US funds other offices"....

The reason for the silence on such facts and for the lies spread by the Eurasianism in Italian sauce, is, again: the money. Would you blow away an affair of 300 million buyers market (the incoming Iranian Empire) in the name of an "idealism"? We don't need of Marx, the old good Paul of Tarsus (inspired by the Holy Ghost) told that two milleniums ago: "the love for the money is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy, 6:10), and the "good" tools are never changed by Satan. Can we check also the presence of Satan and the love of the money in the article of Pino Cabras? Let's see an excerpt:

The wires that lead to the truth, if the journalism wanted to follow them and do his job, there would be as well. But they remain unknown to most. As was the case of the statements of one of the greatest exponents of the French spy, Alain Chouet, the man whom he had formed the anti-terrorist structures at the top of the secret services across the Alps in the same years in which Washington and London elaborated stories and spectra of an Infinite War. Please read: those statements Chouet dismantled everything that the big media organizations had until then reported on Al-Qaeda.

The psychological game is very easy to detect. Alain Chouet can be considered a P.R. of the French Corporations of nuclear energy. Secret services are deeply intermingled with the Nuclear industry everywhere in the world and the French Nuclear industry is already deeply involved with the RUSSIAN one in the development of the Nuclear China, one of the greates allies of IRAN....:

"Moves to build nuclear power [in China] commenced in 1970 and about 2005 the industry moved into a rapid development phase. Technology has been drawn from France, Canada and Russia, with local development based largely on the French element."

From my: Wednesday, October 03, 2012
CHINA and JAPAN supplying IRAN with AMERICAN nuclear technology? [Antony Sutton was anti Vatican-II-Council-principles ]

And also for Alain Chouet (& Megachip's Pino Cabras) the case is closed. It deals with the marketing of the French Nuclear energy and to create in the unstable and without God middle class youth, the desire for the "opening the border" with IRAN.

Not be surprised if the article of Chouet is simply Putin narrative adapted for a radical chich spectator of France. As Iran want to get free possibility to develop the industry of Nuclear energy it is logical that the interest of the French Nuclear establishment is the opening of Iran Market and therefore the blame on CIA and Mossad for being the "black hand" behind Al Qaeda and ISIS. If you must please the potential buyer of your products, you have to adopt his narrative as your own. The buyer hates USA and Israel? No problem, the perfect seller must hate USA and Israel too. End. Therefore nothing is better than an secret agent, whose attribute "secret" is sufficient to excite the weak imaginations of the frustrated young generations of the middle class, who are searching every opportunity to make their day in the role of the "revolutionary agent" who should "change the world". The article of Chouet is imbued of sociologism, and this is also a feature of the Jesuitism. Jesuits are lovers of sociology with which they replaced Jesus Christ the Lord as the body of His sheep.

[end part one]
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Truth-sayers??! Or.... LIEs-sayers?

PS: In References the scheme of a post I had in mind. I was in doubt if to do it or not. Later I abandoned it for this more important issue. Anyway if you have still a little of time ..... just a scheme.


Interestingly, the day after I published a quote from DEBKAfile, Maurizio Blondet too quotes the same web page:

"Essendosi resi sordi i servi, Putin si è rivolto ai padroni.  Se è vero quel che afferma DEBKA File,  qualche giorno fa Putin ha   fatto a Netanyahu, in telefonate confidenziali,  un’offerta sensazionale:"
Translated: "Having the servants rendered deaf , Putin addressed the masters. If it is true what says Debka File, a few days ago Putin made Netanyahu, in confidential phone calls, offering sensational:""

Quoted in: 
 I quoted it first on 14th September 2015:

 Of course Blondet forget about the RUSSIAN-ISRAELI MILITARY AGREEMENT OF SEPT. 2010, signed with the corpse of Lech Kaczinski still warm (it just a say, to render the idea). Kaczinski was a sincere friend of Israel and a promoter of the study of the Holocaust in Poland among the youth, therefore that military agreement is a pure stab-at-the-back by the ruling class of Israel to the most natural allies she has, and that not yesterday, but FIVE YEARS AGO:

Friday, December 12, 2014
Jerusalgrad - 5 - hide the agreement?

Comedonchisciotte, Luogocomune, Blondet, Chiesa, Grimaldi, etc. are Italian names who are centered on the Eurasianist ideology, the Horse Troy of the Big Enlargement of the Catholic church, in the view of the coming absorption of the Orthodoxy. I ll come soon again on this in a new post.
These entities have the support of the Italian high establishment as their ideology is now at power in the Parliament and government, including all kind of parties and movements. Beppe Grillo, opposition party, is involved with Iran both with the wife as well cousin, one of them "build higways in Iran". To pave the way of the Iranian Empire.
Interestingly, this article of Blondet retaken by Comedonchisciotte smells to be part of the Stasi Zersetzung on my person - see:

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Instead to expose Iran as persecutor of Christians...


  1. "Empathetic to HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH, CORBYN, who won the Labour leadership by a landslide Saturday, is also widely regarded as one of the British MPs most hostile to Israel."

    Argentina’s president hails new UK Labour party leader
    Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner says Jeremy Corbyn is a great friend of Latin America, supports dialogue over the disputed Falkland Islands
    By AP and Times of Israel staff September 13, 2015, 2:40 am 8

    Argentina’s president is celebrating Jeremy Corbyn’s victory to lead Britain’s opposition Labour Party, saying he supports dialogue over the disputed Falkland Islands.

    President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said Saturday that the far-left lawmaker is a great friend of Latin America.

    Argentina lost a brief war with Britain over the South Atlantic territory in 1982, but still claims the islands, which it refers to as the Malvinas. Britain says the islands are a self-governing entity under its protection, and islanders cannot be forced to accept Argentine sovereignty.

    Kirchner made her comments in a letter published on her official website. It says Corbyn also sides with Argentina in its human rights issues and in its long-standing dispute with US hedge funds that Fernandez calls “vultures.”

    Both the Argentine president and the new Labour party leader have fraught relationships with their local Jewish communities. Corbyn’s overtures to radical Islamists and anti-Israel sentiments have caused concern among British Jews. British Jews have also repeatedly expressed alarm over what they say are Corbyn’s dubious ties to Holocaust deniers and pro-Palestinian figures who have espoused anti-Semitic views.

    Empathetic to Hamas and Hezbollah, Corbyn, who won the Labour leadership by a landslide Saturday, is also widely regarded as one of the British MPs most hostile to Israel.

    Kirchner, who in July made headlines for a series of tweets that were perceived to be anti-Semitic, was also accused by late Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman of covering up Iranian involvement in the deadly 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center. In April, a prosecutor dismissed the allegations, effectively putting an end to the trial and exonerating Kirchner.

    Nisman had alleged Iranian officials ordered the bombing via Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. He later concluded that a 2013 deal between Argentina and Iran for the suspects to be investigated by a joint commission was a conspiracy designed to ensure they would never be brought to justice.

    In January he filed a report accusing Kirchner, Foreign Minister Hector Timerman and other figures close to the government of protecting high-ranking Iranian officials, including former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, in exchange for oil and trade benefits.

    Four days later, on January 18, the prosecutor was found dead in his bathroom with a bullet through the head.

    AFP contributed to this report.


  2. Prosecutors’ association seeks new probe into Nisman death
    Alberto Nisman was found dead in January shortly before he was to present evidence of cover-up in 1994 bombing at Buenos Aires Jewish center
    By Times of Israel staff September 14, 2015, 2:41 pm 6

    The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is demanding an independent investigation into the death of Alberto Nisman, the Jewish special prosecutor for the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish community center.

    Nisman’s body was found on January 18, hours before he was to present evidence to Argentine lawmakers that President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner covered up Iran’s role in the attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) center that left 85 dead and hundreds wounded. Nisman had sustained a gunshot wound to the head, and a pistol was found at his side.

    The president of the IAP, Gerhard Jarosch, told prosecutors in Zurich on Monday that Nisman’s death was one of the most high profile recent examples of the threats faced by prosecutors around the world as they do their jobs, American Jewish newspaper The Forward reported.

    Experts confirmed earlier this month that three laboratory analyses performed on the gun believed to have killed Nisman tested positive for traces of gunpowder residue. This new information dovetails with a test performed in February, which also detected no gunpowder on Nisman’s hands.

    The result seems to negate the possibility that Nisman committed suicide, and support the theory that someone else shot him, or that someone cleaned his hand. Some experts also said that if the environmental conditions of the tests had slight changes the results could be different.

    In July forensic pathologist Cyril Wech analyzed the case and said he believes that Nisman likely was murdered.

    The IAP was established by the United Nations in Vienna in 1995. According to its website, it is the sole worldwide non-governmental organization of prosecutors, with some 200,000 members in more than 120 countries.

    JTA contributed to this report

  3. CONTINUING SHOVELING MANURE ON NISMAN FIGURE. Could it be different? If he would have concluded "President de Kirchner covered up the Iran involvement in the AMIA bombing", then Javier de Luca would have been a Dead Man Walking:

    Argentine prosecutor says president did not shield Iran
    After two courts reject claims of government cover-up in AMIA bombing, Javier De Luca effectively closes case against Fernandez
    By AP April 21, 2015, 4:24 am 1

    BUENOS AIRES — An Argentine prosecutor on Monday dismissed accusations against President Cristina Fernandez that she helped shield Iranian officials allegedly behind the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center, effectively putting an end to a case that had exposed deep divisions in the South American nation.

    Javier De Luca, prosecutor before the Court of Appeals, said there wasn’t enough evidence in late prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s investigation to warrant a probe.

    “There has been no crime,” De Luca wrote in his decision, echoing two previous court decisions.

    The case was rejected by a federal judge in February and then thrown out on appeal by the Federal Appeals court. De Luca’s decision not to present the case to the next level of appeals court means it has effectively reached the end of the line.

    As the drama played out over the last three months, each court decision has been greeted by supporters and detractors of Fernandez’s administration accusing the other side of using Nisman’s death for political reasons.

    “The case underscored the idea that there is no rule of law,” said Martin Bohmer, a law professor at the University of Buenos Aires. “The display of divisions and fear sent all the wrong messages.”

    Nisman had alleged Iranian officials ordered the bombing via Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. He later concluded that a 2013 deal between Argentina and Iran for the suspects to be investigated by a joint commission was a conspiracy designed to ensure they would never be brought to justice.

    In January he filed a report accusing Kirchner, Foreign Minister Hector Timerman and other figures close to the government of protecting high-ranking Iranian officials, including former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, in exchange for oil and trade benefits.

    Four days later, on January 18, the prosecutor was found dead in his bathroom with a bullet through the head.

    The president has strongly denied the allegations and Iran has long denied the involvement in the bombing, which killed 85 people and stands as the country’s worst terrorist attack.

    Since Nisman’s death, initially labeled a suicide, suspicion has fallen on Kirchner’s government of orchestrating his murder.

    The president, who took office in 2007 and steps down in December, has suggested the prosecutor was manipulated by disgruntled former intelligence agents who then killed him to smear her.

    Fernandez’s administration has struggled to confront fallout from Nisman’s death and the president’s popularity has eroded, according to several polls.

    AFP contributed to this report.


  4. Iron Triangle of Terror: Iran, Hezbollah, and Los Zetas?

    Posted by Chris on December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

    What would the ultimate border security nightmare look like? Might it involve drug cartels, rogue special forces soldiers, or transnational terrorists? How about all three? This scenario sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie. The problem is that for the United States this nightmare may have come true.

    On December 15 it was revealed in an indictment that Hezbollah has a substantial drug connection to the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas. The Lebanese druglord Ayman Joumaa was indicted in absentia for, “conspiring to smuggle over 90,000 tons of cocaine into America and laundering over $250 million for the cartels.” The druglord has close ties to Hezbollah and functioned as a middle man between the terrorist organization and the cartels. In terms of raw numbers, the amount of cocaine that he tried to smuggle was equivalent to a cargo of 2,250 eighteen wheelers. The sheer volume of this transaction is cause for concern, but the fact that Hezbollah and Los Zetas are working together is far worse.

    So why is this new development so significant to US border security? We must first consider the history and background of these groups. Hezbollah is one of the world’s largest terrorist groups and is based in southern Lebanon. The Shiite organization receives funding from Iran and engaged in a proxy war with Israel in 2005. It is responsible for some of the worst terrorist attacks of the last two decades, including the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 Americans. Hezbollah may be the most influential organization preventing stability in the Middle East.

    Los Zetas are the cartel equivalent of Hezbollah in Latin America. The Zetas are described as, “highly trained, highly motivated commandos formerly with the Mexican military…[that] represent law enforcement’s worst nightmare come true”. The Zetas began as a group of paramilitary soldiers that were turned by the Gulf cartel. After falling out with the cartel, the Zetas formed their own. They are considered to be the “most dangerous drug cartel” and the second most powerful in Mexico. The organization has participated in a number of hideous acts including the 2011 Tamaulipas massacrethat killed some 200 civilians. Los Zetas is considered to be one of the best trained and violent groups in Latin America.

    What is the regional significance of Hezbollah working with the drug cartels? Let’s consider Hezbollah’s cell activity in Latin America and examine its relationship with the cartels. ETC ETC ETC.....".

  5. "..............
    The Triple Frontier (Spanish: La Triple Frontera, Portuguese: Tríplice Fronteira) is a tri-border area along the junction of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, where the Iguazú and Paraná rivers converge. Near the confluence are the cities of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay); Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil). This area is near Iguazú Falls and the Itaipú hydroelectric plant.
    The United States Government cited "clear examples" of Islamic groups in the tri-border region that "finance terrorist activities". Groups like Egypt's al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda are believed to draw some of their funding from activities in the Triple Frontier.[2][3]

    The particular geography of the border region, rampant political corruption and weak judicial system makes it very difficult to monitor organized crime and the illicit activities connected with it.[4] Furthermore, the Paraguayan side of the triple frontier is a desirable haven for terrorist operations since it has no anti-terrorism laws. Thus, financially contributing to terrorist organizations is not punishable by law and terrorist groups operate freely in the region.[citation needed] According to U.S. officials and law enforcement familiar with the region, "Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia have been fostering a well-financed force of Islamist radicals in the region"[5]

    A counter-terrorism expert with the Pentagon’s National Security Study Group described the Tri-border as "the most important base for Hezbollah outside Lebanon itself, home to a community of dangerous fanatics that send their money to financially support Hezbollah.”[6] Out of the 25,000 Lebanese Arabs who live in the region, not all of them support terrorism, but many openly acknowledge they send money to Hezbollah and that Shiite mosques have “an obligation to finance it.”[7]

    U.S. officials are particularly concerned, since Hezbollah is blamed for the bombings in Beirut in 1983 of the United States Embassy and of U.S. Marines barracks. In addition, Hezbollah are known for kidnappings, torture, and murder of Americans.[8]

    The Paraguayan authorities say they have evidence that money is being sent to organizations with terrorist connections because of the amount of money leaving Paraguay for the Middle East, said Carlos Altemburger, Chief of the Department for the Prevention and Investigation of Terrorism in Paraguay.[9] In response to the situation, Paraguay approved the entry of 400 US soldiers "for joint military exercises, such as programs on fighting urban terrorists, public security and humanitarian assistance," according to the Washington Post.[10] However, in October 2006 Paraguay decided not to renew a defense-cooperation agreement.[11]

    In 2005, the governments of the three nations stated they would set up a joint intelligence center in Foz do Iguaçú specifically to monitor the situation.[12]