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the Greatest Holocaust 2 - Armenian vs Jewish Holocaust in order to hide CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST

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Below and excerpt taken from:
"....Last night about 500 persons took part in a vigil commemorating the centenary of the Armenian genocide, respecting 1,915 seconds of silence. Azad Balalas Kazandjian, of the CCAF (Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France) declared:

"We will respect 1,915 seconds of silence to denounce the silence of 1915, when the European countries, then caught in the quagmire of war, were aware but remained silent, and to denounce the silence today of Turkey, but also of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel, who refuse to speak of genocide."

Note: The Times of Israel has a long article on how the Armenians in Jerusalem have prepared for the commemoration, and their disappointment at Israel's refusal to use the word "genocide"

“How can you expect other countries to recognize your Holocaust when you yourself refuse to recognize the first genocide [of the 20th century], the genocide of the Armenian people?” asked Kevork Nalbandian, organizer of the Jerusalem commemoration.  ...."

Catholic Hypocrisy is a liquor of Satan which makes his worshipers drunken and mad, a necessary evil state of mind before the battle to slaughter the last Christians and Hebrews remained in the world. The Armenian Genocide is used today to mock the same victims of that Holocaust of Armenians, when the descendents are praising the same Cathorthodox church who was performing the Holocaust of Paulicians and Bogomils in the Middle East and in the Balkans...:

".....Hugh Etherianus or Ugo Eteriano[1] (Pisa, 1115–Constantinople, 1182), was an ADVISER on western church affairs to BYZANTINE emperor Manuel Comnenus..."

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Vengeance is mine
Catholicism, as is going to end the 1054 Schism with Orthodoxy, must find a common language in order to allure the Orthodoxies to be pleasantly devoured by the papacy. The common language is the CRUSADE against the CHRISTIANS who don't bow down to the evilness called "dogma" of the Cathorthodox church, meanwhile the clash created among Sunni and Shia Islam - as righteously pointed out by C. Stiliyanov, is only the glue or better, the catalyst for the re-union of both churches in to a greater Whore, which will extend her evil domain from Ireland to the Strait of Bering. Only blood and massacres and genocides can unite both Whores today, as they are scared to be exposed as the ones who caused the GREATEST HOLOCAUST OF HISTORY, the Holocaust which wiped away nearly all Christians from the world, Vaudoises, Donatists, Cathari, Paulicians, Bogomils, Patareni,....:
Thursday, February 12, 2015
the Greatest Holocaust in history was of CHRISTIANS
In this work of annihilation of the memory and of the conscience of the Greatest Holocaust of History, the not-Catholic Gnostics of all kind of denomination are very useful for the soon to be born Cathorthodox Whore. Especially the ones who share the same lies of  the Nazi-Catholic slandering of 1000 years ago, a slandering which, before to be slaughtered like lambs, was (is) depicting those Christians with the most heinous calumniation.

The Jews today are lucky but not for still too much time. No one today at least in the official academic Western world endorses the Nazi-assassin propaganda of the Catholic "Apostolic" church of 1000 years ago depicting the Jews as busy to "slit the throats of Gentile children" or to "spread the plague". BUT this cultural and religious safety belt to prevent the open aggression against the Jews of today, it doesn't value  for the Christian labelled as "Cathars", "Vaudoises", etc. No, for them it values the opposite, the Green Light to the use of  the most filthy, Satanic propaganda the evil minds of the Roman Catholic "Apostolic" Inquisitors could create all along 17 (seventeen) century of Christian GENOCIDE...:

Edited ---> added link to C. Stilyianov's post:

сряда, 26 ноември 2014 г.
The sarcophagus of paulicanism

 Take heed Jews and Evangelicals, who believes in the fleshy Israel: when Cathorthodox Whore will have no more need of you, she will incinerate you and you'll end exactly like millions and millions of Patareni, Cathari, Paulicians etc, but meanwhile with their blood the LORD will judge the Cathorthodox church and her worshipers,  at the End of the Time, you will die in your sins.

Iran launches Holocaust denial cartoon contest
© Behrouz Mehri, AFP | Archival image shows drawings from the first Holocaust denial cartoon contest in Tehran in 2006.

Text by Bahar MAKOOI

Latest update : 2015-02-02
An international cartoon contest has been launched in Iran around the theme of Holocaust denial, in response to French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Holocaust denial is not uncommon in the Islamic Republic, an arch-foe of Israel, but the controversial competition is a response to the January 14 issue of Charlie Hebdo, whose cover featured a teary Prophet Mohammed holding a sign saying “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie).

The three-word slogan became a rallying cry across France and much of the world in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks on January 7 at the magazine's offices, carried out as revenge for drawings published by Charlie Hebdo that mocked the founder of Islam.

The post-attack issue of Charlie Hebdo featuring a sympathetic Mohammed, with a historic 7.3-million copy run, sold out in just days.

The competition in Iran has been launched by the Tehran-based House of Cartoon and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex, the Iranian newspaper Tehran Times reported over the weekend.

The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of $12,000, the runner up $8000 and third place $5000, the daily said.

Second edition

It is not the first time a Holocaust denial cartoon contest has been organised in Iran. The first one was launched by the Iranian daily Hamshahri in 2006, in response to cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published that same year.

At the time, the House of Cartoon’s Masoud Shojaei-Tabatabaii, a driving force behind cartoon initiatives past and present, said the contest exposed the “West’s double standards when it comes to freedom of expression… which forbids any debate about the legitimacy of the Holocaust.”

More than 750 cartoons were sent to Iran from around the world for the contest's first edition, including entries from the United States and Britain, Iranian organisers boasted.

Around 200 of those cartoons were then selected to be part of an exhibit in a Tehran museum.

The first contest and associated exhibit was firmly condemned by the United States, Israel and many Jewish organisations.

Flag burning and candles

Iranian authorities have strongly condemned the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

Echoing angry protests from Niger to Pakistan, around 100 ultra-conservative Iranian students shouted slogans and burned a French flag outside France’s embassy in Tehran to denounce the blasphemous cartoon – as well as alleged manipulation by the United States and Israel – on January 19.

However, in the days that followed the bloody attacks in Paris, dozens of anonymous Iranians also left candles, flowers and letters of solidarity with France outside its embassy in Tehran.

[end of article]
Edited some hours later after publication ---> I felt something missing. Yes, it was decisively missing the 'little' detail of the WARM welcoming of the IRANIAN minister of culture by the Vatican OFFICIAL authorities, card. Gianfranco Ravasi.  Only SIX weeks after the announcement of the Holocaust denial cartoon contest in IRAN:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Italian popish government & Vatican endorsing terrorist interventionist policy of Iran

Where you want to find a better EVIDENCE for the fact that it was the Catholic church the true mastermind of the Jewish Holocaust during WWII? I suggest the best blog on this theme [by Douglas Willinger] --->   

 Friday, June 22, 2007
Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's "Final Solution" cited by EICHMANN 1961

“West’s double standards when it comes to freedom of expression… which forbids any debate about the legitimacy of the Holocaust.”

The Western "double standards" are the one imposed by the Catholic agenda, which prohibits to consider the genocide of Christians since the age of Constantine, THE Holocaust for excellence in the Western world, the (Catholic) mother of all Holocausts:

“The practice of
confounding heretics of all kinds in one common herd,”

says Mr. Robinson, “hath been an ancient custom with 
ecclesiastical historians, and
it hath obscured history.”

This is a very just remark, and the reader who
would not be imposed upon by those writers, will find it of great
importance to attend to it. He himself, however, tells us that the
Albigenses were Manichaeans,9 or nearly so, and that they differed from
the Vaudois and Waldenses. That individuals, or even a sect, holding those
wild and extravagant opinions, may have existed at that time, and been
classed by the catholic writers under the head of Albigenses, is not
impossible, though I have met with no evidence that puts the fact beyond
dispute; and the historians of the latter give a very easy and natural
solution of the reason of their being accused of Manichaeism. But,
whatever may be in this, the following facts are indisputable; that the
general body of the Albigenses received the doctrines of Peter Waldo—that
these doctrines had no connection with Manichaeism—and that the
Waldenses and Albigenses were two branches of the same sect, inhabiting
different countries, each deriving its appellation from its local residence.

A proper attention to this matter, may help us to solve several things in
the writings of the catholics themselves, which must otherwise prove
extremely perplexing. Thus for instance, several of their own writers
describe the battle which proved so fatal to the cause of the Albigenses.
“In the year 1213, the Christian army of eight hundred horse and one
thousand foot, near Toulouse, being divided into three corps, in honor of
the Holy Trinity, the first under the command of Simon, count of
Montfort, the second commanded by the Lord Bishop of Toulouse, and
the third by the Lord Bishop of Cominge, attacked the army of the
heretics, consisting of an hundred thousand fighting men, and defeated
them. The Catholics lost about a hundred men

but of the Albigenses, two and thirty thousand 
were either killed or drowned in the river Garonne.”19
This they call the battle of Murat,20 and they add, that after this victory
many of the surviving heretics fled into the valleys of Piedmont, where
their descendants resided, till two hundred years after, when Huss revived
the same heresy in Bohemia, and Luther in Germany, about a hundred
years after him. The explanation of all this miracle is, 

that the cities and towns that were attacked 
by the crusaders were peopled with mechanics, 
manufacturers, and husbandmen of the kind 
described by the inquisitors — an industrious 
and virtuous people, who took no oaths, 
objected to wars of every kind, and refused 
to shed the blood of a fellow-creature, 
even in defense of their own lives.  
Such appears plainly to have been the case with the Albigenses. 
The Count of Toulouse, and the barons and vassals that
constituted his army, no doubt acted upon different maxims; for, had they
followed out the principles of these Albigenses, they would have dissolved
the whole feudal system; but they approved of the conduct of these
people in dissenting from the communion of the church of Rome, admired
the simplicity of their doctrine and worship, and, to the utmost of their
power, protected them from the rage of their bigoted and sanguinary
 Above excerpts taken from:

by William Jones

36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
[Romans, 8:36, KJB]

The pope, accepting the appointment as monarch of the reign the Vatican city, assumes at the same time  all the secular as well spiritual responsibility for the Greatest Holocaust on history, because affirming that their church is the same of 1000 years ago and they have a continuity at least since Constantine emperor, they assume automatically the responsibility for the genocide of Christians perpetrated by Satan using the Catholic church.

Roman Catholicism cannot do anything else than to deny the Greatest Holocaust, because if for only a moment the Catholic church would admit to have done a mistake, it would be an open confession that the Catholic church is not of God and that she lied to the world since the beginning. Therefore, of whom is she? The answer is in front of your eyes, she is the church of Satan on earth: 

Saturday, June 21, 2014
 "88" or Roman Catholic Cutthroaters. 
Saturday, June 21, 2014
Vaudoises of Calabria and Calabrian Mafia: guilty by association
Saturday, August 30, 2014
Ustasha was Roman Catholic ISIS

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