Wednesday, October 7, 2015

After Charlie Hebdo another revenge of Catholic Pedophile Mafia?

> why Putin doesn't free the world from pedophilia? Maybe he too is involved like his friend Pope Francis? Yea very easy to bomb "ISIS", at least in the "Great Satan",  USA,  they called some priests to respond of their Satanic acts on children.... But now FSB & GRU, with their toy called ISIS, are helping to put a curtain over the abuses of children in the "Christian" world by "Christian" priests:

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"...Philippines, restaurateur Rolando Del Torchio kidnapped in his club in Dipolog - The man, a former priest, was captured by seven armed men in an area where Muslim separatist groups operate. The [Italian] Foreign Ministry confirmed. Cousin: "He already escaped an assassination attempt"

October 7th, 2015

[my note: if you didn't understand the date, take the number of the month - 10 - and add to the number of the day, 7, you have 17. See also what says about those numbers Leviticus 16:29]

An Italian restaurant owner, Rolando Del Torchio, 56, a former missionary priest, was kidnapped at his cafe-pizzeria in Dipolog, in the southern Philippines where Muslim separatists are active groups. I show some of the major media of the archipelago.Del Torchio was taken away by seven armed men who were fake customers. According to the Philippine police, who confirmed the kidnapping, the group was seen then get on a boat to leave the city by sea. The Foreign Ministry said that the Italian Embassy in the Philippines has confirmed the kidnapping, adding that it has taken all appropriate channels.
Del Torchio, who was born in Angera, Varese province, arrived for the first time in the Philippines in 1988 as a missionary of the PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) and then abandoned his cloak in 1996. According to some local media, Del Torchio , who had worked four years in Naples with the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, had taken such a decision shocked by the emergence of the phenomenon of pedophilia in the Church that has also affected the Philippines. "The resignation of Benedict XVI have nothing to do with his health or his age," he commented Del Torchio, "he was overwhelmed by the power struggles in the Vatican hierarchy unable to unleash its diseases such as pedophilia and corruption ". He still chose to stay on the island of Mindanao, in the south of the country, to work with a nongovernmental organization that provided assistance to the farmers in the area.
Foreigners kidnapped. Later he opened his own restaurant, the "Ur Choice Cafe", where he was kidnapped. In Mindanao and in the same Dipolog, capital of the province of Zamboanga del Norte, there are several Muslim rebel groups, part of a separatist guerrillas to obtain greater autonomy in an archipelago with a Catholic majority. Some of these groups are more like criminal gangs, which are financed with the kidnapping of tourists and foreign nationals.Del Torchio is the fourth foreigner to be kidnapped in the region in the last two weeks; before him the same thing had happened to Canadians Ridsdel and John Robert Hall and the Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad.Cousin: "It was already escaped an assassination attempt." Andrea Del Torchio, cousin of Rolando, said that the former priest "had escaped an assassination attempt some fifteen years ago, when some people had fired at him while he was with the local bishop." "They were able to save themselves by taking refuge under beds - he continued - and Rolando was traumatized. It is dangerous places, he loves despite the difficult situation."In the past, also, he continued the cousin, "was killed a fellow mission". According to reports from the relative, the man had been one of the founders of the charity Hope, which deals with sustainable development projects in some areas of the world....".. etc etc etc

Remember Charlie Hebdo, with the massacre of his journalists and redactors was very plausibly punished,  among others,  also by the Jesuit and Vatican pedophile Mafia.  When Pope Francis on the airplane in the way back to Italy from Philippines talked about the "limits" to the freedom of expression, surely had not in mind the mocking of Mohammad, but the exposition, by Charlie Hebdo, of the Catholic church as the biggest pedophile association on earth. 
That massacre - stay sure -  was also a revenge for the work of exposition of the Catholic Whore as Goddess Cannibal, devouring Children:

 Saturday, January 17, 2015
CHARLIE HEBDO - A JESUIT RETALIATION? [General Superior ordered it - "Islamist" GRU performed it?]

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
A very human pope.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
....and now: BURN THE JESUIT? [about the astounding Jesuitical coincidences].

Thursday, October 23, 2014
pope Millstone S.J.


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    1. Yes, I know. I remember it was broadcasted the DAY BEFORE, 6th October. And the day after, 08 October, on third public channel it was broadcasted at the noon tv news, a typical "cover up" news report about an association to defend maid from the "abuses of early wedding" of the Middle East Islamic tradition. This was to distract and subtlety manipulate the public opinion to put a shadow over the extreme importance of the kidnapped man, a man who was SOME YEARS IN STRICT TOUCH WITH ONE OF THE TWO ACUTAL POPES, CARD. RATZINGER.

      The man has been kidnapped obviously to clean away the planet earth from every man who knows the truth about the Catholic Whore.


      Radio Vaticana says it was kidnapped "for money". Of course....(....)... 7 men commando making it appear in such a spectacular coreography....

      In the previous weeks a Canadian and a Norway tourists were kidnapped in the same area, i believe to build a coreography and make it appear that it deals of "kidnapping for money"... Notice Canada which is among the five first oil producers, and NORWAY, whose Stoltenberg, PERSONAL FRIEND of Putin is now keeping down NATO for Putin's sake and in 2010 his government signed an agreement with Putin about the common exploitation (annexion?) of Arctic Circle....

    3. The kidnap has been performed in a way that it had to be EXHIBITED -........... to THREATEN ALL OTHER WITNESSES OF PEDOPHILIA IN THE HIGHEST RANKS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH???? .... ("shut up the mouth or we ll kidnap you, we ll make it appear a robbery or a terrorist act an we ll torture you to death")... --->

      "Del Torchio, the local restaurateur "Ur Choice Café", was taken away yesterday by seven men who had fake customers. Police said the kidnapping was on target in a short time: the criminals entered the pizzeria and seized the victim, threatening her with weapons. They then loaded into a van, whose owner is a resident of a village not far away. - See more at:

      Kidnapper doesn't risk too much in order to get a person, with the risk to stumble in a policeman, or a patrol etc. And then SEVEN man means a big organization. You have such organization only in the movie of James Bond when the Spectre want to kidnap the CEO of a Corporation dealing with secret military technology.
      This kidnap is A MESSAGE to the WHISTLEBLOWERS!!!

    4. SEVENTEEN......BINGOOOOOOO!!!....

      "The seizure comes 17 days after suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf have kidnapped three foreigners and a Filipino woman from a resort on Samal Island, off the province of Davao. - See more at:

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    1. Repent or die in the Eternal Lake of Fire.