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"a positive force for justice and peace" [Ahmadinejad, 2008]

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Vatican-Iranian Provokatsiya - Spotted In Africa
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Shiism is the papism of islam

Holy See–Iran relations
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Holy See–Iran relations refers to the diplomatic relations between the Holy See, which is sovereign over the Vatican City, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Early relations began during the reign of Shah Abbas I when the Persian embassies visited the pope. The two countries have had formal diplomatic relations since 1954, since the pontificate of Pius XII, and have been maintained during Islamic revolution.[1] Iran has a large diplomatic corps at the Vatican with only the Dominican Republic having more diplomats accredited to the Holy See.[1]

In 1979 Pope John Paul II sent envoy to Iran to help to solve the Hostage Crisis. In 2008 relations between Iran and the Holy See were "warming", and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "said the Vatican was a positive force for justice and peace" when he met with the Papal nuncio to Iran, Archbishop Jean-Paul Gobel.[2]

According to an online news story article by Carol Glatz of Catholic News Service posted on the CNS website on Thursday, October 7, 2010, President Ahmadinejad "told Pope Benedict XVI that he would like to work more closely with the Vatican in an effort to stop religious intolerance and the breakup of families. The president also appealed to world religions to cooperate in the fight against secularism and materialism, Iranian news agencies reported. The appeals came in a letter that was handed to the pope by Iranian Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Sayyed Mohammad-Reza Mir-Tajeddini, during a brief meeting Oct. 6 at the Vatican. Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi confirmed to Catholic News Service Oct. 7 that the letter was given to the pope and its contents already published by Iranian media outlets. According to reports, the letter praised the pope and the Vatican for criticizing a U.S. pastor's threats to burn copies of the Qur'an on September 11". On November 3, the Pope sent the Iranian President a letter in reply, in which he stated that the establishment of a bilateral Vatican-Iranian commission would be a desirable step towards solving the problems of the Catholic Church in Iran.[3]
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See also
    2010 Qur'an-burning controversy

Take note that among the immigrants who depart from the Libyan coasts to reach Sicily and EU, there are Syrian and Erithrean and Somali people, of countries connected with the terrorist-mongering policy of Iran....

700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck

Sunday 19 April 2015 14.11 BST

Hundreds more people are believed to have drowned when a fishing boat smuggling migrants to Europe capsized off Libya, UN’s refugee agency say....Etc.


Cathorthodox subliminal narrative:  
Immigrants drowned near the Libyan and TUNISIAN coasts as the allegory of the North African early CATHOLICS escaping the Donatists to reach the "vicarious of Christ" in ROME:

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Guilty by association - DonatISISts (AGAINST THE ROMANS)
Here you have the Antichrist, exploiting the tragedy to prop up the narrative:
Pope Francis asks world to help Italy with migrants
Francis says Italy needs "much broader involvement" as it struggles to cope with influx of thousands of people.

19 Apr 2015 02:23 GMT | Europe
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Monday, June 30, 2014
Obsessed with the Flood 7 - Immigrants suffocate - to let Satan breath -

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"A COMMON LANGUAGE" (Crux article)
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Italian popish government & Vatican endorsing terrorist interventionist policy of Iran


  1. Now the number of the embarked people has increased to 950, a clearly fake number, fabricated as an allusion to the next 500 years of the 95 Thesis of doc Luther:

    ".....About 255 results (0.42 seconds)
    Search Results

    Shipwrecked migrants, rescuers: "Two were saved by clinging ...
    The Daily-13 hours ago
    ... Rushed to hospital, reveals the horror: "We were ... 950. Two of the 28 survivors were saved prejudice" clinging to the dead to not end up at the bottom. "... To provide assistance to migrants in Strait of Sicily with a medical ship. ... new Report: that of "a raft 30 miles from Libya, ..........."


      About 699 results (0.34 seconds)
      Search Results

      Migrant boat disaster: Survivor describes horror of drowning ...
      The Independent-1 hour ago
      “There were 950 of us, 40 to 50 children and 200 women, the others all ... the coastguard ordered the nearest ship in the Channel of Sicily, the ...
      UN confirms 800 dead in shipwreck disaster: as it happened on April ... minutes ago
      Explore in depth (2 more articles)
      The Latest: IOM receives distress call from migrant boat
      KTVN-18 hours ago
      Sarah Tyler, a spokeswoman for Save the Children in Catania, Sicily, said ... One survivor's account has put at up to 950 the number of people on board ... for first aid treatment and the others were taken to the local police station. ... Libya where hundreds of migrants are thought to have drowned when their boat overturned.
      Dirty past of 'dodgiest athlete'
      Herald Sun-Apr 19, 2015
      Vision courtesy: Channel 5 News USA Today. News Corp ... Migrants arrive in Sicily a day after hundreds drown in dangerous crossing0:50 .... Italy: Migrants rescued, as many as 950 feared dead after ship capsizes0:53.
      The Latest: Czech, Polish PMs: EU should help calm Libya
      KTVN-18 hours ago
      Sarah Tyler, a spokeswoman for Save the Children in Catania, Sicily, said ... One survivor's account has put at up to 950 the number of people on board ... for first aid treatment and the others were taken to the local police station. ... Libya where hundreds of migrants are thought to have drowned when their boat overturned.
      Terrorist sympathiser Khodr Taha attacks journalist Allan Raskall ...
      Herald Sun-Apr 15, 2015
      He had previously posted intimidating images on the twitter feeds of politicians Joe Hockey and Julie Bishop and a comment on Channel 10 ...
      Israel is Left Divided By Netanyahu Address to Congress
      TIME-Mar 3, 2015
      After nearly two months in which the controversial address of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress has dominated the ...
      After battle, church in Donetsk lies in ruins
      euronews-Mar 11, 2015
      At euronews we believe in the intelligence of our viewers and we think that the mission of a news channel is to deliver facts without any opinion ...
      Horrific footage emerges of Melbourne driver hit by own van
      Herald Sun-Jan 23, 2015
      Ambulance Victoria spokesman Lindsay Bent told Channel 7 the van ... increasingly more uncomfortable for him,” Mr McArthur told Channel 7.
      William Tyrell disappearance: Police confirm fears they believe three ...
      The Daily Telegraph-Feb 18, 2015
      THE hunt for missing three-year-old William Tyrrell is to be stepped up again, with detectives announcing they plan to interview everyone who ...
      Footage aired on Indonesian TV showing execution process 18, 2015
      Channel 1 Indonesia aired footage that appears to reveal the step-by-step process of how executions take place on Nusakambangan.

      Stay up to date on results for 950 sicily channel drowned.