Sunday, October 4, 2015

Path of Perdition.

>.... they are Satanic, but with GOD on our side we can well mock Satan & His Puppets. Suggested soundtrack for this post:

Above image - Immaculate Conception Mary with STARS around the head, taken as inspiration for the EU flag.
Above image - European flag with stars

Above image - Sentieri Antichi Valdesi/Ancient Waldensians Path.  Only a (Jesuit) Highway to Hell?
URL of screenshot:


Above image - Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians, 2:11.
Follow these comments also under the original post [below link]:
"And at that time, Europe could very well go to Russia."? It was from the interview of Marine Le Pen by RIA-NOVOSTI i quoted in that post.
It is implied the allusion to Europe as the "woman fleeding in the wilderness". Russia = the wilderness, the "earth" "hiding" the "woman" (EU = Western Roman Catholic Empire).... If this is the case, the Ukrainian Baptists and Protestants and every other Orthodox or Catholic entity in Eastern Europe and Russia and refusing to bow down to this Satanic Catholic reversal of the true significance of Revelation chapter 12, will be annihilated.  (....)
Yes! They replace the characters, but do not touch the narrative. To give themselves prophetic credibility. This was the migration eastward that Adolfo mentioned, to then return to the west and south with an iron fist. Their dragon is the USA (actually christianity). Their "earth" is Russia and China.( ....)
 avlesSeptember 2, 2014 at 6:06 AM"Their dragon is the USA (actually christianity). Their "earth" is Russia and China."
May I do some suppositions about the symbol which represented the casted out Dragon?.......
What could the more represent a Dragon cast out FROM THE SKY if not *that* TU-154M???... (......)
 Tuesday, September 2, 2014
"From the face of the serpent"

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Saturday, October 3, 2015
Mr. Blondet, Saudi Arabia is only the name of the beach where Putin's boots get wet.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised at all if (but actually when) some day the lutheran, presbyterian, methodist, waldensian, southern baptist etc all churches declare the pope their final authority.

    1. do you know to play bass? battery? guitar? we coul start with a cover of AC/DC, just little changed text: Highway to Pope (or to Rome).

    2. We could play like in the movie Pointbreak, with the masks of pope francis, adolfo, putin,.... we can do also little theater, the pastor appear to the public with giant NIV in hands, and with pope francis mask... we can add also @ guy fawks mask

    3. i dont think that artistic effort will be respected :/

    4. Did you se how USA bombed an Afghan hospital with 19 casualties just a couple days after Russia started pounding Syria? .....

    5. Of course, Jesuits' USA always jump in to help Putin when he is in trouble as for example the bombing of pro-Western and anti-Al Qaeda/ISIS militias. I believe this comes from poisoned info from the Afghan intelligence which is on the payroll of IRAN. Just taking in mind how the same Afghan government was (is) on the IRAN's payroll:

      Even Catholic John Kerry was aiding the pro-Iran candidate at the Afghan elections when he was in trouble against a man apparently out of the Iran's grip. So don't have doubts on how much Afghan army & intel are extension of IRAN's one.
      This article quoted in that post gives real facts, not the Eurasianist/Jesuit Panslavist narrative:

      Iran and ISIS: More in Common than We Think

      Read more at:

    6. "MSF said the statement implies US and Afghan forces decided to bomb the hospital because of claims Taliban members were inside.

      On Saturday the AFGHAN DEFENCE MINISTRY said “armed terrorists” were using the hospital “as a position to target Afghan forces and civilians”.

      MSF said in a statement: “These statements imply that Afghan and US forces working TOGETHER decided to raze to the ground a fully functioning hospital – with more than 180 staff and patients inside – because they claim that members of the Taliban were present."

      Taken from:

      The first to enjoy it is the 86th rebublic, Israel, which sees more propaganda water to the mill of Putin. From the other side Russian speaking Zionists of Israel (of Putin FSB) are enjoying the murder of the Rabbi which will distract the attention of the average Israeli citizen from the Great Eurasianist Game. Notice on how the site from which was taken the news doesn't spend even a word about the Putin's bombing of the pro-Western Syrian insurgency.
      Give a look at the murder of the couple:

      Israeli couple on board car shot dead in front of kids in Palestinian terror attack
      Shianee Mamanglu-Regala 05 October 2015

      OPS, this is a new bloody distraction to hide at the Jewish eyes the building of the 86th republic - Israelstan - of the Russian Federation....
      I meant the other assassination:

      Israeli couple shot dead in West Bank
      1 October 2015
      From the section Middle East

      And when happened the usual mass-killing in USA????

      'Another mass shooting in America': Oregon killings a grim familiarity for US
      Friday 2 October 2015 09.02 BST

      OHMY.... mass shooting or.... Political shooting? The timing speaks loud about the scheme coordinating Oregon shooting, the killing by Palestinians of civilians and Rabbi, and the NATO attack to the hospital in Afghanistan.... a coordination to hide the ANSCHLUSS of Israel by Russia.... after Crimea,... Israel.... and of course the advancing of the Eurasianist demolition of Turkey & Sunni Islam.

    7. Don't fear bro, this guys, all this humanity making hurrah for Putin, will reap what is harvesting. Such despicable and shameful people who are lulling themselves in the pleasure to describe "the only good Sunni is the dead Sunni", which is seen clearly and loudly in their disgustous support to the Genocide of Sunnis in Middle East, will a day awake, when this secular power of Satan will extend also fully on them his evil wings, that they too are become also "Sunni".
      If you are pleased from a Putin that consider every Sunni a terrorist, a day you will be repaid by the same coin.

    8. Bro, I should do a post about, but not only I m very busy now, I have also other schemes of post to publish, I have more posts in my mind than the ones you see here published.

    9. Now i realise what israel is - a proxy of both USA and Russia. But that has to be hidden by the red/blue pill dichotomy, when in reality the pill is purple.

    10. Starting Russians provokations? Provokatsyia.... with a personal friend as head of NATO,....

      ..... Turkey now is ISOLATED:

      Syria conflict: Turkish jets intercept Russian plane
      53 minutes ago
      From the section Europe

    11. " israel is - a proxy of both USA and Russia. ".

      But is exiting from USA and entering in the Russian Federation. I believe it is useful to remain still a little in USA in order to get technical info about defense etc. and pass it to the Heracles in Kremlin, Putin.


    12. Here you have:

      Monday, October 5, 2015
      86th Republic of Russian Federation supplying DRONES to Putin. To help Buratin better destroy Ukraine?

    13. Netanyahu says Israel's relationship with Russia has changed — and it's 'good' now
      Oct. 3, 2015, 5:39 PM 106

  2. The name of the band? same charscters, red-devilish, but instead AC/DC, ---> PO/PE