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Catholic church propping up "Eurasianist" anti-Atlantist (Putin's & Iran's) narrative (and also thugs?)

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Provocation and the Islamic State: Why Assad Strengthened the Jihadists
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By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on September 3, 2014
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 "The Bishop of Baghdad: "Persecuted Christians but the world is watching"

Warduni: "A terrible tragedy and bloody. Where are America, Europe, the United Nations? Economic interests behind the inaction " 

by Francesco Cardella
The Bishop of Baghdad: "Persecuted Christians but the world is watching"

Warduni: "A terrible tragedy and bloody. Where are America, Europe, the United Nations? Economic interests behind the inaction "
by Francesco Cardella

The Bishop of Baghdad Shlemon ... The Bishop of Baghdad Shlemon Warduni, yesterday in Trieste (Photo Lasorte)

TRIESTE. Europe assists, the UN is missing, America does not intervene. Among the accusations well defined and conspiracy theories, the persecution of Christians in Iraq is conducted under the sign of fanaticism, but is "facilitated" by an international inaction dictated by economic interests. ..."....

Stop. Notice here the economic interests. Roman Catholic church is the overseer of the creation of an Iranian Empire from Afghanistan to the Niger as premise for the re-establishment of New Costantinople and the re-birth of 313 aC united Roman Catholic empire. In order to get the hunanimous consent of the God-less societies of the Western world, the economy is involved, dragged within this Geo-religious nightmare with the bait of the "300 millions consumer market":
Notice also how such economic interest is clearly backing right the Bishop Warduni's narrative...!!!..:
[I pray God to let me soon publish the part 2 of "Lies in exchange of business"]

"....To support that is Monsignor Shlemon Warduni, the auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, the Chaldean Catholic Church and president of Caritas Iraq, a direct witness of the picture of abuse and violence by Islamic groups against Christians in the Middle East. Originally from Batnaya, an Iraqi village north of Mosul, 72, Warduni avoids too much political analysis but asks listening, justice and above all humanity. It also asks to Trieste, where he arrived for one of the meetings of the Cattedra di San Giusto [ Chair of San Giusto] organized by the Diocese. "What is happening in Iraq reflects almost a real genocide - said without hesitation Warduni speaking in good Italian, a legacy of the studies made in Rome in the road to the priesthood, in the sixties - we're talking about a huge disaster, bloody, that transcends Christian thought and binds primarily to the human rights framework. "

Here the Geo-religious machination  is appearing at the light of the sun, from the words of mons. Warduni, a wonderful example of hidden graves, "...
the men that walk over them are not aware of them".(Luke 11:44). 

From the mouth of mons. Warduni now are exiting the bones and rotten corpses of the Catholic Geo-politic and Geo-religious strategy: the exploitation of ISIS in order to pursue the creation of an Iranian Empire, which will pursue the war, as aide to Putin/Orthodox Crusaders, for the destruction of the Sunni Islam, for the final goal of the restitution of Constantinople in the hands of the Orthodox Patriarchs.
The Catholic Whore has in mind a large front built up with Orthodox Russia, Shiia Islam, and of course Catholicized Western world plus the "Damsel of Distress", aka fleshy Israel, whose presence is the irreplaceable ingredient to force the entire world to gulp down the Roman Catholic absorption of Orthodox Eurasia and to enlarge the tyranny of the Papacy till the Strait of Bering.
".....A momentous calamity spoken of little or bad?

Years ago in Italy, for example, the public opinion was shaken by the episode of a child fell into a well and then died despite several rescue attempts. He talked a lot, with clamor and insistence. Okay. He was right to do so, but I believe that the same clamor is not reserved to what is happening today in the Middle East towards the sufferings of the Christian faithful. They want to eradicate Christianity, this is clear, and to do so with the benefit of being a well-organized plan, a real conspiracy studied in detail, gradually started with a form of tolerance towards Christians and then gradually resulted in inhuman facts, without violence limits to humans and even places of art.

Significantly only two  weeks before there was the first large-scale release of video about the destruction by ISIS of archaeological art objects. Then at the same day when Mons. Warduni was presenting the Eurasianist view of the Syrian Civil war, the minister of Culture and Archeology of Iran visited the Italian Parliament and the Vatican. Releasing of video, Italian tour of Mons Warduni, and diplomatic Iranian-Vatican and Iranian-Italian meeting weren't coordinated?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Italian popish government & Vatican endorsing terrorist interventionist policy of Iran

Devils are, indeed, not even the devil would come to that."

Indeed Mr Warduni. You are accusing yourself. To be a children of Satan. Would you slaughter children Mr. Warduni? Of course not, you ever would deny that. Exactly like the Devil: "not even the devil would come to that.".  Because the Devil always secretly inspiresmassacres, in order then to openly to "praise the peace". Because you confessed that the Devil always advances with BOTH massacres and words of peace. Aren't you, Mons. Warduni, a partisan of peace? Because if the "Devil would not come to that", the Devil is not that bad thing, and therefore we can welcome the Devil. Mr Warduni,  you confessed that.

".....Who are the guilty "spectators" ?

I wonder where is the UN. And America: much talk of democracy and stays to watch. And Europe? Where are the human principles of so much talk?..."
How should be explained this inaction?

Simple, with the economic interests that involve many parts. The arms trade is known, everything revolves around this point.

No more "oil-trade conspiracy", Mons Warduni...??? 
Mons Warduni  knows well the "pacifist" rhetoric of the pope.   At the moment (March 2014)  Mons. Warduni was attacking USA indirectly blaming as the creator of ISIS to have then the alibi to "sell weapons": in that moment the Vatican propaganda was blowing the wind of the fire of the "US intervention".  But then something happened. Surprise! USA retired from Middle East and the first Weapon Dealer is.... RUSSIA. 


Possible solutions? Often invoke themes as prayer and dialogue.

I think they are still fundamental in this conflict. Especially the prayer, if channeled and transmitted in the right way, I can have its meaning and motivation. I still believe in dialogue, but it should be better addressed. For instance there are many moderate Muslims who reject the violence against Christians. And sometimes express it openly.

.....meanwhile their puppet at power in Damasco, Bashar al-Assad, is performing the "The Only Good Sunni Is The Dead Sunni" scorched earth warfare.

Perhaps the dialogue is now just a kit.

No, but maybe should be done, I repeat, especially with those who speculate in the arms trade. Everything starts from this. We are not talking only of Christianity but of universal human rights, common to many religions. The world must understand this meanwhile, show more sensitivity and give us greater listening.". [End]

Monday, September 28, 2015

Do you want a more explicit exposition of Mons Warduni? the above quoted article was of March 2015. In March no one dared yet to imagine that Russia would have landed in Syira and would have backed the enlargement of ISIS murdering any other anti-ISIS group. But all that was already to be perceived in the Vatican and Jesuits' rooms where the secret deal with Putin plausibly has been signed in November 2013. After some months, Mons., Warduni came back (10 July 2015) in a more explicit assault to the naivety of the public opinion. With a "prophetic" vision of what should have happened three months later, when the Russian intervention is NOT weakening ISIS but at the opposit is BOLSTERING it, in another city, near Trieste, Pordenone, Mons Warduni affirmed:

 "The bishop of Baghdad in Pordenone: "Do something or Isis comes to you"
PORDENONE. "Do something or Isis also be knocking on your door." And kill, because "we love, they want to wipe us." It goes beyond "doing good" appeal of the Chaldean auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, Monsignor Shlemon Warduni, to understand what are the living conditions of Christians in Iraq and the Middle East, the victims of a genocide.

What was asking the auxiliary bishop of Baghdad? That we join the Eurasianist front, and submit to Putin's and Iran's Axis for the sake of the "liberation of the world from ISIS". 

The Satanic strategy of the Catholic Eurasianism is clear: the Roman "Apostolic" Catholic church is in agreement with the Eurasian crusaders, Putin & Iran, in to create out of Syria an immense barrack of ISIS. From there, possibly across a Turkey completely in a political future chaos or civil war ( I will deal with this next), such ISIS army - FSB and GRU aided -  should reach the European Union where the Roman Catholic Ultramontane Eurasianist or simply only Eurasianist parties will exploit the terrorism and the Sunni-phobia to get votes and to conquer the power as did their models, Hitler and Mussolini, in order to fulfill the Jesuits' agenda of a Catholic Social-Fascist European Union. Here you can see the Eursianist boys of Mons Warduni and Pope Francis, just near my city:

"...In July 2012, Chatillon, today link between Casa Pound and the National Front, cashed funding from the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to whom Casa Pound did not fail to show solidarity..."

 Monday, October 12, 2015 
Casa Pound brings Jesuits' Eurasianism in the Gorizia of Primoz Trubar

Royal Order of Francis I a sub-order of the.... Costantinian Order

 "...Founded in 1829 as a reward for civil and military merit, the Royal Order of Francis I is still bestowed today. Whereas certain other orders were strictly Roman Catholic in nature, characterized by religious rites of investiture redolent of the Age of Chivalry, the Royal Order of Francis I exemplified the "civil" form of knighthood devoid of such trappings.
…........Among the Order's prominent knights and dames are HE President BASHAR AL-ASSAD of Syria,..."

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Are today Russian and Chinese the bayonets of the pope?

Saturday, October 06, 2012
Giulio Terzi, knight of Roman Sacred Empire, and ITALIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: " The solution of the crisis gripping Syria cannot be else than political" [under SJ Dall'Oglio suggestion?]

Saturday, October 10, 2015
86 VICTIMS, 86 REPUBLICS: the destruction of Turkey is begun.

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Correction: Putin will NOT visit Turkey on 15 Oct: he is ALREADY leader of the "Turkish Intifada"

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